Pain, all the rusty-blonde haired woman felt was pain. She slowly remembered that she pushed the girl away from the vehicle, but not much more. As soon as she was able to look around, the woman found herself in in Grecian temple with tall pillars and wonderful mosaics. She did not know where she was entirely. Heaven was her first guess until-

"Cira Noble?" a man's voice asked.

Cira turned to look and appraise him. He was a man with pale, white hair and was holding a fedora and wearing a suit with a tie neatly on him. He had a sad smile. "My name is Andrew Summers. You've been in a horrible accident. You saved the child's life, but the car struck you. You have a fractured spine and many places in your skull are broken. The doctors don't expect you to live much longer. You've been in a coma since the accident."

Cira could not be in a coma. He was talking to her. You certainly can talk to people while they are in a coma, but being able to respond and see them… "This has to be all in my head," she mutters.

The man, Andrew, chuckled. "You have to love technological advancements." He took a deep breath before continuing. "Your parents wanted me to ask your opinion on this." he paused as if waiting for a response, but upon hearing none, he continued. "You're familiar with League of Legends, correct?"

The woman rolled her eyes. "Of course." Cira held up her keychain with a familiar Zenith Blade on it.

"In order to save you, there is a process that we have been experimenting with that will… ahem... Make you a champion." Andrew wrung his hands.

Cira's stormy blue eyes narrowed. "What are you getting to?" she did not believe him. Even with technological advances, there was no way to make a person into a character from a video game. Especially not league.

"One of these Champions wishes to choose you and let you become her."

Cira had to stop herself from scoffing. "Who? Jinx?"

"Not quite," a warm voice said before stepping out behind a pillar, revealing a golden and scarlet figure.

"No way," Cira mumbled.

"I have been called crazy before," Leona, the Radiant Dawn, laughed. "Usually by Diana though. Occasionally Pantheon.

Cira's gaze narrowed. "Okay, now I'm certain I'm dreaming," she walked over to Leona. "There's no way you are real. I must be dead," she laughed.

Andrew's expression turned panicked. "No, I insist, you're very much alive still. I told you, and I might as well inform you that we are using Runeterrian magic to speak with you."

Leona's gaze turned sad as she looked at the woman. "She does not believe us, Andrew."

"There's no use if she does not want this." The Rakkor woman sighed. "I'm sorry that you do not believe our words, Cira Noble."

Cira nodded. "This is way to hard to believe and I'm dead. Nothing can save me. I don't accept whatever shady offer this is, Mr. Summers."
The man's gaze turned downwards and he nodded. "If that is what you wish."

With that, Andrew Summers left the dream and glanced once more at the woman. As he left, he could have sworn he saw an eerie green glow of a lantern leave the room with him.

That evening, Dianne Faye sat with her twin sister Eva, watching the television.

20 year old Cira Noble has died tonight after being hit by a car before being thrown into a brick wall. The girl she saved has lived and is starting a fundraiser for the woman's family. They are in mourning.

Eva shook her head. "It's a shame that she died. She seemed like a nice person. 'Specially since she saved that girl."

Dianne nodded absentmindedly. She was one of the girls who caught the woman that this Cira Noble had saved. She had sensed that something would happen to that woman even before she was hit. She could not do anything herself though. She was dead. She glanced out the window. "I'm gonna go out for now. It'll be dusk soon. Hunting." She stood up and went to grab her bow.

Eva nodded. "Okay, just get back before it's too late. You know mom doesn't like you hunting until midnight, even if we don't have school tomorrow."

Dianne nodded. "I'll come back. Just… wanna catch something. I haven't gotten anything in awhile."

The older twin smiled and nodded.

And with that, Dianne Faye ran out to hunt in the ever-darkening sunset.

HEHEHEHEHE You can thank Elhini herself for this AU. She came up with the idea and I simply wrote it. I understand this bit is short, but… It's an introduction. Cira died and Dianne is the first chosen. A lot of things will change if you can not tell. I will be changing up some of the chosen. I understand that chosen for WaW have been chosen and some will remain the same in WaC such as Gragas' and others who are not affected by Cira not being chosen.

Arthur will be… different as you can guess. Mir's story will be different. The end goal as well. Anyways I've spent a while explaining this, you'll get it eventually. Just know that Dianne is going to be one very, very tired girl and I'm (occasionally) just as sadistic as Elhini.

Masked Demise signing off