Harry Potter Morgendorffer Part One

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This chapter replaces the original chapter one after the author received newer, more accurate information. Thank you duj for briefing me on babies' nursing and weaning.

Harry Potter Morgendorffer*Harry Potter Morgendorffer*Harry Potter Morgendorffer

The owls were still flying by daylight throughout the British Isles, fireworks were still exploding by night, and people from Britain's wizarding world were so overcome by joy that they were still dancing in the streets where they could be seen by Muggles, but not in this part of Surrey. Little Whinging was a very respectable community, and that sort of revelry simply wasn't done here, thank you. Now move along.

The gray and black tabby had been surveiling the house at number four Privet Drive for over a day now. She was not a happy cat. Despite, or perhaps because of, the fact she had not been taken in and fed, she did not approve of what she'd seen.

The sun went down and night fell upon Privet Drive. The cat remained at her post.

The night deepened. Around midnight, the strangest things began to happen. An old man dressed much like a Muggle imagined a wizard would dress appeared out of thin air. He pulled out something that looked very much like a cigarette lighter and pointed it at the nearest street lamp. As the old man walked along, the light from the short street's lamps went out one after the other.

As he approached Number Four Privet Drive, he saw the gray and black tabby sitting on the driveway. The cat looked at him, then cocked her head.

"And a good evening to you, too, Professor McGonagall," he said.

The cat glared at him, stepped half a pace forward, and began to transform herself into an elderly bespectacled witch.

"Albus, is it true?" she asked. "Are the Potters dead?"

"I'm afraid so, Minerva," he said. "Voldemort fell, but the Potters lost their lives. The only survivor of Voldemort's last attack was their baby Harry."

Minerva McGonagall lowered her head, squeezed her eyes shut, and gave a long sigh of grief. She'd loved both James and Lily, and hoped against hope that they'd somehow managed to survive Voldemort's attack.

"Little Harry is all that's left of the Potters," said Professor Dumbledore. "And it's best that we place him here, someplace out of the wizarding world, someplace where he can grow up safe, loved, and cared-for until it is time for him to return to our world. Fortunately for young Harry, he has his Aunt Petunia. I'm sure that she's willing to take in the boy."

"Albus," said Minerva with a touch of alarm. "Surely you're not serious about placing Baby Harry with these people?"

"Indeed I am, Minerva," said Professor Dumbledore. "Harry needs to grow up someplace safe, someplace far from the wizarding world."

"I beg you not to place Harry with these people," said Minerva, urgency in her voice. "I've been watching these people all day. These are the very worst sort of Muggles I can imagine!"

"But we cannot keep him in the wizarding world," said Professor Dumbledore. "All that fame and adulation, for something he did that he cannot remember? The boy's head would be swollen with pride and his heart swollen with vanity. Placing him with non-magical relatives is the best way I can think of to keep that from happening. Surely this is the best place for him."

"Albus," said Minerva, "Listen to me. Petunia Dursley is an angry woman poisoned by envy. Both she and her husband are obsessed with appearing what Muggles call normal. We don't have to place Harry with these people!"

"But there are no Evanses left save for his aunt to care for the boy!" said Professor Dumbledore. "Nor are there any other Meigs or Bowens for that matter!"

"All true, but this house would still be a horrible place for him," said Minerva. "But there are other—"

"But the wards would only work if the master or the mistress of the household is a blood relative," said Professor Dumbledore.

"It is true that there are no Meigs or Bowens left to care for young Harry," said Minerva, "but there are Barksdales."

"Barksdales?" said Professor Dumbledore bewilderedly.

"Barksdales," said Professor McGonagall. "Lily Potter wasn't related to the Bowens. Jasper Bowen wasn't really her grandfather. Her real grandfather was an American named Allen Barksdale."

"So why was Lily's mother a Bowen?" asked Professor Dumbledore.

"Because Jasper Bowen was a good man with a big heart who dearly loved Lily's grandmother and raised Lily's mother as if she were his own flesh and blood," said Minerva. "It wouldn't be the first time such a thing happened in their world—or ours."

