Chris McLean and Daniel Coyote stand in the bright sunny day in London, England.

Daniel Coyote: For years women in Cartoon Crossover have blazed a path leading to amazing things happening.

Chris McLean: Marceline the Vampire Queen becoming our first ever women to win the show and being the runner-up in Cartoon Drama Action

Daniel Coyote: Mandy being the runner-up in World Cruise and Total Cartoon Island. Bubbles taking a huge leap for women in the show winning Cartoon All Stars. Blossom winning Cartoon Drama Island. Cartoon Drama Tour lead to Mary Test winning her first season. Survivor: Animation Brawl leads to the successful debut year of Cadpig. Luna Loud had a similar debut year winning Return to Cartoon Crossover Survivor Island where she found success in Hawaii. Kitty landing third place in Cartoon All Stars and Cartoon House Party not to mention landing third once again with her girlfriend Bunny in Cartoon Crossover Survivor Island.

Chris McLean: and many other women who have given their all Siri the Leopard, Panini, Kim Possible, Sam Manson, Ember, Miss Simian, Zira, alongside countless others.

Daniel Coyote: There was always a possibility for a woman to succeed. Upstage the men and prove that they can embody the motto crafted "Outlast, Outwit, Outplay"

Chris McLean: But now there is a CERTAINTY.

Daniel Coyote: The field will be set with 32 women of different backgrounds. Totally different worlds and styles will clash for a four million dollar briefcase and the prize to claim to be a Crossover winner.

A bus carries Deo a Tasmanian devil millworker who supports Communism and is a member of Antifa but she is a sweetheart, Toodles Galore, Paulina, Mulan. Kitty Katswell, Moana, Demencia, Nicole Watterson, Bailey the Possum girl, X-Files agent Dana Scully a redhead with a power sense of reason and logic, boating teacher blow-fish Misses Puff, Karate master and scientist Sandy Cheeks, Isabella the girlscout, Abigail of Kids Next Door, Midna, Riley J Dennis, Blossom the cat, Gloria the hippo, Betty Rubble, Pocahontas, Toy Chica, Dora, Zootopia's first bunny cop: Judy Hopps, robot daughter of Boxman Boxmore: Shannon Boxmore. Tigress one of the best Kung-Fu warriors in all of China, Rouge the Bat a seductive treasure hunter, Shanta the half-genie hero, Sylvia the better half of Wander, returning contestants Panini, Siri the Leopard, and last but not least; Kitty the sister of Katz and the girlfriend of Bunny. The bus parks in front of a hotel as Chris and Daniel Coyote greet them.

Chris: Congratulations ladies for making it to Women's House Party.

Daniel Coyote: Following on the heel's of Golden Frieza's amazing win in the Amazon we have flown some of the top women around the universe here in London, England to stay for the newest season.

Blossom the Cat (to Daniel): It is about time Ruff let me compete.

Chris: Yeah, we had plans for you to be in Hollywood Heat but your invitation was given to the wrong Blossom.

Blossom shakes her head in disappointment as the contestants look around at the hotel.

Blossom the cat confessional

Blossom: Typical of Ruff, messing things up is his thing. Don't worry about me, I'm going to make it to the finale.

end confessional

Deo: Where is the booze?

Gloria: I can't wait to sleep that bus right was-

Toodles Galore: The bus ride was not up to the standards of the next Crossover Survivor winners' standards.

Misses Puff: Seems like someone has already forgotten that the future is not set. Who knows if I'm going to win or you or anyone.

Toodles rolls her eyes as Mulan and Moana seem to prepare the battle mentally.

Moana confessional

Moana: This is...the biggest thing...I have ever done. I can't wait to get started.

end confessional

The women head into the hotel as they prepare for the first round action.

Mulan: It would be a great honor for me to win this.

Sandy Cheeks (to Mulan): You won't win if you face me, not if you get me in the first round.

Judy Hopps (to Mulan): Yeah, be a great boost in motivation if I got past the first round.

Tigress (to Judy): When it comes to strikes, nobody can match me.

Sandy Cheeks (to Tigress): Yeah but my submissions are highly-regarded. Fuzzy taught me all he knows.

Kitty (to Sandy): Deo and I are going to rip through all of you.

Deo (to Kitty): Deo and I?

Deo confessional

Deo: What does she mean by Deo and I? I'm working alone.

end confessional

Siri the Leopard: Many of you are forgetting I was here last season. I worked with Manny Riveria, Montana Max, Lola, and even Phillip DeFranco. I proved I could be a-

Sylvia: Non-factor. You barely did anything for your team besides be another annoying distraction with Tigre.

Ruff-Ruffman, Chris McLean, and Daniel Coyote come into the room after knocking.

