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Ooarai High School Carrier Ziukaku

Pacific Ocean

2:00 PM, July 15, 20XX

Miho's head popped out of the commander's hatch of the PzKpfw IV Ausf. H as they had just finished the team practice match for the day and was parking their command tank into the school's garage for their Sensha-do tanks. Their practice match was split into 2 teams as they have an even number of tanks so they can split into 2 teams with 4 tanks a team. After the annihilation match against Selection University as a deal to fight for their school's rights to recommission, the school had more students and was able to afford parts for repairing their tanks or just replacing some worn parts like the tanks' treads. In Japan, Sensha-do was still a girls only sport while other countries that have the sport decided to try and see if the sport can be converted from girls only into co-ed sport by allowing a few chosen students of each school into the sport, as well as some increased funding for the school. The U.S and Russia had began to test to see if Sensha-do can become a co-ed when Miho was still at Kuromorimine Girls High School. Although it was summer break, Ooarai along with other schools were still open for the Sensha-do team for practice matches.

Fifteen minutes after the Ooarai tankery team entered the garage, Miho was holding a clipboard with some information about the funds that they have, including parts they need for tank repairs and spare parts such as tank treads, armor plating, and driving wheels. The student council's president Anzu Kadotani, who is nearly the same height as Mako Reizei, approached Miho.

"Commander Nishizumi," she said, clearing her throat. "We want to talk to you about something. So, can you come to the Student Council Office?"

Miho looked at her President, somewhat clueless as to what they wanted to talk about. Other members of the club overheard the question, and got curious. Saori asked the question that was on everyone's mind:

"I wonder what they want to talk about with Miho."

Student Council Office

When Miho stepped into the office the first thing she saw was that Momo Kawashima was reading a handbook from the Japanese Sensha-do League while Yuzu was reading a letter from the school board that was on the student council president's desk.

Miho deduced the the reason for being called in: there was going to be a discussion about a new rule or regulation in replace for the Japanese Sensha-do League, or a talk about ways to improve the Sensha-do club.

"Ah you're here," Anzu said, reclining in her seat.

"Anzu-san," Miho replied. "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"It's about next school year and the Sensha-do club," Anzu answered. "The Japanese Sensha-do League issued a new rule about a week ago; it will allow boys to participate in the sport."

Miho blinked, internally startled at the new change.

I wonder how my mother will respond to that, Miho thought.

"And," Anzu continued. "It also raises the year in which the tank is made or introduced. Yuzu-chan, show Miho the letter."

"Hai," she replied, and handed her the letter. Miho took it, and read its contents:

Dear Ooarai Girls high school,

In the aftermath of the events that happened during the last school year, the school board has seen fit to expand our student numbers. Although the school has been saved from being closed thanks to the Ooarai Sensha-do team by winning the Sensha-do tournament last year, and winning against a annihilation match against Selection University, our school's financial situation is still an issue. As such, the school will conduct a trial run with the eventual conversion to a Co-educational school. We understand that this will come as a shock to some parents and students and may raise some concerns. There will be strict rules imposed on the new students regarding intimate relationships with any female students, and any infringements of the rules will result in the immediate suspension of the student (s) in question pending further questioning. The new students will be arriving the day before the start of the new term and will start the new school year along with all normal pupils

As a sign of welcome to the new students, we would be grateful if representatives from the student body aside from the school council could be present at the airfield on the day before the new school year starts to welcome the new students when they land at around 10-11 A.M. This is purely voluntary so that the new students can be greeted by school members other than the faculty members.

With regards and best hopes for the upcoming academic year,

Ooarai Girls high school board.

After reading the school board's letter out, everyone in the student council president's office was either wide eyed, or in Miho's case, was currently thinking about what the school board's letter said. Yuzu Koyama is currently reading the new handbook from the Sensha-do league about a change in some rules. The handbook was similar to a student handbook but instead of the school's symbol on the front it had the Japanese Sensha-do League emblem instead. The booklet contains both the new and old rules and regulation.

"Here," Yuzu said, handing the booklet. "Check it out."

