Here's a fanfaction I've been holding out for a while, and this is one quite unorthodox compared to the others. Since a few stories I wrote (RWBY: The Depths of Remnant and RWBY: Ascension) didn't work out for me, I decided this one might go well, if you readers will agree with me in this.

I kinda liked the idea of a few characters named after a gemstone and since Roosterteeth aren't using more at the moment, I decided to make the rest of them with OCs, but I don't think I can make all of them by myself. That's why I need your help! Be creative with me and make an OC with their first name used after a gemstone such as Sapphire, Zircon, Amethyst, etc. Since there's a lot, you got plenty of time to choose which one you like.

This story will contain; adventure, action, comedy (lots of it), romance (if you want), friendship, fantasy, dark moments and probably even parodies too just for humour and fun.

And yes, I'm adding gemstones to this story, because of that reason.

Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. It's by Rooster Teeth (Monty Oum)

I'll start the prologue before I make OC creation description.

"Ruby... Have I ever told you that you were named after a gemstone?" A young caring mother named Summer Rose sitting on a chair asked her red-haired, five-year old daughter.

"Gmshone...?" Ruby spoke, she was young so she wasn't familiar with long words. Her mother chuckled through this.

"How about I show you?" She picked up something from her bag and showed a red colourful gemstone. Ruby sparkled by it's shininess.

"Ooooh! Wat is tis?" She asked her mother.

"That is called a Ruby." Summer chuckled.

"Ruby? Just like me."

"Yes, only by name, that's all. Do you want it?"

"Yesh, it looksh sho pritty." Summer smiled by her daughter's comment.

"Then you can have it, it's yours forever now." Ruby cheered as she held tight on it, even though it was hard as a rock.

"Thank you, mommy. I'll treashure it!" Summer smiled by her daughter's happiness, wanting her to know more about the gemstone. But she doesn't know if she wants to tell her the secret now, but since she won't understand much, it wouldn't hurt to talk about it since she's her daughter and she has big faith in her.

"Ruby, I'm going to tell you something very important. I don't know if you will understand, but will you listen?" She asked her daughter. Ruby tilted her head in confusion before nodding as a yes. "You see, legend has it when someone is named after a gemstone, that person will be destined to receive great sacred power and use it for only what you care about most. However, no one knows how to achieve this great power but it is said to be done by a certain method that is unknown to humans."

"A few people only know this as it is written in ancient manuscripts. They are only taken by the society and was never spoken to the public for the sake of safety for Remnant. I know because I found the manuscript and read it. However, if someone names them after the gemstones by coincidence of destiny. Then they're sure to experience a new quest waiting for them."

"I named you this because I know that you will do great things when you grow up to be a huntress. I want to give the power that will help you go to a path that will make you happy with lots of friends and family. Remember your gemstone because you will keep it in you for many reasons, okay?" The mother looked to her daughter, shocked to see that she fell asleep while she was talking.

"Oh, Ruby. Whatever am I going to do with you...?" Ruby's mother chuckled stroking her hair while she looks at the bright moon at the night sky.

10 years later

The moon is no shattered but still shines and this time it's below the now 15 year-old Ruby Rose as she stares at her mother's grave implying that she has been deceased. One lonely tombstone next to a cliff in a silent winter forest with one girl and another person six-feet under.

"Mom... I don't know if you're watching me or not." Ruby spoke to her mother. "But just to let you know that I'm doing very fine on my own. And um... I hope you're happy of what I'm doing. Y'know, like beating Grimm, protect people, be a hero, those kind of things. And I guess you want me to keep at it, right?" There was nothing but silent in the area.

The red-haired girl sighed. She then took something out of her pocket, it was the red ruby she was given by her mother and she has been holding onto it for ten whole years. Despite how old it was, it was still shining bright, it was because Ruby has been polishing it to keep it clean.

"Mom... do you really think I am a special person because I was named after a shining stone and nothing else?" Ruby asks while staring at the red gemstone. "I know I shouldn't doubt your words since you're always right... but I don't feel any different compared to anymore. I still feel like a normal human in a life of a huntress like everyone else... Okay, maybe not everyone, just those who want to fight evil. You know what I mean!" She then turned to the tombstone again.

