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Chapter 1: Life's Newest Addition

Time stood with a flowing motion. The current scene took place within a secluded park, the dead of night. It was cold, with a breeze of gentle snow raining down. A boy stood in the middle, with another person. He wore a black cloak which obscured his face. Around them was a pile of dark red, but what it was, people could never tell.

As the boy walked with the figure, the two stopped at a bench, with the figure looking down at the boy. He seemed to be asking him something.

"Tell me, what kind of person do you strive to be?"

"I wanna be a protector! I wanna keep my friends and family close, and out of harm!" The young boy answered with an earnest tone. The figure looked at the child, smiling soon after.

"Heh… That's a good answer, kid. Umu, I've decided. I'm going to give you a special gift."

"A gift? What kind?" The boy tilted his head in wonder. The figure chuckled, ruffling the boy's hair.

"Something that can be used to protect those close to you. Use this power well, kid."

The figure then crouched down to the boy's level, placing a finger on his chest. A moment later, a small glow of red flowed from the figure's body, and into the young boy's body. The child looked at him with confusion. Looking at his body, he started to feel a little strange.

"What…is this, mister?" He asked. The figure then smiled.

"You'll feel a bit whimsy, but after some time, you'll get used to it. There's no need to learn anything, you'll already know what do with it."

As he said that, his body started to glow. The boy's eyes widened. "Mister? What's happening to you?" The figure then stood up, looking down at his own hand. To the boy's surprise, it started to vanish.

"Mister!" The boy cried out.

"Don't worry. I'm just…going somewhere else, yeah. Er, but I'll always be in here though, so don't worry."

He then tapped the boy's chest, on top of where his heart would've been. As his body started to glow brighter, the boy gawked upon the figure's eyes, which were a brilliant ruby red. He then grinned down at the boy.

"Mister! Tell me your name before you go!" Said figure then rubbed his chin, before smiling.

"Call me… Adam. I leave everything to you now, Yuuki Rito..."

"…Mhmm." A voice groaned slightly from underneath a warm blanket. A few seconds passed, with a head of orange hair popping up from the bed afterwards. The owner of said body then let out a long, but quiet yawn.

Looking out to the window next to him, his eyes winced from the sunlight that invaded his eyes after he drew away the curtains. As he covered his eyes, a voice from below called out to him.

"Ritooooo! Time to wake up!" A feminine voice yelled. The orange head, or rather, Rito, turned his head with a lazy body motion.

"Okay, Mikan…!" He yawned a little at the end. Mikan then responded back, going back down some stairs soon afterwards.

Stretching for a little bit, Rito rubbed the back of his head as he walked to the door that led out to his room. Opening it, he slowly walked to the bathroom, in which he took a bit of time to brush his teeth and shower.

After he got out, he quickly returned to his room. Opening his closet door, a uniform revealed itself to be hanging on a rack. It consisted of a white collared shirt, a lemon colored blazer, green trousers with a yellow cross-hatched pattern, and a green tie to finish it up. Quickly taking it off its hanger, Rito changed from his sleeping attire to his uniform.

After finishing up with tightening his tie, Rito looked back to his bed, walking over to it. Pressing a button that was nearby from his bed, and hidden from most people's area of looking, a small slot opened. Taking out a small black box, he tapped a few buttons on it, revealing its contents. Taking out a black tablet, he turned it on as he sat on his bed.

"I have a little time… Let's see if there's anything new on the Galactic News…" He yawned as he begun to swipe through some articles.

Most of the topics didn't seem to interest him. There were a few topics regarding events such as a new form of cuisine on a local planet, but what slightly peaked the orange head's interest was that of something else.

"Hmm…? What's this about?" He clicked on an icon, leading up to a full article that was just released today.

Galactic News:

From the planet of Deviluke, the first princess of the Devilukean Empire, Lala Satalin Deviluke, has escaped from home! Tipped by anonymous sources, we have recent news that she has ran, with her destination and reason for going off home being a complete mystery! Dispatched guards are currently searching for her, so we will continue to monitor any activities!

