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Chapter 4: Inuyasha

Kagome stared into the hanyou's golden gaze, making sure they weren't a horrid blood red any more. He looked tiered and utterly exhausted and she wondered what had happened to him earlier. She felt the boy's hand tighten around her own and swiftly, he pulled her to her feet, but Kagome's knees went weak for an unknown reason, and she fell into him, clutching his red kimono in her hands. Kagome didn't move. Her head was against his chest that was giving off a strange heat, heat coming in waves against her rosy cheek. The strange boy was still holding her hand firmly and he was so still, he wasn't even breathing.

Kagome could hear his heartbeat. It was..struggling. It wasn't beating right. Maybe it was because he was ceasing to breath. No. His heartbeat was struggling between two worlds. Two dimensions.. Two beings.

The boy was just standing there, barely breathing at all, just gazing at the human girl who had her head against his chest. Different feelings and thoughts were running in his head on how to react to this situation, but he merely stood still, holding the girl's hand with one of his and the other hand limply to his side. Part of him wanted to push the girl away and yell at her for her clumsiness, but another part of him was enjoying this..attention he rarely ever got from anyone. He felt the girl pull her head away from his chest very slowly, and rested her free hand in the place where her cheek and ear had just seconds ago resided.

"What is wrong with your heartbeat? Are you hurting?" He heard the girl whisper quietly and softly. The boy stared down at her and their eyes locked, but not for long, for he dropped her hand and swiped the other one off of his chest, stepping back slightly. For some peculiar reason he felt irritated by her and wanted to just push her away, or yell at her, but he grit his teeth and held his tongue to the top of his mouth.

Kagome noticed the change take place upon his actions. His jaw was tense and hands were fisted but not strained. He stood up straight, staring at her with his head cocked to one side slightly. He turned to look behind him for a second and then turned and walked toward her swiftly. Kagome just stood there till he was an arms length away from her.

"You need to wash the blood from your hands before you go home, so your parents won't suspect anything." The boy said gravely, his voice hoarse and deep. Kagome held out her small hands in front of her face and saw that the blood was already starting to dry and turn brown and crusty. She quickly nodded her head and ran to the steady river, dropping to her knees with a plop, and dipped her hands into the cold rushing water. She rubbed her hands together, and dug beneath her fingernails to get all the blood off and watched the tint of red flow down the river just a ways before it blended in.

As she was staring down river, she felt the boy kneel down only inches away from her and turned to look his way to see him washing his own blood from himself. He washed his wounds beneath the clear water, and when he brought them to the surface, Kagome could see the torn flesh and suddenly felt guilty.

"I'm..umm..sorry. I didn't know it was you and if I did, I wouldn't have put up such a big fight. And..and-" The boy held up his hand in front of her face to quiet her and then, to Kagome's surprise, laid his hand onto her cheek, his fingers rubbing across her soft trembling lips and chin. Kagome stiffened, and her eyes went wide from the contact and she blushed a fierce red. She caught hold of her senses and pushed him away quickly and stood up, looking down at a scowl that formed on the hanyou's face.

"What were you doing?!" Kagome asked embarrassed for a reason she couldn't quite put down.

"Feh! What do you think I was doing?!" He almost yelled staring at her with an intense glare.

"Ummm..well..I thought you were..I mean, I didn't expect.." Kagome stumbled over her words and looked up to the dark sky, as if looking for the right thing to say written in the stars.

"Will you quit babbling already? I was only getting the blood off your face! Gods, your annoying!" Inuyasha spat out as he stood and crossed his arms irritably. He's never really acted this rude to anyone before, for his mother told him to treat people how he wanted to be treated, but no matter how nice and polite he was, they always treated him the same. Calling him cruel names, and giving him haughty looks or glares. Well, now it was his turn to give back all of that. 'But why to her? She hasn't done anything to me.' Inuyasha asked himself as he glanced back at her. Her back was turned to him, facing the little river obviously trying to get the little red spot out of her kimono. 'She was even worried that there must have been something wrong with me and asked if I was hurting.' He recalled, unfolding his arms and letting them uselessly hang at his sides, as he sighed.

"Will you hurry up? I don't have all night waiting for a useless human to wash her clothes!" He stated looking back into the trees behind him, knowing that his mother was probably worrying about him. It shouldn't take this long to fetch water.

He heard as the girl sighed and placed her hands on the wet ground and pushed her self into a standing position. She looked back at him, suddenly feeling drowsy, nauseated. Why did she feel this way? And right now when she should be running like the devil was at her heels back home. The boy was staring at her awkwardly, squinting at her curiously. She felt like she was wobbling a lot and everything was blurring, the boy in front of her for instance was a big red and white blob.

