Years after the Omnic War, during Overwatch's best days, there was an untold story. Nurse Ziegler was trained at healing all heroes in combat, using her great wings to save those in need. But to turret Bastion she was much more. Bastion saw Medic Ziegler in a much different way, something to get pleasure from other than means of combat victory. Mercy knew this too, and had been committed to having sexual relations with Bastion every 0.52747 seconds.

This day in particular was on a relaxing week, no war or anything; just peace. Bastion lay Mercy down in a private hotel bed in Oasis, with her ass sticking up. "Ahh, quick. Dump your metal load into me", Mercy pleaded with a red face. Bastion knew what to do, he ejected his newly installed 3 meter dildo out his robotic waist. It slid like a knife to butter into her fat ass.

"Wee wee woo!" Bastion exclaimed. Erotic ecstasy from human genitalia was certainly something to enjoy. Mercy was letting out a pleasurable moan within each thrust that Bastion gave. Bastion knew he wasn't programmed to feel love and affection, but Combat Medic Ziegler was nothing to complain about. He was convinced that screams that the Nurse made after their fun was anything but pain.

"Ohhh, dear me! Please.." the Medic panted, "Increase Speed to 10". This was a part of the new sexual commands installed into the robot, making him increase his thrusting speed. Ziegler's ass inflated more with each movement the metal warrior made, and a warrior he was. "Oh Odin, my asshole is going to cum!" Mercy cried. Bastion understood this vocabulary, but wasn't sure why it was being used. In the middle of thought, something new caught Bastion's eye. The two lumps on Mercy's chest were moving uncontrollably, so in the heat of the moment, Bastion leaned in further and grabbed the two of them. "Oh, how naughty you are..", Ziegler said followed by more moans.

The time was coming though, Bastion could see. The time he's been waiting for this whole time. The moans and shrieks coming from Nurse Ziegler were becoming louder and more consistent, showing that she was about to burst. The part under her asshole was flooding with liquid, and finally "Weet Wee-ooo"

"Ughhh, wow! Look how bad I am, getting it on with a robot…" Ziegler was at full orgasm now. Bastions artificial liquid was pouring into her anus, making it super enjoyable for the Nurse. "The damage you did to my asshole is something not even I can heal", the last words before she wiggled her ass off of the robot's cock. Her face full of exhaustion and redness, she then passed out on the bed she lay, knowing good and well that this would happen again in a couple minutes.