A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes:

Heroes Versus Villains


'Lady Razeli

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Chapter One

Heroes Versus Villains: Enchanted Forest

Henry hurried through the forest, he had to find his moms and save them from the book. He looked through the book and found his way to what was Snow White's hide out but was now Regina's he realized. He stood at the entrance to a cave, but he didn't go in yet as he tried to tell if Regina was home.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Regina asked him in a low tone of voice. Henry gulped as he heard her pull the string back on her bow. He turned slowly to see Regina with her long hair braided to the side and wearing a beige outfit like the one Snow had always worn in the storybook.

"My name is Henry and I'm your son," Henry told her. Regina frowned as she squinted at him.

"I don't have a son," Regina told him. "Bad try."

"No, no please I can explain really please." Regina frowned and looked at him for a long time before she pushed him inside her cave. She had few comforts, but it was home for the moment. She made him sit down at her small table as she lit the candles and a fire.

"All right explain yourself, you are a child, but you definitely aren't my child," Regina told him. Henry looked around and noticed a cradle, that hadn't been in Snow White's cave so it was new.

"You have Charlotte?" Henry asked motioning towards the cradle. Regina pulled out her knife.

"How do you know that name, I never said it out loud to anyone before."

"Because I named her," Henry told her. "Please listen to me, I will tell you how I named her." Regina pulled back and sat down; Henry took a breath before he began to launch into his story.


"So Robin Hood's not the scoundrel Zelena had rape me and pretend to be my true love, and is also now her fiancé?" Regina asked to be sure. Henry nodded. "And Charlotte, she's really dead, but she's not his child, she's my daughter, but instead of a father, she has another mother, who is your biological mother. But I'm not your biological mother because I adopted you when she gave you up, but you found her and brought her to a place called Storybrooke, Maine?" Regina looked at him to see if she had got it right.

"Right," Henry told her. "And my mom is your true love, but right now you were fighting because of Charlotte." Regina sighed.

"Well I don't believe you, because Charlotte is not dead, if what you say is true and we were all brought here than that means Charlotte was brought here, I've painfully watched her grow up every day, she won't even fit in that cradle anymore, I just keep it to remind me that once I have enough money to buy us both passage out of this cursed Kingdom, I will finally execute my kidnapping plan."

"She's not real," Henry told her. Regina frowned. "I know that sounds awful, but it's not real, but I'm real, I'm here I'm your son and I need your help saving everyone." Regina sighed.

"I'm sorry for your troubles really I am, but I can't go wandering off I have to keep an eye on Charlotte, if anything changes and I'm gone, we'll pay for my mistake," Regina argued with him. "Can't you understand that I just can't take that chance?"

"And don't you understand I'm a kid without their mom too, what will you tell Charlotte you did, when you had a chance to help another kid?" Henry asked her.

'I just have to get her to mom, and then they will see,' Henry thought.

"Will you tell her you were the hero or the villain?" Henry asked her. Regina looked taken aback.

"I want to tell her I'm the hero that I was never the villain, but Snow White and Queen Zelena they're right I am evil. A hero would have said they would help you the matter the cost."

"Queen Zelena?" Henry asked confused. "Snow White isn't the Evil Queen?"

"Uh no kid, Snow White lost her right to the throne because of me, and instead her father chose his Stepdaughter Zelena to become Queen. He thought she had poor judgement, so she focused on her magical craft like her stepmother, Princess Cora wanted."

"What that's not in the book how did you do that?" Henry asked flipping through.

"Well if you are unfamiliar with this land, then you would know not to bother reading it in a book, the flashbacks in this place are much more colourful. I should start when I arrived at the summer palace." Regina pointed to the wall and Henry turned and tilted his head to side as he watched a vision appear of a young Regina with a surly looking man walking up to the summer palace.

Heroes Versus Villains: Enchanted Forest Flash Back

"Here she is Princess Cora, the little stinker my wife found, she's old enough to be put to work." Regina fell to the ground in front Cora, unaware that she was looking into the face of the mother that had abandoned her eight years earlier. "Oh can't you do anything right, I told you to be poised." Cora looked down her nose at Regina as she stood back up quickly in her old dress.

