Jake lifts his head up in the dropship to look around him at his teammates after the events which had just happened, Angela is sitting beside Jesse at the far end of the dropship, away from everyone else. Pharah is currently trying to console Tracer who is sat down on the ground in a ball while sobbing, which they can all hear but no one tells her to keep it down. Reinhardt is currently sitting down with Torbjorn, sitting in silence with their heads looking down to the ground. Hana and Lucio are sitting beside each other, Hana looking very upset with Lucio in silence but still holding her hand. Winston is currently with some of the S7 talking at the cockpit of the dropship and Rachel is leaning on the hull of the ship with her eyes closed. Jake looks back down as someone sits beside him, a woman with a cap and glasses on with some gum she is chewing on.

"Hey, you okay to talk?" She says looking towards Jake which he still has his head down

Jake takes a moment to think before lifting his head up a slight bit to see the woman sitting beside him "Yeah..What's up?"

"I just need to give you a small bit of a head's up on something which has crossed my mind again after seeing Rachel" She says looking towards Rachel who still hasn't moved a muscle since Jake last looked up "Me and Her were together back in Atlas for a few missions before she left, She went silent and refused to talk to anyone after a mission where she had a tough call to make which resulted in the death of our teammate, You need to be with her just in case she has the same thoughts as she did before."

"I'll check on her in a small bit, going to give her some time to be alone for now."

"Just be sure you do it, you need to be strong in times like this to lead everyone out of the dark times , I am sure everyone here is currently in one of them dark times including yourself even if you don't think you are..." She says before heading back over to her team as Jake looks back to the ground

"Jake, you listening?" Jake hears coming from his earpiece, sounding like the woman Sean had been working with in Brazil not to long ago.

"What do you want?" Jake says back, keeping his voice low so no one starts questioning who he would be talking to.

"Listen, You may know me as someone who worked with Sean...I know he went into that Titan and I tried to tell him not to but he was reluctant as he always was when it comes to being a hero...Did he take down the Titan in the end?"

"Yeah he did but as you could of guessed, he isn't here now..."

"Noticed that when his echocom flatlined...listen, it may be a bit soon for you to talk and all but I'll check in on you soon to see how you were holding up and if you are up to it, Me and You can work out some sort of partnership that me and Sean had...Only when you are fit for it though."

"I'll think about it for some time...Not really in the mood to discuss what is next now"

"I understand, Sorry about Sean and I'll check in soon, adios." The woman says as the call has now dropped. Jake looks up to see Rachel move towards him as she sits down beside Jake

"Who were you talking to about what is next for us?" Rachel asks while keeping her voice low so no one listens in

"Wasn't given a name of who she is but it was the one Sean ran around with in Brazil, Offered me to fill in for Sean which im not sure on yet." Jake tells Rachel, still unsure on his answer.

"Okay...You holding up okay?"

"Enough to keep my head on straight...How about yourself?"

"Not to well, I just keep thinking on if there was anything I could of done"

"You were given an order which you had to follow, Sean knew what would happen if you stayed and even if you don't want to admit it, A small part of you did too."

Rachel sits in silence for a brief moment while looking to Jake who is looking to the ground still before sighing "An order is only something which leads to life and death, In the moment, your own gut is the right thing to follow...Something Reyes drilled into me and Sean the times we had to visit him back in the old days...Wish he was still around to help us out."

"I didn't know him as much as you and Sean did but he seemed like a good man in times like this, I remember him chatting with Sean after the news of Sean's dad passing away."

"Always was close to recruits, compared to Jack anyway..."

"Jack was with me a lot of times and to be honest, He and Ana were usually with each other which lead to me using a hybrid of a sniper and assault rifle."

"He only showed up to my training when Reyes had his eye on me which he told me to follow my own path and not following down the road Reyes did, pretty sure he and Sean were okay but they had moments of hating each other, Sean usually wanting more to do and Jack hesitating on that."

"What I'd give to go back to the old days..."

"Yeah...I wanna know your opinion on something here which is also very soon consider what happened but who do you think Overwatch will follow now, In terms of leading?"

"Not to sure, only Winston, Angela and Jesse have knowledge on that, Pharah might but I doubt she would lead."