Rito sighed. "Royalty these days…" He then turned off his device, placing it back underneath his bed. Getting off from his bed, he opened a nearby drawer to get a pair of white socks. After putting them on, he grabbed his schoolbag, sweeping his over his shoulder as he began to go downstairs...


"Mikan, what's for breakfast…" Rito yawned again. Mikan peeked her head out from a corner, revealing her face. She had the same golden brown eyes like her brother, except that her hair was brown. It went down to just a little past her shoulders.

"Morning to you too, Rito." She responded with a neutral tone. Coming back around and carrying a tray, she placed it on a nearby table that had 4 chairs.

"Ah, that smells good…" The orange head drooled a little, before wiping his mouth with his sleeve. Today's breakfast consisted of a nice plate of eggs and bacon, plus a side of miso soup.

Mikan then smiled a little. "Well, I have to go to school now. Don't take too long, Rito." Putting on a red backpack, the little sister waved Rito goodbye as she left the kitchen, leaving through the front door after she slipped on her shoes.

Content with eating the food that his sister made, Rito cleaned up the dishes, before leaving for school himself. He was a first year high school student, going to Sainan High. Additionally, Mikan went to the Sainan First Elementary School, so when she became of age, she too would go to Rito's school.

As he approached the front door, he slipped on his shoes. Opening it, suddenly…he sensed a strange feeling in the air, but only for a split moment. Glaring up, his eyes suddenly flickered to a red color, before returning to its normal golden brown color.

"…What was that?" He blinked in suspicion. Starting to walk out of his household, he decided to let the thought go as he left…

"Yo, Rito!" A spiky black haired teen slapped Rito's back. The orange haired protagonist winced, before turning around to his grinning companion.

"Hey, Saruyama." Rito greeted his friend back.

Saruyama Kenichi; Rito's best friend since junior high. He's a bit perverted.

"That listless look of yours again? Keep that up, and you'll never get a girl." The black haired boy grinned as he put an arm around Rito's shoulder. Rito snorted slightly. "Bah, as if you have one either."

"Fair enough." Saruyama nodded. The two continued to chatter until they approached their school. Today was a bright and sunny one, with perfect conditions that would allow anything to happen.

As they entered their school through the front entrance, they stopped to exchange their footwear for the ones used for the indoors. After getting them from their lockers, the duo began to walk to their classroom on the first floor. Rito and Saruyama would occasionally at some signposts, which humorously, and cautiously warned the girls of the school.

"You think the Principal would be arrested with all the stuff he tries to do." Saruyama noted. Rito looked at one of the posts, snickering a little to add on to the agreement.

As they approached their classroom, the duo came across a girl that had dark blue hair and purple eyes. As she pasted them, they glanced back at her.

"Sairenji…Haruna, right?" Rito blinked. Saruyama nodded. "One of the best girls in our year since junior high!"

Disregarding the girl, the two then entered the classroom, and prepared for class. Rito wasn't exactly the acing type of student, but he did relatively okay with school subjects. English and Japanese lectures were alright, but he excelled more in the science parts.

School would take its usual path, so let's partake in the stuff that comes afterward, yes?

And so, the final bell rang, signaling the end of classes. Rito looked out the window, viewing a yellow sunset. After picking up his things and leaving class, he remembered that he had to go to the library, so he started a walk to go over there.

"That book on raising plants should be over here somewhere…" Rito glanced around some of the books in the aisle he was in. Moving to the part of the library that contained research material, he kept on looking, until he found the thing he was looking for.

Rito then smiled. "There we go, the "Captivating the Beauty of Exotic Plants". Okay." He then checked it out, and finally left the school grounds to go home.

After walking back to his household, he felt that strange feeling again, causing his eyes to flicker red again, albeit with some slight annoyance this time. Deciding to not dwell into the matter, he tried to just ignore it. Opening the front door, he slipped off his shoes, yawning as he entered the living room.

