"Sir, I-I don't understand"

"I ask a lot of you, I know. Harry is dead, and with him, our hope at defeating Tom."

"You cannot give up, sir!"

Albus Dumbledore waved a tired hand in the air. "Yes, yes child, I know. Yet there is only one course of action left. Minerva and I had worked many years in an attempt to save Mister Potter from his fate altogether. I fear that we have fallen short of that mark."

The wizard's frail hands shook as he reached into an inner pocket of his robes, pulling out a familiar golden chain.

"Letting a child use a time turner to exhaust themselves with extra classes. Not a responsible thing for a Headmaster to do. No." He held up his hand once again to stave off the interruption about to spill from her lips. "No. It was not responsible. Minerva and I were simply at our ends. We were hoping that, with your eagerness to learn, you would find a way to stretch the capabilities of the time turner even further." Albus let out a soft chuckle. "We underestimated your need to follow the rules. You see, our plan was to go back and see Tom placed in a loving home. We had hoped that would be enough to change destiny. Though in theory, it's now able to stretch back half a century, it's still not far enough. It's all we have left. I have one more mission for you, Miss Granger."


"If we cannot stop Tom, we must stop the reason he's won this war."

"You don't mean-"

"Yes," Albus interrupted. "Fenrir Greyback must never be bitten. He must never have the chance to command a Lycan army."

Hermione sat slowly, senses dulled by shock, as the last parental figure she had left briefed her on what would surely be a suicide mission.

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