"The Tree was in distress. It's immune system in a state of disrepair, it was slowly collapsing on itself. But a noble Lucario, much like his master from a time long gone, sacrificed himself to protect the tree, and let life carry on once more." Lucas
/closed the book, sighing heavily.

"Well, Sinnoh doesn't attract archeologists for nothing. Not with history like this." Lucas was sitting at a table by himself in the top floor of the Canalave Library, his favorite place to pass time, and study up on old history and myths. He had recently
/found a book about a Lucario, and its sacrifice for the world. What caught his eye, was that it mentioned the Tree of Beginning.

The Tree of Beginning was not a myth in Sinnoh. Every Sinnohan citizen knew of its existence. Many regions had their own ideas that was perceived as a fact in their own region. Kalos, Hoenn, and Alola believed that a war 3,000 years ago took place, while
/Sinnoh, Unova, Kanto, and Johto were more than a little skeptical that such an event ever took place.

Lucas stood up from his seat in the library, and walked the book back to its spot, and shelved it, his mind hard at work.

The Tree of Beginning was not a common source of myths. No one had ever seen the tree itself, and there were no documents of it. So proof of its existence wasn't really anything outside of 'we just know', so using it as a baseline for a folktale was always
/interesting. Someone tapped on Lucas' back twice, causing him to turn around. It was his Lucario, Leo.

"Oh, hey Leo." Lucas greeted his friend.

"Where's that book you were reading?" Leo asked him via telepathy. "Finished?" Lucas nodded.

"Yeah. I finished it. The ending was kinda sad though."

"Most folktales seem to be. Must've been a trend back then."

"Very funny, but I doubt that was their intention. They didn't want to make the little kids cry up a storm, right?"

"There's a very subtle difference between a bedtime story and a folktale." Lucas threw up his hands in mock surrender.

"You got me there, Chief." He said. They both chuckled.

"So," Leo spoke to his friend. They were both sitting at the table now, sipping coffee that Leo hadgone to buy from a café in Canalave. "How exactly did the story end?" Lucas put his cup down, and began to speak.

"The Lucario sacrificed itself to protect the tree, which was collapsing. So it gaveits life force to the tree, like its master did. But there's something bugging me." He stood up.

"What're you doing?" Leo inquired, standing up himself. Lucas walked over to a window of the library that looks over Canalave, and turned to face his Pokémon

"The Tree of Beginning," Lucas began, "we Sinnohans know it's out there, but when was the last time someone's ever seen it?"

"I believe the point you're making is that no one has seen it in a long time - if ever-yes?" Leo asked his friend.

"Well, yeah. No one's seen it in a long time, if that." A mischievous smile crept onto his face. "I want to go see it for myself." He saw Leo's mouth curve into a smile.

"Alright, but one question first. Where do you intend on starting? You've got no leads as to where we might go."

"Yeah, but I have an idea for a place where we could go that could tell us where we might go."

"That sounds horribly redundant."

Lucas ignored him and pulled out a map from his pack. He walked over to Leo, unfolded his map of Sinnoh, and pointed to a spot on the map.

"Celestic Town might have something. They have a bunch of history of Dialga and Palkia. I'm sure they'll have something on the Tree of Beginning. Sound good?"

"That works for me." Leo said. "Shall we head off?"

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