"I'm home~." He wiped his eyes. Mikan glanced over to her brother while nibbling on a chip. She was reading a magazine while sitting on the couch.

"Welcome home, Rito. Dad said he'll be late again today." Mikan reminded him. The orange head nodded in response, before yawning again. He then walked upstairs and back to his room.

Flopping himself onto his bed, he thought about what Saruyama said earlier. Folding his arms behind his head, he hummed.

"Girls…huh?" He thought out loud. He wasn't really that interesting in the opposite sex, but he did notice them to a degree. "Come to think of it; I don't really have much experience in talking with girls besides Mikan."

Throughout his life, it was either having fun with his guy friends, or playing soccer or doing other activities. Interacting with those of the opposite gender was something he didn't do, so he was a bit perplexed by the fact.

'…Meh. Let's do something else to get this stuff outta my head.' Lifting himself off, he prepared for a bath, grabbing a spare set of clothes to change into. As he entered the bathroom, he began to prepare the hot water needed for said bath, deciding to take this time to clean the bathroom itself a little.

"I can clean up too, not just Mikan…" His little sister was very reliable for her age. She cooked, she cleaned; she could do the entirety of the household chores if she could. And not just that, outside the house she was very mature for her age.

After he finished with his minor cleaning, Rito checked the bath water, sighing in relief as he got in. His face went a little red as he started to relax inside the tub.

"This…is bliss." He then sunk a little into the tub, with only half of his face above the surface. Breathing from his nose for a bit, he then suddenly stood up, jumping out of the tub.

"Okay, what the hell is that?" He narrowed his eyes as he felt the same energy signature being summoned. However, it was then that a spark of light caused Rito to cover his eyes for a moment as a bright light then came. What came in replacement of the light caused his eyes to widen slightly as his face went a little redder.

"Ha-Ha, yes! Escape was successful!" A voice belonging to a pink haired girl appeared. Rito noticed that she had quite the…body, and an ahoge. The girl then looked at him as she stood in the tub.

"Oh?" She blinked. Rito's eyes then twitched as he covered them, averting his gaze from the pink head.

"Mikan, did you bring one of your friends over?!" He yelled. Mikan heard this, and ran upstairs, quickly reaching the bathroom. Slamming the door open, she gasped.

"Rito? What happened? What girl are you talking about?" She then asked. Rito pointed to the tub, causing Mikan to look. But, she then made a sound of confusion.

"…Rito, what're you talking about?" She then said in a deadpan matter. Rito then uncovered his eyes, looking back to where he said the girl was.

"Eh? She was just there a second ago…" He blinked a few times while wiping his eyes. Mikan then looked at her brother with a slightly worried expression.

"Rito, I know that you're at that age, but even you're not a person to get delusions like that." She then walked back downstairs, leaving the orange head grumbling with a confused expression.

Since his bath was pretty much interrupted, he didn't feel like continuing it, so Rito decided to just finish and dress back. Putting on the set of clothes he left, he flushed the water away. He then took a towel, beginning to dry his hair as he walked back to his room.

"What was that though?" He wondered. Opening the door, he sighed, but only to see…

"Ah. Hey there. Borrowing your towel for a bit." The girl then waved her hand in a nonchalant matter. Rito blushed a little while using his towel to cover his face.

Rito sighed. "And…who are you?" The girl then smiled at him.

"Lala!" She responded. That caused his eyes to widen, making his flushed face go back to normal.

'…Lala. Does she mean, Lala Satalin Deviluke? Oh don't tell me…' He started to realize what was going on now.

"I guess you Earthlings aren't used to aliens?" Lala then said as she stood up from his bed. Rito shook his head while still covering his eyes. Lala then smiled.

"If you don't believe me, here!" She then went to her bottom, feeling it for a moment, before pulling out a black tail, which had a black ace-like shape at the tip.

