Chapter 1: The Founder's Plan

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Four different people could be seen floating just above the ground, and those that could see them were few and far in between. No normal Muggle could, though squibs and wizards could if they wanted them to.

They could where after all ghosts or spirits to those that believed in them. The street they were standing in was completely devoided of life. If you looked closely at them you could see that an argument, and that it was going nowhere. It was about something that had happened. That power surge they had felt and that only meant that the heir had been discovered. Someone they had been waiting for thousands of years at, and Rowena the smartest witch of them all knew it. She also hoped that they could come to an answer quicker about what they were going to do.

What she wanted to was to train him in everything they knew. 'Do they have to argue?' Though Rowena. Looking at her partner, Salsazar, she couldn't help but smile. Even if he hadn't lost his arrogance, but that was something that made her fall for him all those years ago. Knowing that he had a dark, and somewhat cruel didn't deter her at all from falling. Though he had a kind side that he only showed his friends or those that earned his respect.

Beside him stood two of their best friends, Helga Huffelpuff and Godric Gryffindor. Helga was one of the most loyal, kindest person you could have as your friend. Her smiles could light up the darkest of places, she was also quite understanding and hate conflicts. Godric was her beloved husband, her rock when things got rough. He was the clown, the prankster of the family. He was respectful and could make everyone smile at his vibrant personality.

'What are we going to do?' Rowena asked herself as she looked up at the stars when the argument was over. They hadn't had a fight like this since Salsazar had wanted to build a school for the mundane-borne so that they could learn about our tradition before they come to Hogwarts. That ended almost with them blowing up the school if we didn't have students there.

As always when Godric and Salsazar fought with each other, you could see some of the deadliest spells being flying over their head. It was all well and good that they couldn't find it in themselves to kill each other so it was like a contest for them on whom of them could last longer. Rowena and Helga only shook their head at them glad that they were in a pocket dimension or else the whole town wouldn't be standing when they laid down their wands.

"Come on now, don't start" yelled Rowena and Helga at the same time. Then it came. It was like someone had died and quite painfully if they had to say something, it was like the wind the scream lasted two whole minutes. As always Rowena looked up at the sky bright stars and their constellations, she had always found them interesting as they could help her as she had the sight. She was then hit suddenly with a premonition that it took her breath away. Something bad was about to happen to their little miracle.

"Are you alright, darling?" Salsazar asked his wife concerned. He, himself hadn't been able to think as clearly lately as he would have on a normal day, it was like something was about to happen, and just as their mock battle was over with. Looking at my lovely wife, when she suddenly spaced out like she always did when she got a premonition. That made me wary, as he felt that something fundamental had happened that would change everything.

"No!" said Rowena clearly shocked about something, looking at her husband and seeing his worry made her just want to cry and shut everything out. Salsazar worry blossomed at his wife's tear-stained cheeks.

"Not good at all!" Godric said, and went over to hug his wife after she had slapped him a few times for fighting with his friend. The only thing he could do that would calm her down.

Taking her hand in mine and a comforting smile on my face, as he knew that Rowena was always right about things like this.

Rowena had always appreciated his concern and support when it came to her predictions, though he hid it well from those that didn't know him that well. "if the stars are right, our heir will have some hard times ahead of him. As this will change his entire life as he won't be raised by his parents." "What will happen?" "What's about to happen?" asked both Helga and Godric at the same time, worried about what could happen if they don't do something and what it would do to a blessed child. They didn't like to think about it at all.

"If I understood everything they showed me is that when his parents are dead, he will be sent out to live with his mother's sister. Where he will live with abusing relatives." Rowena said while she whispered the last word, as everyone hated the word: abuse.

Helga couldn't believe that someone at all could do that to an innocent child, and she loved children. They had four children of their own, watching them grow up was the most awarding thing you as a parent could do. After watching them becoming exceptional wizards, we soon after met on Salsazar and Rowena. Two friends, they decided to build a magical school for children, that was fighting every day to survive and didn't have anyone else.

Even though they had a rough patch in their friendship, that was in the beginning though they work quite well with each other.

"We have to do something? Right?" Helga asked pleadingly to Godric, looking straight into his eyes. There it was, he sighed and agreed on wholeheartedly on what his wife had said. Seeing the coldness in his eyes something that she always had found endearing when it came towards protecting those that needed it or children. "What can we do?" asked Godric and Salsazar, after all, if there was something they agreed on was that children, especially magical children were a blessing.

"I think, I know something that we can do!" Rowena said looking pointedly at them. "The first thing we can do is to split up, with someone watching over our heir and somebody else look at whats happening now in both worlds." "So, when he is about 6-7 years old meet up again to train him in everything we know."

"It's better than not doing anything" shrugged Salsazar finding nothing wrong with the plan, and gave her a tight hug whispering 'It's gonna be alright' in her ear.

It came together quite quickly decided to watch over him until Harry was about to become 7, they also decided when he was old enough that they would place a time-dome over where he lived.

For now, the two pair decided to split up,l with Rowena and Salsazar seeking history, Helga and Godric went back to watch over their heir.

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