"Forgive your highness," Regina told her as she dipped a courtesy. Cora pursed her lips.

"My daughter Zelena and my ugly Stepdaughter Snow White, you'll be carrying their horses mostly, but when needed you'll fetch wood for their rooms and clean their shoes understand?"

"Yes Princess Cora."

"Good then let's get you proper clothes and a bath, I don't want you stinking around Zelena." Regina nodded as she looked down she glanced up at the red headed girl who stuck her tongue out at her. "You'll take your meals in the kitchen and sleep there as well." Regina nodded, but she knew that she wouldn't remain in the kitchen. Snow White however was much kinder to her as she gave her a smile. She was given to servants who washed her until her skin was raw complaining she probably had a few germs.

"I'm clean," Regina insisted. They grunted at her to be quiet as they cleaned her before she was presented before Zelena and Snow White.

"Well doesn't she clean up nice," Snow White smiled.

"Too nice," Zelena growled. Regina's eyes went wide as she turned a little green in anger. Seeing the green on her hand Zelena seemed to get angrier, before she grabbed a pair of scissors from her sewing basket.

"Hold her down!" Zelena shouted. The servants held her down as Regina struggled against their grip and screamed.

"No, stop it!" Regina yelled. "Stop it!" Zelena gripped her hair and pulled hard as she began to chop away mercilessly at it with the scissors. When she was done blood ran down Regina's head and she had a few long pieces left but the rest was sticking out in turfs.

"Get out of my face I don't want to see you until morning, and my horse better be ready," Zelena ordered before she kicked Regina hard. Regina scrambled out and ran all the way out of the summer palace until she found herself hiding in the stables. She found comfort in the stall of beautiful brown stallion that nuzzled her immediately and stood protectively over her as she cried in a pile of hay.

"You're my only friend here," Regina whispered to the horse. He neighed and bumped her forehead. Regina was about to speak again when she heard giggling.

"James, be quiet if anyone sees us we're toast," Snow White giggled. Regina tensed up, she was sure she wasn't supposed to be witnessing Snow White letting some boy put his hands up her dress. She let out a gasp as he was undoing his pants. The gasp attracted their attention and Regina immediately shrank back into her corner to hide behind the stallion that had protected her.

"Whose there?" James demanded to know. Regina curled up into a ball unwilling to reveal herself if she hadn't been seen. She heard footsteps and cry of surprise.

"Uh it's the new servant girl my stepmother assigned to us. I should have checked in here first before I brought you."

"What's been done to her?" James asked. "Kind of have to admire their work."

"Zelena unfortunately, but I don't take pleasure in easy targets," Snow White answered.

"True," James answered.

"Regina, you best not stay there, this Rocinante, Zelena's favourite horse. If she sees he's taken a liking to you, she'll get upset." Regina sniffed and shook with fear. "I won't hurt you, because you're to be my new friend right?" Snow White came over and coaxed her out after sending James away.

"Please…please don't hurt me," Regina cried as she shook. She peed herself and Snow White wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Calm down, I don't want to hurt you, I just want to help you." Snow White dragged her all the way back to the palace and had servants properly cut her hair before she took care of Regina's cuts herself. She didn't want Regina telling anyone about James and she needed to keep her close, and keep her distracted.

"Please I want to go home," Regina cried to her fearful that Zelena would show up.

"Stop it, this is your home now, you have nowhere else to go, didn't your father tell you?" Snow White asked. Regina shook her head and grimaced. "He practically sold you, he's getting drunk now on the money my stepmother gave him," Snow White told her. Regina let her tears fall. "I wouldn't bother crying, he's not even your real father you know?" Snow White smiled over Regina's head at delivering such devastating news.

"What?" Regina asked.

"Oh…didn't you know he said his wife and him found you on the side of the road in a basket. They took you in, but he never really cared for you." Snow White dabbed at a cut and Regina grimaced again.

"No," Regina replied sadly as she began to cry.

