AN: Hey there, new story I'm very excited. I started this in my summer holiday which I spent partly in France. This story takes place after season 2 of The Flash (No major spoilers), when Leo was building the Argo 2 in HoO and during the time that the Doctor traveled alone when the Ponds were trying to settle down and have a normal life. I really hope you'll like this ( if any of you follow The Flash, Doctor Who and Percy Jackson). I've already written some words so I think the next Chapter will follow shortly after. If I make any mistakes you can tell me in the comments below. Some swearing.

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own any of these 3.

Chapter 1: The Dal-egg

Barry's P.O.V.

The icy wind hit Barry's face as he ran to the crime scene. He took a moment to look at his watch: 11:30. He sighed, Joe called him about half an hour ago. It would be some much better if he could use his superspeed right now. Barry panted as he skidded to a halt in front of the yellow police tape. Joe walked up to him and ducked under the tape to come face to face with Barry.

"Barry, how can you always manage to be late?" Joe hushed his voice a bit, "even though you can run at least 800 miles an hour."

Barry put on his apologetic face. "Sorry Joe."

Joe held the tape up so Barry and he could both walk underneath. Barry put his blue latex gloves on and walked towards the body located in the dark alleyway. It was a girl, age about 15. She was wearing an odd orange T-shirt which had a Pegasus on it and underneath it it read: Camp Half-Blood. Joe saw Barry staring at the shirt

"Blank orange T-shirts aren't fashionable right now, right?"

Barry didn't exactly understand why Joe said blank, but he continued investigating anyway. A few heaps of golden sand were spread over the crime scene and the girl had a nasty looking wound on her upper leg. He investigated a bit closer and the wound looked like it had been inflicted by a huge set of claws. Captain Singh's loud voice shook Barry out of his thoughts.

"There's also a wound on her back. We think that wound was lethal."

Barry turned her on her side and saw the huge gaping wound on her back. A few black hairs were left in her wound. Barry carefully picked them out of the wound and put it in a clear plastic bag. Joe gently tapped Barry's shoulder.

"There are big paw-like prints over there." He said while pointer further down the alley.

Barry knelt down next to the prints which were made with blood. The girl's blood probably, but you could never be too sure so he took a sample anyway. Joe knelt down next to Barry and whispered softly.

"Do you think this has anything to do with the particle accelerator explosion? I mean these animal-prints are huge, even for a woodland's creature. Like garbage-truck huge."

"It's possible, we've all seen the huge shark roaming central city and then there's Grood; a mutated gorilla. We can't know for sure."

Line break

Leo's P.O.V.

Leo took a screwdriver out of his tool belt and finished the engine for the Argo. All he needed to do know was assemble the parts of the crane he needed to use to put the engine inside the ship, and put it together. A huge bang on one of the lower floors made Leo jump a bit. He heard a whooshing sound in the room to his left.

"Bufford?!" Leo screamed uncertainly.

His trusted table friend now ran through the door on his right.

"Oh shit." Leo whispered as he closed in on the door where the noise came from. He thought he heard a key being turned and he slowly pushed down on the handle, the door creaked a bit and Leo winced as the opened the door al little further. He was surprised it wasn't locked. He threw the door the rest of the way open and froze. The man who was standing in the room casually turned around.

"Hello there, I'm the Doctor and I think you have a Dalek in your basement." He smiled broadly at every word except for Dalek.

"A what now?" Leo looked surprised at who wasn't there some time before. Leo knew, he even grabbed some wood out of this room. Also there was a strange blue glowing box which was most certainly not there before. It read Police Public Call Box.

"Oh never mind, just run!" The bow tie guy suddenly shouted out of nowhere.

Leo ran downstairs to the exit, but the dal-egg thingy was standing in front of him. How'd it get here that fast?

"The Dalek can fly." The doctor said seemingly able to read Leo's mind.

"Exterminate!" The Dalleg shouted full of anger.

Leo and the Doctor goth leaped to different sides behind work desks. Leo grabbed his Time-out machine from the desk and threw it at the Exterminating trash-can. It immediately froze.

"Oi, what was that? What did you throw at him?"

Leo grinned madly

"I call it Time-out. If you throw it at a machine it disconnects the mainframe from the rest of the computer by using nano-bots."

The Doctor looked impressed.

"Wait, what was that whooshing sound? How did you even get here? And what are we going to do with Da egg." Leo asked pointing at the now frozen machine.

"The Tardis made that whooshing sound, she's a machine that can travel anywhere in time and space. She's how I got here. I'll show you. As for the DALEK. I know a place to put it."

"What is your name again?" Leo asked him to see if he heard it correctly the first time, if he was really called the Doctor.

"The Doctor." He said with a bright smile.

"Doctor Why?" Leo asked.

The suspender wearing guy looked a bit confused.

"Okay that's a first one, but it's just The Doctor."

"Okay The Doctor, show me your whooshing teleporty time and space machine."