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Chapter 2: More Troubles in Town

"So… Why are you here for again?" Rito asked with an annoyed expression.

Speaking to the person who was playing his video games, Lala smiled. "It's like I said! I want to be your bride, so doesn't that mean that a married couple lives together in one household?"

Rito sighed. "But I never even confirmed that darn thing with you in the first place… Heck, I'm not even in love with you, so why—"

"I'm okay with it still!"

Rito twitched an eye again. "Wha… *Sigh* Lala. Let's...go outside for a moment."

Wondering why he wanted to go out, Lala decided to just oblige his command, following him outside after he slipped on a pair of shoes. Avoiding contact with Mikan, the two successfully left the house. Rito wasn't sure where he wanted to go, so he randomly walked around for a bit, until he eventually arrived at one of the local waterways.

Sitting down at the sloped hill of grass, he sighed. "Ok, this is good enough…"

Lala then twirled her tail. "Why did you get so serious for, Rito? And why bring us out here for?" She looked around, curious to his decision. Rito then turned his face to meet hers.

"Do you really want to live here?" He then asked. Lala blinked, before nodding. "It's alright, isn't it?"

'Not really the point…' Rito rolled his eyes. Peke was starting to hum, before gasping.

"…Lala-sama, don't tell you're trying to…" Lala then slapped her hat, causing him to grunt. "I don't know what you're trying to suggest, Peke!"

"And what're you trying to do…?" Rito tried to asked, only to get ignored by the two. Before he could raise his voice however…

"LALA-SAMA!" A man called out. He had gray hair with heterochromatic eyes, blue on his right, and gray on his left. He wore demonic looking armor, and it also came with a fancy cape, how delightful!

"Zastin?" Lala responded to him. Rito flinched. 'Another Devilukean I assume…'

Zastin then chuckled weakly. "Lala-sama… You had no idea how much trouble I had getting here… I got arrested, a dog chased me around, and I got lost… This is why underdeveloped worlds are a pain, however…"

He then pointed at her. "This was all worth it! Now come, Lala-sama! Back to Planet Deviluke with me, please!"

Lala then stuck her tongue out, much to Rito's chagrin. "Bleeeh! I don't wanna, I have a reason not to!"

"Lala don't you dar—"

"Oh, and what is this reason, Lala-sama?" Zastin asked. Lala was then going to drop the mother load of all troubles for Rito.

"I fell in love with this guy!"

'Son of an Arlian…' Rito couldn't believe that she shamelessly said that.

"I'll live with Rito here on Earth!" He then understood that she was trying to use him as an excuse to not go back to her home planet. Looking back at Zastin, he couldn't tell if he was going to go ballistic, or accept it. Though…

"Oh, I see." He actually accepted that. Rito would've facepalmed himself it he could, but the situation was the greatest one to do so.

"I've heard from my men that an Earthling tried to save Lala-sama… It must've been that one right there…" Zastin recalled. Lala then swiped her arms. "Then it's settled right? Now that you know, you can tell Daddy! I won't go back to that place to meet with those accursed husband candidates!"

"Well… It's not that simple, Lala-sama." Zastin sighed. "This was a direct order from the King himself, and I won't be able to face him with the fact that I approved such a relationship between an unknown Earthling and yourself."

'Yeah, right? Tell this girl!' Rito nodded in agreement. Lala then groaned.

"Then how can we make this thing go right then?" She asked. Zastin then closed his eyes as he went for his waist.

"…Lala-sama, please stand back." Rito then felt a surge of killing intent from Zastin. Swiping a sword made whose blade was made of green energy, Rito yelped as he dodged to the side, avoiding a deadly cut.

"Oh come on!" Rito barked. Lala chirped as she watched. Zastin then pointed his blade at him.

"We shall see if he is worthy of being in the presence of Lala-sama…" A tail then popped out from his rear. Rito noticed that his was thin and scorpion-like, compared to Lala's impish looking one. Looking to his side, he then identified how powerful his weapon was, as it was able to cut quite deeply into the ground.

