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Chapter 3: New Acquaintances… and the Seaside!


Town Trip!

It was now Sunday, the one truly free day-off that students could get. So, to spend this time accordingly, Mikan insisted that she and Rito take Lala to go sightseeing around the culture of Earth. Rito was going to protest, but he didn't really have an excuse, so he decided to go with them, partially so Lala couldn't cause any more mischief around the place.

The two decided to take Lala to the middle of downtown. Rito dressed casually, a black long sleeve with a blue top, along with brown pants. Mikan did so as well, with an orange blouse, and a yellow short sleeved hoodie. Lala however…

"Oho! So this is how Earthling towns are like!" She darted her gaze around, garnering the attention of many people who gazed upon her figure.

The two of them facepalmed, because… She was still in her Dress Form. Eventually, Rito dragged her to an alley, sighing. "Lala…"

"Hmm? What's wrong, Rito?" Lala asked, oblivious to the situation. Rito and Mikan glanced at each other, before turning back to her.

"If you didn't notice, that outfit of yours is attracting a lot of unnecessary attention…" He pointed out to the flowing crowd. Lala then tilted her head. "So, I can't be in Dress Mode?"

"Exactly." Rito answered.

"Well, sight-seeing on Earth is what you wanted to do, so it's better to dress like the locals, right?" Mikan proposed her change of clothing for Lala.

"Oh, I see." Both Lala and Peke said. Mikan smiled in response. "Since Peke can transform into any outfit, just try changing into one of the sets of clothing from a random passerby then."

Lala nodded, and then peeked out from the alley way. Looking at a man in a business suit, she looked up to Peke. "Peke, let's try that one!"

"Roger, Lala-sama." Her eyes then swirled.

"Costume Analysis…complete! Form Change!"

Lala's body then flashed. Mikan and Rito covered their eyes for a moment, only to see Lala wearing a business suit like the random man that walked by. See then turned to the two.

"How's this for changing?" She smiled. Rito pinched his nose. "Lala, that's a male's outfit…" Lala then turned back, and Peke copied some more.

"This?" Lala posed.

"That's a policewoman, and a shaky dress at that too!" Rito retorted. Lala pouted, and then flashed again, this time into a bunny outfit.

"WHERE THE HELL DID YOU FIND THAT?!" Mikan couldn't tell if her brother was going to get white hairs as this rate…

Eventually, she did choose a satisfactory outfit. It consisted of a dark red one-piece dress, and a pink blouse. Rito then sighed in relief. "That's a pass…"

Mikan snickered at her brother's embarrassment. He would remember that.

Lala then grabbed his wrist and started to drag him away, much to Rito's surprise when he almost tripped. "Let's goooooo!"

"Don't pull me, for Pete's sake!" Rito grumbled…

And onwards to the urban zone!

And so began the trio's field trip in the city. They would go to many booths and other vendors, one of which was a mask shop. Although Lala forced Rito to try out some goofy ones, Rito actually was contemplating on buying a mask himself.

He figured he could use one to cover his face, and thus prevent his identity from going out to the public if he ever used his powers. After all, his Trans form didn't provide a mask, so he was thinking about it.

As the three finished their window shopping, a delicious aroma caught the attention of Rito. Lala and Mikan noticed as he started to drool, walking towards…a taiyaki vendor of all things. Rito then requested for a large bag of them, much to the seller's joy. Buying around 10 of them, Rito graciously thanked the man as he started to bite into one of them…

"This…is bliss…" He mumbled as he chewed on one of them. Lala and Mikan giggled at the sight as they continued to explore the area.

A few minutes later, the trio eventually reached a game arcade by the name of Game Walk. Entering it, Lala was intrigued by a pulley game. She looked into the thing as she placed her palms against the transparent screen.

"What's this machine, Rito, Mikan?" She asked. The two approached her, with the two of them munching on some more taiyakis. Somehow, Rito had gotten twenty more of them. It seemed the siblings had similar fashions in taste.

"You put in money and try to pull things out using the toy crane." Mikan explained. Lala's eyes shined due to her new interest. "Ooooh! That's cool!"

Eyeing the one she wanted, she inserted the money and tried to grab it. Unfortunately, she failed. "Urgh! It's so cute, but it's so hard to grab!"

"That's a pretty big one, so that's natural." Mikan answered. Rito then sighed, before pushing them out of the way.

"Here's how it done…!"

Rito then proceeded to grab the plush, which was a purple rabbit with stitches and bandages, with exactly the right precision! Mikan sighed in response to her brother's actions.

"I don't know why you're good at the most useless of things…" She shrugged. Rito merely stood with a triumphant smile. "Umu."

"Thanks for that, Rito!" Lala thanked him. Rito then yawned. "Craptastic…"

Moving on to another store, Rito and Mikan were discussing about some tickets that she got from buying clothes from a nearby shop. As they were suggesting to go there, Rito started to notice something…


"Oi, Lala… Your clothes." Rito and Mikan stared at Lala's body, in which her clothes started to deteriorate. Lala blinked. "Oya?"

"What's going on?" Mikan gasped. Peke then panted a little, causing everyone to look up. "Erugh…"

"Peke?" Lala looked to the corner of her eye.

"I'm… I'm sorry, Lala-sama… It seems that I'm starting to run out of energy. All of those continuous changes that I did earlier have seemed to take more of a toll than expected…" She explained.


"What's going to happen then?" Mikan sweat dropped. Peke grunted.