Miho got it, opened it up, read the rules and regulations aloud:

Competition Format:

There are two formats for matches: Elimination battles and Flag battles. These matches are designated by the League.

In Elimination battles, the objective is to render all of the opposing team's vehicles inoperable.

In Flag battles, the objective is to render the opposing team's flag vehicle (to be designated beforehand) inoperable.

Tournament is a knock-out format. Round one matches are determined by random draws.

Number of Participating Vehicles allowed on matches

First Match: 10 tanks allowed (up to 2 tanks after 08/15,1945 allowed)

Semi-Finals: 15 tanks allowed (up to 4 tanks after 08/15/1945 allowed)

Finals: 25 tanks allowed (up to 6 tanks after 08/15/1945 allowed)

Miho blinked.

Tanks after the WWII era? she thought, surprised at the change of rules. That's going to be a game-changer...

Participating Vehicle's Specifications:

The only vehicles allowed to participate are the following:

· Vehicles whose design was completed before August 15, 1959

· Vehicles that had begun prototype trials by the aforementioned date

· Vehicles whose construction was planned using only materials available before the aforementioned date

Vehicles which meet these requirements must be confirmed to be constructed using materials that were available at that time

For vehicles that never advanced from the planning stage, the League will decided on their eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

In the event that there is a difficulty supplying the appropriate parts or modules, the League may determine the allowable extent of reproductions and modifications.

Changes to the type or number of participating vehicles on a team directly prior to the match are open to objection by the opposition members.

Open-topped vehicles such as gun carriages, self-propelled anti-tank guns and indirect fire artillery may be considered tanks but will require approval on a case-by-case basis.

Supplementary equipment

All tanks must be fitted with League-sanctioned referee equipment.

As an additional safety measure, the crew compartments are required to be fitted with League approved armored mantelets.

Match Location

Access to the battlefield will be restricted 72 hours prior to the match. Each participant shall get maps and area details.

Should there be objections to the battlefield of choice they should be forwarded to the League within the first 24 hours of announcement upon which deliberation will be made

Permitted Armament

All rounds are to be League-sanctioned live ammunition.

Total number of rounds per team is limited.

Production of custom warheads or charges is not allowed.

Additional notes:

Due to the new year limit for tanks that are allowed there will be a limit as to how many tanks made after August 15, 1945 that can be fielded on the battlefield. Boys will also be allowed on Sensha-do matches as the Japanese Sensha-do League is currently testing along with the U.S, United Kingdom, Germany, and France to see if boys can work well along with girls in Sensha-do matches.

For schools that have bought a tank variant such as the M48A3 Patton they should also be forwarded to the League 5 days before the first match upon which deliberation will be made.

For the first matches up to the semi-finals, only 3 tanks made after August 15, 1945 are allowed and for the Final matches a maximum of 5 tanks made after the aforementioned date are allowed.

After reading the rules Miho was surprised, and thought deeply about the new changes to the rules.

"Oh no." she said. "This is good news for the big and rich schools, such as Pravda, Saunders and Kuromorimine. For smaller schools like Anzio, Chi Ha Tan and us it will be a problem, not to mention that we have a strict financial issue already."

"Yeah," Anzu said, reclining in her office chair and munching on her favorite snack: a bag of sweet dried potatoes. "You pretty much nailed what we're fearing."

Miho frowned with her fingers on her lips, deep in thought.

"What can we do?" she asked out aloud. "We may have to bargain for more parts and supplies for our currently existing tanks on our team, we may even have to loan one or two tanks from other schools…"

"Not to mention the fact that other schools already outnumber us," remarked Anzu, still reclining. "And now, they can field much more powerful tanks like the M48 Patton, T-10, Centurion, M103, and the Conqueror."

"In fact the most powerful tank that we can currently field is the Porsche Tiger," Momo sighed, moaning.

After saying that the three student council members were in deep thought, especially with their newest situation involving the Sensha-do, while Anzu began on her second bag of dried sweet potatoes.

"Well..." Momo began. "On another note, our school will be paired up with an American-based school."

