Hitomi hadn't even said anything objectively rude yet and Kyoko was already going on the offensive. "You got a problem with that cabbage head?" It took all the glutton's strength not to say something a little more profane. But for Sayaka she'd refrain from dropping her more vulgar vocabulary.

Hitomi twiddled her thumbs and averted her eyes. "N-no I guess I just didn't think Sayaka was like that." Oh the emphasis the young bride had put on that last word did not sit well with Kyoko.

"Yeah?" The angry redhead spat. "Well you know what you little-"

"OKAY." Sayaka interjected. Truth be told she's completed expected this to happen. She knew Hitomi wasn't as comfortable as one could be about this sorta thing. Just as she was well aware of her girlfriend's explosive temper. Even so, this was something she had wanted. Even knowing Hitomi would be uncomfortable, she wanted her to meet the girl she loved. And even knowing it would probably devolve into Kyoko tossing around insults, Sayaka wanted this experience. Being able to bring her love to a wedding. Was it Kyoko's ideal date? No, far from it. But Sayaka wanted it. Granted, even if she had predicted something like this to happen, it didn't mean she wasn't going to at least attempt damage control. She grabbed Kyoko's hand, calming her with a gentle squeeze. "Calm down Kyoko, for me?"

Kyoko growled under her breath. "Fine." A forced snarl.

"A-Anyways Hitomi.." Sayaka let loose an awkward chuckle, her attempt to relieve some of the tension that had built. "Yeah, sorry to surprise you like this all of a sudden. I get that you weren't expecting it but uh-" She scratched the back of her head awkwardly, running fingers through short blue hair. "This does technically mean I didn't lose the bet, right?"

Hitomi puffed out her cheeks in thought, crossing her arms as she did. "Well…" It wasn't as if she were the type to totally denounce same sex couples as a couple, or as people. She thought it was weird for sure, and had been raised to be a little unsure about the subject. But she did suppose that even if Sayaka's partner isn't who she was expecting, namely, a charming prince. That didn't change the fact that her friend had indeed shown up with someone. "Well I guess so." She smiled. "I don't really get it but um… I'm glad your happy?" The inflection there once more struck a chord with Kyoko but she managed to bite her tongue.

Hitomi then turned to Kyoko, gingerly extending her hand in greeting. "I'm sorry we didn't get off on the right foot. I'm Hitomi Shizuki, though probably you already knew that."

With an exaggerated roll of the eyes, Kyoko took Hitomi's hand. She mumbled a greeting and without enthusiasm gave the bride her name as well.

It was then that Hitomi opted to excuse herself. She mentioned needing to go check in with other guests and see how last minute preparations were going. Which of course wasn't necessarily a lie. But probably she was also somewhat afraid that if she stuck around too much longer, she'd end up saying something to piss Kyoko off. And that she might end up on the receiving end of a formal magical girl's fist.

When Hitomi was out of sight, Sayaka turned to Kyoko and grinned. "Awwww, look at you not hitting or cussing out my friends. I'm proud of yoooouu." Playfully, she reached up to ruffle Kyoko's hair teasingly.

Nudging Sayaka's hand away with a quiet hiss, Kyoko sighed and looked at her girlfriend. "I kinda want to go tell her Madoka's not into dudes either."

"No, don't you dare. If Madoka wants to tell her she can, don't out people like that."

"If you say so I guess.." Kyoko then remembered, on their way in she'd briefly spotted an exquisite looking snack table. She immediately perked up at the thought of stuffing her face, probably the only good thing to do at a wedding. "Oh, hey Sayaka. Mind if I slip away for a bit? I want to go check out what food they've got prepared."

It never ceased to amaze Sayaka how skinny Kyoko was. "Fine, fine. Just try not to eat everything up there, yea? And meet me back here whenever you're done. You have an hour max to go do whatever you wanna do and eat whatever, alright?"

"Thanks Sayaka." Kyoko gave her girlfriend a small kiss before turning to make her way to the food, which was at that point practically calling her name. "I'll make sure to eat something for ya."

And with that, they temporarily parted. Sayaka wasn't sure what she was going to do in the meantime, so she decided she'd maybe go try to find Madoka again, assuming Homura wasn't still at it with her nagging.