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Prologue: Morgan-chan!

'Hey everybody! I'm Morgan Le Fey! Or just Morgan to my family, anyway, i always wanted to start a diary ever since i destroyed Merlin's journal about his sex life!'

She was hit on the head with a staff.

'Don't be mean to Morgan-chan! Anyway, i am the daughter to one Uther Pendragon. My Daddy told me that i should do my best to learn so that i can be a good ruler. But, when i was a teenager, past tense, i am a grown up now!

I found out my Father changed his appearance so that he can have sex with a woman, that is already married. I was aghast! And then 9 months later. He told me that all of my lessons are useless now since my baby sister will be the new king! I answered like a typical grown up! I threw a tantrum, and burned his beard off!'

Merlin laughs in the background, he was reading behind Morgan as she writes.

'But i am a grown up, so with my well endowed body, I said to him, 'Yey, i have a baby sister! I can spoil her silly then!

After 15 years, my Father died from a heart attack when i told him i was in love with my sister, everyone accepted it and asked Merlin to choose the next King, so that is how I found myself looking at the magic ball i use to watch my sister, no, stalk my sister, much better, to watch her pull the sword out of the rock. I cheered and clap my hands. Now that she's king, I can finally meet her!'

She closes the book, and put a stray hair behind her ear. "Merlin-chan! What do you think!"

"It is a priceless, priceless piece of literature Morgan-chan."

"Really? I need to go! I heard my Sister is going on an adventure! I need to be wit her!"

Before Merlin can say a word, Morgan is already out of the room.


"This is going to be so funny." The high mage said with a giggle.

End Note: …...Yeah, someone kill me…meet the ditzy, Morgan. Yes this is the nasuverse, the series that is known as Fate!

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"Oh no! Arthy! You are going to fight! I need to enchant Caliburn then!"

Morgan chanted some words, the next thing that happened was the sword broke. "Whoops!"

'MORGAN!' Arthuria yelled.