"After around 3 minutes, the costume will fade away in its entirety, meaning…" Rito sighed in understanding. "Mikan, let's go…"

Lala's panties then dropped to the ground, disintegrating away a moment later. Rito and Mikan then grabbed her wrists. "Damn it!" They both barked.

"Where are we going?" She asked them.

"Just somewhere! Anywhere to hide for just a moment!" Rito yelled. Mikan then eyed a random clothing store. "Over there!"

"Right!" As they entered said store, Rito immediately turned around the moment he figured out what kind of place it was.

"Not right!" Mikan then grabbed his sleeve and dragged him back in. "Mikan, what the heck!"

"It's fine, it's fine!" She insisted. Pushing him back, she quickly grabbed some pairs of underwear and gave them to Lala. "Lala, go and try these in the changing room!"

Pushing her into said room, she quickly pulled the curtains over. "Whew… I'll go and buy some clothes for her." Rito then nodded as she ran off. 'Mikan, what would I do without you…' He cried out in thanks.

As she left, he immediately covered his eyes with an arm. "Now to not get labeled as a pervert…" And of course…

'Y…Y-Yuuki-kun…?!' Haruna's mouth went slightly agape. She was now staring at him from behind, now suddenly appearing into the scene. As he turned around, she noticed that he was covering his eyes, and was in front of the changing room.

'If he's there, then inside must be…' She then towards the changing room, and out of it…

"Ritoooo!" Lala pushed the curtains aside. "I'm—Oh, Haruna-chan!" She then waved to her. Rito sighed as he let his arm down. He then opened his eyes to see Haruna in front of them.

"It's…not what you think it was…" Rito sweat dropped. Mikan happened to make a good entrance, as she carried a small bag of clothes for Lala. "Lala, wear these!"

"Mikan, thank goodness…" Rito smiled with relief. He would eventually explain the situation to Haruna with Mikan, sooooo… Onwards!

"Misunderstandings galore…" Rito yawned as he followed the three girls in front of him. Mikan then gulped as she looked over to Haruna.

"Erm, do you mind if I call you Haruna-san?" She asked. Haruna giggled." Sure, Mikan-chan."

'It's so easy for people of the same sex to become friends!' He clenched his free fist in understanding. Haruna had now joined the three in going to the aquarium. Apparently, Rito also learned that Peke could recharge simply by sleeping, so that was some sort of good news to him.

As they arrived and began to explore the place, Rito turned to Haruna. "Sorry again for forcing you to come along with us…" He rubbed the back of his head. Haruna shook her head in response. "Nah, it's alright. The aquarium's a nice place to visit every now and then. But…I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

Rito then sighed. "Does it really look like that? That's a bad thing then…" Haruna then tried to apologize, but Rito explained the situation. "Nah, Mikan wanted to take Lala around for sight-seeing anyways. I'm just here so she doesn't cause any mischief."

"Ah, I see…" Haruna then giggled. "I can picture Lala-san acting like a child and doing some stuff…" Rito then yawned. "Don't try to jinx it, please…"

While the two were talking, Mikan peeks over to the two. "Hmm, now that I remember…wasn't Haruna-san a classmate of Rito's since junior high… Is it that…?" She then tried to piece some pieces that may…not be actually there.

Lala then came running to them. "Rito, there aren't any corbiculae here!" Rito then darted his head over. "Why would there be a pollen basket for bees here for?!" He barked in response.

"That's a bit surprising." Mikan and Haruna noted at Rito's knowing of such a term, and as a nonchalant retort to be specific.

"Then how about mackerel and saury then?"

"That's for eating! They don't put aquatic animals that are meant to be eaten in aquariums…" Rito facepalmed. However, of course Lala ignored her, eyeing some other exhibit.

"Oh, what's that?" She then ran off. Mikan then said she would follow her, leaving just Rito and Haruna alone.

"Mikan wait… Geez, that girl…" Rito ruffled his hair. "Well, why don't we go over to that side then, Sairenji-san?" Rito then started to walk, but then…

"Hmm?" Haruna then clamped her fingers to his sleeve, making Rito turn his face around. "Sairenji-san?" Haruna then realized what she was doing, blushing a little as she let go of him. "Ah, sorry… I just…wanted to tell you something."

"Something? What's up?" Haruna then fidgeted her fingers. "Well, it was about that other day, when Lala-san brought me to the Nurse's Office…"

'Nurse's Office…? …Wait, she didn't…' Rito widened his eyes in realization.

"She told me…that it was you who actually brought me there. So… I wanted to thank you, but I never got the chance to do so. So…thanks, Yuuki-kun." Rito rubbed the back of his head sheepishly while trying to avert his gaze.

'I'm going to have to get Lala back for this embarrassing scene…' He promised himself. Haruna then tried to say something else, but then…

"…?!" Rito then sensed something coming, quickly turning around and catching a…penguin in his hands? Rito then blinked in confusion, because the penguin seemed to be acting in a hyper-tistic like fashion. He then looked in the direction of where he came from, only to see more and more penguins dashing around with berserker like energy.

"This is… LALA!" Rito then yelled. Said pink head then came running out. "Hey, Rito! Check it out, I have these pills that gave the little guys 100 times the amount of energy they would've had!"

'Is that some sort of super serum for soldiers or something?!' Rito twitched an eye. Lala then answered him, as if it was a rhetorical situation. He then looked around. "Wait, where's Mikan at?!" Lala's tail twirled. "Mikan-chan? Erm, I think she's in the bathroom?" Rito facepalmed again. However, from a corner, Mikan looked over.

