Before this fanfic starts this is a story about villains teaming up to destroy the mane 6

Chapter 1: The Evilish Plan

All of these years. The mane 6 have a powerful magic to defeat all evil its called


But the villains cant just give up to such a defeat they've faced. but other's have given up. one is befriended. a villain who is weak but hope to make the mane 6 Pay.




and im gonna make sure they


The Friendship 12

Chapter 1

The Evilish Plan

Princess Celestia:Thank you for coming Twilight and everyone ive been really needed some help.

Twilight:Its no problem Princess... Sooo what's the problem?

Princess Celestia:Its Tirek all of you remember him right?

Mane 6:Yes

Princess Celestia:Well good cause ive been thinking he might try to escape again.

Twilight didnt expect it that Tirek would able to escape his prison... Twilight just accepts the incoming mission for her and her friends

At Tirek's Cell

Tirek is still planning how to escape his worst nightmare.

A sudden scream just appeared out of nowhere. as tirek turns around he saw a unicorn stallion. he didnt expect a pony with MAGIC would be here all ALONE.

Stallion:Uhmm hello mr. uhmm w-would you h-help me find away oout??

i kinda casted a wrong spell again..

Tirek: Oh sure ill help.. Ill HELP...

(Black Screen)

At P.Celestia's.

Princess Celestia Just had a sudden head ache in her. a real bad one

Princess Celestia: Argh aww!.

Twilight*Gasp* Princess are you ok??

Twilight asked worriedly

Princess Celestia:Ugh yes im fine i just had a headache or something.

Anyway's i need you 6 to check on tirek he might be doing someting... suspicous

Rainbow Dash:Wait how are we suppose to get to tirek's world??