"Earthlings don't have this, right?" She showed her rear to him. That just confirmed Rito's suspicions. He sighed in response.

"Okay okay, just cover yourself would ya?" He waved off to her. He then turned around. "So, how did you get here?"

"Using this device I invented! I call it, "Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun"! As she dubbed it, earning a bit of backward cringe from Rito. "I can't accurately determine its destination, but it allows a living unit to warp a short distance! That's how I escaped while I was inside the bathroom of the spaceship!"

She then showed a device on her wrist. Rito made bare minimum contact to see said device, before turning back.

'That's a preeetty lame way to name things…' Rito sighed inwardly. He then blinked. 'Wait, spaceship? Was that what I was sensing?'

"And…you're being chased now?" Lala was now silent for a moment, before nodding to the question.

"I was captured by my pursers, and I would've been taken away, or so I thought…" She tried to finish that sentence, only for the two to hear an object, or…something that seemed sentient fly through the open window.

"Lala-sama! Are you alright, Lala-sama?!" It called out. It resembled some weird quirky doll with spirally eyes. It was white, wearing sort of miniature suit like clothing. Devilish wings sprouted from its back, allowing it to fly.

"Peke!" Lala cheered for her companion as she hugged it. Rito could only watch in confusion. "I'm so glad you made it out!"

"Indeed! We weren't that far into Earth's atmosphere, so I was able to escape!" Peke explained. By now, Rito had gotten used to Lala's nude state, and turned around, tapping his finger as he folded his arms. The two then noticed him.

"Ara. Lala-sama, who is this dull-looking Earthling?" Peke asked, causing a vein to pop on Rito's forehead. Lala then blinked in realization.

"Ah. I never did get your name." Lala then turned to him.

Rito sighed in order to release that snarky insult that Peke initially said. "It's Rito. Yuuki Rito." Peke then greeted him as he was held in Lala's arms.

"Nice to meet you, the name's Peke." Rito nodded.

"Peke here is an invention I made. He's an All-Purpose Costume Robot!" Lala revealed, causing Rito to raise an eyebrow. "Here, lemme show you. Peke!"

"Yes, Lala-sama!" Peke then glowed.

"Change: Dress Form!"

Wrapping himself around Lala, Rito covered his eyes for a second as Peke did his thing. A puff of smoke then revealed Lala in an outfit that was…bizarre to say the least. She truly was "wearing" Peke, like wearing him in a dress-suit like form. She also wore a hat that resembled his head.

"Is everything adjusted to correct parameters, Lala-sama?" Peke then asked, speaking from the hat-like part. Lala nodded. "It's perfect, Peke."

"It's a good thing he's here. Without Peke, I would have nothing to wear!" Lala then displayed a goofy smile. Rito couldn't help but facepalm in response.

"So, how do I look?" Lala then asked Rito.

"Well, I can't really judge. So, I guess it's pretty good?" He honestly couldn't tell if he was embarrassed by the way she dressed or not. As he thought about that, Peke then spoke out again.

"Say Lala-sama, what shall we do now, since we're away from our pursers?" He asked. Lala then smiled as she held a finger up.

"I got a few things to cover that up. I was planning on—"

Rito then felt two presences coming closely. They would come through the window, but he was too far away to close them as they zipped in. Wearing suits, they also had tails sprouting from their rears. They both wore sunglasses, though one had gold hair, while the other was presented with black hair.

'Great…' He grunted. He assumed that those were the people trying to take Lala back home. The two then stood up, facing the pink headed girl.

"Why do we have to deal with such a troublesome lady…" The blonde sighed. "Should've restricted her movements, even if she did go to the bathroom."

Lala then twitched an eye, before looking up to her hat. "…Peke."


"What did I say about being careful about people trying to follow you?" She asked with an annoyed tone. Peke then sweated a little. "To always be cautious?"

"Yes! And now everything's gone down to the drain!" Lala complained. Rito sweat dropped.