'I really want to use my powers, but if I do, then I'll be in an even more troublesome situation…' Rito mentally said with a frustrated sigh. Looking back at Zastin, the swordsman took a stance.

"Now then, Rito-dono. Show me your skills in a fight!" He then dashed forward with sword in hand. Rito quickly rolled back and onto his feet, quickly jumping to a nearby car.

Landing on top of it, Zastin quickly made mincemeat of it, cutting the vehicle in pieces. Rito was able to dodge by jumping off, continuing to run away. As Zastin chased him, he ended up slashing apart steel poles, vending machines, or whatever was unfortunate enough to be in his and Rito's way. At least he didn't kill anyone though, so that's a relief.

Now running down through a neighborhood street, Rito glanced back at Zastin. "This guy is relentless!"

"What's wrong?! Is running the only option you only action you will do?! Fight me like a man! Come on!" He insisted in trying to convince the orange headed youth, much to his annoyance.

Running to a cross section, at a glance to his right, Rito grinned as he passed it. Quickly turning around and skidding a little, Zastin was about to slash him again, only to notice a speeding car going straight in his direction.

"Shoot!" Zastin quickly jumped over said vehicle, and quite the height he achieved as well. Rito assumed that most Devilukeans had enhanced mobility. However…

Rito then snickered. As Zastin landed, Rito then folded his arms. "Better watch your footing!"

"Ha! Don't get carried away with yourself, I won't be fooled by the same—"


"Ah ha!" Rito pointed at him. Zastin unknowingly landed right in the middle of a train track. And because of that, he was unable to react fast enough to the speeding train that slammed into him, causing him to get flung away and rapidly twirl in the air, much to Rito's enjoyment.

Landing next to Rito, the teen noticed that the dog he was talking about was still chomping on his leg, much to his curiosity. Tapping his foot, Rito tilted his head.

"Is he dead?" He asked out loud. Answering him was the groan of a bleeding Zastin, who seemed to be a bit livid now.

"GYAAAAAH! You won't beat me so easily! Fight meeeeeeee—"

Rito then turned to his side and stuck a leg out, causing Zastin to trip and fall flat on his face. Lala then floated down next to them, pouting.

"Zastin, what're you doing!" Lala complained. Zastin then rose up. "What do you mean, Lala-sama?!"

"You can't expect Rito to defeat the number one swordsman from Deviluke!" She tried to say. Rito wasn't really convinced with the matter, as he pretty much saw Zastin fall due to his own mistakes of the environment.

"But Lala-sama, don't you realize what'll happen?" Zastin then started. A little blood spurted from his head.

"Marrying you, the heir to the Devilukean Royal Family will mean that he'll be able to rule over the entire area that they command! That means he'll have control over countless planets that are under the care of the Devilukean King's care!"

Rito did a spit take. "WHAT?!" He couldn't believe what he was hearing. 'No, no, no, no, no, NO! That's something I definitely don't want!'

"That's why the King had gathered candidates from around the galaxy, Lala-sama…" Zastin and Lala were now starting to argue with one another over the same thing that caused Rito to even get involved.

"I'm sure Daddy cares more about the succession than me!"

"That's not true, he—"


The two then darted their heads back to Rito, whose eyes glowed red for a second. Returning back to normal after another moment, he sighed. "Being the heir to the Devilukean Empire, meeting candidates, who gives a crap?!"

"If a person doesn't want to be living like this, don't force them to! If they don't like the person that they're being married to, do something about it then! GO HOME ALREADY!" He started.

"Just give them some freedom. Give me some freedom!" He then finished, panting a bit from all the yelling he just did.

'This… Earthling.' Zastin and Lala were surprised by Rito's sudden outburst. However…

"Rito… You said you don't like me, but you understand exactly how I feel!" Lala suddenly said, making the two males raise an eyebrow.

