When begging doesn't get a person what they need, they'll resort to whatever it is they have left. Unfortunately for the blue haired miss, her bargaining and bribing didn't seem to be having much of an effect on Kyoko, the redhead she was currently on her knees for. "Please please please Kyoko, I'll do anything!"

Kyoko rolled her eyes, not bothering to hide the sneer that crossed her features. "Absolutely not, nope, not in a million years." In the past, Kyoko Sakura would be known for giving into the pleads of her girlfriend. Sayaka was remarkably good at putting on the puppy eyes and guilting the poor girl into doing whatever it was she wanted or needed her to do. This instance was no exception, the teary eyes, the begging, the desperation soaking every word that poured from her mouth. Kyoko wasn't sure how much longer her will of iron would hold. Or in the case of Sayaka, her will of paper and cardboard. Her will, a goon who's easily swayed by a pretty girl asking nicely. Well not today! Today her will was a cold hearted bastard, a strong loner who didn't need no thing from nobody.

Of course, it was until Sayaka delivered a fatal blow in the form of a kiss. It was merely a quick peck, but it was enough to cause serious damage to Kyoko's so called 'cold hearted bastard iron will.' Sayaka pulled back and pouted out her lip, hands clutching her heart. "Please, please, Kyoko. I'll do anything." They looked into eachothers eyes, holding their gaze for what most would consider an uncomfortable amount of time. Though, after looking on in silence for a good fifteen seconds, there was an unspoken truth floating in the air. A truth that, whoever broke their gaze first lost, and surely their lover would have their way. An outcome which, neither girl particularly wanted. Surprise staring contests seemed to be the way in which the two often came to an agreement about this or that. This time, Sayaka held the advantage, large eyes filled with crocodile tears tugged vigorously at Kyoko's delicate heartstrings. It was far too much to handle. Once more, just like the many times before, Kyoko was unable to resist the cute persistence of the younger girl.

Overpowered by the unrivaled tenaciousness of her partner, Kyoko broke eye contact and sighed. Knowing quite well what was coming, Sayaka's smile couldn't help but make itself known. "Sayaka, you know I don't do crap like that."

Sayaka shrugged, grin not faltering. "Oh come on, it's not that big a deal. We'll get you a nice dress, there'll be food there, and I know how you like to stuff that face of yours. We'll go and hang out for a bit, Hitomi will know I'm not a loser who's forever alone, it'll be great." Bouncing around Kyoko, who was less than enthused about all this, Sayaka listed off all the ways that the experience wouldn't be terrible.

"A dress…?" Kyoko whined. "Sayaka, this just isn't my thing. A wedding isn't really my scene. Why do I gotta go anyways?"

Sayaka huffed a bit and puffed out her cheeks in faux exasperation. "We've been over this, I need you to go so I don't look lonely and miserable in front of my friend. When we were younger, we'd talk about this all the time. Whoever got married first, got to rub it in the other's face if they showed up without a partner. I don't wanna give her the satisfaction." She balled up her fist and shot a determined look at the girl standing next to her, who seemed ever disinterested. "Who better than my lovely girlfriend to accompany me to such an event?" Kyoko still didn't seem all too convinced.

"Isn't Hitomi the chick that stole that music douchebag's heart from you?" Kyoko cocked a brow. "Why do you wanna go to her wedding? Is she marrying violin boy?"

Sayaka crossed her arms, and shot Kyoko a look that'd strike fear into the heart of any girl, formally a badass magical girl or not, it was not a look to be trifled with. The older girl seemed to understand quite well that she wasn't to be handing out any snarky comments right now. Especially comments about Sayaka's less than perfect formative years. Face a scowl, fellow former magical girl cleared her throat and answered Kyoko's questions with all the cheer of someone who'd just been reminded of their trainwreck teenage love life. "Yes she is, because she's my friend, and no they broke up years ago."

"Bet you're happy about that last one, huh?" Kyoko scoffed. But looking back at her lover's death stare, she nodded and shut her mouth, mumbling a soft apology. "S-sorry."

Sayaka let out a deep breath, and reached out to take Kyoko's hand in her own. "It's okay, but seriously Kyoko, I really want you to come with me. Of course, partly because of my agreement with Hitomi, but also because I'd just like to spend a day with you. It's been awhile since we've been on a date."

Kyoko furthered the contact they held with each other by stepping closer to the warmth of her girlfriend's body and wrapping her free hand around the shorter girl's waist. "A date at someone else's wedding? Sounds incredibly romantic." It wasn't difficult to hear the sarcasm as it practically bled from Kyoko's words.

"Oh hush." Sayaka snickered. "It'll be fun. We'll dress up, go eat some expensive wedding food, share a dance, it'll be great."

Finally, her walls broke down. With a soft sigh, Kyoko looked down at the ground and shrugged. "F-fine.. If it'll make you happy."

Sayaka beamed, her smile seemed to light up to room. She grinned excitedly and pulled Kyoko in for a hug. Holding their embrace, they happily enjoyed the other's comfort. After several moments, Sayaka spoke up. "It'll make me very happy. Thanks Kyoko."

Kyoko smirked. "Don't mention it."

"Oh!" Sayaka spoke. It wasn't a shout, but certainly it was loud enough to startle Kyoko. They pulled away from each other, and as the elder girl was about to ask what the matter was, her question was answered before she had the chance to ask it. "That reminds me. Hitomi I think will probably still feel a little uncomfortable about the fact that we're both girls, so just play it cool, alright? She's still my friend and she cares about me, but she's never been the most open minded individual."

Suddenly the mood turned slightly less sugary sweet, as Kyoko's previous expression of irritability and lack of interest crept slowly back over her features. "Oh, so she's not okay with girls being together? Damn it Sayaka you could've told me she was one of those assholes before you went and sweet talked me into coming."

"But you're still coming right?" Sayaka was about to put the puppy eyes back on, but a quiet nod from Kyoko was all the assurance she needed that she had in fact won the redhead over and this conversation was finished. "Yay!" a victorious cheer was had. Sayka bounced happily, throwing her arms into the air. She leaned over and gave Kyoko a small kiss on the cheek. "I love you." She smiled joyously.

"Uh huh."

They could only hope a disaster wouldn't come of this.