Chapter 1

It's been two seasons since I came to live with the rabbits of Watership Down. I dreamed I was back home with my family in California. I was human in that dream and we all went to Bodega Bay and watched the sunset reflecting on the crushing, ocean waving waters. I prefer to be permanent in that dream, if I stayed as I was, but I had no other choice. Every good dream, has to come to an end. I was lying next to my mate, as she sleeps like Aurora, with a smile on her face that she was happy. The more excitement comes when we have good news for our new family generation. Not saying that we have one yet though. Every morning, I stretched and lowered my ears to scratch it, like it's a habit. She than started to wake up, as I was making sounds.

"Alice, are you alright?"

She groaned because she just woke up and smiled. "Of course, I heard you waking up, so I should wake up to."

I smiled. I looked at my phone over at a comer and surprising that I still have it. The time was 6:10 a.m. I thought it will be suiting to meet with the Owsla by the tree.

"Please come back to bed." Rose said.

"Owsla duties, but if you're still in bed, I'll come and see you." I suggested, while I grabbed my phone.

She smiled. "Unless I'm out."

I chuckled. "I love you Rose."

"I love you too Mason."

I hopped out of our burrow and started to head on for my way. I still hear some of the rabbits still sleeping. I did my very best to not wake anybody up and I could have the quiet reflection time, before the real morning begins. I went passed the Honeycomb and journeyed through the tunnel that leads outside. The sun was starting to come up and I decided to stare at the sun.

Hopefully, everyone is doing alright. I wondered about my family, as I gazed towards the house at the distance. The house that I once lived. Eventually, I had made some trips to visit and spend a night from being homesick, until the next morning.

I turned around to look at the tree and it looked like it grew a tiny inch, since I came to live here. A black rabbit with a vest backpack came out of the warren, as he's full grown as an adult buck.

"Mason." Tyler said.

"Good morning Tyler, how the kittens?" I asked.

"They're sleeping with Gillia. They're starting to grow since birth." he answered.

"You two should be proud." I commend. "I would once think that you would go out of your own league."

"What do you mean?" Tyler asked, as he pulled out his Zune HD.

"I mean by mating the 'Chief's Daughter'." I started a little tease.

He smirked with a paw punch. "Put them up!"

I started to Tail-Tag chase with Tyler as we ran on the grass, without leaving the down. I managed to tumble on Tyler and he turned me around and had me lying on the grass.

"Your run is going a little quicker everyday." Tyler said.

"At least you were chased by me, not a dog." I added.

We both laughed and he pulled me up. "Chip and Dale ready to join the Junior Owsla?"

"They're coming to that point, but they'll probably do a challenge, before they could join." Tyler answered.

"I bet you a hundred dollars, that it'll be the same challenge like Pipkin and the others went through." I assumed.

"Others?! Just to let you know that Gillia was part of the 'others'." Tyler felt a little offended.

"I'm sorry. I meant when they were younger." I explained.

"I know that." he smiled.

"OWSSSLAAA!" I heard the so-called Commander Bigwig called for the Owsla.

"Here goes the Captain of the hour." I joked.

We laughed and we made a line facing towards the hole, where Bigwig came out. Tyler and I saluted.

"Good Morning Capt. Bigwig, Sir!" Tyler and I greeted Bigwig, as he was a general of the US Army.

"And a good morning to the both of you bucks." Bigwig smiled. He than turned around and saw the rest of the Owsla joining us in line.

"Good morning Dad." Tyler greeted Hawkbit.

"Good morning, Son." Hawkbit greeted with a smile, even he was a bit drowsy from waking up early.

Fiver joined in by my side. "Good morning Mason."

"Morning Fiver, good sleep?"

"It's alright, how are you with Rose?" he asked.

I shrugged. "It's same old, same old."

He smiled until Bigwig faced towards us that me and Fiver faced straight. Bigwig did his usual morning inspections, as Hannah and Kehaar joined in on the side.

"Alright Owsla, it's a wonderful day for a patrol. We'll start with patrol, and have a break, then continue to grab some Flayrah for food at the farm." he announced.

Hopefully that Duster and his farmer doesn't show up today. I thought to myself, because I would be encounter much of Duster trying to "sic me".

"Owsla... move out!" Bigwig commanded.

As we left the down, Tyler started to play a song on his Zune HD. Morning! Today's forecast calls for blue skies

"Just like a normal day in the office." I smiled at Tyler, as he smiled back.

We went through the woods, as we passed and followed the brook. Tyler and I started to sing along to the song, playing on his Zune.

Sun is shining in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped raining, everybody's in the lane
And don't you know, it's a beautiful new day, hey

Running down the Avenue
See how the sun shines brightly

The rabbits looked back, including Bigwig and smiled and shook their heads. Kehaar and Hannah were flying above and I'm sure they could hear little of the music from high ground. Bigwig thought it was a good opportunity to stop for a break and eat some Flay grass.

"We'll stop here and have Mason and Tyler do a little show." he smiled.

The rabbits stopped and starting to cheer for me and Tyler. They wanted us to provide them a morning boost with momentum to wake up the Owsla. Tyler just jammed for the song on his Zune and sang.

In the city, on the streets where once was pity
Mr. Blue Sky is living here today, hey

"Mason, why don't you join Tyler?" Hawkbit persuaded.

The rabbits started to cheer for my name, as Tyler was dancing to the song, until he pulled me in to join him.

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long, so long
Where did we go wrong?

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long, so long
Where did we go wrong?

The rabbits cheered. I was dancing along with Tyler that all of us just laugh for the enjoyment. Bigwig moved his head following the beat. I started to mouth some the lyrics to Bigwig.

Hey, you with the pretty face
Welcome to the human race
A celebration, Mr. Blue Sky's up there waiting
And today is the day we've waited for

The Owsla laughed and "oohed" that I was trying to get Bigwig to dance. He was hesitant. I still pressured him to join in for the fun.

"Don't push it, lad." he warned.

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long, so long
Where did we go wrong?

Hey there, Mr. Blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around, see what you do
Everybody smiles at you

Hey there, Mr. Blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around, see what you do
Everybody smiles at you

Mister Blue Sky!
Mister Blue Sky
Mister Blue Sky-yiy!

Mr. Blue, you did it right
But soon comes Mr. Night
Creeping over, now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind, I'll remember you this
I'll remember you this way

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long, so long
Where did we go wrong?
Hey there, Mr. Blue (sky)
We're so pleased to be with you (sky)
Look around, see what you do (blue)
Everybody smiles at you

Tyler and I started to sing like people were singing at a choir. We than hit a high note, but it was cut short when we're tumbled by Kehaar. Everyone started to laugh and Tyler and I followed suite with Kehaar and Hannah.

"That's a way to be fully awake in the morning." I said.

The Owsla started to applause me and Tyler. We took our bows after we were commended on our performance.

"Alright, you two." Bigwig tried to stop laughing. "Both of you should eat some Flay and we need to continue on, before Ni-Frith."

Tyler and I nodded our heads and agreed. We started to eat some grass, as they continued to cheer.