"It's like he said. I just want to live a life on my own, unrestricted by the rules of the world! There's so many things I wanna do and see, one being deciding on my own who would be by husband…" She explained to the two.

"Lala…?" Rito narrowed his eyes. He wasn't sure what she was going to do next, but…

"I really do think… I wanna marry you, Rito."

'Ah. My life is over…' Rito's psyche cracked into shards like a mirror. He then turned to Zastin. "Oi, Zastin… Help me out…"

Much to his chagrin though, Zastin was crying out tears of guilt. "No… I was only following the King's orders… I was unaware of Lala-sama's feelings. I tried to ignore them, but the way you bravely exposed those feelings, I have no shame in admitting defeat now."


Rito's eye twitched again. "Are you… No, wait, please no—"

"I will report this to the King, Lala-sama!" Zastin then started to walk away, leaving the other two alone. Rito went down to his knees, now in utter confusion to just what happened.

"Wha… My… What?!" Rito's life was going to be even more of a hell hole now, but in another place…

In a nearby apartment…

Apartment number 501, Sairenji.

Haruna laid on her bed, grasping her pillow. She was having a few moments to herself, thinking of the last few things that just happened. She then turned to her side, eyeing her desk.

Looking towards a certain picture frame, she looked upon a certain orange head, who was a little younger than the one that she knew. Wearing a black gakuran, he wore a big smile while making a peace sign. He was with a bunch of other students who were also smiling for the picture.

She then closed her eyes. "Yuuki-kun…"

The next morning…

"Uuh…" Rito yawned as he opened his eyes. Looking up towards his ceiling, he tried to turn to his side, only to feel something…soft?

"Hm?" Looking to his side, he narrowed his eyes at the sight of pink hair. It was right next to him, so before he could assume anything, he quickly lifted the comforter up and away, revealing…

"…Lala." He blushed a little. He noticed that the thing he grabbed was not Lala's… assets, but rather, Peke. Sighing, he jumped off his bed, before doing… "What're you doing on my bed… AND NAKED TOO at that!" He then growled. Lala and Peke were now awake, and looking in his direction.

"But I wanted to sleep with you, Rito!" Lala told the orange head. Peke then grumbled. "I can't be in Clothes Form forever you know!"

Sighing, the clicking of his door caused him to turn around. Mikan then opened up. "Rito, are you still sleeping? You're gonna be…"

She then blinked at the sight. While Lala and Peke were just staring at her, Rito facepalmed. Mikan then looked at her bother in a deadpan matter, before slowly closing the door.

"Take your time…" Rito then quickly grabbed the doorknob, causing Mikan to try and close it from her side. "Mikan…! This was a misunderstanding… I'll tell you about it later!"

Taking his explanation with a sigh, Mikan finally stopped resisting. "Fine, but you'll tell me everything about it, okay?" Rito nodded, before letting go of the door. Mikan then sighed as she started to go downstairs.

"Ah, I forgot, I have to go out today!" Lala then remembered before turning to Peke. "Peke!"

"Yes ma'am!" Changing to her dress form, Lala then flew out of the window. "Rito, I'll be out for a while!"

"Oi, where're you…" Before he could ask, Lala had already flown away. Sighing once more, Rito looked back at his clock. Noticing that he was going to be late if he walked to school, he quickly got dressed. Not bothering to shower, he only brushed his teeth and quickly ran down to eat.

Pretty much gobbling his food up, he thanked Mikan for the meal before running off. As soon as he closed the front door, he quickly jumped up. With his eyes flickering red, he generated his gray and black wings, using them to fly over to Sainan High. Compared to walking, flying only took a minute or so.

Landing on the rooftop of his school, he checked his phone. He had fair amount of time, so he sighed in relief as he began walking downstairs to his classroom. After a bit, he slid the door open. He then noticed a little sign on the chalkboard.