"I see now… Haruna-san is…" As the penguins started to go away, Lala and Haruna started to evacuate the others. As Mikan turned to join them, it was then that Rito noticed something in the air.

"Hmm… What's that?" It was a robotic fly. It then tried to shoot a laser a Rito. Luckily for him, there was no one for him, so just for a bit, his eyes flickered to Trans mode, and he flung out a sturdy rope from the palm of his hand. It had a kunai attached it as Rito grinned.

"Get over here!" It then pierced the fly, dragging it to Rito's hand. His eyes then returned to normal once it disappeared. A small man struggled to get out of the fly.

"Another suitor? Heh, get out of my sight before I crush you." Said man then hurriedly obliged, teleporting himself away. Rito was glad to get some action after the end of all this crap, so this was a slight bonus…

A little while later… Swimsuits and the Sun?!

It was now summer, and was highly evidenced by the scorching hot heat that the students of Sainan High were currently feeling. The students' uniforms were now changed, going from their winter to summer uniforms. Males wore a white buttoned top that had a collar, while females did the same while wearing a yellow vest. It was finished by a green bow tie that was tied with their collar part.

"Rito… Why is it so hooooot for…" Lala complained while trying to cover herself with her school bag. Rito was sweating a little too.

"That's because it's summer now…" He explained while tugging his shirt to ventilate some air through. "It's only going to get worse from here, so buckle up."

"Haaa?! Then maybe I should spend the day naked then…" Lala suggested. Rito flicked her forehead in response. "Oh hell no, girl."

"Owie… I'm only jokin', Rito!" Lala nudged her arm into his shoulder. Rito sighed. "I can't tell if you're joking though…"

"At least we have that thing right, the thing you called a swimming pool?" Lala sighed in relief. Rito blinked. "Oh, right. The girls are using it today, I think. I assume Peke's going to change for you?"

"Yep! And she's 100% waterproof as well!" Lala answered. "Well, Mikan prepared some other stuff for me as well, so that's good too~!"

Rito then noticed a pair of lenses reflecting sunlight. Darting his eyes to his side, he then witnessed a figure holding a camera. He wore a mask, sunglasses, and a hood, so he couldn't find out who it was.

"Oi, what're you doing with that?" He yelled out to the figure. Said figure flinched, as his cover was blown. He then started to run away, prompting Rito to chase after him.

"Rito?" Lala wondered where he was going, but decided to go off by herself. Back with Rito, he was quickly catching up with the peeper, but he noticed that the person was fleeing quite fast, meaning he/she must've been somewhat athletic in order to do so.

As he continued to chase him, they eventually reached Sainan High. Turning to a corner, Rito continued to chase him, only to find no evidence of anyone. Narrowing his eyes, he sighed.

"Guess it's someone from school…" He then started going to class, wondering who that was…

Eventually, Rito did get to class. He was discussing about the identity of the person in question. It could've been another candidate for Lala, so it's okay to say that it could've been an alien disguised as a human again.

Well, that, or it was an average pervert again that was trying to snap some pictures of Lala, and knew that the girls had their first swimming activities of the day as well.

His eyes rolled over to Lala, and then…

"…Really…?" He then glared at the doorway, in which said cameraman was present. The figure in question flinched again as Rito started to chase him, surprising everyone with his speed as he crashed out of the room.

"Even during a lecture… You're either an alien, or a hardcore pervert…" He muttered as he started to chase the anonymous figure. "You're coming with me this time…"

Eventually approaching some stairs, the figure noticed a fat guy walking down. Just as Rito was about to follow him up, he pushed the fatass down, causing Rito to click his tongue.

"Whaaaaaa!" The fat boy cried out as he started to fall. Rito then flashed to Trans eyes, generating a giant hand made of hair. Catching said person, he quickly moved the hand to the floor, before letting him go. He ended up landing flat on his face, but Rito wasn't concerned with that as he started to run upstairs.

"Bastard!" He croaked as he started to run around. To his annoyance, he somehow lost the crapper. Sighing, he started to return to class, and he noticed that the girls were starting to go out and to the changing rooms.

"Where is that turd…" He grumbled. As he was walking, he then overheard two guys talking.

"What was that guy's deal? Acting all shady with those sunglasses and that mask?" One said. "Yeah, right? Totally suspicious if you ask me." The other said. Rito then tapped their shoulders. "Hey fellas, mind telling me where that guy went…?" He asked with a dangerous smile. "Oh, uh…near the gym, man."

"Thanks!" He then ran off, jumping out of a nearby window. The two were too shocked to comprehend what the heck just happened…

Near the gym…

"The gym, the gym…AH!" He then noticed that the doorway was opened.

"Hue hue…just need to wait for the girls to get in the water and—

"Oi, bastard!"

The figure flinched once more. "Tch, what a troublesome guy!" He then kicked over some stacks of baseballs, forcing Rito to dodge. Unfortunately for him, there were quite the amount of balls, so Rito tripped on one. That gave the person enough time to run away, much to Rito's growing annoyance.

"I'mma kill that guy…" He grunted as he walked out of the gym shack. Generating his back boosters, he dashed off towards the pool. As he began to get near it, he dispersed it, walking now towards the pool. He then looked around as he got near the edge of it.

"The guy's not here. Something's in the water, so I guess I have no choice, otherwise it's more of a mess for me later on." Rito sighed. He then jumped into the pool.

