AN: Okay, I am just copying something that actually happened ON YOUTUBE. I was watching Shane Blairs Professor snape video and I was scrolling in the comments. What I have found was undeniable. Sooo, I feel like you should see this AD/MM Forever! This is just in play format, don't hate please.

Minerva McGonagall (replied to Severus Snape) "WHAT?! Why would you FAKE your own death? You know what not going to ask... SEVERUS! That explains why a case full of potions viles dropped into my chambers at THREE in the MORNING! You are very lucky Severus that you are not my student any more! Wait? How did you take your self to Albus... He is dead too..." Albus Dumbledore * enters room, and sees comment* (replying to Minerva McGonagall) "no, Minerva, I'm not dead." Minerva McGonagall (shocked) "Albus... H-How what? Why did you scare me like that! Great now I'm going to lose it, Albus I hate to admit it but you put me in a state when I thought you died. You of all people put me in a state; you know what i am like when i am in a state." Albus Dumbledore(calmly) "yes, Minerva, I noticed" Minerva McGonagall(losing professionalism) "Why would you do that to me Albus?! Great now I am crying, wonderful."

Albus Dumbledore(sadly) "I'm sorry, but we had to get rid of Voldemort... you know that... don't cry..." Minerva McGonagall(ashamed) "I know Albus, but... I just... I still cannot say it..." Albus Dumbledore(carefully) "It is all okay now, Minerva, Severus is alive, I am Alive, Sirius is also, and Voldemort is dead... he will not come back, we have our whole lives to think about our regrets but right now *wipes tears off your face*... be happy" Minerva McGonagall(tears of relief streaming down face) "Albus you have no clue how happy hearing you say those words makes me. *faintly blushes* I missed you Albus." Albus Dumbledore(reassuringly) "I missed you too, Minerva... Do not ever doubt my words... I mean them."

Minerva McGonagall(bravely, although voice quavering) "Albus? Can I tell you something?" Albus Dumbledore(calmly) "Yes? What is it, Minerva?" Minerva McGonagall(daringly) "I cannot believe I am about to say this Albus I just never said it before because I was afraid of how you would react... But Albus, I love you." Albus Dumbledore(happily) "I feel the same way." Albus Dumbledore(worried) "D-did I say something wrong? Should, should I go? Are you mad at me? Could you please reply?" Minerva McGonagall(reassuringly) "Albus, I- no please do not leave, I am not mad I just... It's hard to, well take in. I- *exhales sharply* I just don't know what I would've done without... without you" Albus Dumbledore(smiling happily) "I should say the same, but I feel that you're in more shock than I.. I've always know you loved me, but I never said anything." Minerva McGonagall(faintly smiling) "I feel like I should have been the one to say something. I mean all of those nights we would spend playing wizards chess, and it always seemed like there was tension in the room, but neither of us just, said it." Albus Dumbledore(jokingly) "agreed, though what can I say? A man does like it when a girl makes a first move"

(IDK who this is but oh well) Trina Jones(not very happy XD) "o my god plz stop dumbledoor" Minerva McGonagall(blushing to insanity and back) "Albus, stop, you're making me blush."

AN: That was where it ended, OMG haha XXD I think this is hilarious, and if they are the REAL people, more power to them please go subscribe to them, as like I said it IS on youtube on Shane Blairs Professor Snape song if you want to see it for yourself. I just can't stop laughing! XD. I will be giving an updated verson soon, as they ARE talking again.