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It had been an eventful first day of school for Riley, well not as crazy as getting Saturday detention like the year before, but still eventful. Except it wasn't school that was on her mind as she walked home after going to the library to return a book she had borrowed over the summer. What was on her mind was the soft barking sounds of the small puppy in her hands, as it wiggled under her sweater. She hadn't needed the sweater during the day since it had been a cool 80 degrees outside, because summer never really ends in New York until late October some years. Yet her father had insisted after seeing her shirt that day, short sleeves weren't a crime to her and it had been a hot day, but the closer she and Lucas got the more paranoid her father became. She wouldn't be surprised if he made her wear turtlenecks by the end of the week, even though the weather wasn't going to let up at all.

Cheerleading practice had been short that afternoon, but Lucas had to stay behind for practice leaving her to walk home alone, her sweater tied to her backpack because of her father and the weather making her sweat like crazy. Of course that sweater had come in handy when she had heard the first yipping sound from the puppy. She had only planned on feeding it a bit of her beef jerky, and some water but that's not how it worked out.

So now her sweater held a small little ball of fur, completely covered in mud, who had been tormented by a couple of middle school students as she was walking home. They had been throwing water balloons at the poor thing before one of the boys had dumped a fist full of mud on the dog. Riley had seen it play out before rushing across the street to save the dog, only to get hit by a water balloon as she rushed off with the dog in her hands. The water on her back had been refreshing, but she didn't enjoy it at all, she was angry that they had seen fit to torment a small animal.

She wondered how Lucas would have reacted if he had seen what had happened, she knew he loved dogs but he also cared about her and having those boys throw something at her, well she knew that he would have attacked those kids. Texas Lucas was not someone to mess with especially when it came to the girl he loved and small defenseless animals.

As she reached her house she was suddenly reminded of one small problem, and that was the fact that her building didn't allow animals. She didn't understand why, especially since most of the other buildings in the area allowed people to have pets but now she held the small bundle and wondered if she would be able to get it pass her parents before they realized what she had with her. Instead of climbing through the front door she went to the ladder and climbed up through the bay window, the puppy nestled in her backpack for the journey, with enough open so that the poor thing could get some air.

Her room lights had been off and she was glad that Maya hadn't been there waiting for her because Riley wasn't sure what she would do if Maya had scared her. Once inside she settled the puppy on the corner of her room near her closet and watched the baby as it slept. Riley hadn't checked to see if it was a boy or girl but it didn't matter she was in love with the little thing and she wasn't sure if she would ever want to let it go.

Riley had gone down to the kitchen to get some water and food that she could give the dog and noticed that no one was around, and the lights were off. A note on the door of the fridge told her that her father had to stay behind at school for a meeting and that Auggie had gone with her mother to the café with Ava.

"I could have gone through the front door," she said to herself.

Instead of dwelling on what could have been, she grabbed everything and went off to her room settling a bowl of water and bite size pieces of turkey next to the makeshift bed. The pup woke up at the smell of food and started chomping down on the food making Riley smile as she watched it take small bites. Once the puppy was done she grabbed the baby, because of course it was her baby now, and took it to the bathroom for a quick bath, using her strawberry shampoo. That's when she saw that the puppy was completely white, she wasn't sure on the breed, and she would have to ask Lucas about that but Riley though it was the purest baby she could have ever found, when she was almost done washing the dog she saw that it was a girl which only made her smile even more.

"You're so cute aren't you," Riley cooed at the puppy. "I'm going to call you Artemis, because she was a goddess and so are you, my cute little goddess."

Riley dried the dog and put some newspaper down in the corner so that if the pup had to go to the bathroom she could do it on the newspaper. Instead Artemis fell asleep on Riley's sweater and all Riley could do was sit there and watch. After a while she started on her homework until she heard her family coming home. She quickly put her books away and went to meet them so that she wouldn't be found out.

"Hey Riley guess what?" her brother said rushing towards her. "Ava and I are trying out for the school play this year."

"We're going to be married on stage," Ava said smiling as she twirled her hair around her finger.

"No they're not," her mother said as she walked in through the door, Riley rushed over to grab the bags from her mother's hands.

"What play is it Auggie?" Riley asked curious as to why they were going to let a couple of kids play husband and wife on stage.

"Alice in Wonderland," Auggie said smiling. "I'm trying out for the Mad Hatter."

"Ava, who are you trying out for?" Riley said as she walked across the living room.

"I'm going to be Alice and I'm going to marry the Hatter," Ava said making Riley snort.

"Ava sweetie I told you that's not how the play goes," her mother said.

"Fine," Ava said before walking to the fridge and taking out a fruit and cheese platter and eating the cheese.

Riley could swear that the little girl lived at her house more than she lived in her own, but it didn't matter as long as her brother was happy. Her mother started on dinner as Riley finished putting away the groceries.

"Riley should we expect Maya or Lucas for dinner today?" her mother asked and at that moment Riley realized that she had never asked. Normally she messaged them the minute she got home but she had forgotten to even go to the café for their traditional study session.

Rushing off Riley went looking for her phone only to open the door to her room to see Maya climbing in through the bay window.

"Riles, why haven't you answered any of our messages?" Maya said as Farkle followed her into the room Smackle not far behind, followed by Zay and Cassie, and Lucas came in last.