Creating a splash, he began to look to around, eventually eyeing a camera in one of the corners. Swimming towards it, he grabbed it and crushed it once he went back up to the surface. However…

"Ah, it was so cold!" Lala giggled. Rito twitched an eye. "Son of a… Why now?" He turned around, only to see the girls approaching from around the corner. As Sasuga, the real one, approached the pool with the girls, Rito ducked his head back into the water.

'Great…' His eyes then flashed red, generating a respirator for himself. 'And why can't this grow to a full sized mask… Adam, please.'

"Well, since this is the first swimming class, why not just have some free time?" Sasuga suggested. The girls cheered in response as they started to jump into the pool. Some of the girls almost landed on him, much to his chagrin.

'Crap. Now how do I get out of here…' As he sat in a corner, he noticed Lala jumping into the pool, as evidenced by her tail. What she said next made him curse.

"Hmm, Haruna-chan. Don't you think it would be fun to have pools with waves?" Said person actually agreed, so Lala got out. "Er, I have to go get something!"

As she walked away, Rito then noticed a flash in the water. 'Is that… Crap, crap, crap, cra—'

"Sensei, the pool's starting too—" One of the girls then pointed to the middle of the pool, in which a whirlpool started coming into existence. Rito then noticed a small turtle-like machine in the middle.

"Oh… I guess Splash Splash Wave-kun's broken." Lala said as she held her D-Dial, now returning to the poolside. Rito growled as he generated two spike in his palms and soles, stabbing them into the sides and bottom of the pool to keep him in place.

The water then started to swirl out, eventually going to the rooftop. And for some coincidence, the figure was up there, with…some guys from the baseball club too!

"Kageyama, why are we here for?" One member asked.

"How should I know, Hinata you idiot." Hinata growled, but he and the rest of the club started to notice the swirl of water coming at them, well, the figure to be exact.

"These'll sell for 50 thousand—" The guy was unable to finish that sentence as the force of water slapped him off the roof, and down to the pool side. The girls then noticed that the figure's disguise came off, revealing him to be…

"Motemitsu-senpai?!" They all shrieked. Some images then came down from the ground, landing in their hands. "Sneak shots of the girls too?! GET HIM!"

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The crapper finally got what he deserved, much to the joy of Rito's ears. That day actually proved to me meaningful to him, but enough about that for now, yes?

And a little while after that… Suddenly, Seaside Trip!

"You know, I still can't believe you actually knocked that typhoon away…" Rito sweat dropped. Lala giggled as she carried her belongings to their bus.

A day later, and a little prior to this, Lala had miraculously destroyed a typhoon that would've prevented their Seaside Summer School Trip. And it was all because Lala was disappointed that she wouldn't have been able to go. The method that she utilized however, is not worthy of being discussed by.

'I guess some good things can happen actually when you're with an alien princess…' He sighed as he sat down next to Saruyama. Taking a chip from his bag from the guy's offering, Rito happily nibbled on it as he and the rest of the others started to go off.

Sometime later on, the buses arrived at their destination. It was a hotel that was next to the seaside, much to everyone's enjoyment. The principal announced that there would be a "Dare" event. That meant that during the time of darkness, a boy and girl pair would go off together through a course. Some of the girls made rumors that the pair would become a couple if they succeeded.

As they arrived and got acquainted with the place, Rito and some of the other guys decided to go take a bath in the hot springs. Rito merely went for the pleasure of going into one, the other guys…well, you know why they wanted to.

Some of the girls, friends of Haruna explained what a "Dare" was to her. They were Momioka Risa, and Sawada Mio. Risa was a girl with hair that was a dirty blond color, while Risa was a girl with dark brown hair that went to a pair of pig-tails. She also wore glasses.

As the guys were moving into peeking position, Rito stepped into the hot water, sighing in relief.

"This…is bliss." He said once more. As the guys started to climb up the rocky terrain, one of the girls suddenly yelled.


"Crap, did we get caught?!" Saruyama and his friend quickly jumped off. However… "The Principal is here!" That made the two go blank eyed as they walked away lifelessly.

"Perverted old man!"


The girls started to throw crap at the Principal, much to the guy's chagrin as he tried to come up with a pathetic excuse. Rito was merely relaxing the entire time it was happening though…

Now outside, towards the entrance to the nearby woods…

"Okay now, everyone!" The Principal started. His face was all banged up as he stood on his platform. "Let's begin the drawings for the "Dare"! Will every student come up one at a time now? Whoever has the same number will be paired up!"

The students cheered as they started to line up. Everyone was now dressed in a blue yukata and a blue top as they went over. There was a table with two boxes, each filled with paper slots that had numbers on them. As Rito came to get his, he prayed very, VERY, hard.

'Please don't let it be Lala, please don't let it be Lala, please…' He repeatedly said as he placed his hand into the box. Rumbling around for a second, he eventually took out a paper slip, revealing it to be…

"And you got number 5!" The Principal announced. As Haruna grouped up with Risa and Mio, she glanced over towards the selections, only to see Rito holding looking down at his number.

"So, who's your lucky guy, eh Haruna?" Risa asked with a devious smile. "Your number just came up!" Mio added. Haruna didn't dare make a reaction to Rito's number. She couldn't bare the teasing from the two girls.

So, as the first pairs started to go, Rito walked to the entrance. He soon saw Haruna lining up with him. He nodded towards her. "Hey, Sairenji-san."

