My friend's getting really annoyed with me now. She thinks I spend too much time doing fanfiction, and she's probably right.

After the recent season of Teen Wolf, which I've finally been able to watch, I thought of this fanfic. My friend (Fates Moonlight Demon) wasn't particularly surprised. So, because she constantly puts up with me rambling to her in the middle of class and the ideas I run past her to see what she thinks of them (and the lemons, we can't forget the lemons she's posted (yes, one is based on CbT)), this first chapter is dedicated to Fates Moonlight Demon!

I'll wait and see what the response to this is before I do anything else, see if people want me to continue or not.

So, Percy Jackson and Teen Wolf crossover!

Percy knew something about this quest was different from the start. For one, there are no Greek monsters. But he and Annabeth soon realise that Beacon Hills is far more than a little town in Beacon County. And they aren't exactly expecting to run into a few Titans along the way, but with everything that begins to happen a little divine assistance is appreciated. Kronos, however, isn't impressed by their interference.

Chapter 1

"Remind me again why we're coming to school here," Percy grumbled, staring up at the school in front of them.

Annabeth shrugged, her hand intertwining with Percy's. "Because Rachel said we'd be needed here. I'm not sure why or what, but something is happening. Something which could change what we know, or that's what Rachel said."

Percy frowned. "But I was trying to get settled down. You know that, Annabeth. Rachel knows that. I'm tired of all this questing."

"Just think of it as education," Annabeth said. "An extra year of school."

Percy pouted. "But I don't want to redo this year. I've finished school."

"We'll be able to do this together though," Annabeth said with a happy smile. "School together. Wouldn't you like that?"

Percy reluctantly nodded. "Yes, but why did Mom and Paul have to move down here too?"

"So we fit in," Annabeth said, tugging him up the steps towards the school. "Now, come on, Percy. We're already joining several weeks late into the year. I don't want to be any later. At least it's Monday though."

Percy trailed after her, his hand still clasped with hers. "Alright, I'm coming."

"And you will already know most of what they teach," Annabeth added. "So your grades will be good."

Percy rolled his eyes. "Is that supposed to make me want to go?"

"Just come on," Annabeth sighed.

"Jackson!" a voice suddenly called. Percy turned, thinking he was being called, but the boy in front of them turned, smiling when he saw who had shouted at him. "You didn't come round after the game!"

The boy, apparently called Jackson, stopped in the middle of the path, causing Percy to nearly bump into him. "Watch it," Jackson snapped.

Percy opened his mouth to answer, but Jackson was already done with them and doubled back down the steps to greet the person who'd called him. Percy ground his teeth. "If I have to spend the year with him-"

"We'll stay away from him," Annabeth murmured.

Percy glanced back towards Jackson, and his eyes widened slightly. "Hey, Annabeth?"

"Yes?" Annabeth asked, looking into the school. "Percy, come on."

Percy shook his head. "No. Annabeth, look," he nodded in the direction of Jackson. "Do you recognise him?"

Annabeth was about to say no, but then her gaze landed on the boy Jackson was talking to. His eyes were unmistakable. "That's impossible," Annabeth muttered.

"I think we know why Rachel wanted us here now," Percy breathed.

The two boys started heading up the steps to the school, still engaged in conversation. "- absolutely incredible," Jackson was saying. "You were amazing at the game on Saturday night."

"So were you, Jackson," the other boy said. "You handed me most of the shots. I just made them." Then he glanced at Percy and Annabeth, who had moved to get out of the way, and the slight narrowing of his eyes told them that he too had recognised them.

"We'd have lost the game without you," Jackson said.

The other boy smirked. "No, you wouldn't. But it's appreciated."

Jackson shook his head. "Just claim the credit. Everyone will be giving you it. I wouldn't be surprised if Coach made you Captain."

"You say that after every match. Besides, I'd just give it back to you if he gave it to me. You're more used to the team and to the game."

"Kronos," Jackson said, effectively confirming the suspicions of Percy and Annabeth, "you're the best in the team. Just accept it," he said, clapping Kronos on the shoulder. The two had moved out of range, so the demigods couldn't hear Kronos' response.

Percy swore loudly. "That's not possible, right?" he asked anxiously. "There's no way he can be back, and definitely not here. What do we do, Annabeth?"

"If he was going to attack us, he probably would have then. He definitely recognised us. For now, just get through the day," Annabeth offered. "We'll work something out later."

Percy sighed. "Great. Going to school with a Titan. How fun."

Kronos was in Percy's chemistry class, though he just ignored the two demigods. That lesson passed rather uneventfully, aside from Percy and Annabeth having to introduce themselves, where they had a clear view of Kronos' expression turning cold when he set eyes on them.

Luckily, the two demigods were sat across the class from him, behind someone called Stiles.

Economics, however, went horribly – in Percy's opinion.