"But... if you really think I'll be a special someone who'll do great things for the world, then I'll believe you since you're my mom after all. I'll do my best to be the best!" After stating that with a smile, there was silent again as Ruby got completely nothing to say again. "So... I guess I''ll see you later again." She chuckled before turning around to leave.

'I can't believe I forgot again. I know there was more I've got to say, but my brain refuses to cooperate again.' She sighed as she took out a audio tape recorder from her bag and placed it next to the tombstone. 'I hope my uncle would be nice enough to get me a new one...' She thought before she pressed play before leaving. It took a while to load since it's old-style. It finally plays with Ruby's voice coming out while the human one continues walking through the forest.

"Hi Mom! So um... how are you doing?... Aw, what a poor way to start my message..." While it was being played Ruby exited the forest and was walking to the plains.

"'Ahem!' I don't know if you're here to listen to me or not, but if you are then I'm happy that you are!" Ruby stops walking to see black monsters called Grimm. The Grimm she was looking at right now are werewolf-like also known as 'Beowolves'.

"I've been thinking about this for a while and I wanted to talk to you about it." The Beowolves lunged at the girl, ready to devour her, only to miss as she mysteriously disappeared out of thin air with rose petals scattered away from her cloak.

"You see, it's about Signal Academy..." It turns out Ruby jumped in the air to dodge the Beowolves. The next thing she did was take something out of her back. It was her official weapon 'Crescent Rose'. She transformed it into a big sniper rifle. She fired it decimating a Beowolf's face killing it.

"There are lots of people around the school and I'll admit that they are pretty cool." When she landed on the ground. A Beowolf lunged at her. She jumped and shot it on the head as the force pushed her back in the air (Newton's 3rd law). She targeted another Beowolf and shot it too.

"But... they were a little too cool for me..." After shooting another Beowolf, Ruby transformed her gun into a scythe before more Grimm goes after her.

"Though I am keeping up with my studies and abilities, and Uncle Crow has been teaching me great tricks and combos to beat my enemies with my Crescent Rose." Ruby slammed her scythe onto the Beowolf. She lets out a smile on it before pulling a trigger, giving her a boost of speed and force to cleanly slice the Grimm in half. The rest went to charge at her and Ruby reloaded her bullets and aimed her shot on her targets.

"I guess you could say that I'm improving a lot, but that isn't entirely the issue that I'm having problems with." Ruby began firing constant bullets at the horde of Grimm. She got every one of them but there were too many to shoot before they can gain up on her.

"It... was actually approaching them that I can't really do..." A Beowolf swiped its claws at her but she jumped over it and shot the Grimm in midair. She stuck her scythe to the ground and she stood on the handle. She looked to see more Beowolves coming to her from the forest. They just don't let up, do they?

"To be honest with you, mom, I didn't really like them...because of how they made fun of my name." A Beowolf tries to claw Ruby did a short break-dance to dodge the swipe. When another Beowolf charges at her. Ruby fired her weapon to shoot him, also sending her flying to the other one behind her, bring it down.

"Remember when you named me after a gemstone?" Ruby began spinning her scythe to slice all two Grimm in halves before beheading another one.

"Well... let's just say that it had a bad case in it." Ruby dodged another swipe from another Beowolf and struck it with her scythe before slicing it in half, sending their parts flying to two Grimm, knocking them down.

"You see, a few people started making fun of me with my name, just because I was named Ruby from a stone." After slicing more Grimm, she jumped on one's head before beheading it, sending her high in the air. She looked to see more Grimm coming.

"Of course, I was angry about it, so I tried to find some people who aren't making fun of my name." Ruby launched herself using her weapon and slashed a Beowolf before stomping on it. She jumped again with the help of her weapon giving her extra air time to target her next enemies.

"But... they didn't go near me... 'Shrugs' okay, it was actually because I was afraid of talking to them." Ruby's eyes widen to see another Grimm going to slash her. She parried it with her weapon and was pushed far back to the ground. She used her scythe to brake her fall to land on the ground safely. She sees the huge horde of Grimm looking at her, ready to make her their dinner.

"...But that didn't stop me from quitting the academy." She tossed away an empty bullet case and replaced it with a new one which had a four arrows directing to a circle, which means this is a special type of bullet case.

"Mom... give me strength!" Ruby called as she looked at her ruby stone once more before placing it in her bag, before readying her stance to finish the job. Little did she notice that it was shining bright in her bag. Unbeknownst to the red-haired girl, her aura was glowing brighter, that it was visible to anyone's eye.