"Ah, right, today's my turn for chores in class. Who's my partner?" He then gazed at the name opposite to his. "Oh… Sairenji-san, huh?" He wondered if some extraterrestrial force were messing with him right now, because when he glanced over at said person, she seemed to be giving him a strange look of curiosity…

After that class ended, which happened to be Chemistry, Rito and Haruna began to clean the board of all the chemical formulas and other mishaps that were present on the board. Using their erasers, they began to wipe away the chalk. Though…

It was…very awkward. They didn't make a noise besides wiping, so both of them started to feel a tad bit uncomfortable. So, to try and alleviate this situation.

"Uhm…" Rito glanced over to Haruna. The blue head shook in response, as she was not ready for that.

"Er… I'll go and do the rest. You can go take a break, Yuuki-kun." She quickly said, earning herself a few blinks and a confused look from Rito.

And it wasn't just that either. Whenever he tried to talk to her, Haruna would get startled and run off, using the daily chores as an excuse to go away for a bit. And this kept on going till school ended.

So, as the sunset started to settle in, Rito and Haruna were finishing up the rest of their chores. Haruna tallied up the attendance, and while she was doing that, Rito was busy watering some of the plants.

She then noticed the calm expression he had on his face as he did so. He wasn't grinning per say, but he had a gentle smile on his face while he was taking care of the plants. As he placed the pot back on the shelf were everyone placed their things, Haruna tried to speak out, breathing in and out a few times before.

"…Yuuki-kun, you took care of the plants while we were in junior high as well, didn't you?" She suddenly said, garnering some attention from Rito.

"Eh? Oh, yeah. I…suppose I did." He responded.

"People tend to forget about things like that, but you did it frequently." She noted. Rito then shrugged.

"Ah, yeah. Back at my place, we have a lot of plants and flowers. I like to take care of them, it…sort of became a habit I suppose. My folks are always working, and my sister's busy with household chores too." He explained.

"I suppose…that's because of your kindness, Yuuki-kun." Haruna then said, albeit, a bit surprised that she admitted that. Rito widened his eyes slightly, but she then tried to dash out of the room, saying that she would take the trash out.

However, she then tripped on her leg, and was about to fall down, but then…

"Hey!" Rito's eyes flickered red, pushing himself forward and catching her by her shoulder, with an arm around her waist. The two gazed at each other, before Rito pushed himself off, coughing a little.

"Sorry for the sudden grabbing…" He averted his gaze. His eyes were already back to normal, so fortunately for him, Haruna didn't see his eyes changing color, but shook her head in response.

"Ah, no… Thanks for that." Haruna thanked him. Nodding, the two continued their daily duties. So, let's leave the rest of the day out for now, aight?

The next day…

Doing the usual business again, Rito was relieved to not find Lala in his bed. Going to school again, he was in a good mood surprisingly. Haruna had not seemed to be suspicious about the situation that happened during that night, so he was glad for that.

As he arrived in his classroom with Saruyama, he and the rest sat down in their seats. As he sat down with his head on his desk, his homeroom teacher, Honekawa, suddenly announced something…

"Ahhh… This is probably random as heck, but y'all have a new student transferring to this here classroom." He adjusted his glasses. The rest of the students started to get rattled up, wondering if it was a guy or a girl. Rito was too busy relaxing on his desk, only to sit up at the recognition of a certain voice.

"Aight young lady, come on in…" Honekawa then turned to the doorway.

Sliding in, a familiar pink head entered the room, shocking everyone once she spoke. "Okay, sir!"

Rito immediately sat up, to which Haruna noticed. Said pink head then grinned as her tail flung around. "Hey, Rito! I'm a student here now too!"

Haruna gasped, but then glanced over to Rito, who was laying on his desk, as if he was lifeless. He was very tempted to go and crash out of a window again. The guys then went ballistic.

"RITO, WHO THE HELL IS SHE, SERIOUSLY?!" Saruyama slammed his palms on Rito's desk. Rito sighed.