"If you managed to get right with Lena and maybe Pharah if she still has a grudge against you from back in the day, I think you could do a fine job."

"Not so sure if I can get right with Lena from what happened back when they came back from Birmingham, last time me and her talked it was that she had suspicions that Sean had a second agenda but I felt she still destained me."

"When did this happen?"

"When we took a small break at the Helix base, when she called me from the talk with you. She noticed that Sean was being somewhat distant from what happened at the Lab and then more so after Brazil, She then had a theory that Sean was hiding something huge."

"Oh..Well either way, It would be wise for you to try and mend the broken relationship between you two. Not much to lose if it doesn't go well for you."

"I'll give it a shot..." Jake says reluctantly before looking across the dropship which he sees Pharah approaching him

"Rachel informed me on what you want to do. You can chat with her now, go easy on her though...She is taking this very roughly." Pharah says looking to Jake as he stands up

"Thanks for the heads up." Jake replies before going to head walk over but he feels a hand on his shoulder

"When we land, Can we talk?"

"Sure thing, just find me when you want to talk." Jake says once more before walking over towards Tracer which Jess walks in my way

"Now is not the time to start fighting with her, back up for now." Jess says with his hand out against Jake

"Not looking to fight, here to try and fix our friendship."

"Fine..." Jess says before walking back towards Angela who is keeping her eye on Jake as he approaches Tracer, still curled up in a ball, head to her knees. Jake sits down beside her as he goes to comfort her which he does and Tracer doesn't reject

"You knew Sean better than me...You...Ya think he could still be alive if Rachel stayed with him to fight?" She barely manages to say, getting caught up in her own words

"With the kind of odds they both faced, Sean did the smart thing to get Rachel out of there...It was either he lives while Rachel gets hurt or he goes down fighting."

"Another thing...You think I played somewhat of an issue in him loosing? I knew I went a bit to harsh on him back in the dropship but it was in the heat of the moment, you know what it is like to act like that yourself."

Jake thinks back on what she is on about, The time when he held Tracer at gunpoint over an assumption that was made and his own mistakes he did

"The thing about Sean which made him different is that he had a complete different mindset when out in the field...Back when it was me, Jess and Sean. We had a huge argument over something that happened which was moments before the bounty we were to do and when the time came for it, I had the hardest time in doing the bounty and Sean went off on his own to clear out everyone we had to without second thoughts so I don't think your argument would of affected him"

"You ain't always as you are now...Why are you over here with me instead of talking to anyone else?"

"I came to see if you were okay and to try and comfort you as it is a pretty rough time..." Jake says which is followed by a brief moment of silence between the two, both visually uncomfortable

"Uh...Thanks for checking up, I guess?" Lena says with a slight hesitation as Jake stands up and heads back off to his seat where Rachel is still waiting for him

"How did it go?" She questions, eager to hear what happened

"She felt somewhat responsible for what happened which I had to talk her out of it. She asked then why I came over and I said I wanted to see if she was okay, which was followed by an awkward 10 seconds of silence before she said thanks which I headed back to here." Jake says sitting down as he catches a slight glimpse of Rachel smiling

"That is good to hear also good job on not making her upset as everyone was watching." Rachel says as Sara goes to the middle of the dropship, looking to make an announcement of some sort

"We are about 4 out from Watchpoint: Gibraltar, We can stay for a bit to help out anyway we can or we can go, it is up to you." She speaks aloud so everyone can hear.

Jake looks around to everyone to see them all still in the middle of their own conversations before answering

"We will be okay on our own for now, I'll contact you if we do need your help." Which everyone looks over to Jake but no one says a word

"Very well, Get ready to leave then and we will be off on our own and before you leave Jake, I would like to have a talk with you." Sara says towards Jake before heading back to the rest of the S7 which are at the cockpit with Winston who is getting ready to leave. Jake rises towards the door of the dropship where everyone but Tracer is at the door

"Jake, can you try and get her to move, you do have to stay back and talk with Sara anyway" Jesse says as Jake looks towards Tracer who is in the same position as before

"Okay, you lot go on ahead and I will do what I have to." Jake says back as the dropship lands

"Good luck out there, We'll be sure to drop by soon to see how you all are holding up." Sara shouts to us all as everyone leaves while Jake stays back to await this talk which Sara walks up behind me along with another man

"I just need to let you in on this here, They all are going to start to look for another person to take charge and We both think that you should be the one to do that."