"My dream is to become the world's greatest huntress and I'm not giving up until I earn it!" Ruby launched herself flying with the help of her Crescent Rose and began slashing every Grimm she sees in very fast speed. With the help of the wind, she was moving almost at the speed of sound.

"My Uncle and my sister are rooting for me to go up to being a hero, and you are too!" She flipped her blade and began spinning vertically like a windmill, slicing every Grimm in front of her.

"I don't care what the others say about me and my name!" Finally landing on the ground, Ruby began her next phase of attack. In a very fast motion, she sliced every Grimm she could see in half in a blink of eye and did not stop until every one of them is dead.

"As long as I can fight to protect those I care for and bring out justice," She made her finishing blow by making one spin slicing all the Grimm around her in half before firing one last Grimm to end her scenario.

"I'll always be Ruby Rose!" Striking a pose for her victory, the plains was finally silent, meaning there's no more Grimm around. The only one standing left is none other then the 'Little Red Riding Hood'. The audio tape finally stopped playing, meaning the speech as finished.

"...That was odd..." Ruby said to herself. "Was I normally this strong and fast before I came here?" She then noticed that her bag was glowing red. She opened it to find out was her ruby stone that was glowing bright, much to her surprise. She was confused at first to why something like this happened from out of nowhere, until she thought of something that will mostly make sense.

"Mom... did you actually help me?" She asked looking up the sky which she assumed she was up there. "...Thank you, I promise that I won't let you down and make you proud. You'll see one day that I will become the best huntress there is!" She placed her ruby stone back in her bag and turned to leave the plains and go back to the forest. Little did she know that her mother was actually watching her the whole time. after the red-haired girl left, an illusion of Summer Rose appears in the middle of the plains smiling as she was watching her daughter leave.

"I know you will, Ruby..." She said before fading away from the earth land.

That's the prologue for Ruby Rose and her gemstone.

I want you guys to have a similar story like that with your OC; how you were named after a gemstone and you were given it by someone or found it somewhere. To show history and origins about the OCs. Maybe try make the personality fit the colour or gem, that's just an idea, though. You can make them any kind you want; as a human, Faunus, hero, villain, you name it.

Here are the names I've found so far and is mostly likely recommended;

Sapphire (Blue)
Zircon (Yellow, Blue or Pink)
Amethyst (Purple)
Garnet (Orange)
Onyx (Black)
Alexandrite (Green or Red)
Aquamarine (Cyan)
Citrine (Yellow)
Diamond (White)
Crystal (Light colour)
Lapis Lazuli (Dark Blue)
Opal (Multi-colour)
Paraiba (Light Blue)
Pearl (Lavender)
Morganite (Peach)
Jade (Vivid Green)
Moonstone (Blue Sheen)
Peridot (Olive green)
Spinel (Clear)
Tanzanite (Bluish Purple)
Topaz (Brown)
Tourmaline (Bi-colour)
Turquoise (Bluish Green)
Quartz (Grey)
Coral (Pink)

Since Ruby, Emerald and Amber are already taken, I can't use those.

That's all I can find. If you have another one, please help yourself into using it. BTW, I can only accept one OC with the same name, two will be way too complicated and misleading. You're free to come up with any last names, it doesn't have to be gem-related. Use any of them to how you see fit with the description below;

Date of Birth & Zodiac Symbol:
Blood Type:
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Food:

Kingdom Background:
History Bond with Gemstone:
Powers & Skills:
Catchphrase (Optional):

Strength (Scale: 1 to 100):
Speed (
Scale: 1 to 100):
Durability (
Scale: 1 to 100):
Endurance (Scale: 1 to 100):
Intelligence (Scale: 1 to 100):
Willpower (Scale: 1 to 100)

Weapon Description:
Arch-Enemy/Rival (Optional):

Friends (Allies):
Love Interest (Optional):

Music Theme (Optional):

Send them to my private message and I'll think about them. I'll accept anyone that has good information about themselves. If I think there's not enough info, the try to add a little bit more for further thoughts and positive comments. Since I wanted to start something fresh and new, unlike many people are. I'm going to add side-stories between the main one to buy more time and more fun.

Leave a review, leave your OCs on my private message and I'll see you in the next chapter, which may take a while...