"Well, since you have nowhere else to go, do you mind coming with us now?" The black haired man then proposed. Lala growled at them, causing the blonde to grab her wrist.

"Come on! Let's go!" He grunted. Lala tried to resist as she yelled at the two, causing Rito to sigh once more at the situation.

'Seriously… Royalty these days.' He spoke in a deadpan matter. 'Why is such a stupid thing happening in my room?'

He then looked down to his carpet, in which he saw…

'…Oh hell no…!' His right eye then twitched. Looking down at the carpet, it started to get messed up due to all their trampling, making it all dirty. That's what triggered him.

'I JUST CLEANED THAT CARPET!' He then yelled in his mind.

Eyeing a nearby soccer ball, he grinned at the blonde as he kicked it into his arm, causing him to lose his grip on Lala. Rito then dashed towards the window, grabbing her arm while doing so.

"Over here!" He yelped. Everyone looked at him with surprised expressions as he left to the rooftops with Lala. The two began running in the late sunset sky, in which it almost turned to night.

"Eh? Why, Rito?" The Devilukean was confused. Rito then turned his face back to her. "Because you guys were dirtying my carpet, and because it's annoying to watch something happen right in front of you, especially in your own room!"

As the duo ran across the rooftops, back on ground level, a familiar blue haired girl caught something in the corner of her eye. Looking to the rooftops, she squinted at the sight.

"Is that a…thief?!" She assumed. The dog she was walking barked as she tried to look closer at the situation. Seeing the orange and pink head running across rooftops like it was nothing, she blinked a few times to confirm her vision.

"Y-Yuuki-kun?" She wasn't sure if what she saw was right, though she couldn't confirm it because he was running quite fast, leaving her line of sight in a short amount of time…

Now in a park, Rito landed gracefully, much to Lala's surprise. She didn't know humans could be this agile. However, as agile as he seemed to be, the two escorts quickly caught up.

"HUUURRAAAH!" The black haired one yelled as he threw a truck, creating a blockage. Stopping, the duo turned around to see the two of them behind them.

'Who's gonna pay for that truck?' He sighed. Aliens and collateral damage, what other two things could you mix?

"Earthling, don't interfere with our objective." The blonde then said. The black haired one then stepped forward.

"Please, Lala-sama. Stop trying to run away from home!" Lala stuck her tongue out. Rito then gave her a look of disapproval.

"I'm not going to be some kind of flesh doll waiting to be passed around! I don't care if I'm the successor or whatever, meeting husband candidates is bothersome!" She then yelled.

"That's why you ran from home?" Rito groaned. "What a drag…"

"But this is according to your Father's will!" The blonde then tried to plead with her, causing Rito to step back.

'From the king himself…now that's a problem.' He furrowed his brows. 'Should I just turn her in and get rid of this problem?'

Before he could decide on an action, Lala took out some kind of cellphone. "I don't care if it's from Daddy!" Pressing a button, a flash of yellow was created in front of everyone.

"Oh no!" The blonde yelped.

"Lala-sama is calling one of her inventions out!" The black haired one added. Rito covered his eyes, with a bad feeling growing in his stomach.

"Transmit: Vacuum-kun!"

As the flash dissipated, a large octopus-like machine spawned itself. Having a color scheme similar to Lala's dress, it had large yellow eyes, and had the Devilukean Empire's symbol on its forehead.

"Go on, suck 'em up!" Lala ordered. Vacuum-kun then opened its robotic mouth. A powerful force of suction then started to bring the escorts in as they cried out. It didn't take long for them to get sucked up, surprising Rito.

"That's pretty cool. A vacuum huh? …Wait." He then started to look around. "It's vacuuming everything!"

Trash cans and trees. Benches and bikes; it didn't matter what it was. It started to get sucked by Vacuum-kun. Rito started to panic a little once he himself started to get off from the ground. He then glared at the machine.