Daniel: Okay, ladies the first round of action has been decided. Deo will take on Midna, Abgail will fight Gloria, Toy Chica vs Rouge, Demencia goes against Moana, Judy Hopps will take on a veteran Kitty, Zira has Dana Katherine Scully, Nicole Watterson has Bailey, Riley J Dennis will prove herself against Tigress, Siri will take on Sylvia, Toodles takes on Misses Puff, Kitty Katswell vs Paulina, Shanta battles Panini, Betty Rubble takes on Dora, Blossom vs Shannon Boxmore, Isabella takes on Pocahontas, and Mulan will face Sandy Cheeks.

Sandy Cheeks chuckles as the final opponent was named for the first round.

Chris: For now you will all have to leave in this hotel together like the old House Party.

Panini: Shouldn't it be Hotel Party then?

Chris looks annoyed as Daniel nods his head.

Daniel: Whatever, all ladies head to the hotel.

The ladies head to the hotel room. Kitty runs up to Deo as everyone checks out the place.

Kitty (whispering to Deo): We need to work together to get rid of everyone so we can be in the finale.

Deo: Not sure if there is even a "we"

Kitty: C'mon. It would be fun, relax a bit.

Zira catches on to Kitty and Deo talking and slips away from the rest of the women.

Zira (whispering to Kitty): I want it.

Kitty (to Zira): Sure, if we all get past our opponents we can get to the quarter finale.

Deo: You guys have more experience then me and since we already know our opponents...fine we can work together.

Nicole Watterson hangs with Paulina.

Nicole Watterson (to Paulina): I can't wait to take on my first opponent.

Kitty Katswell (to Nicole): I hope you can win.

Nicole Watterson (to KK): Thanks.

Paulina (to Nicole): I can't believe you are hanging with Katswell, you are so...

Nicole Watterson (to Paulina): Is it because you are facing her.

Nicole is a little vexed when Paulina draws her breath and walks away.

Nicole Watterson confessional

Nicole Watterson: What is her problem?

end confessional

Paulina walks up to Bailey the possum girl to talk.

Paulina (to Bailey): You should crush Nicole.

Bailey (to Paulina): That is the intention.

Rouge, Abby, and Panini start talking.

Rouge (to Abby): So, Abby how you like your match.

Abby (to Rouge): I wanted a better opponent but I'm not complaining.

Panini (to Rouge): Toy Chica is a tough opponent, I'm glad I don't have to take her on.

Abby (to Panini): Just stay out of reach of Shanta and pin her, then we can hang out more in the semi-finales.

Chris comes in and he looks over the contestants.

Chris: The gym is open for you to train for your first match.

Moana: I can not wait to train.

Deo: I don't need train, I got Midna as my opponent.

Midna scowls as Moana rushes into the training center, every else excluding Deo follow her.

In The Training Center

Richard Watterson and Bernard teach the women how to perform a bodyslam as Richard rebounds off the ropes and Pete catches him turning his left shoulder and pushing Richard off with his right hand.

Ruff Ruffman: Kitty Katswell and Gloria...I want you to practice this move.

Gloria helps Irish Whip Kitty Katswell off the ropes before catching her and slamming her hard onto the mat as Abigail, Panini, and Dana Scully watch on.

Dashie and Panda Bear teach Shannon the Stinger Splash as they pin KO against the turnbuckle.

Shannon (to Dashie): Should I jump a bit higher or would that be too high?

Dashie (to Shannon): Jump to the point where you are just a bit above your opponent.

Panda (to Shannon): Then all you got to do is go forward and down.

Shannon nods as she does a few more Stinger Splashes on KO. Raymond Boxmore and Darwin Watterson show Bailey the Possum how to hit a Release Northern Lights Suplex on Matthew Santoro and Rob Dyke. Bailey picks up Penny Fitzgerald and places her neck between the hip of Penny and her arm before thrusting her back up and launching Penny.

Courage (to Paulina): Okay, I'm assigned with teaching you how to do an Arm Drag.

Paulina (to Courage): Well hurry up, I want to see it.

Jimmy Neutron with Timmy Turner comes out to "Blow Me Away" as Jimmy gets in the ring. Courage does an Arm Drag on Jimmy Neutron by running up and hooking to two's arms and twisting his hip flipping Jimmy over Courage to the mat.

Paulina: Okay, I see.

Courage (to Paulina): Can you try that on Mulan?

Paulina does an Arm Drag on Mulan but it is slow and choppy. Paulina looks frustrated.

Paulina (to Courage): I'll try again tomorrow.

Mulan and Courage look annoyed as Paulina walks out the training center.

We see Buster Bunny teaching Riley and Kitty Katswell how to hit a Spinebuster as Buster Bunny hits one on Dipper Pines, Riley hits one on Jafar, and KK hits one on Matthew Patrick.