This is my first attempt at writing the Nordic 5 with some DenNor eventually, nya :) please be nice!

For as long as Lukas Bondevik could remember his parents never stopped fighting. Now, finally, shortly after Lukas had turned seventeen his parents announced they were getting a divorce. Lukas was snapped out of his thoughts when his fifteen year old brother, Emil, tugged on his sleeve, motioning upstairs, away from their parents. Lukas nodded and the duo went up to the older's room.

They sat/laid on Lukas' bed, staring headphones and watching YouTube videos, trying to distract themselves from the loud noises downstairs, both the yelling and the sound of stuff being broken by their father. The sound of glass being shattered is heard and it makes Emil jump, Lukas pulled him into a hug moments later. A phone rang, the sound causing the two to startle again, Lukas reached over and looked at the caller ID, it was his best friend since childhood, Mathias Køhler. Lukas declined the call and, after turning his phone on silent, sent a text saying he couldn't speak but if Matthias needed to talk, to text him.

Matthias: it's nothing important, I just kinda sorta got this really weird feeling that I should probably check up on you and Emil.

Lukas: we're fine, Emil and I just really need to be quiet right now.

Tino: Lukas are you and Emil alright?!

Lukas: yes we're fine.

Berwald: you and Emil okay?

Lukas: yes we're okay.

Lukas appreciated his friends' concern but wondered how all three of them had sensed that Emil and him needed to be checked up on. The sound of the front door slamming shut snapped Lukas out of his pondering, and made Emil let out a low, scared squeak beside him. Lukas hugged his little brother closer as they heard foot steps approached Lukas' door, their was a pause and then a soft, hesitant knock.

Lukas got up cautiously, telling Emil to 'get under the blankets and hide' with his eyes as he walked across the room to the door, opened it just a crack and saw their mother standing there with a black eye. She smiled at her son as she stepped in the room, saw the mound of blankets other known as Emil, laughing lightly. As soon as Emil heard that laugh he knew it'd be safe to come out.

"Lukas take Emil and go stay with a friend tonight, just in case he comes back drunk..." Their mom instructed the oldest. Lukas nodded, and sent a text to Mathias, asking of Emil and him could say the night, he got an answer two seconds later that said yes with at least ten smiley faces. Lukas smiled softly at this and nodded to Emil.

The two brothers headed off into the dark, moonless autumn night they didn't get far before a speeding car was seconds away from them, not having much time to think, Lukas threw himself in front of Emil, letting the car hit him first to ensure that his brother would be the least injured.