'This piece of…' His eyes then flickered red. Before he could get sucked in, from the soles of his feet, metal anchors were launched into the ground, piercing the pavement and dragging him back down to earth. He then stuck an arm out towards the machine.

"Drop dead…" He muttered. His arm glowed, morphing into a large laser cannon. Fortunately for him, Lala didn't see the 15 year old shoot a blast of energy towards Vacuum-kun's mouth. As it went inside, it exploded inside the robot's mouth, destroying it in its entirety.

Unfortunately for Rito however, he was not expected for Vacuum-kun's massive explosion, which blasted him away despite all his efforts. Luckily for him, he already made his weaponized creations fade away back to his body, with a slight exhale signaling it. He then spent the rest of his breathe screaming as he flew back, eventually landing.

Albeit, it was by a branch, and at a very tall tree at that.

As Lala flew by, Rito groaned in annoyance, clearly visible by several veins popping on his forehead as he hanged by his shirt.

"Ah, sorry, sorry, Rito!" Lala chuckled. "I forgot how to turn that thing off, and it must've malfunctioned~!"

Rito then rolled his eyes. 'At least she took the bait.' Lala then helped him down to the ground, in which she then thanked him for his help. Waving him goodbye, she began to fly away.

"Geez, what a drag…" Rito then started to look around. "Guess I'll have to repair the damage done as well?"

Rito's eyes flickered red again as he exhaled. Two strands of hair from the back of his head then grew longer, until they were able to form giant arms. Grabbing the truck, he placed it back where it was at first, and placed the damaged concrete back where it was.

"Not gonna replace the concrete though, that's too tiresome." The hair arms then retracted, and Rito's eyes then returned back to normal. Beginning to turn back to where his home was, he then noticed a familiar blue haired girl. She was a fair distance away, so she couldn't see his face.

"That's… Sairenji Haruna. Guess it's time to go." Scratching his head, he turned away from her, leaving only his orange hair partially visible as he quickly dashed away, growing a pair of boosters on his back.

"Eh?" Was all Haruna could say before she covered her eyes. As Rito activated his boosters, he literally left her in his dust. The only thing she saw was the orange hair that she so dearly recognized, even if it was dark. However, because of that, she couldn't tell if that was the person she thought it was.

Standing up and brushing the dirt off her and her pet, Haruna looked beyond where he used to stand. "Perhaps… I'm thinking too much about it at the moment…"

The next day…

Rito wasn't exactly in…the best mood. Besides the fact that he pretty much got himself involved with the royal Devilukean family's first princess, he nearly exposed his identity as well.

"Well, it could've gone worst… At least she didn't use that thing inside my room, otherwise there would've been more trouble to deal with." He said that out loud as he began his daily walk to school.

"Probably best to hide away from her. No doubt more trouble will come if I—" Rito was continuing to groan, but then from around the corner.

"Ah… Good morning, Yuuki-kun." Haruna suddenly appeared. Rito sweated a little, but tried to make no obvious expressions.

Haruna looked at his face, with a little more direct in her favor. She tried to remember what she saw yesterday, and tried to compare the face of the person she saw running on the rooftop with that of Rito's. As she turned back to him, she then tried to…

"Erm, yesterday I…" Rito knew what was going to happen. Before she could say what she wanted to though, a certain figure was starting to descend upon them.

"…Perfect." Rito mumbled. Haruna was now starting to notice this as well, so while she was distracted by that, Rito quickly dashed away with the help of a pair of generated wings. They were gray in color, with metallic parts of black on them.

"RRRiiiiiiiiiiiiii…to?" Lala blinked as she landed in front of Haruna. Looking to her left and right first, and then forward and behind, she tilted her head. "Eh? Where did he go?"

Haruna was befuddled by what was in front of her. A girl wearing a strange dress literally dropped from the heavens. Sure, that last part might've been a bit exaggerated, but that was basically what was going through her mind. And not only that, this person was looking for Rito as well.