"She's…a relative, and a distant one at that." He lied. Just as he calmed the crowd down, Lala went and added something to the massive fire.

"We also live together as well!"



"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! KILL THE HERETIC!" The guys then started to crash towards Rito. Groaning, he didn't even bother trying to run away. Turning to the window again, he nonchalantly jumped and crashed out of it, not even looking to see how far we was from the ground

"*Sigh* FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU—!" Once again, the students were shocked that Rito landed with a professional five point landing, to which Saruyama was always wondering when the hell he learned to do such a thing…

News of Lala's enrollment spread like wildfire. Rito had taken this opportunity to fly back up to the rooftop, in which Lala was soon able to find him; without finding him using his abilities of course.

"Lala, how did you even take care of the transferring process?" He asked. Lala then tried to recall. "Aren't you an alien?"

"Ah, I visited some guy call the Principal, and he just have me the okay!" She revealed. Rito facepalmed. 'Of course, that damn perverted principal…'

"Well, at least you didn't reveal the fact that you're an alien, otherwise everyone would go nuts." He shrugged.

"Nuts?! People would go after her life if they learned!" Peke suddenly said. Rito didn't notice before, but upon looking at Lala's head, it was revealed that she was a hairclip, which meant…

"You changed into this uniform?" Lala confirmed it with a thumbs up. Rito was probably going to die at this rate…

Back at the classroom, things went by as usual, or as usual as it could. After their classes ended, Honekawa requested that Haruna showed Lala around, much to the blue head's reluctance.

"Erm, yes sir…" Lala then came over to her. "Hello there."

"Hello! I'm Lala!" The Devilukean greeted Haruna. Said blue head did the same, with Rito eyeing the situation from his desk as he started to pack his belongings. He desperately did not want to get involved with whatever she wanted to plan out with, so he quickly snuck out from the room.

Haruna then started to introduce Lala to some of the school clubs. First going to places like the Chemistry club, the two eventually went downstairs to the first floor, exiting out from one of the doors. Rito was on the second, and going on a different way, but…

"Oh, whoops." A baseball club member swatted his bat, but it made the ball go off in a direction he didn't want it to.

"Hinata, you idiot!" Another member yelled.

"Why me, I didn't even hit it!" A squeaky voice responded.

The baseball continued to go in its intended path, in which it ended up hitting…Rito's head.

"Finally some peace and—GEH!" The ball landed on the side of his temple, causing him to get a slight concussion and fall out of the window he happened to be right next to him. Some passerby gasped at the sight.

Landing in some bushes, a lump mark surfaced on his head as the ball rolled over to Lala and Haruna. As she picked it up, Haruna briefly explained it to her, causing her to get excited. Rito groaned from where he laid.

"Adam, kill me please…" He grunted.

As Lala tried out baseball, he eventually got up, rubbing his head in discomfort. "I was not ready for that…" Walking out to the field, Lala spotted him as he staggered a little.

"Ah! Rito, perfect timing!" She called out to the pained youth. Rito sighed.

"Eh…" Haruna noticed the lump on his head. "Yuuki-kun?"

As Rito walked to the field, she explained the situation to him. Reluctantly agreeing to swing for her, she then took the bat to a nearby corner. Unbeknownst to everyone but Rito, she upgraded it with her Almighty Tool, an invention of hers which allows her to create a new invention, or modify/upgrade another piece of equipment.

Rito could definitely tell it was modified, as clearly motioned by the Devilukean symbol on the bat. Not wanting to take a chance, Rito quickly ran to Baseball club's supply shack, taking a normal bat out. He quickly took the chance to destroy Lala's invention, and merely took a marker and drew the same symbol.

As he walked back, the pitcher, which Rito assumed was someone who praised himself highly, chuckled. "You're batting for her? Don't be silly!"

