Panic Room.

Animal Instinct

Stephanie stared down Chris, her eyes glaring at him intently, watching his every movement, it seemed the world around her had disappeared and the only thing left was her hatred of Chris, it took over her and she could think of nothing else, surprisingly she was enjoying it, hating Chris made her feel some sense of power over him and she was revelling in it.

They had been stuck in the room for over an hour now, yet neither of them had hardly spoke a word, they realised what had been done. They had been shut in here, to settle their differences or to swallow their pride and admit their true feelings for one another instead of driving each other crazy, but Chris and Steph were determined to out do each other, to stare and hate each other out until the other one gave in, but it had happened yet.

To Steph, the room was feeling increasingly small and crowded, it's dark, murky manner began to haunt her, but she tried to forget it, the dampness of the walls stuck to her clothes as she lent back against the wall, sticking hard she darn't move in case of ripping her T-shirt, it wasn't only the damp conditions, she was thirsty and hungry, looking at Chris, hoping to entice him, she licked her lips in search of moisture for her dry mouth, running her smooth tongue over her dark red lips she smirked at Chris but he didn't reply, just the same cold angry expression. Silence filled the room, although they could still hear some faint noises outside, Stephanie didn't think her brother namely Shane suspected she could last this long in a room along with Chris, though he hadn't opened his mouth yet which surely would have made her crack. She had done it by just forgetting he was there and thinking of other things, almost as if she was in a different parallel universe, her body was there, lying against the damp wall staring at Chris who stood opposite her but her mind was in a different place and would remain there until Shane realised how stupid this idea was and open up the door and let her escape.

Chris looked over at Stephanie once more, she had not moved for ages, Chris didn't have a watch about it seemed he had been here forever, the only movement she had made was to lick her lips which he had just sneered at, he wasn't going to be seduced her, despite how desperate he was for a bite of something or a drink of water, the room was hot and his shirt clung to the wall, he was sweating profusely but to make this obvious to Steph would show he was weak and there was no way he was going to lose this. There was money at stake, yeah, I guess Steph forgot to tell you about that.

If they could stay in the room together for 24 hours, with hardly any drink or food they would be awarded $1,000, if one person forfeits, then the other person gets there share of money as well as their own winners for sticking out the 24 hours, it wasn't just about the money though, it was more of a personal challenge. Stephanie in his eyes had more to prove, I mean she was the one who had been insulted and teased by him for over a year now, I suppose she wanted to do to show him she was strong, an McMahon and was not afraid of Chris Jericho. Chris was there to deny her of this belief and make her forfeit and cry once again.

Stretching his leg out, yawning a bit, he looked over at the iron door a small trickle of light coming through the cracks, maybe he should just sleep for half the time, that would pass away the hours, but it was obvious Shane had thought of that and done as much as possible to prevent, the ground was hard and unforgiving, he had only provided them with one blanket each, knitted and thin it was hardly going to be comfortable.

Chris suddenly looked over as there was movement outside the door, it watched Steph's glance as she looked towards the door as well, movement towards the door could only mean one thing…food.

Two feet appear at the bottom of the door and slowly, almost agonizing for Steph and Chris, a hand leaned down and pushed under a long bar of chocolate.

Chris stared at chocolate, his mouth watering, it lay in the middle of a room, the light shining on it, he would have instantly ran forward and grabbed it but there was one problem….Stephanie.

She stood opposite him, on all floors, rather like a cat, her talons out, staring at the chocolate, ready to strike. Chris put his hands forward, they were now both eye level, each determined to get the bar, they didn't even consider the idea of sharing, it was winner takes all, the loser…forced to watch the winner eat , smirks and gloating included, in this case to them both, it seemed the ultimate shame.

They stared each other down, each waiting for the other to make the first move….



They both leapt out, hands outstretched, Chris felt the smooth wrapper of the chocolate under his fingers when Stephanie slapped him hard across the face, he pulled back, letting the chocolate slip from his fingers…

Stephanie grabbed it, pulling it to her body but Chris was quick, he wasn't going to let it get away so easily…he charged at her, knocking her face first onto the ground, he didn't intend to have any mercy and this was no exception.

He pulled the bar from her sharp hands and ran back to his corner of the room, a gleaming smile upon his face as he clutched his prize.

He looked back at Stephanie , beaten and snarling like a cat, she grudgingly sat back up and sulked in her corner, refusing to let herself cry as Chris opened up the wrapper, the beautiful brown of the chocolate right in front of his mouth as he took a huge first bite…

"Ummmm." Chris smiled, crunching away at the chocolate, as Stephanie had no other choice but to watch and live with it.

To be Continued….