Takes place in my "Kim and the Callaghans" reality though it only involves Hank and Kim. Belongs to Dick Wolf and NBC. Also made a tweak regarding Erin since I like her.

Kim knocked on the door.

"You wanted to see me?" she asked. I know I screwed up. Just hope he doesn't send me back downstairs, she worried. Not that she'd be able to blame him if he did.

"Yeah, close the door," Hank requested and she did so. Hate that she's so nervous, he mused. Then again, all of his officers and detectives always looked nervous when they were called into here. Except Erin. But she wasn't here right now having been detailed to a special task force in New York for an indefinite amount of time. And that had thrown the team off-kilter. Especially Kim who had hit it off with her.

"I heard you went after Rose." Not that I blame her. I would've done the same thing, he mused. And it was good that she was showing backbone. It meant that the Callaghans were finally getting through to her.

"Yeah, I needed to say my piece." Not apologizing for it. If Rose hadn't been such a prick, Toma would still be alive, she fumed. She was certain of this.

"Yeah I get it…" Hank considered what to say next as it was always a crapshoot with Burgess. "Look, Rose is gonna get what's coming to him. If not from Brass, some other place. I just…need you to stay away," he stated.

"No, we need to get on top of this. We need to file a report-" she began to object. I can't believe he's doing this! Is he that afraid of Woods that he won't go after some jackass? She wondered. And if Voight was afraid of the guy, what did it mean for the rest of them?

"Kim, I need you to stay away. If you go after him, your whole career could go up in smoke," he continued. Not going to let anything happen to her, career or otherwise, he thought.

"Right," she said. Not that she cared about that sort of thing. She was working with Voight: it was all she ever wanted.

"Do you trust me?" At this, she looked at him.

"Yes, of course."

"Then trust me now. This will get handled."

"Donnie and the boys?"

"Not as far as I know. But they do wanna see us for drinks tonight." Kim nodded.


"Hey, I'll tell you the same thing I told Erin when she first came to live with me and Camille: I've got your back. Always." She smiled and then walked out. He's got this, she thought. Everything would be okay. She didn't trust a whole lot of people, but she trusted Voight. She would wait and let him handle things. He had earned her trust as soon as Donnie, Mike, and Ryan had vouched for him. Hank's eyes clouded. He wasn't sure how he was going to fix this, but he knew he wouldn't let anything happen to Kim. No matter what, he would always look out for her.