Lifting his arms up, he prepared to throw the ball. Rito narrowed his eyes as he also got ready, swinging the ball after the pitcher threw a fastball. Right as the ball was about to make contact, Rito closed an eye, and almost closed another. His eyes then flickered red, causing his arm to attach a small booster to the side of the bat. The catcher didn't notice as Rito slammed his bat against the ball, sending it flying.

Unfortunately, he forgot to turn off his Trans, and ended up throwing the bat as well. The ball first hit the guy in the nuts, and then the bat slapped him in the face, leaving a half dead guy instead, as well as some other dropped members who happened to be in the way.

Lala then cheered for Rito. "Nice! Let's go to the next one, Haruna!" Said blue head merely nodded as they went along.

The bat did eventually stop, but it ended up slamming the back of the head of a certain Devilukean Commander, as well as another pitcher that could only throw fast balls. Let's save that tale for another time though.

Rito would take this chance of confusion to quickly run away however. He didn't want to use the situation to get hurt even more by Lala's shenanigans, so he hid on the rooftop until everything was finished…

And an hour or so later, Rito did eventually drag Lala out of the school with as little commotion as he could handle. He would just ignore whatever attention Lala attracted.

'Just, ignore the stuff for now, and it'll be over…' He told himself that. Eventually reaching his house, he opened the front door. He and Lala slipped off their shoes and entered the house. Rito then told Lala to wait for a bit.

Entering the kitchen, Rito greeted Mikan. "I'm home…" Mikan then nodded. "Welcome back, Rito. You seem a bit tired."

Rito then grabbed her sister's shoulder, making her blink. "R-Rito?" He then pointed a finger to the entranceway. "About that girl. She was the one that first appeared in the bath suddenly, you'll see her right there."

Mikan wasn't able to respond, so she merely nodded as Rito left to go and change. As she checked out the doorway, she tried to understand what was in front of her…and she was positive for it…

Back with Rito, he was now laying down. After sighing for around 10 seconds, he changed and went back downstairs. Mikan and Lala were already starting to get acquainted with one another as they started to eat.

As they finished, Lala went off somewhere, leaving Mikan and Rito together. As Rito was finishing his cup of tea, Mikan came up to him with a Cheshire smile.

"So, Rito. When are ya getting married to her?" That caused Rito to choke on his drink, before turning back to her. "Didn't I already tell you… It was only because the situation forced me to say so. And besides, why're you treating her like part of the family, she's an alien…"

"Well, she looks human, and she speaks the language too. She's also lit the atmosphere in this household like a 250 watt bulb! We have plenty of room for her as well!" Mikan resolved her claim.

'And my peaceful life has died off…' Rito grumbled. Lala then came back while holding a towel. "Rito~!"

"Let's take a bath together!" She dared to say that in front of the siblings. Rito blushed a little, before furrowing his nose bridge. "Lala, you know I can't do that…"

Lala then pouted. "Then Mikan, let's take one together!" The younger Yuuki sibling turned to her. "Eh? Me?"

"Yeah! I'm not comfortable taking one alone since I always had maids with me!" She admitted as she pushed Mikan along. Said girl chuckled. "Really? Such a bother."

Rito shook his head in confusion. "I will never get how she thinks…" That would be eternally true for him…

The next day…

Lala was a star to the school now. Her Devilukean heritage granted her superior athletic abilities, as noted by her recording breaking 10.9 second 100 meter run. The girl's track team was astonished to say the least, some of them even foaming a little.

A blonde male teacher, the tennis club's coach, Sasuga, eyed her in an uncomfortable way. Rito was too busy having fun with soccer to notice. Haruna didn't either as she watched Rito with attracted eyes.

"He" would request to see Haruna after gym class ended. It was only then by lunch break that Rito started to sense something strange in the area. As usual, Lala attracted much attention and envy from the boys, who were practically giving Rito death stares.

As Rito dashed away, she tried to go after him. Some of the guys were bold enough to block her away and actually try asking her to eat with them, but Lala was only concerned with the person who ran off from her, albeit, not for the reasons that Rito himself were concerned with.