"A-Ah. I look forward to going with you, Yuuki-kun." Haruna responded. Rito was then given their light, and were instructed to go on. Going pass a giant red gate, the two started to walk on the beginning path.

"It's pitch black, huh?" Haruna said as she looked around. Rito shook the light a little. "They said the goal's supposed to be located at a shrine that's 500 or so meters away from here."

They continued to walk by their path, but they then started to hear screams and shrieks belonging to the pairs that went before them.

"The pairs that went before us…" Haruna shivered a little. She then held onto Rito's sleeve as they continued on. As they continued to walk, a figure jumped out from some of the bushes.

"RAAAAH!" A monster screamed. Haruna 'eeped' as she went behind Rito. The orange head blink, and then tapped the monster's long teeth.

"Hmm, the costume and the skin's nice, but you ought to work on the teeth." He said, causing the "monster" to blink. "Eh?"

"Yeah. If you want to make the right coloring for the teeth, try using a mixture of black and bright yellow. Afterwards, a bit of golden brown as well." He said as he started to walk off again. Both Haruna and the monster were dumbfounded.

"But… I worked on this for six hours…" He mumbled as he slouched down in defeat. Haruna continued to shake in fear as they went on.

"Sairenji-san, you all right?" Rito peeked over his shoulder. The blue head nodded a little. "I'm not too good with ghosts and stuff…"

'Well, I suppose everyone's got something they're scared of.' Rito thought as he walked. He then stepped on a stick, cracking it.

"HYAAAAAH!" Haruna shrieked. She then dragged Rito as she began to dash forward, leaving the orange head in a deadpan state.

"Eh?" Rito blinked. He then gasped as he got accidently slammed across some trees because of Haruna running around aimlessly.


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Haruna then spotted some more "monsters" and used Rito as a flail, slapping them away. As she continued to run, Rito would eventually calm her down. Afterwards, they continued to go back on the designated path…

"S-Sorry, Yuuki-kun. I just take the nearest thing and start swinging around when I'm scared…" She chuckled sheepishly. Rito cracked his neck. 'Tell me about it'. He had a few lumps on his head because of that.

As they went on and about, footsteps garnered their attention again. Rito sighed, but then noticed that it belonged to many individuals. "What now?"

"HIEEEK!" Some of them yelled as they passed by them. "It's the real deal!" Rito and Haruna then turned to where they ran from.

"R-Real deal?" Haruna stuttered in worry. Much to her fear, Lala and a bunch of zombie and other folklore creatures started to float next to them.

"Ah, Rito, Haruna-chan!" She waved to them. Rito sighed. "Lala, what are those?"

"Oh these, they're holograms! I made them based on some stories I got from your Papa's place when we went over that other time! Deru Deru Vision-kun made them!" She then pointed to a small hovering spherical device. It had a toothy grin, and was projecting a light.

"Oh, I see… bad!" Rito then dashed forward. By now, Haruna fainted, with Lala catching her as Rito quickly threw the thing away. He then morphed his arm into a hand cannon and blew it up.

"Ah! Deru Deru Vision-kun!" Lala cried out as she turned around. "What happened?!" Rito then whistled. "Oh, I don't know…" He then started to run away, leaving the two girls behind.

Eventually reaching some stairs, Rito climbed to the top. A bunch of people then started to clap for him. "Oh, so this is the end, yay."

"Congratulations! You're the only person who made it through this entire year!" The Principal announced. Rito then tried to protest. "But there's two other…never mind…" Rito would just decide to keep this incident to himself…

Like it was a good memory to him in the first place, but who's to say?

The last day of the trip…

It was now the last evening of the Seaside Session. As Rito sat with Saruyama and their other roommate, the two were contemplating on what to do next, as they wanted to make this experience a worthwhile one.

"So…I suggest we go into Lala's—I mean, the girls' room!" Saruyama clenched his fist in regard to his master plan. Their roommate wholeheartedly agreed to it.

Rito howeverwas already conked out and asleep, but the guys decided to bring him anyways. "Come on, Rito!" Saryuyama then started to pull the sleepy Rito with them.

As they exited their room, Saruyama darted around with Rito, well, dragging him really. Scurrying around for a little bit, they eventually reached the area where Lala and some of the other girls were at. Popping out their heads, Saruyama looked around.

"Oh, this is so exciting! And it's almost time for the lights to go out too!" He chuckled deviously. However…

"HEY, the hell are you guys doing near those girls' room?! It's almost time for lights to go out!" An adult man yelled at the three. Saruyama flinched. "Crap, Naruiwa of the Disciplinary Squad! Run for it!"

Running around to a corner, Saruyama and the roommate passed Lala and the girls' room, though the former accidentally dropped Rito in front of the doorway.

"Ugh, sorry Rito!" The two then ran away. From within said room, Haruna then slid her door open, only to find a half asleep Rito laying in front of it.

"Yuuki…kun?" She blinked. She was surprised to say the least, but once she started to hear footsteps coming from around, she quickly decided to drag him into her residence.

"The other guys must had brought him along with them…" Haruna assumed as she laid Rito down. She then looked down at him.

"What…shall I do now?" She was a little flustered because his sleeping face was presented in front of her. "I guess I'll let him stay here, since the teachers won't be gone for a while…"

She then checked her room's clock. It was around fifteen to ten, so Haruna was contemplating on what to do now. As she was thinking about what to do next, she then heard some familiar voices coming back.