"Eh?" Miho asked.

"The West Coast Navy High School," Yuzu said. "Well, the letter they sent got misplaced somehow..."

At the statement, the three members of the Student Council now had sheepish looks on their faces. Anzu tried to avoid any stares, Momo suddenly found the floor very interesting, and Yuzu fidgeted in her position. Miho felt a sweatdrop of sort on her forehead.

"Student Council..." Miho said, feeling awkward at the Council's unusual carelessness at the situation. "But anyway, do you at least know what the letter was trying to say?"

"To put it bluntly," said Anzu. "They will be sending three of their own Tankery teams from their school along with their tanks. Also, the school we are cooperating with will help pay off 60% of our school's debt. One of the tanks however is a privately owned tank."

"Tankery? Is that what it's called over in the U.S?" asked Miho.

"Not only in the U.S but that's what it's called in most western countries," Momo answered, clearing her throat. "The letter also said that if any of the transfer students wishes to stay in our school they can apply for the transfer to be permanent but only if our school agrees to the permanent transfer."

"One of the transferees also happens to have a father who will be working in a newly opened business in Tokyo," said Yuzu. "Apparently, the business started a few months before our summer break started. The business apparently makes tank parts for Sensha-do and Tankery, while also supplying tank parts for tank museums. This is due to the fact that modern tank factories already have enough on their plates with making tank parts for modern MBTs."

"They will also manufacture tanks from 1918 to August 15, 1959," said Momo.

"However we will need to place a order first and we also have to wait for the tank to be finished," Anzu added.

"Oh yeah," said Miho. "Um...the Leopon Team informed me that we are running out of parts already, especially the tank tracks."

"Noted," said the Council. This time, Yuzu wrote it down on a notebook, in order to avoid making the mistake of "misplacing" the letter.

"On another note Nishizumi-chan," began Anzu. "What do you think about the part where it says 'boys will also be allowed on Sensha-do matches'?"

Blinking at the question, Miho put a finger on her lips to think.

"Honestly," she replied. "I don't really know what to think. All we can do is wait and see how the boys would do in a practice match first. But we shouldn't look down on them simply because they're boys...I mean, some of the famous ace tankers and tank commanders in WW2 were men, such as Erwin Rommel, Michael Wittman, Bernard Montgomery, and George S. Patton."

"Good point," the Council replied.

""President," said Yuzu. "What are we going to do about the upcoming tournament, especially now that other schools richer than ours can buy tanks that are more powerful, not to mention the fact that now there will be more tanks allowed for the final match?"

"Plus we don't even know what tanks will be brought with the transfer students," Momo said, sighing. "And we have to find some more tanks, since we will be at a huge disadvantage even with the 3 extra tanks that are made after WWII."

"She's not wrong," said Miho. "Especially since the final match increased the total number of tanks allowed from 20 to 25 tanks. Even if the 3 tanks after ww2 are powerful, if we add up the total number of tanks we have including those 3 tanks, we have a total of approximately 11 tanks. We'll be severely outnumbered by a total of 14 tanks and we don't even know which school we'll be facing during the finals nor do we know which tanks the other schools have."

"That's true," the Council replied, sighing unanimously. Miho giggled nervously at that.

Thus, the four girls inside the Council room began to compile the list of the items they needed, including the Sensha-do Club's budget, and what they would be able to afford. They also kept a note about the amount of potential cash surpluses, and what tanks they could afford with that.

"I wonder how this will turn out," Miho pondered.

Few Days Earlier

School Carrier version of USS Nimitz

West Coast Navy High School

7:00 PM July 12 Pacific Ocean.

Inside a bedroom of a two-story house, sitting in an office chair in front of his Windows 7 Ultimate laptop, was a 17-year old boy with silver hair with a streak of red hair and blue eyes. He was Saber Aldrich, a tall (170 cm or 5'7" tall) boy who was his school Tankery team's second-in-command. Formerly, that is.

