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A small, girl with straight jet-black hair ran across the lawn to her mother who was sitting in a chair reading a book.

"Mummy!" She shouted as she ran, waving a newspaper in the air. "Mummy Dippy gave me the newspaper!" Hermione looked over and smiled at her daughter.

"Thank you Andrius," she said as she took the paper off her daughter and put the book down. Andrius was out of breath but was still running around. It was always difficult to get her to sit down; she was the most energetic child. She was thin and quite tall for someone her age, but Hermione assumed that she inherited that from her father.

"Lizzy wants me to go to her house for the night, can I go mummy, pleeeeaaassse?" She pleaded bouncing around her mother.

"No, your father's coming home today," Hermione said as she read the newspaper.

"But Morpheus is going to Kyle's house, why doesn't he have to stay?" The young girl asked stamping her foot on the floor.

"Because he's older, and he's seen your father all year, you haven't seen him at all and you haven't written. The least you can do is stay here at least for tonight." Andrius scowled at her mother but Hermione just laughed when she did that, she looked like a mini female version of her father.

"Well if Lizzy tells me she's not my friend because I can't stay at her house, it's all your fault," Andrius shouted as she ran of down the massive garden.

"Okay!" Hermione shouted after her.

Hermione went back to reading her paper. She still liked reading the Muggle newspaper, it was a habit that she hadn't been able to get out of, and Severus had never really cared very much about this habit. As she was reading an article caught her eye.


Hermione read on, thinking only that it was very similar to her own experience. Soon she realised just how similar. She had heard that Greg had managed to get into the cabinet as the Minister for Education, but she had ignored it, wanting nothing to do with Greg Layton.

The Minister for Education, Mr Greg Layton is being sued for divorce by his third wife Angela Knowles, a government back-bencher. She claims he is having an affair with his aid, who shall remain nameless for legal reasons.

Mr Layton has been married twice before; each has resulted in divorce. His first wife, Hermione Granger, can not be found, and his second wife, Marisa Laughton refuses to comment on their marriage.

Hermione couldn't believe what she was reading. The last time she had heard about Greg he was happily married to Marisa and she had never heard of this woman, Angela Knowles. Hermione thought of it as a great victory that she was happily married with two wonderful children, and Greg's life was in a complete mess. It was the sweetest revenge, and it made her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

"Boo," came a deep voice next to her ear. She jumped, startled out of her reverie and turned to see Severus leaning over her. "You were reading the paper very intently, something interesting?"

"No, pretty mundane actually," she said putting the paper on the floor and setting it alight with her wand, smiling as she watched it burn. She turned back to Severus who was giving her a very suspicious look. She grinned broadly and stood up to kiss him. "Welcome home."

"Thank you, it's good to be home. School was very boring, and I hate being away for so long," he said hugging her. He felt guilty for having to stay away from home, even though Hermione and Andrius were allowed to stay over sometimes.

"Daddy!" Came a high, excited voice from down the garden. Severus looked up and saw his daughter running towards him, her arms outstretched. The girl jumped into his arms and he squeezed her tight as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Daddy Lizzy wants me to stop at hers but mummy said I can't."

"Did she, well you should listen to your mother," Severus said as he put her back down on the floor.

"But please daddy, Morpheus gets to go out tonight why can't I?" Severus thought about this for a while, and he formed a plan in that cunning brain of his.

"That's right, he is going to be out isn't he." He turned to Hermione. "That means that if Andrius goes out then we'll be alone in the house." Hermione cottoned on.

"Yes, all by ourselves, what ever could we do on our own?" They had both ignored Andrius and she was getting impatient.

"Does that mean I can go?" She asked confused about everything and her parents turned to her.

"Yes dear. Spend as long as Lizzy wants you there," Hermione said suddenly excited at the prospect of spending all that time alone with her husband.

A tall boy of about twelve came outside to join them. He was the spitting image of Severus, and his peers, because of this, constantly teased him. But he didn't care, he hero-worshipped his father, something that Severus was always concerned about. He didn't consider himself a very good role model for a young boy.

"Hello mom," he said as he kissed her on the cheek. "I have to be at Kyle's for five."

"Okay love, how was school?" The boy frowned.

"Okay I suppose, Lucy Mason, she's a Hufflepuff," he made a face at this, "keeps staring at me." Hermione laughed at this.

"I shouldn't worry," she said patting her son on the shoulder.

"It's really creepy, it's like she's spying on me. Everywhere I go she's there too."

"Just go and pack your stuff," she said, "you too Andrius, I'll come up and help you in a bit."

The two children ran off, racing each other up the garden. Hermione turned around to Severus, she was grinning inanely and it unnerved him slightly.

"What's the matter with you?" He asked.

"Nothing I just realised how happy I am," she said and laughed at his disgusted expression.

"That's disgustingly sweet and sickly," he said faking a shiver. She laughed and punched him on the arm lightly.

They walked up the garden towards the house both talking and laughing, while behind them the ash that was once the Muggle newspaper blew away in the breeze.