'Craaaaap!' She yelled in her mind. Dragging Rito to her futon, she threw her comforter on top of him as she put her legs in, concealing his body within.

"We're back, Haruna-chan!" Lala swiped the door open. Risa and Mio then came along.

"I was kinda hoping for some guys to come and visit us~." Risa smiled. Mio snickered in agreement.

"A-Ah… Welcome back…" Haruna stuttered. Fortunately for her, they couldn't hear Rito's slight wheezing from his sleep. Lala then blinked as she took a sip from her drink. "Haruna-chan, you're going to sleep already?"

"Ah, yeah. It's almost time for the lights to go out." The blue head answered. Rito then muffled around. "Eeep!" Haruna squeaked. Risa turned to her. "Haruna, what's wrong?"

"A-A-Ah, it's nothing!" Haruna answered quickly. She then sighed as Lala and Mio came closer. 'I'll have to let Yuuki-kun out once everyone's asleep!'

"Okaay, girl talk time!" Mio slammed her hands down, and dangerously close to Rito's face. Risa and Lala then grinned, though Lala was unaware of the term and was smiling in regard to nothing. Mio then turned to Haruna.

"So, Haruna! Do you have anyone in your mind at the moment?" She suddenly asked. Haruna fluttered around in response to the sudden words.

"E-Eh? Why all of a sudden?!" Haruna sweated a little. Mio and Risa then swirled their fingers. "Cause it's a popular topic to talk about during times like this!" Risa answered. Haruna then blushed a little.

"If you don't…"

"We'll grab your boobies!" They then said. Haruna averted her gaze. "Well…"

"Ah! You like Yuuki-kun, just like Lala-chii does?!" Risa guessed, causing her to blush a little. "W-What're you saying?!"

"Oh, is that true, Haruna-chan?" Lala then asked the blue head. Mio then slapped her back.

"Gaha! We're just messing with you! Yuuki-kun's not the type for you, who's always so earnest!" The two interrogators then turned to Lala.

"Speaking of which, why do you like him anyways, Lala-chii?" Risa then asked the alien. "I don't think he's the reliable type to be honest."

"I don't think he's that mature or dependable either!" Mio added.

"I believe he's the most dependable person you can get!"

Lala then said that, surprising everyone. However…


"An alarm?!" Mio gasped as she stood up.

"Is it a fire or something?!" Risa added as she ran with Lala and Mio. As they exited, they found Honekawa. "Honekawa-sensei?"

"I-I thought this was the button for the elevator…" He shook.

As the other residents started to flee, Haruna used this chance to wake Rito up, because surprisingly enough, he was still sleeping.

"Yuuki-kun… Yuuki-kun!" She shook him. Rito groaned, before opening his eyes. "…Wha…? Sai…renji-san? What're you doing in my room for?"

"This isn't your room though! Saruyama dragged you here! You have to return back to your room, quickly!" She yelled. Rito blinked a few times as he got up, noticing he wasn't in his room.

"O…kay? Thanks, Sairenji-saaaan…" Rito yawned as he slowly walked out of her room. Fortunately for the both of them, Lala and the others returned after he left.

A while after, Rito returned to his room, and promptly proceeded to drop and fall asleep in his futon, no questions asked, no questions in his head…

Another one comes!

After that incident happened, Summer Vacation came, and it ended without any crazy events, surprisingly.

It was now the first day of lectures. Not used to the timing of school, Rito rushed out of home, late once again.

"Craptastic!" He yelled. Flashing his eyes to red, he quickly generated his wings and flew off into the distance. "It's a good thing I can just fly to school, otherwise I would've been late if I ran…"

As he flew across the town, Rito then noticed a figure on the ground level. Landing a few dozen meters away to prevent his wings from being see, he began to run towards the person.

Coming in closer, it seemed to be a girl in a boy's uniform. She had fair skin, light green hair, and maroon colored eyes. Rito jogged towards her, in which she then turned to face him.

"Erm, if you don't hurry, you're gonna be tardy." He said. The girl then smiled at him. "Ah, I'm fine. Thanks."

"…Alright then, see you." He then ran off. After he was gone from his line of sight, he began to fly again. The girl then looked in the sky.

"…Tardy, hmm?" A fly then came near her nose, causing her to sneeze, and a…puff of smoke to arise?

Now in Sainan High…

A few minutes after the bell rang, Rito had gotten comfortable in his seat. As he sat with the other students, Honekawa started up with another announcement. "Okay y'all. This is a bit sudden again, but we have another transfer student coming into this here classroom." He explained, earning a few 'eh's', and 'really's' from the students.

"Another one?" Risa said with a surprised tone. "Lala-chii just came here not too long ago as well." Mio added. Honekawa then turned to the door. "Aight young man, come on in."

Sliding the door open, a boy came in, earning a few awes from the girls. He had white hair on the top of his head, and black on the bottom. He also had maroon eyes, the detail which Rito took note of.

"This is Ren Elsie Jewelria." Honekawa announced his name. "Get along with him now, yeah?"

"A pleasure to meet all of you…" He then bowed, earning even more praise from the girls. Rito cringed a little. Ren then walked along, surprising everyone then

"And I've found you, my bride!" He then swooped himself to Lala, grasping her hands. "Lala-chan, I knew you were here!"

"WHAT?!" Everyone but Rito yelled out in shock. He then turned to the person next to her.

"And…you. You are Yuuki Rito?!" He pointed a finger at him. Rito tilted his head.