"Sorry but I am not really the leader type, I prefer working on orders not giving them."

"I said that to myself also, Now I am the leader of one of the best squads in the world." The man states back to me

"Oscar here didn't like being a leader at all at first, He was put into the position by the government and he wasn't happy but he had to deal with it and he did just that. We are not telling you to become a leader but you would do a very good job if you were" Sara says back to Jake as he is looking to the both of them

"Not everyone will be happy with me just taking over the command."

"Being a leader means playing a role that people you love may hate you for doing something but it is making decisions that weaker people cannot make."

"Trust us Jake, Just try and give it a shot, you don't need to announce it, just take initiative." Sara says to Jake as he lets out a small sigh in disbelief.

"I'll give it a shot but the moment I feel out of my comfort zone, Im out."

"Good, Now go get your squad member up." Sara says as they head back to the other 4 of the S7. Jake cautiously, heads over to Tracer who is still on the ground

"Hey, you good to move?" Jake says but Tracer doesn't respond at first but when Jake moves her shoulder, she springs back a small bit

"What's up?" She says frightened a small bit as Jake looks to her confused

"We're at base, You okay?"

"N- Uh... Yeah, I think so." She says as Jake notices her stumble and look around the place, confused and a small bit startled

"You want a drink of water or something?" Jake asks while slowly making her way towards Tracer who looks like she could fall over any minute

"Na- Im fine..."

"Sara!" Jake shouts over as She rushes over "Get Angela, I think Tracer may pass out." Sara rushes out of the dropship as Jake supports Tracer in keeping her up to make sure she doesn't hit her head

"Jus- Just..need to sleep." She says still being held up by Jake who looks to her in a slight bit of confusion and after a slight hesitation, Jake scoops Tracer up to his arms as she doesn't even resist being picked up which Sara comes in with Angela to see Jake with Tracer in his arms

"She was on the verge of passing out, did what I had to do." Jake states to the two of them looking at Jake with a small smile

"Not going to argue, you did the best thing possible in the situation. Could you bring her to her room and place her softly on her bed?" Angela asks Jake as he moves slowly with Tracer in his arms

"Yeah, I got it."

Jake walks out of the dropship and he makes his way towards the main building where Pharah is out of gear and she is now in a white cargo top and black pants, waiting for Jake at a bunch of crates at the side of the main building

"Meet me out here when you are done with sleeping beauty." She shouts softly towards Jake as he nods and continues his way inside and up the stairs as quiet as he possible can. He gets to Tracers room and he opens the door to place Tracer down on her bed before walking out and closing the door behind him which Pharah is now beside him

"Had to be there in case she woke up and assumed something else." She states with a sly smile on her face

"Oh, wouldn't ever even think of it." Jake says softly as the pair walks back outside to the crates and they sit on the crates together

"As you know, I recently joined here with Sean to help out with Oasis and he didn't get the chance to answer a few questions that I have about Overwatch, I don't want to bother Jesse with it right now so I want to ask you them instead, that okay?"

"Go ahead, Im all ears."

"Firstly, Who decides what goes on in missions or who decides the missions in general?"

"Mostly a group decision but that could change soon as Sean changed up the leadership role for Oasis and that worked, well enough."

"Okay, What are about rooms, Do I need to share with anyone or no?"

"Your own room with a desk and a bed, decorations are up to you if you want them."

"Are we allowed to leave this place to go do other activities or side missions from time to time?"

"No reason not to, preferably with a partner so you don't get lost or hurt out there."

"That is it for now" She says with a smile before coming down off the crate to turn to Jake

"Sean didn't lie on what he said about you..."