The teacher, who everyone called Coach Finstock, took one look at Percy before saying, "Have you ever heard of lacrosse?"

"What?" Percy asked. "No, I haven't."

"Coach, you can't be serious!" Kronos' voice called out, and Percy ground his teeth when he saw his least favourite immortal – and that was saying a lot – sitting next to Jackson.

The Coach looked from Kronos to Percy, then back again. "Are you two related? You look pretty similar."

Percy's eyes widened slightly – he couldn't tell the mortal that Kronos was his grandfather. Luckily, Kronos answered with a reasonable explanation. "It's probably the ancestry. He looks Greek, and I am Greek. Maybe that's it? Though whatever the reason, he can't join the team, Coach."

"Have you two got some sort of beef with each other?" Finstock asked. "Because if that's the case, you'd better sort it out." He clapped Percy on the back. "You're coming to practice later, uh…"

"Percy Jackson," Percy said helpfully.

"And I'm Annabeth Chase," Annabeth added. "We transferred here from-"

"Yes, yes. Just take a seat. And Jackson – no, not you, Jackson, the new Jackson – come to practice later," Coach ordered.

Percy blinked. "But I don't even have any kit," he said.

"I'm sure we can find you some," Coach said. "Now, sit."

Halfway through the lesson, Percy was hit in the back of the head by a rolled up piece of paper. He cautiously unfurled it, half expecting it to explode in his face. In the neatest handwriting Percy had possibly ever seen, it said: What are you doing here, Jackson?

Percy hesitated slightly before scribbling a reply, his writing looking awful compared to Kronos'. Rachel. Probably your fault. Thanks.

The reply came back only seconds later. Piss off. Leave. Go back to that stupid Camp of yours and forget that I'm here.

Percy snorted. Yeah, not gonna happen. Not now that we know you're here. Though do you know what happened to the bus? One of the school buses had been bloodied and a barely alive body was found there, apparently what the demigods had come here for was already happening.

Don't join the team at least, if you insist on being an irritating brat. And there was an attack, I'm not sure what. But I'll find out.

Someone cleared their throat above Percy, and Percy looked up to see the Coach standing over him. The teacher took one look at the note before turning to Kronos. "I thought you said you didn't like him. Now you're sending him love notes?" Snickers erupted around the class.

"They weren't love notes, Coach," Kronos said calmly.

"I can see that," Finstock said. "I think we'll start practice with running suicide runs today," he said, causing the snickers to turn to groans from the lacrosse players in the room. "But since you're one of the star players and because of your performance last night, I'll let you off. But do it again, and you may find yourself running suicide runs until you die. It'll be the first suicide run that actually ends in a suicide!"

Kronos glared at Percy before nodding. "Yes, Coach."

"Good. Then get back to work. Perseus," he turned back to Percy, "if you even consider not going to lacrosse practice then I'll give you detention and force you to go. We clear, cupcake?"

Percy's mouth twitched up and he was reminded of Coach Hedge. "Yes, Coach."

That had been the second to last period. Percy was crouching as he tied up his laces. He was in his own sport gear for the practice, since he didn't have the school's kit yet. From what he could see from the bleachers, lacrosse was played like hockey. Only with a net on the end of the stick, and the ball had to be thrown into the opposing team's goal.

"Be careful, Percy," Annabeth murmured as he stood. "Try to not give Kronos any more reason to want to kill you."

Percy nodded. "Don't worry," he said. "I don't want to die today."

He jogged onto the field and accepted the stick and protective gear the Coach handed to him. "This is Percy Jackson," Finstock announced. "He'll be trying out today. Everyone, get into pairs," he said, holding Percy back. "Now, Kronos, Percy will be your partner. I want the two of you to work together and get past what argument you're having, even though you've never met before today."

"Coach," Kronos started to protest, only for Finstock to cut him off.

"While you're on the field, you work together. That's a rule. The two of you will go with Jackson and Danny. The rest of you, find another pair," he called to the others in the team. "One in your group will be the keeper, and his partner will be the defence. The other pair will work together to get a goal." He blew his whistle, and Percy frowned when he saw a boy wince and grab his ears. Kronos hid his flinch. So Kronos had enhanced hearing, Percy thought. And the other boy, whoever he is.

Kronos got a ball out of the pile with his net with ease, while some of the other players ended up having their lacrosse balls roll away from them. He then grabbed a longer stick.

Percy hesitated before sighing and following Kronos and the other two boys to a goal. When they reached the goal, Kronos tossed Jackson's friend the ball with the net. "I'm assuming you want to be keeper, Danny?"

Danny nodded. "Yes. That alright with you, Jackson?"

Jackson nodded. "Sure. Kronos, pass me the defence stick?"