"We've been worried sick," Farkle said as Lucas walked over to where Riley stood.

"Oops," Riley said shrugging her shoulders. "I sort of forgot."

"Right, you never forget and we left together," Cassie said as she sat on Riley's bed. "By the way, why did we just climb in through the window?"

"I've been asking that for years," Zay said sitting next to Cassie.

Riley couldn't help but smile every time she saw the pair together, they had grown closer over the summer. Zay helped Cassie babysit her brothers, and they had dinner at each other's houses twice a week. They had become an adorable couple and she was happy that Zay was happy.

"That doesn't matter, it's tradition," Maya said.

Lucas had stood next to Riley but didn't do anything because his eyes were trained on the small white ball of fluff on the floor.

"Riley when did you get a dog?" he said which caused everyone to turn to see what he was looking at.

"I kind of… sort of… found him on the way to the café and instead of going to meet you I brought her home with me," Riley said smiling at everyone.

"Your building doesn't allow pets," Farkle said as Riley scooped up Artemis.

"I know but some kids were being mean to her and I couldn't leave her behind, plus Artemis is mine and I love her."

"She named it and now it's going to be bound to her," Smackle said looking between the dog and Riley.

"This is going to be a problem," Maya said looking around the room. "Riley, sunshine you can't keep it."

"But I want her so much, she's my baby," Riley said as Artemis let out a yip. "See she knows it too."

Riley sat at the bay window next to Maya and played with Artemis's hair, the group was surprised that Lucas hadn't said anything but when Riley looked at her boyfriend he was looking at the dog with the sweetest look on his face, so she held out Artemis so he could pet her.

"See Lucas likes her," she said looking at her friends.

"Lucas falls in love with every animal he sees, the man cannot be trusted," Zay said so Riley held Artemis out to him. It took him less than ten seconds before his eyes began to glow. "Apparently I can't be trusted either."

"An animal cannot have that much power over a person, it's scientifically impossible," Smackle said so of course Riley turned the full force of the puppy on her. "Apparently science can be proven wrong… honeybuckets I want one."

Riley watched as Farkle pulled his girlfriend away from the puppy smiling as she tried to gain control of her senses.

"Riley, it's time for dinner," she heard her father say two seconds before the door swung open. "What is that… that thing in your hands?"

"Well…" she said before Auggie and Ava burst into the room and zeroed in on the ball of fur in her hands.

"Oh my god," her brother squealed before launching himself towards Artemis. "Can we keep it?"

"No, no no no no," her father said before screaming, "Topanga."

It took her mother five seconds before she walked in through Riley's bedroom door and see what was happening. Her mother's eyes zeroed in on the puppy before she walked over and picked up Artemis out of Riley's hands. That's all it took before her mother started cooing at the puppy and petting her hair.

"Topanga," her father said. "The lease says."

"No it doesn't, I didn't tell you earlier but the owners sold the building, I got the letter this morning, and the new owner doesn't care about pets," her mother said as her lawyer mode came out. "I double checked the lease agreement to make sure that they weren't going to raise the rent above a fair value, but since it was just finalized two weeks ago I was thinking of surprising you all with a puppy… Riley just beat me to it apparently."

"Where was I when all of this was happening?" her father said looking around the room. "And when did we gain so many kids?"

"The kids have been here for years… well except Cassie but she's ours now," her mother said as she made kissy noises at Artemis. "And I tried to tell you about the lease, but Shawn showed up and you rushed over and hugged him even though he lives nearby with Maya and Katy, but somehow it's useless to try and tell you anything when he's around."

"So wait does that mean we can keep Artemis?" Riley said looking at her mother smiling.

"Yes Riley we can, and nice name, it reminds me of when I was your age," her mother said smiling. "But you can't take her with you to college, and you have to walk her every day."

"Can I help too," Auggie said jumping up and down.

"Yes Auggie you can, this is going to be our family pet, so it's up to you and your sister to take good care of her," her mother said.

Riley watched her father looking around the room murmuring something about kids, and his wife and how he has no control over anything. Until he zeroed in on Lucas. "You."

"Daddy Lucas didn't even do anything," Riley said rolling her eyes.

"No everything is because of him, he wants to be a veterinarian so of course there's a dog in our house, he smiles and you melt, he's the cause of all of my problems."

"Oh boy here we go," Maya said smiling before jumping onto the Bay Window. "Matthews versus Friar, round 105."

"No daddy," Riley said before her father launched himself towards Lucas who was already out the window. Her father grabbed Lucas's shoe and yanked it off, but Riley grabbed the shoe and glared at her father before handing the shoe back to Lucas.

"Thanks Riley," he said before he quickly kissed her on the lips and ran off.

"Friar," her father yelled but since Lucas was on the baseball team, and the basketball team, he was already down the ladder before her father could even attempt to climb out the window.

The rest of her friends laughed as they watched but Riley was just tired and she wanted her baby Artemis.

See you tomorrow, Lucas send in a message with a small purple heart at the end.

That night Artemis slept in Riley's room, and alternated between her and Auggie's room throughout the week. Riley was happy because they had a puppy, but also because their family had gotten a little bit bigger.