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Third Person POV

Chapter One

Percy Jackson was biking down the dirty sidewalk from Olympia High School to his apartment with determination. His energy was already draining after a long swim at school but he had stayed in the pool until he beat his last lap time by 5 seconds, as always, but this had taken a while. Percy was constantly trying to get better and better at his favorite hobby, and he knew that his mom was very supportive of it. But, Percy also knew he had to get home soon, or his mom would get worried after a while. He was only 10 minutes later then he usually would have started biking, but Percy had promised his mom that he would help bake her famous blue cookies. Blue cookies were a thing that Sally Jackson and Percy shared and loved. His thoughts motivated by eating cookies, Percy biked a little faster, but he knew he was going to be sore in the leg later on. Didn't matter. He quickly turned a curve and kept on going.

On the other side of town, Jason Grace and his buddies, Frank Zhang and Charles Beckendorf, were heading to a football practice with Frank at the wheel. Beckendorf had a dry erase marker in his hand and was scribbling down tactics for winning with Jason. The big Homecoming game for Olympia High was only two days away, and Beckendorf wouldn't let them forget. Beckendorf was the football team's captain, so he gathered the team together often to practice. He was a very hard worker and a great sport. Everyone in the school admired and respected him, and Beckendorf was extremely humble about it. No doubt people were jealous, but they never said it to his face.

Frank was a gentle giant, and was always apologizing, even if it wasn't his fault. He always thought he was clumsy, but Jason convinced him to join the football team after Frank was helping Jason practice throwing and catching the ball. Jason had also pointed out that Frank could find love on the cheerleading team, but Frank's heart disagreed. He felt like love would come from somewhere else. Frank was also always the one who tried to make others feel better, even at his own expense. Usually the underdog of the team, but Jason and Beckendorf were focused on making him forget that. And because of them, Frank didn't feel like such a klutz, and he had started to be more confident in himself.

Jason was the all-around guy. It seemed like he was friends with everyone, and his presence felt like lightning once he stepped into a room. He was able to be chill, yet firm and focused at the same time. Many girls swooned over him, even when he was dating someone. But Jason was also very loyal and never even flirted with another girl he wasn't with. Along with that, Jason was also a hard worker. He showed up to every Football game and practice, even if he could only cheer or give suggestions to his teammates when he was injured or sick.

While the boys were driving noisily, two girls were also headed in the same direction. Silena Beauregard was the cheerleading captain for Olympia, and her friend Piper McLean was also part of the team. They, too, were heading down to the football field, though for a different reason. Perfecting the cheerleading dance and cheer for the big game was their main goal, and the whole team really wanted to do well. Silena was an amazing leader, always supporting the team and never acting snobby in any way, unlike one cheerleader: Drew Tanaka. Drew was the half glass empty kind of person, and she wasn't always the nicest. But, Drew was a good cheerleader with her amazing flexibility, and so the team agreed to let her stay. Silena also believed that Drew could turn around one day, and although Piper was doubtful, her friend was usually right.

Piper was a kind friend and also part of the drama club at school, which made everything a bit more exciting when she was around. Piper was also known as one of the school's biggest shippers. One of her favorites was Silena and Beckendorf. Piper thought that Silena and Beckendorf made the perfect match, and she didn't stop bugging the two about it. Eventually, they got together. An overly enthusiastic Piper herself was already dating Jason, and the two were getting along great. The four often went on double dates, for convenience and more fun.

Around the same time, Bianca and Nico DiAngelo were at home doing homework with Hazel Levesque, a cousin to the siblings. Hazel and Bianca shared a love of art, and became close very quickly. Even younger brother Nico, who was always a loner, opened up to Hazel and even considers her as one of the few people he trusts. Hazel loved spending time with the DiAngelo's, especially since her own home was not as welcome.

Bianca was always a bright and kind-hearted girl, who was loved by all her teachers. She was passionate about helping others, which was a quality everyone loved.

Nico on the other hand was an extremely shy boy. Quite the opposite of his sister if you didn't know him well. But, Nico opened up to people he trusted, which luckily, was Bianca and Hazel, two very trusting people.

Hazel loved drawing, even more than Bianca. It made Hazel's day brighter when people would smile or laugh at her creations. Hazel was also a bit shy, like Nico, but wasn't afraid to speak her mind when it was something the cared about, like Bianca. The trio together were very tight and trusted each other with their lives.

Leo Valdez was taking things a little slower with his relationships. He was sleeping on Calypso Ogygia's couch, while she cooked them a meal. Known as the class clown and prankster, Leo had a reputation to keep. But behind the jokes and laughs, Leo used to be lonely.

He had no living biological family of his own, his parents having died in a house fire when he was little. Neighbor Atlas Ogygia took Leo in, and his daughter Calypso befriended Leo. At first, the two only saw each other as siblings, even though they knew they weren't related. But over time, feelings for each other began to develop and change. Atlas knew Leo well, and agreed to let the two be together. Leo now had his own apartment, but often, he went to Calypso's home to give her company,and stayed overnight there when Atlas went into one of his drunken rampages.

Everyone that afternoon seemed to be doing something, but Annabeth Chase was doing more than just one thing. Student Body President of the school Reyna Ramírez-Arellano was over, and Annabeth, being Vice President, was helping her figure out which clubs/teams could go on throughout the year, it being January already. Luckily, the California weather was nice all throughout the state, and Reyna was borrowing Annabeth's laptop to check off the allowed teams/clubs as they sat on her porch. Annabeth herself was only half-helping. She was trying to figure out an equation from her triple advanced math class, but was too stubborn to ask Reyna for help, despite knowing Reyna could help.

Annabeth and Reyna were getting closer and closer throughout the school year, and it was fun to Annabeth, having someone who understood school stress as much as she did and having a bit of competition. Little did Annabeth know that she left her phone inside, where it was ringing.

Thalia Grace groaned as she stood in the detention classroom, trying to call Annabeth, one of her closest friends. Thalia needed a ride home since Jason had football practice, but Annabeth never picked up. Octavian Rome glared at Thalia. He was in detention for blackmailing two students, Travis and Connor Stoll, after they pranked him badly. All three of the boys ended up in detention. Back to Thalia, she decided to try and see if Luke Castellan, another friend, was free. Luckily, he was, and Thalia escaped Octavian's menacing glare as the Stoll brothers snickered.

Nearby the school, Grover Wood and Juniper Nymph were at a booth collecting donations to create a community animal shelter for A.N.T. It stood for the Animal and Nature Team, and Hazel was its leader. Today she left two members of the team, Grover and Juniper, to take care of the booth so she could relax a little more. The two environment lovers did work well together, but they did get a little distracted...by each other. Nevertheless, they raised $50 that afternoon, and Hazel was so impressed she told them they could work together tomorrow.

There was one thing everyone had in common: Excitement for the Homecoming Dance. Whether it was because they wanted to dance, make good memories, eat food, or help prepare, everyone was pumped. In two days time, memories would be made, smiles would be shared, lovers would love, and food would be eaten.

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