"Still, Lily's sister is little Harry's closest blood kin," began Professor Dumbledore.

"Which as may be. But I still remember the time that I talked to Lily's family before she went off to Hogwarts and I remember my visit to her family the Christmas holiday before she graduated," said Professor McGonagall. "Her older sister Petunia was a resentful, jealous, hateful young woman, and I've seen little evidence that she's changed for the better while I've been watching her family."

"I beg you, Albus, don't place the boy with these people. The boy would be far better off if we could place him with foster parents who would love and care for him," said Professor McGonagall.

"But we need the blood wards to protect him until he is of age," said Professor Dumbledore.

"Would this Allen Barksdale's other descendants be closely enough related that the spells based on the ties of blood would work?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"Yes," said Professor Dumbledore reluctantly.

"Well, then, we might have another set of options before we set Harry Potter on the Dursleys' doorstep, don't we?" said Professor McGonagall. Maybe, she thought, just maybe I convince him not to place the boy with Petunia Dursley.

Minerva decided to fire another shot. "And if you wish to keep the boy hidden from the wizarding world of Britain, wouldn't America be even better than this part of Surrey?" said Professor McGonagall.

Professor Dumbledore stood there, lost in thought. Minerva watched him, wondering if he would listen to reason or decide to proceed with his original intention of placing Baby Harry on the Dursleys' doorstep.

"All right, Minerva, you've convinced me not to place Harry with the Dursleys this evening. We can explore your alternative before we decide what to do. We can look over this Allen Barksdale and his descendants in America to see if any of them might be more suitable foster-parents before we hand Harry over to Petunia and her husband Vernon."

Minerva McGonagall gave a sigh of relief.

The old wizard continued to mull the matter. "Assuming that your notion proves a good one, these Barksdales might prove a better choice than Lily's sister and her husband," he said. "So what do we do while we look them over to see if any of them would be suitable foster parents?"

"We can keep Harry over at the Weasleys'," said Professor McGonagall. "Lily told me in one of her last letters that Harry has been weaned, but Molly is still nursing her baby Ginerva,in case I'm mistaken. I suspect that she'd be glad to care for him for a few days."

"So be it, then," said Professor Dumbledore with the grace of a gentleman who realized that he was on the wrong end of a losing argument.

There was a loud rumbling sound and a light in the sky as a motorcycle descended onto the asphalt of Privet Drive. Hagrid was delivering Baby Harry to Privet Drive, just as he'd been told to do when other members of the Order converged on the Potter house after James' and Lily's deaths.

"I've got little Harry, Sir," said Hagrid. "I got him out of the house before the Muggles could swarm Lily's and James' house and discover what really happened."

"Where did you get the motorcycle, Hagrid?" asked Professor Dumbledore.

"Borrowed it," said Hagrid. "Young Sirius Black lent it to me."

"Hagrid, we've made a change of plan," said Professor Dumbledore. "We're taking Harry to the Burrow. Minerva here convinced me to look up some of poor Lily's other Muggle relatives before we place him with the Dursleys."

"So I get a few more hours with the little fellow, sir?" said Hagrid. "Thank you, Sir. I wouldn't mind more time with the little tyke. I'll get him to the Burrow safe and sound, don't you worry."

The half-giant remounted the motorcycle, started it again, and drove it away, its wheels leaving the ground before he reached the end of the block. Minerva McGonagall apparated away, as did Professor Dumbledore, using the light putter-outer to disgorge the balls of light he'd collected earlier as he walked to someplace discreet where he could apparate away, too. That small park he'd spotted a few blocks away in an earlier visit looked like it might serve.

Vernon Dursley awoke to the sound of a rumbling motorcycle receding into the distance. He wondered what sort of hooligan would be riding a motorcycle in this part of Little Whinging at this time of night. He had his suspicions, but the young hoodlums were too far away for a good talking-to. Maybe he could confront them in the morning.