As Rito walked in the hallway, his phone suddenly started to vibrate. Taking it out from his pocket, a familiar voice entered.

"Hello, Yuuki-kun."

'This voice… Sasuga-sensei?' His eyes narrowed as he continued to walk. What he said next surprised him though.

"I have a little…something to talk about with you. It's regarding the first princess of Planet Deviluke, Lala Satalin Deviluke. May I see you right now?"

'An alien that's probably disguised as a human… Probably a figure of high power if he's one of the candidates for Lala. He must have something that may attract my attention in he wants me to come.' Rito sighed. He then remembered his encounter with the Devilukean King, albeit, only his voice. He remembered the deal he made with him, and it had to come and bite him in the Alps.

"I have a certain…student that you're acquainted with. If you don't come, then I'm afraid I'm going to have her suffer some of the consequences. Come to field shack if you dare."

'A female I'm acquainted with… Sairenji-san?' He then gritted his teeth a little as he ended the call. Jumping out of a nearby window, a teacher yelled at him as he landed on the ground. Fortunately for him, there weren't any people out there in the field as he flew to said building. Landing and putting his wings away, he opened the door.

"…You called?" Rito muttered towards Sasuga. He turned around. "My, you're a bit fast aren't you, Yuuki Rito?"

"Cut the crap. Let her go." He then glared at Haruna, who was unconscious and entangled by tendril like objects. Walking up to Sasuga, the blonde grinned.

"I wouldn't come close if I were you…" Rito then stopped as his appearance started to change. His human form changed, and now resembled some sort of reptilian form. He became more muscular, and he gained outlines around his eyes. His ears became bigger and elf-like. His tongue got longer, and became blue. His teeth gets replaced with pointed teeth.

"If you value this human, you'll do as I say!" Rito then closed an eye.

"I assume you're one of Lala's candidates?" He then asked. The green alien nodded. "Indeed I am! I am Ghi Bree, and I want you to stop being with Lala!"

Rito then scratched his head as he started to walk up. Ghi Bree grinned. "Oh, what're you trying to do now!"

"If Lala learns that you kidnapped an innocent girl, what do you think she'll think of you?" He asked.

"Gahehea! It doesn't matter! Once I marry her, I'll make her develop a personality that's perfect for my tastes!" Ghi Bree then licked his lips. Rito then sighed, but then…glared at him like he was going to kill him without mercy.

"Eh?!" Ghi Bree stepped back. 'What's with this guy?'

Rito then started to walk up slowly. His eyes flickered red. Ghi Bree then gulped. "Fine, I'll kill you then!" His body then started to get very muscular, heck, it looked like he was gonna explode.

However, Rito was unfazed. His body started to form a hazy blood red, engulfing him in the cloud. A moment later, he revealed his appearance to Ghi Bree, who looked utterly terrified.

Rito was now wearing a jet black leather top. Wearing gray body armor that went over his chest, a star shaped cut out was located on the chest part. His lower sleeves were a bit open, and were blood red in color. Wearing black pants with pockets on each side, a few belts were tied on the bottom, in which that area was blood red in color as well. He wore black leather shoes which had straps tying around them.

His most prominent feature was the cloak that went over his body. It was charcoal grey in color, and wrapped around Rito like a scarf. It also worked as a hood. To finish it off, Rito's eyes were now a ruby red color, and his orange hair had slight accents of red at their edges.

"A Balkean from the planet Balke. Heh, fine, come and fight me then…" As Rito said those words of his, Ghi Bree started to sweat immensely, and even more once a horde of weapons sprouted from Rito's body. "So, what do you say?"

"O-Okay okay! Please, don't kill me!" He then shrunk, and when I mean that, I mean to the size of stuff animal. Rito then sensed something was starting to come close, so he quickly transformed back, with a slight exhale signaling its effect.

"A word about me, and you're dead." He quickly muttered. Ghi Bree quickly nodded in fear as someone came by.

