The summary: It's the Feudal Era of Japan and Inuyasha is a little boy and Kagome is a little Noble girl. Kagome and her mother go to buy Kagome a new kimono and when they do Kagome noticed a group of noble men playing with a ball. There was a boy who tried to play but the noble men laughed at him and a guy called him a halfbreed. The men walked off and Kagome felt sorry for the boy and when she was going to go see him her mom pulled her away. Kagome sneeks out and see's him and they form a great bound. When her parents find out, they hold Kagome inside and when that fails they move. What will happen?

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Chapter 1:

The cool, spring wind blew slightly through the cherry trees, sending pink cherry blossoms swirling around the old shrine on the other side of the village. Deep pools of amber eyes searched over the area, ears pointing forward and sharp, listening to the sounds of morning birds singing gleeful songs.

" something bothering you son?" a soft lovely voice spoke gently. She walked up behind her son and sat down behind him on the wooden porch, wrapping her arms around her son's waist, holding him against her heart as she always did.

"Why do I have to be so different? Why do people hate me so much?" The boy asked so soft that she could barely make out what he said. She fought the salty tears that were trying to make their way to the front of her chocolate eyes.

"Inuyasha..people they...they judge too quickly. They judge those who are different before they even try to get to know them." She answered tightening her arms around him, burring her face in his long silvery hair.

"I hate being different!" Inuyasha yelled and struggled to face his mother. But she was holding him down and was trying to calm him.

"Don't say that! You are who you are! You can't change your own flesh and blood!" She spoke sharply making Inuyasha pause from his struggling.

"Some day someone else will see that too. I will always love you no matter what. Never forget that, my son." She choked out the last few words because of a big sob that was straining to escape her soft lips. Her arms loosened and Inuyasha felt something wet fall on his soft, right doggie ear. He shifted to see her face.

She was...crying. He had made her cry again. He was making her cry more and more. And he hated it when she cried. Her eyes were shut tight and tears were streaming down her rosy cheeks landing softly in his hair.

"Mother I didn't mean to make you cry. Please stop crying. I hate it when you cry!" He said hugging his mother tightly. She gave him a warm smile and hugged him back.

"Let us be on our way to the village. I need to buy some things." She said smiling, her tears had stopped and she softly laughed as she rubbed Inuyasha's ears.


The raven haired girl opened her sleepy eyes to see the bright sun rays pouring through her window. She closed her eyes and stretched her muscles in her arms and legs. She slipped out of her small wooden bed, her feet landing on the hard wooden floor. It was cool to the touch and she yawned, stretching her arms up high above her head making her back pop all the way down her spine. She sighed and walked out of her little room.

The hall was filled with the smell of boiled rice and fresh baked bread. She walked to the dinning room and hugged her mom. Her mom smiled and said with a cheery voice, "Kagome, it is about time you get a knew kimono. This time you can pick out the design."

"Wow! Thank you mom! Can we get me another ribbon too?" She asked happily. Her mother laughed and nodded her head, and Kagome hugged her mom again.

"Thank you mamma!" She said again sitting next to her mother at the wooden table. She fixed her a bowl filled with rice with a side of bread. She ate quickly, trying to hurry so they could go early to the shop. ~*~

Kagome's father was the leader of the village and he got much respect from the villagers. When he married Kagome's mother he became a soldier and he went to war many times, leaving his wife to take his place as leader of the village until he returned.

When Kagome was born she hardly ever saw her father. She has only seen him five times her whole life, and she is seven years old. Sometimes she even wonders if her father is dead.

She is the only child and gets lonely because her mother was always working or out in the shrine garden. Their shrine stood in the middle of the village and they let people stay with them if their home got destroyed by demons or by bad weather.


Kagome walked with her mother through the village picking colorful flowers here and there and talking to the ladies who say a nice 'hello'. When they walked into the small wooden hut of the lady who made and sold kimonos, Kagome gasped.

There were so many colorful kimonos. She was afraid she wouldn't be able to pick. "Their beautiful mother. Look!" She piped pointing to a white kimono with pink cherry blossoms scattered all over it.

The lady there laughed gingerly and picked up the kimono Kagome had pointed at. "Is this the one?" She asked a soft smile lingered on her lips.

Kagome nodded and the lady handed it to her. "You should try it on. It would look really nice on such a beautiful girl as you." She said winking at Kagome's mother. Kagome tried it on and smiled. It was so pretty and it fit just right. She looked at her mom with pleading eyes and her mom nodded. Kagome laughed with joy.

She picked out a light pink ribbon to match and her mother paid for it all. When Kagome and her mother left the small hut, Kagome's mother stopped to talk to a friend. Kagome walked around looking at all the people working and talking noisily. She sat on a stump and closed her eyes as the wind softly played with her hair.

When she opened her eyes again she spotted some men playing with a yellow ball. Her eyes settled on a boy. He was trying to get the ball, reaching his hands up high above his head. The guy laughed and said in a high voice "Look at him. What a helpless halfbreed." And he threw the ball across a bridge and Inuyasha ran after it. When he turned around the men were walking away.

Kagome felt bad for him. Her eyes almost over flowed with tears. He was a halfbreed? She studied his face as he looked her way. He was hurt. She stood up to go to him to see him but when she started to walk towards him, a hand grasped her arm firmly and she shrieked. Her mother spoke lightly.

"Kagome we must hurry home." Kagome stared at her mom, then she looked back where the boy had been standing. He no longer lingered there and she sighed.

'That boy he..he was different. But what that guy did was just plain mean!' Kagome thought as she walked beside her mother back home.
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