He was currently talking to his tankery team's commander via a WhatsApp call. Saber was wearing a Skullcandy Method In-ear sports earbuds, which were plugged into his Samsung S6 edge. Seeing as the team still had tomorrow to practice before the school closed for the summer holidays, the commander and his second-in-command decided to hold one final practice match before the school closed for summer. The school carrier would also be anchored near San Diego Bay and the school would be providing transportation to an airport for their students who have family in other US states, in order to fly back to their respective state's airports.

At the moment, Saber was conversing with the commander about his resignation, just as Saber's parents had called him earlier informing him of his father's job transfer to a newly opened branch in Japan. Saber's father, Joseph Aldrich, worked in an office for a new factory in the US that produces tank parts for tanks from 1918 to August 15, 1959. The factory also manufactured tanks that had been ordered. The tanks had to be within the time period of 1918 to August 15, 1959. The factory began production, because as current factories that produced modern day MBTs were already busy, there was a need for other factories to focus on producing other types of tanks.

With West Coast Navy High School tankery team's second-in-command resigning from the school, there was a power void that needed to be filled. Saber resigned, because he was one of those chosen for the transfer program.

"So basically what you're saying is that since our school will be cooperating with the winners of the 63rd National High School Sensha-do Tournament with a transfer program," said Saber, who was currently searching online for information about Oarai.

"Correct. Despite winning the 63rd National Tournament and defeating Select University's Sensha-do team they still have a financial problem," said the commander from the app. "Plus, you told me that your dad is being transferring to another factory branch in Japan so since our school is having a transfer program with Ooarai I thought might as well tell you about the transfer program since you were absent on the day of the announcements."

"From the document you sent me, the school's also offering a few more things for the transfer program correct?" asked Saber.

"Yeah," said the commander. "Our school offered to transfer 2 other tank teams to Ooarai and help pay off 60% of their school's debt. In addition the fees for the first term of the students that were already chosen to transfer to Ooarai will be payed by the school itself."

"Did they say when we're going?" asked Saber.

"They plan on reaching Japan sometime next month," he replied. "Since the group will be transferring to Ooarai Girls High School our school has been holding learning Japanese classes from a teacher who came here all the way from Japan. But since you've been learning Japanese from another teacher for roughly over 6 months you don't really have to join."

"Can you give me until tomorrow for me to think about it?" Saber asked.


"Ok. See you tomorrow then. Bye."

Hanging up, Saber leaned back into his really comfy office chair and sighed. A German Shepherd puppy with black fur and a auburn underbelly that had been lying on his bed jumped on Saber's lap and licked his hand.

"Hey Grim," he sighed, petting him affectionately. "What time is it anyway? Seven at night huh… I'd better start cooking supper."

With that said, Saber stood up and stretched, and then went downstairs to the kitchen to cook something that won't take too long to be ready.

"Might as well warm up last night's leftovers," he mumbled.

Saber warmed up two pans: one for re-heating the leftovers, and another one to grill a small steak for Grim.

"I wonder how girls cook," he suddenly said out loud. Grim just looked up at him, tongue sticking out.

After cooking for four minutes, both meals were ready. He turned off the stove, and went to the fridge to take out a carton of milk. He poured it into Grim's food bowl, and placed the steak on a plate separately. Saber then made some coffee, in order to stay up late to help his commander finish up some last-minute paperwork.

"Hmm, OK," Saber commented on his meal. "Not too bad, but a fresh meal sure tastes better than leftovers."

After dinner, Saber went to the bathroom to prepare a tub for Grim's bath. He picked up Grim, whom he found lying on the sofa, satiated from his meal. The bath alone took 10 minutes, as Grim kept moving around in the tub, and Saber himself got wet a few times.

"Man..." Saber moaned, as he dried off Grim with a towel and carried him to his bed. Grim snored almost as soon as he was on the bed. Softly smiling Saber tucked Grim in bed.

Stretching in relief, Saber went back to his desk, and glared at the pile of paperwork that had been sitting on his desk for more than two hours.

"Why did I agree to help out with the paperwork..." he moaned audibly. "I wish I can just shoot them down with a tank."

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