"Uh… You are…?" Haruna tried to say. Before she could get an answer though, Lala flew off again, leaving the blue haired teen alone. Once again, left alone in, well, not in a heap of dust, but still in someone's tracks, she sighed as she stood up.

"I'm going to have to ask Yuuki-kun about this later…" She said as she then continued her own journey to Sainan High…

School was actually pretty pleasant for this day around. Rito, despite having slept in one of his classes, was having a noneventful day. Well, for a while at least.

A few classes ended, with the well-deserved lunch break coming in to sooth the hungry souls of the students. Going back to Rito's class, he took out his lunch box. It was wrapped in a green handkerchief. Putting it down on his desk, he quickly unwrapped it because his stomach was starting to growl.

And just as he sat down, and was just about to dig in…

"RITO!" Saruyama suddenly crashed through and showed up at the entrance to the classroom. Sliding the door open, he pointed outside. "What the hell man, there's a cute-ass chick calling your name out!"

Rito dropped his chop sticks. "Son of a…" Turning back to Saruyama, he sighed as he stood up.

Walking outside, he was dragged by Saruyama to where Lala was trying to call him out. Rito winced a little by the sight he saw. Guys were practically drooling over her, with even some of the girls starting to get envious thoughts regarding her beauty.

"Ritooooo! Where are you?!" She yelled out. Saruyama couldn't believe what was going on. Rito sighed and walked out to her.

"Lala, what the hell are you doing here? Don't tell me you're gonna pull another prank on me again?" Rito looked at the pink head.

A bunch of male students then gathered around, with Saruyama in the front. They all had bewildered expressions because someone like Rito was apparently associated with this suddenly appearing beauty.

"R-Rito, hey, who is this girl? What's your relationship with her?" He dared to ask. Rito held the bridge of his nose, as he knew this was probably not going to end well.

Before he could say anything, Lala grabbed his hand. "I want him to be my bride!" That caused everyone's jaw to drop. Even Rito did a spit take to her response. "What the hell do you think you're saying?!" The orange head turned to face the pink head with utter confusion. Before he could protest however, Saruyama coughed in confusion.

"Wait! I thought you had Haruna in your sights?!" Rito was trying to respond, but alas…

"CATCH THAT CRAPPER!" The guys were now ballistic, and were starting to chase Rito like a horde of zombies. Rito cursed under his breath as he began running in a random direction, and with Lala hanging on his arm to add that.

"Eh? Why are they angry?" Lala was confused. Another vein popped on Rito's head. 'I'm very tempted to just leave her right here…'

Running away for quite a while, Rito's superior agility allowed him to outrun the horde, but that was only until he reached a dead end. And as if the situation wanted to jinx him, the crowd of guys suddenly appeared the minute he turned around.

"Crapbaskets…!" He yelped. He certainly didn't want to use his powers here, nor that accursed teleportation device that Lala had either. He had a feeling it only transported bodies, and not clothing, so, with no further option… He had to turn to that option.

"KILL HIM!" The crowd started to approach them, their distance faltering more and more by the second. Sighing, Rito turned to a window. Looking down, it was around…a story or two.

"Screw it." With Lala still in tow, Rito jumped and crashed out through the window, causing Lala to let go of his arm due to surprise. The guys gasped at the bold move, and watched Rito do a successful five point landing, much to everyone's shock.

"A FIVE POINT LANDING?!" Saruyama retorted. As the crowd and pretty much the rest of the school watched the scene go by, Rito decided to just… skip the rest of class. Somehow, life was probably going to get harder, so he thought:

"Adam, do you think I'll survive this...?"

And that wasn't a question of fun that was a question of desperation. And who's to say that a certain princess won't make this any harder for him?

I gotta say, I enjoyed writing this first part.

To Love-Ru was one of the first Rom-Com mangas, and the one of the first mangas that I've read actually. Not to mention one of the animes I watched once I started getting into it, so, despite all the stuff it has, it holds a place in my memory.

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