"Rito!" Lala called out. As she entered the building, she noticed everything. "Haruna-chan?! Who did this?!" She then looked down to the person Rito pointed to. "You… You're Ghi Bree!"

"F-Forgive me…" Ghi Bree said in his squeaky voice. Rito couldn't help but sigh and smile. "As long as you don't threaten others again, alright?"

"Yes, sir!" Everyone then started to hear footsteps. "Eh?"

"Darling! What do you think you're doing here?!" A small voice came by at the entrance to the shack. Rito and Lala turned to find another Balke, and a female at that.

"H-Honey!" That surprised the two, but even more once a smaller Balke came in. "Son!"

"He has a wife and kid? Then why try to go after Lala?" Rito asked. Ghi's wife then looked up to him. "You see…"

"My husband has a stupid tendency to go to other planets, mimic the ideal male of their world, and trick women into having his babies…" She explained as Ghi played with his son. Speaking of kids…

"Oh, here they are now." She then said. Ghi gasped as four other species came into play. Lala and Rito chuckled weakly at the sight of Ghi comically trying to run away.

"Well, that's everything settled. Lala, can you do something about this?" Rito turned to the pink head. Lala shrugged as she took her D-Dial out.

"Transmit: Slosh-Slosh Warp-kun!"

'There she goes with that weird naming again…' Rito sighed. Upon summoning it, a toilet-like machine puffed into the area. It kind of looked like a duck's head, since it yellow and white, had light blue eyes, and had a beak-ish like mouth.

Lala then smiled. "Okay now, off with Earth with you, all right?!" She then pressed a button on the D-Dial, causing the mouth of Warp-kun to open. A swirl of water then came up, swallowing Ghi Bree and his families. Rito was a bit surprised that it was as simple as that.

"There, everything's good!" Lala laughed in triumph. Rito yawned, finally relieved that most of the problems were taken care of. The two then turned to Haruna, who was…dirty in appearance, let's say that.

Rito blushed a bit. "Lala, mind getting those things off of her?" Lala then helped Haruna off of those tentacle like objects. "Peke, can you repair her clothes?"

"Leave it to me, Lala-sama! My system can easily repair material like this." Peke confirmed. Haruna's body then glowed, with her clothes being replaced with her gym ones.

"Let's carry her to the Nurse's office, and say it was anemia." Rito suggested. He then started to walk away.

"Rito? Where are you going? You did save her, right?" Rito then turned to face her. "Well, it'll be kinda strange if the both of us accompanied her, right? So yeah, thanks…" He then yawned as he exited the shack.

Lala looked towards Rito's direction, and then back at Haruna. Picking her up piggy-back style, she slowly exited the place as well, though she couldn't help but think of something…

"…I wonder what Rito did to make Ghi Bree change back to his true form?" She wondered…

The Nurse's Office...

"Nmm…" Haruna groaned as her eyes started to twitched. As she opened her eyes and sat up, Lala chirped with happiness.

"Haruna-san, you're awake!" She smiled. Haruna slowly gazed her vision to her face. "Lala-san…? What… What happened?"

Lala smiled. "Well, you collapsed near the tennis club's room due to anemia." She "explained". Haruna then blinked as she tried to remember.

"I…" As she was trying to recall, Lala then hugged her with a joyous expression.

"Either way, I'm so glad you're safe though, Haruna!" Haruna wasn't expecting such physical contact from the pink head.

"Erm, Lala-san, were you the one who found me?" She asked. Lala touched her chin with a finger, before moving her mouth to Haruna's ear. Whispering the name of her savior, Haruna blushed a little.

"Eh…?" She was bewildered, and very surprised. She would have some thoughts about a certain someone after this…

"ACHOO! Gah, who's talking about me?" Rito snorted as he started to go home. Oh right, someone in a certain spaceship would get jump scared by aliens soon enough, but that's for that scene…

And there you have it folks, the second chapter to this new story!

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