Kronos tossed the boy the longer stick which he'd picked up, before he turned to Percy. "Alright," he said, lifting his stick. "We'll have to get a clear shot before trying to shoot. Danny will start by throwing the ball up, like they do in a match. One of us has to get the ball, then we just try to score. Understand? Because I'm not saying that again."

Percy nodded, lifting his helmet slightly. "Yes."

Kronos took several paces back from Percy before nodding to Danny, who threw the ball up into the air.

It was Kronos who caught it, and he immediately raced towards Jackson who twirled his stick. Percy watched as Kronos feinted to the side, raising his stick. Jackson moved, falling for the feint and Kronos spun around, his feet tearing up the grass at the sudden change, and took the shot in the gap which had opened up. The ball shot into the bottom corner of the goal.

Danny grinned beneath his helmet and clapped Kronos on the back. "Great shot, mate."

Kronos thanked him before jogging back to Percy.

"Kronos!" the Coach's voice yelled.

Kronos sighed before turning to face him. "Yes, Coach?"

"That's why you're our star player!" Coach continued. "That's how it's done, Jackson! Has he tried a shot yet?"

"I was just showing him how it's done, Coach," Kronos said with a slight smirk. He turned to Percy, his eyes narrowing slightly. "This time, you're going to make the shot. Hopefully you're as bad at this as you are in archery." Percy's eyes narrowing at him, but Kronos just smirked as he stepped back again. "You're taking the shot."

Percy took a deep breath and shifted his grip. Kronos shot forwards, taking the ball again, but he instantly threw it to Percy. Percy caught the ball and ran to the side, trying to get a good shot. But Jackson moved into his path, so Percy threw it back to Kronos.

Jackson turned to Kronos, taking a second to do so. Kronos had a clear shot to the goal and he poised to throw, the ball sailing over Jackson's head. Percy jumped and caught the ball, and once he landed he made the shot.

It wasn't as good as Kronos', but it was as fast as the Titan's. The ball shot over Danny's shoulder before he could raise his net, and Percy grinned.

He could hear Kronos' curse from where he was standing.

"Perseus!" Coach yelled. "Over here!"

Percy jogged over to him and took off the helmet. "Yeah, Coach?"

Coach Finstock punched him in the shoulder. "Well done, kid. You've made the team."

Percy grinned. "Thank you, Coach."

"Thank you for coming to this school, Perseus," Coach replied. "You'll be a great help."

Kronos scowled at Percy when he came back over. "You're in?" he asked, sounding highly irritated.

Percy nodded. "Yes."

Kronos grabbed his arm and marched him to a place where Jackson and Danny couldn't hear. "Look, Jackson. I don't care why you're here. But I was here first. Keep out of my way, and I won't have to kill you." He glanced over Percy's shoulder towards the bleachers. "Both of you. Leave me alone, and I won't kill you both. Of course, it's not like you can contact the gods or anything."

"What are you talking about?" Percy demanded, his eyes narrowing at the Titan.

A smirk played at Kronos' lips. "Beacon Hills is an exclusion zone," he explained, leaning against his lacrosse stick. "Immortals can't get in here. It's the supernatural hotspot of the world. They're just drawn here. And it means that Iris-Messages won't send out of the city. Because Iris can't detect them. It's why I decided to hide here," he stepped closer to Percy. "So be careful, Jackson. Your father can't save your hide here."

"We can still send mail out," Percy said evenly. "You're not untouchable."

Kronos' mouth curled up into a smirk. "Neither are you," he said pointedly before brushing past Percy and re-joining Jackson and Danny.

"Are you ready for more, Kronos?" Danny asked, glancing towards Percy.

Kronos nodded. "Sure, Danny. Let's go."

"Kronos," Percy said, before they could start. He nodded over to where the boy from before - who had clutched his ears - was practising. "Who's that?"

Kronos scowled in the boy's direction. "Nobody."

Percy turned expectantly to the other two boys, but Jackson seemed just as irritated as Kronos. It was Danny that answered, rolling his eyes at the two other boys. "That's Scott McCall. He's just suddenly become good – really good – and they don't like him." He held his hand out to Percy. "I'm Danny."

Percy smiled. "Percy," he said, shaking Danny's hand.

"Jackson, Kronos," Danny said, "come on."

"Hey!" Coach yelled. "No slacking."

Kronos shook his head slightly. "Sorry, Coach," he called back.

Percy looked over at Annabeth, before returning his attention to Scott, watching as the younger boy scored.

This is just an idea that I had. Anyway, I've sort of planned out some key points throughout the seasons of Teen Wolf (one of my favourites will be the ending of season 3a and during season 4), and Kronos will change events as the seasons progress. At first he won't be a main character of the actual Teen Wolf story line, but that will change in season 2.

I've actually nearly finished season 1 - 8 chapters are done so far - and chapter 9 is around the point where the episode Formality begins. I'll wait to see what the response is to this before I go any further though.