A sudden pain hit her stomach and she let her knees break their lock and she fell to the ground uselessly. She was on hands and knees hunched over with her eyes tightly closed, moaning her pain.

"Hey are you alright?" The boy asked her and crouched beside her trying to get a glance at her scrunched face. "Hey! What's wrong? Hey!" He yelled at her, feeling helpless and not knowing if he could help or not. He laid his left hand on her back, rubbing it hard up and down feeling the way it rose and fell from her intense breathing. He heard a cough escape her mouth and stopped rubbing for a second. Then he heard her mumble something not even he could her with his ears.

"What?..What did you say?" He asked leaning forward staring down at her black hair that fell around her hung over head, curtaining her face. She opened her mouth to speak but all that came out was what she had been waiting for. She threw up on the mud and moaned out loud, holding her stomach with one of her hands. Inuyasha fell back onto his rear watching as the fluid stopped pouring from the girl's mouth.

Kagome held her position, panting, feeling her nausea creeping away. She then fell backwards onto her rear landing almost in the boys lap. Inuyahsa could smell the illness on her. It was everywhere. Then he watched as she drooped her head back, and met with his chest. Inuyasha carelessly separated the strands of black hair from her face, then landing his hand on her forehead.

"It won't come up." She said faintly, closing her eyes, feeling the warmth of his hand on her forehead and from his body on her back. The boy looked down at her confusedly.

"What?" He asked softly not knowing what she meant.

"That's what I said." She answered simply. Inuyasha thought for a moment then looked over at the mess on the dark brown mud. He smiled.

Inuyasha was about to say something to her until he heard her breathing. They were deep, even breaths. Peaceful, and steady. He could feel her back rise and fall with each taken breath, and thought to himself, 'I guess that not all humans are annoying and cruel. Is this a beginning of something good, or something bad? What if she finds out about me? Will she hate me after that? What if she thinks this is all a dream? A dream she can't wake up on? I need to get her home. But how?' He asked himself then heard someone walking behind him. The crunch of leaves beneath the person's feet, and the sound of fabric dragging the ground making a swishy sound. Inuyasha new it was her. He turned to see that he was right. His mother was just at the line of the dark woods, holding a fire lit torch to light her way. His mother studied him and then came running towards him as fast as she could. Inuyasha turned back to Kagome who was still asleep and had a feeling on what his mother was going to think, but he didn't do anything! He didn't hurt her!

"Inuyasha, what happened? Who is this? What did you do?" His mother was standing in front of him now and he tried to stand without letting the little girl's head hit the ground hard. When his mother saw him struggling she gave the lit torch that burned ablaze to Inuyasha and bent slightly and picked the girl up, caressing her like a baby.

"Inuyasha, pick up the pail and get some water. We have to get her indoors. We'll have to return her home in the morning." His mother demanded softly and began walking to the edge of the thick, dark forest. Inuyasha picked up the pail and dumped it into the rushing cold water and then ran after his mother, spilling little splashes of water on his way.


Kagome woke to the wet cold rag that was on top of her forehead and to the firmly stroking of her feet. She opened her eyes slowly to a dim room that was lit only be candles. The paintings on the walls were ancient and beautiful, as if someone of great power lived there, like a Lord of some kind. Her eyes burned from fever and every limb in her body ached. But she couldn't remember. 'Where am I?'

"Inuyasha," Kagome heard a soothing voice call. "Get the medicinal herbs from the drawer."

Kagome coughed and looked down to the bottom of the bed to see a woman of great beauty stroking her feet firmly making them hot. The woman had a great mass of long silky black hair that shined in the candlelight. She wore many thick robes and all had a magnificent design that would take ages to stitch. Her face was smooth and delicate that held beauty and charm, and she looked up and caught Kagome's gaze with brown shining eyes.

"You're awake. Hmm..you're running a terrible fever. I'm trying to get the fever to your feet. Just relax and keep a steady breath." She said softly continuing her stroking on Kagome's feet.

"Where am I? Who..are you?" Kagome's voice quivered and she started to get scared. It was still dark outside and she was away from home, away from safety!