"Er…yes? Can I help you?" He asked, already annoyed with this guy. He didn't show it on his face though.

"Yuuki Rito… I hereby declare that I shall take Lala-chan from you!"

"Kyaah! Rivalry insured?!" Risa and Mio yelled out. Lala then stood up. "I have a question!" Ren then smiled. "Yes, Lala-chan?"

"Who are you?"



"Wha…!" Ren gasped. That felt like a slap to the face to him. "Ah… Well, as expected of Lala-chan…" He then chuckled weakly. "But my pride as a man will drive me on!"

"So… What's your relation to Lala-san?" Saruyama then asked. Ren grinned as he took out a picture frame. "Here, take a look!"

"So… She forced you to cross dress?" Rito bluntly said. An image of a younger Lala was shown with Ren dressing as a girl. Lala then remembered. "Ah, I remember now! You're Cry-Baby Ren!"

"Geh…! But…YES! I am your fondest companion! I have those wonderful memories of you forcing me to dress like a girl and be a guinea pig to your inventions!" Ren admitted, though Rito couldn't tell if it was shame or happiness.

"And one day…Lala-chan made a promise to me." Ren stood straight. "That she would marry me if I became manly. And here I am!"

"Did…did you make that promise, Lala-sama?" Peke whispered. Lala rubbed her chin. "I'm not sure…"

"So, do you know what that means, Yuuki Rito?!" Ren then pointed at him. "I will show her how much of a man I've become!"

"…Uh…" Honekawa blinked. "…Can I start class now?"

"You may!"

And so, Ren's journey to start his test of manliness began. First trying to beat Rito by answering a math question, to ripping a large magazine in half, they eventually reached gym class.

"Fight-o…!" Rito yelled along with the rest of the guys. Ren then tried to outpace him, first by running around the track in record time. It then started to get to him.

'This guy's probably an alien too… Well, two can play at that then, you little crapper…' Starting to increase his own speed as well, Ren was surprised that Rito was going at the same pace as him.

"What? Then I shall go faster then!" He then increased his speed, but so did Rito. As the two ended their marathon, Rito was controlling his breath, while Ren was panting a little.

"Geh…heh… Lala-chan, did I prove my manliness to you?" He asked the girl. Lala simply shrugged, causing Ren to fall in despair…

Assonating… Little…

As the day went by, Ren continued to "challenge" Rito to a random serialization of events, which now included eating the fastest, and to some other random things that Ren tried to come up with. Every little thing added itself to Rito's annoyance meter. He was veeeeeery close to just going around and cutting him up, ho ho.

Now resting under the shade of a tree, it was then that Ren came along once more. "Yuuki Rito." The maroon eyed male called out. Rito turned to glance at him.

"Hmm." Rito acknowledged his call out. Ren pointed to the rooftop. "Come with me to the rooftop." Rito sighed, and then proceeded to follow the white and black haired youth. A minute or so later, the two opened the doorway to the roof, and leaned against the railing that viewed over the school.

"So, what do you want now?" Rito started the talk. Ren then leaned on the railing as well. "What should I do?"

"What do you mean?" Rito turned to him. Ren then rubbed his chin. "I mean, I'm confused. I'm obviously manlier than you, so why is it that Lala-chan does not recognize it?"

"Probably because she's a dunce…" Rito whispered sarcastically while chuckling. Ren was fortunate enough to not hear that. He then though, grabbed Rito's hands.

'Alright, strike zone is dangerously closed to being breached…!' Rito yelped sharply. "What is the secret to your manliness, Yuuki Rito?" Ren then asked, causing Rito to sigh once more.

"You know, being manly doesn't mean that you have to beat someone in sort of competition you know?" Rito answered as he swiped Ren's hands away. He then went back downstairs, leaving Ren with a new found sense of enlightenment, plus a bit of confusion too!

The next day!

As Rito woke and initiated his usual return, he left Lala to finish her own meal. As he left, he quickly flew into the air. He was a bit tired due to all the shenanigans that Ren, and to a point, Lala caused once again. He hoped that the white haired youth wouldn't confront him yet again.

But boy was he wrong though.

"Yuuki Rito! I request that you come with me, please!" Ren called out to the orange headed youth. Rito was satisfied a little due to the fact that he was being polite this time, so he obliged his request. Lala and Haruna wondered where they were going to. However, unbeknownst to the two males, a pair of mischievous female students snickered at the chance for witnessing a so called "Rivalry Battle" to take place.

"Ooooh~! Is it time?" Risa rubbed her chin in anticipation. Mio squeal. "A fight for Lala-chii?! Let's go!" The two then ran off to follow Rito and Ren.

A while later, Ren brought Rito to an isolated corner. He then started to speak. "So, I was thinking…" He started, only to get cut off by the two girls.

"Hold thou thought!" Risa came out from the shadows. The two males gazed at the two females.

"Momioka-san, Sawada-san?" Rito blinked. Ren wondered what was going on.

"We don't want this to turn into a fight, so here's a proposition for the two of you!" Risa then pointed at the two. Rito opened his mouth to protest, but…

"A match! And the subject of the challenge: A kiss for Lala-chii!" The dirty blonde haired female proposed. Ren's eyes lit on fire due to the challenges worthy subject. Rito facepalmed.

"You have today to do so! Any method is viable!" Mio then explained the "Rules". Ren clenched a fist. "Bring it on!"