"Oh yes," Snow White replied. "Come you'll stay with me tonight, but we'll bandage your head I don't want you bleeding on my pillows." Snow White had her head bandaged and carefully tucked her into bed on purpose that night.

Regina hummed to herself a few weeks later, under Snow White's care she had been spared from most of Zelena's cruelties and she had taken a liking to working in the stables. She was very good with the horses especially Rocinante. When Zelena wasn't around, she would curtsy to him and he would bow back. She had taught him to bow on command and really impressed King Leopold, but angered Zelena as Riconante would bow to everyone but her. She had whipped poor Riconante and King Leopold had been upset as Zelena had blamed it on someone else. That person had been dismissed, but since Zelena no longer wanted Riconante, he had been given to Regina as a gift. Snow had promised to teach her to ride herself if she had saved up for a saddle. Turns out she had saved up just enough to buy a used saddle and still have some money according to Princess Cora. Zelena had seen them together and whipped her for it. She hated whenever Cora was nice to her.

"I'm going to ride Rocinante today," Regina muttered to herself happily. When she got to the door she dropped her saddle when she came upon Snow White and James having sex.

"Regina what are you doing here?" Snow White demanded as they straightened up. James gave out a long sigh.

"You…you…you said you would teach me to ride if I got a saddle, you told me to meet you here," Regina reminded her. Snow White looked as if she wanted to kill herself. "I don't understand this morning you said you hated David."

"I'm not David, I'm Prince James," James told her.

"So I'm not supposed to see this," Regina said before she took off running. She wasn't under any illusion that Snow White wasn't as cruel and mean as Zelena was, the only difference was Snow White liked her. That is until now, she had liked her until now.

"Regina!" Snow White called running after her. "Regina come back here!" Regina ran she shouldn't stay there anymore. She tripped over a branch, and she started crying at the pain in her knee. Snow White caught up to her.

"Please, please don't hurt me," Regina cried.

"I'm not going to hurt you, in fact I just want to talk to you," Snow White told her. Regina sniffed and looked up at her, but the fear in her eyes was evident, and Snow White just hid her pleasure in it.

"I don't understand," Regina told her. "James is a Prince and you're a Princess, why is this a secret, why is David here?"

"Of course you don't," Snow White told her. "You know I'm cruel, Regina don't you?" Regina nodded.

"Yes," Regina answered.

"So is James, he gets me, no one else gets me, you don't even get me with your simple child mind. But can you get love, can you get that even though David may look like James, he is not James at all?"

"Yes," Regina answered. "Even though they look a like they're still two people."

"Exactly," Snow White nodded. "And while I want to marry James, I can't, my stepmother and father forbid it, they think that a humble husband is exactly what I need to nip my cruel streak in the bud. But what James and I have is true love, and to live without your true love is the cruellest thing on this earth; true love is magic, understand?" Regina couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah, I understand, but if your parents don't want you to be cruel then they shouldn't be so cruel to you, but give you love."

"Exactly," Snow told her.

"You should go tell them, I know Princess Cora would understand, she's so wonderful and kind." Snow White frowned and stopped Regina as she made to stand up.

"No!" Snow White cried. "She's exactly the wrong person to tell, James and I are going to run away and get married. It's the only way."

"But you'll lose your family," Regina frowned.

"Sometimes you have to lose a few things for love," Snow White told her. "Do you know what a secret is Regina?" Regina nodded. "Well I need you to keep this one, this is our secret now, and I need you to keep it safe. Can you do that?"

"I think so," Regina replied.

"No, I need you to know so," Snow White replied. "You're my friend and I need you to be absolutely sure."

"I'm sure," Regina replied.

"Good now how about we go learn to ride that horse?" Snow White asked her. Regina nodded her head eagerly as Snow White engulfed her in a hug. Regina frowned though and paused as they started walking. "What?"

"But if you leave, I'll be alone with Zelena," Regina replied.

"Then you'll just have to come with me won't you, come we'll make you such a good rider so you won't drag behind." Regina smiled brighter and took Snow White's hand.

"You're going to make a good mom one day, Snow," Regina told her. Snow White didn't say anything as the relief was on her face.