"Don't be scared little one." She said and then looked up. Kagome followed the woman's gaze and saw him. The boy who was with her at the river. The one who had been accused of being a half-breed. The one with the horrid blood eyes. She remembered now. She watched as he came over to the edge of the bed at which she laid and reached over and pulled the now warm rag from her forehead. He held a wooden bowl with a thick green substance inside and then dipped his fingers into it and reached out his hand and then gently rubbed the green gunk on her forehead. Kagome closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them when he had finished. Instantly the green gunk started to feel like ice on her forehead and it was soothing. The woman had stopped her stroking and got up and walked quickly to the side of the bed where the boy had been standing. She took the wooden bowl from the boy and then pulled Kagome's kimono up above her chest.

Kagome was surprised. There was a boy in the same room! Kagome fought to pull it down but didn't quite have the strength. The woman then began to rub the gunk onto her flat chest that rose and fell from her breaths. She moved her head to the side and noticed the boy had pulled a little wooden chair to the edge of the bed and was sitting there, his golden eyes shinning with curiosity. He watched as his mother rubbed her chest and then stared into Kagome's eyes. He stared as if he was dreaming. Kagome felt a blush rise on her cheeks then looked up at the ceiling. She felt sleep coming over her and the gunk was feeling as if she had fallen into an ocean full of ice. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to be overcome by darkness. As she dreamed she saw the boy and called out his name several times.

Inuyasha. Inuyasha.


Morning came and the sun was bright. The sky didn't have a cloud in sight and it was a robin's egg blue. The wind blew carrying the smell of spring and a nice little chill of morning dew. Kagome woke to the room being filled with sunlight and the smell of the medicine on her chest. The wood smelled of cedar and oil paint. Kagome could see the paintings now. The whole wall was painted with hills and mountains, trees and bushes, rivers and ponds, forests and valleys. And in the middle was painted a great big white Inu demon. Kagome shifted on the bed and lay on her side and when she did, she saw the boy there. He was still sitting in the chair but was hunched over with his arms and head on the bed. He was asleep. Kagome continued to stare and noticed his ears. For some reason she had an itch to touch them. She reached out her hand with out a second thought and touched one. It was so soft and fuzzy. She stroked it from the base to the tip and gently pinched the tip of Inuyasha's ear. She felt him move and a quiet groan escaped Inuyasha's mouth and Kagome jerked her hand back under the covers. She watched as he opened his eyes slowly then yawned, showing sharp canines. He looked at her, his eyes half closed and his hair all tasseled and Kagome giggled.

Inuyasha shook his head from side to side like a dog and the strands of his hair fell into place. He leaned back and Kagome heard his back pop all the way down his spine.

"How are you? Better?" He asked stretching out his arms and legs. Kagome nodded, not wanting to say anything.

"We have to return you home in a little bit. The whole village is probably looking for you." He muttered looking out the window behind him.

"Was that lady your mother?" Kagome asked softly sitting up while holding the covers against her bare chest. Inuyasha turned to look at her.

"Yeah." He answered simply then stood up and sat on the edge of the bed. He reached his hand out and Kagome flinched and he rested his hand on her forehead.

"Your fever has gone down." He said and bounced off the bed onto the hard wooden floor that had just been scrubbed the day before. He walked out of the room and came back shortly with her kimono.

"Here. Mother washed it for you." He said then left the room again and closed the door. Kagome got out of the huge bed and her feet met the cool hard wood flooring. The smell of the room made her feel comfortable and the decorating. They were very rich or royal in some way. Kagome slipped her kimono on and noticed that the bloodstain was gone. She walked out of the room and into a long hallway. She walked slowly; the walls had paintings and Japanese writings on them. When she finally got to the opening to the kitchen she saw Inuyasha sitting at the table and his mother cooking something in a black pot. Inuyasha gestured for her to sit beside him and she suddenly felt embarrassed. She walked over to him and sat in a chair beside him.

"Oh, are you feeling better little one?" Inuyasha's mother asked coming to the table with bowls of meal.

"Very much, arigatou." Kagome replied and looked at the bowl of meal Inuyasha's mother brought to the table. Kagome was hungry and the meal looked delicious.

"What is your name?" The mother asked. Inuyasha looked at her too, apparently more interested to know than his mother.

"Kagome." She answered politely, while she started to eat the meal. It had some ground cinnamon and some sugar in it with a little bit of butter. They ate in silence for a moment then Inuyasha asked a question.

"Where do you live?"

"In the village. My mother is or was married to the leader of the village, Higurashi-san." Kagome answered and his mom nodded.

"They are surely looking for you and probably have been all morning, so eat quickly." The mother said eating her meal.

When they were done eating they were taking their bowls to the wash pan when there was a banging on the door. Kagome was startled and nearly dropped her bowl and Inuyasha's ears twitched. There was yelling and then they knew. The villagers were there.

******(end of chapter)******

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