"Since we're bringing Lala-chii with us afterschool, why don't you come along too?" Ren the patted Rito's shoulder. "It is a worthy fight now, Yuuki Rito!"

"How do I always get mixed up with us this crap…" Rito moaned in displeasure. Now don't say that, lots of other things are going to come after this!

"Author, I hate you…"

"I love you too, Rito-san!"

Now fast forwarding to afterschool, Lala exited the building, only to find Ren and Rito waiting for her. "Ah, Ren, Rito! You guys are coming along too?"

"Indeed, Lala-chan!" Ren gave her a thumbs up. "Unfortunately…" Rito added with a lower tone. As she grouped up with them, three more people then came into play.

"Ah, Lala-chii! We're bringing one more person along!" Mio yelled out. Lala then waved to them. "Oh, Haruna-chan! Cool!"

"And here it comes…" Rito frowned. Haruna didn't seemed to be very pleased with the girls' actions. "Guys, we should be at the Tennis Club right now…"

"Ah come on, it's alright to skip club activities once in a while!" Risa smiled. Haruna sighed in defeat, knowing that she wouldn't be able to convince the two otherwise. "Well, I guess this'll be worth the skipping…"

'Ha, let's just see about that.' Rito retorted. He was getting gloomier by the minute, but he thought of a suggestion. Perhaps he could use this time to find out what kind of species Ren was. So, at least there was some merit to their trip.

So, moving along, the gang walked over to the local train station and got on. As he glanced at Lala and Haruna chattering with one another, an announcement came into play.

"Please be careful. The train may experience some shaking due to the curved path ahead."

And right as the conductor said that, the train did shake a little, causing Rito and Haruna to stumble and fall. It would become a clichéd event, but as it goes for the orange haired youth…


"Eh." Rito looked up. The momentum, along with his weight caused the handle he was holding to to break. Rito then stumbled, but was then pushed accidentally by Haruna, enough to make his head slam into the train's window and crack it.

"Ow." Rito slouched on the seat underneath, retorting in a deadpan matter. Haruna flustered as she stood up, bowing in apology. The others reacted with surprise, because the thing Rito clashed with was reinforced plastic fiber.

"He must have a hard head…" Mio winced. Risa tried to hold in a snicker by covering her mouth. Rito rubbed the back of his head, getting up a moment later.

"Crap." He looked at the screen. Some of the other passerby sweat dropped from the feat. Rito looked around, before sighing in resignation. "Hope I don't have to pay for that…"

Everyone decided to ignore the little incident that just took place, and waited for their destination to arrive. As the group got off their train, Risa and Mio introduced them to a karaoke facility called Kuroneko. There, the group began to sing along with a whole bunch of the latest hit songs. Rito's eyes grazed through the selection of music, as did Ren with his own catalog.

"Rito, let's sing together!" Lala moved her face near Rito's. Rito cocked an eyebrow. "You sure you can sing something from Earth, let alone Japan?"

"Leave it to me!" Lala then dragged Rito to the stage with her. As Rito was given a microphone, he then blinked in remembrance to the song that was starting to be played.

"Okay, let's go!" Lala cheered as the music started. Just as she started to sing, Rito opened his mouth, only too…

"I WIIIIIIIIIIIL AAAAAAAALWAAAAAAAYS BE WIIIIIITH YOOOOOOOOOOOOU!" He practically screamed, forcing everyone to cover their ears.

"Ack! Yuuki-kun..." Risa groaned. "He's tone-deaf of all things!" Mio complained. Haruna chuckled weakly while attempting to cover her ears. Ren got the full blast, unfortunately for his ear drums.

"Definitely can't achieve his goal at this rate…" Risa shook her head. Haruna wondered what she was mentioning.

"Lala-chan, let's sing another one!" Ren hurriedly approached her. Lala then blinked with her oblivious expression. "I only know that one though." She stuck her tongue out in a silly fashion, leaving Ren in a defeated posture again.

Ren and Rito then crashed towards Rito. "Lala-chan!" Ren reached out for her. As Rito was about to intervene, he tripped on a wire, going in front of Ren and…




"Oh my…!" Risa and Mio clapped their hands together. Rito frowned as he launched Ren away, taking the nearest liquid next to him and rinsing his mouth. "Bleh!" The both of them croaked. "That's it, this damn thing is over!" Rito then declared. Ren agreed. "I do say so myself as well…"

Haruna could only watch with astonishment. Guilty reading aside, she happened to read something that involved two boys doing some…ecchi things. The memory floated to the surface, causing her to blush a little…

A fly then came to Ren's nose, causing him to sneeze. Rito and the others watched as a puff of smoke replaced the boy with a familiar marooned eyed girl.

"Ah, Run-chan!" Lala hugged the girl. Said girl then sweat dropped. "Ah… Lala-san…" She said with a mildly annoyed voice.

"A Memorzorian…" Rito blinked in realization. "I thought they usually changed from month to month though…"

"Oh, Rito! You know about Run-chan's race?" Lala then turned to the boy. Rito shook his hands in denial. "Ah, I just happened to read something that was off of one of your inventions. It happened to be an informational tablet before it blew up…"

Run then noticed the orange head. "Yuuki… Rito!" She then lunged at him, hugging him. "Oh… I'll never forget that kiss that you just gave me!"

"I assume Memorzorians have synchronized feelings between the male and females?" Rito guessed. The other girls could only watch as stared at the entirely bizarre situation.

"Whelp, here we go again…" Rito would have to deal with another problem…

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