"Oh?" Jake quizzically responds

"He talked about you a few times, some were talking on how much of a pain in the ass you were to him at times but he did say that give you room to grow and you will take that..look at you now." Pharah says before walking off inside the main building as Jake is still on the crates

'Why would he be saying that to Pharah of all people? Did she ask about how I was or did he go out on his own way to tell people...Either way it is a good word out for me and I need to capitalize on the opportunity given so I can try and fill in for Sean and his role in leading this place'

Jake comes off the crates slowly as he walks inside to see Jess having a cup of coffee with Angela in the meeting room, He takes a brief moment to decide if he wants to join in and talk with them both but he decides to slowly and quietly walk up towards his room

"Jake, You good to talk yet?" Jake hears in his ear again, scaring him a small bit before he turns back and heads back out to the crates before anyone can notice him retracing his steps

"Now I am, what's up?"

"You get the chance to think much on what I offered you?"

"Not really, been dealing with things here. What did you and Sean do anyway?"

"Well besides the fact that we were good friends, We usually helped each other out a lot. When he needed to know something, I helped and when I needed someone to be dealt with or I need help with something, He helped out."

"What did you help Sean in knowing?"

"A few things but to name just one, I was the one who got him the kings frequency number when the guards where at Gibraltar."

"He said that the guard muttered it to him?"

"I told him to never mention me which he agreed to do so"

"Someone like you doesn't work for friendships...What is your end goal here?"

"Well a friend to replace one of my few friends?"

"You and I do not know each other well...Have we met in person before?" Jake asks which is followed by some silence

"Twice, Both times you didn't see me but I was near you."

"Paint the picture of both times."

"Well one was when you rescued Torbjorn when he was captured. I was on the rooftop of his building trying to get my own way in but you two got there first. Second time was in Eichenwalde which I was doing a side job"

Jake takes his time to remember back on when he got Torbjorn out and he pointed out the sound of footsteps but it was shrugged off. He then remember Eichenwalde which he remember a few key moments, The fight with Reaper which abruptly ended when his suit malfunctioned, The encounter with the pair of Vigilantes and the spider tank fight. He takes a small bit more time to remember what Reaper said before his suit shut down..."Sombra."

"You are not giving me a name here...Any reason on that?"

"I don't like talking about myself, kinda self-conscious..."

"Im not buying that...I need a name if we are to talk anymore..."

"Can we meet in person then, I am really uncomfortable with discussing that..." Jake notices how she had gone from talking like a friend to someone who generally sounded like she was lying through her teeth since he started asking about her but he also hears a small bit of sadness in her tone, almost as if she was convincing herself on her lies

"Sombra...Isn't it?" Jake questions her as she is silent still

"It is you...You were in Eichenwalde when Reaper called for you which you shut down my suit..."

"Listen...I was there for personal gains but I didn't get to do what I came to do because of the fighting..."

"You were working with Talon and you wanted me as a friend...You have some nerve I'll tell you that."

"I just asked to be a friend so you could try and help me deal without a close friend of mine, I wasn't getting into group talk and I wouldn't of done it with Sean either..." Jake hears her say, sounding actually upset

"Sean didn't know who you worked for...Did he?"

"You lot forgot to tell him...I promise you though, I would of never tried to get him to Talon, I had him as a friend and we both benefited from it, I like him and Im sure he liked me also"

"What kind of way did you even like him? And hell, do you even know how many others feel the same way you did?"

"Im different, I know what I want so I take it."

"So you were to take Sean from Tracer, I think I get this plan of yours.."

"They were never going to work out, Sean had his doubts in Brazil and that was not even my plan, You yourself even had your doubts on that. I didn't even have one as I was just being a friend."

"I can't trust what you are saying...Talon have a history and since I am Overwatch we cannot be friends at all, You shouldn't of even contacted Sean in the first place."

"Fine..." Sombra says with a small and upset sigh before the call drops

'So I just learned out that Sean potentially had contacts within Talon through Sombra...Was she actually looking for a friend to replace Sean or would she try to slowly drift me towards Talon so they can get easy pickings...maybe if I went with her it would have been a trap to take me out...Crazy how we didn't mention Sombra to Sean. I think that could of changed so much...Thinking on it now, How many times was Sean actually with Sombra in person, He was on his own for the majority of the time after Brazil but before all of that he was practically beside Tracer all of that time, giving him no chance to sneak off without alerting her...Also it would of helped to know how and when Sombra first contacted Sean...This is what Tracer pointed out to me back in the Helix base, She warned me on that Sean could be hiding something and I didn't want to bring that dirt back up, but maybe she was right...maybe I should of done that...