Evan was in extremely high spirits as he drove home. Undoubtedly, a small part of it was due to the recent success of one of his smaller subsidiaries that made huge waves on the market this quarter; however, he couldn't bring himself to lie: it was mostly because he was eager to play with his cat Kristjan.

He bought the little creature just a few weeks ago, off a less than reputable... connection. It was one of the only times his ties with the illicit underground brought him more good than harm. Evan grimaced as he thought of all the times the Feds got a little too close for his liking, because someone he dealt with ratted, or grassed, or disclosed just a little too much. One prime example of such an individual was Tony K. He didn't know his real name, but he did know that the man was careless in his trade and that often cost the oppositely scrupulous businessman dearly. Tony specialized in human trafficking, something Evan used to wrinkle his nose at with distaste and refuse to take an interest in with a strong vehemence... until he saw the cats.

He remembered standing in Tony's "Dragon Den", his furtively concealed lair,awestruck by the sight before him. Huddled in the corner in filthy rags were eight or nine young nude humans, except they weren't particularly humanlike. They were of mixed gender, slender and small, with large furry ears perched on their heads, and long tails protruding from behind. A fair-haired female opened her mouth to expose her elongated tongue and sharpened canines, and she tenderly licked the long flowing hair of another female, who in turn purred and mewed. It was the most fascinating thing he'd seen in all his forty years of living.

Tony answered the unspoken question posed by his raised eyebrow. "Don't ask me how, a "geneticist" I know did some "splicing". Apparently he bred twenty litters but these were the only acceptable ones. He trained and conditioned them for more than a decade, sold them to me to get out on the market, and put the discards down."

"So I'm here because...?"

"I owe you, man. I'll sell you one or two for a steep discount, as a thank you. You can't pick those two, though," he gestured towards the intertwined girls,"But anything else is good."

Evan approached the animals warily, not too sure what the appeal of the hybrids was, until his breath hitched in his throat. He saw the most beautiful boy, a chocolate-haired child with ears patterned like a tabby's. He resembled a young teen, his face angular and delicate, his hazel eyes framed by thick brown lashes,his lips soft and full. His chest was pale like the rest of his body and his puffy pink nipples stood out stark against the porcelain skin. Lithe, thin thighs extended into a pair of long legs that folded shyly into themselves, exposing his small, boyish genitals that rested against his gracile frame. His tawny tail wrapped itself around his body, and his eyes darted curiously up and down the unfamiliar stranger.

"How much?" Evan asked absentmindedly, his gaze fixated upon the shy creature, but he didn't care much to hear the exorbitant value Tony soon quoted back - Evan could afford anything he wanted, and God knows he wanted the boy.

Kristjan was sound asleep on the kitchen floor, legs sprawled out and tail flicking lazily. The dried white creamy liquid on the floor suggested that once again, his pet surrendered to his animal urges and pleasured himself, and by the looks of it, more than once. The cats were constantly aroused, explained Tony,as they were intentionally modified to be insatiable - the perfect sex toys.

Excitedly, Evan brushed and kneaded his pet's ass, at first gentle but then with an increasingly rougher hand. The cat mewled hornily and, much to Evan's amusement, spread its legs wide. Its eyes were still closed and it was undeniably asleep; its responses were merely standardized reactions ingrained into its biology. Evan did not refuse the animal's welcome, and hastily unbuckled his fly, producing a rapidly-hardening erection.

He slickened his shaft with his spit, parted the cat's cheeks, and entered him unceremoniously. Kristjan was warm and tight and the friction made the man feel so good. Though his tail began to swish more intensely, the little boy did not stir a bit from his slumber. Evan thrust in and out forcefully, his lust bringing out his seldom-expressed aggression and violence. He kneaded and slapped the pert butt cheeks until they grew red and hot, pinched and twisted the large nipples until they became tender and swollen, squeezed the small balls relentlessly until they felt heavy and distended, and yanked and pulled the fine dark hair to tighten his grip on the limp body - and still, the boy did not stir. With a half-sick, half-arousing realization that this closely resembled raping a sleeping child, Evan upped his pace, desperately seeking his release. He was raping his pet, his property. And why couldn't he? Kristjan was his sex toy, his hole to abuse and fuck without mercy. Like he was doing now, he thought, as he dug his fingernails into the reddened buttocks of the cat.

Suddenly he felt the ass twitch, and the cat made a gurgling, strangled cry. Pain,Evan realized. He tightened his clasp on the tender flesh and heard the cat hiss,followed by the sharp sound of claws scratching the kitchen floor. "Meow", the cat cried pitifully, begging for mercy from its master. "Meow", its tail thrashed around in futility.

"Serves you right, you dumb fuck, you should've been awake to welcome me home." Of course, the animal didn't comprehend human language, but the explosive obscenity of it all excited Evan further. "Stupid slut, you can't even go an hour without jacking off, so don't whine at me for giving you what you need." He fucked the boy without abandon, with all the violence and ferocity he could muster. "Meow..." The cat sobbed sadly and choked on its tears. It lowered its head onto the cold floor, ears limp and droopy, defeated and resigned.

Evan couldn't resist smacking Kristjan's inviting ass again. As his hand made contact with the soft flesh, a crackling snap reverberated around the empty kitchen. He struck again and again, each cry from the cat edging him on. He increased his already-maddening pace, and felt his nuts suddenly tighten, and his vision went white as he released into his pet's ass. The hot cum rushed into the cat's hole, gushing into every crevice, flooding his stomach until it was uncomfortably full with the warm sticky liquid. Evan stayed planted within his pet until he felt his dick soften, and with a loud plop, he pulled it out.

He stood back to admire his work. The cat's face was streaked with tears, its face flushed, its hair matted with sweat, its nipples swollen and its asshole pink and puffy and oozing cum. He watched, transfixed, as the boy's blood, mixed with his own essence, seeped out of the ruined hole, trickling down the creature's pale thighs. It dripped slowly onto the kitchen floor, forming a small puddle. He snapped his fingers at the cat and pointed, and though the animal spoke no languages, it understood the instruction given to him, bending its head down to lap up his master's pearly fluids.