"Longhorn" plays as Sandy Cheeks comes out holding a towel over her neck. She marches down the ring with a purpose.

"Hope of Mourning" plays as Mulan comes out and bows to the crowd and walks down the ramp and up the steel steps. The bell rings.

Sandy Cheeks comes out as Mulan waits for her in the ring. Mulan takes down Sandy as the bell rings. Mulan goes for a Figure Four but Sandy gets up and applies an Armbar. Mulan gets up and puts Sandy in a tight Rear Naked Choke. Sandy applies another Armbar on Mulan. Mulan escapes as Sandy slaps her 2 times and kicks her leg sending Mulan into the corner. Sandy kicks Mulan's legs 2 more times and runs for a close knee but Mulan escapes. Mulan kicks Sandy's leg before mounting up on then corner with 4 elbow strikes down on the head of Sandy. Mulan Monkey Flips Sandy getting a cover. 1...2...kick out! Mulan goes for another Monkey Flip but this time Sandy twists her arm and drops Mulan locking in the Armbar. Mulan scrambles for the ropes. Sandy applies pressure on the elbow of Mulan who taps out.

Sandy rolls out the ring as Mandy and Miss Simian are the first row. Sandy takes a quick selfie with Mandy, Simian, and a random lucky fan.

Sandy gets back in the ring and Mulan bows to Sandy as Sandy bows back.

Daniel Coyote: Sandy Cheeks moves on.