AN: This is set in the seventies simply because I find the decade spooky and the lack of internet and modern technology helps create a lack of communication and horror situations (you'll see).

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A few things to keep in mind for this AU:

-Anakin and Padmé are the same age (21).

-They've known each other since they were five and became high school sweethearts.

-Anakin is in a fictional fraternity called Alpha Gamma Phi and Padmé in a fictional sorority called Kappa Kappa Delta.

I've never been in a sorority and my knowledge and depiction of it here will be about what I've seen in movies and what I could find in the internet, so I apologize in advance for all of the mistakes I will make.

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Chapter 1


Los Angeles, USA

The fall semester had just started two weeks ago, yet for Anakin and Padmé, it felt like an eternity or lifetime.

Having spent all summer together, happy and more in love than ever, getting used to the fact that now they lived so separated from the other was really hard.

It was hard waking up and not have the other lying next to them; it was hard going to class and concentrate when all they could think about was the other. It was so hard talking and spending time with their roommates when they preferred a million times more to be with the person they loved.

So when both of Padmé's roommates left for a party that Friday, Padmé couldn't waste the opportunity to have a date night with her handsome boyfriend, a date night which of course ended up with them demonstrating their love for each other, in Padmé's way too small bed. The situation proved to be difficult giving Anakin's great and tall body, but they made it work.

As she laid her naked and eased young body on his also naked one, Padmé felt a strange fear amidst all her happiness.

She breathed in and out, in and out, fast and unsteadily. She didn't want to show her nervousness, since she was afraid she might hurt his feelings, but she couldn't help it, they had just made a big decision at age twenty one. The biggest decision of their lives.

"Are you having second thoughts?" Anakin asked her, a pang of doubt and much fear in his kind voice.

Padmé started shaking. She actually was, but she'll never admit it, not even to herself.

"What? Of course not!" she cried, nervously.

He removed her from his strong chest and laid her on her very small side, seeing that they could not have a conversation while lying in the bed, he got up and walked to a chair. As he did that, Padmé got a good look of her now fiancé's fine body. She had to bite her lip to avoid the squeal Anakin provoked in her.

She then started biting her nails, then she rubbed her fingers with the same nervousness, and so, her eyes saw the ring that now graced her soft white hand. She looked at it for a long time, then she looked at Anakin.

"I love you," she said. "I always will. There is no one in the world I'd rather spend the rest of my life with."

"So you don't think it's too soon?"

"Anakin," she said, walking to where he was which caused her to trip a few times as they were in utter darkness, only the light of the moon and stars that came from the window lighted them. "It's never too soon to start spending the rest of your life with the man you love," Oh, but it is! "If I didn't want to get married, I wouldn't have said yes." But I did it only because I was afraid you might leave me otherwise! Oh my love, forgive me!

Even though she couldn't see his face in the darkness, she knew he was smiling.

Suddenly, she felt strong sweaty hands on her waist, at first that caused her to be startled, since she didn't even hear him move, but when the usual hot feeling that she got whenever he laid hands on her arrived, she was forced to release a slight moan, which was all Anakin needed to grab her like a savage and throw her in the bed again.

When morning came and the rays of the sun were too strong to let her rest anymore, Padmé freed herself from Anakin's arms, and walked to close the drapes.

She showered, put on her makeup and outfit for the day, and Anakin was still sleeping. Probably tired from their night activities and too rested and relaxed to get up so early. It was Saturday so Padmé thought he was more than allowed to sleep till noon if he'd like. She sat in front of her desk, went through some papers, and then sat again on her makeup table. From the mirror, she could see her sleeping boyfriend and future husband. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful… so damn perfect. Padmé's fears of commitment were starting to fade away.

Why should marriage be so scary? What else would she gain apart from the perfect specimen of a man behind her? Why did she even doubt it? Of course she would be happy to marry him! And now she could see his intentions behind that big question. He didn't ask her to frighten her. He did it because he loved her and he was sure he'd never want any other woman. And the thought filled Padmé with a feeling of happiness so great she felt she couldn't fit it in her heart.

She felt a sudden urge to jump on him and tell him she loved him a million times while covering him in kisses.

She was so deep into her happy loving thoughts, she didn't hear the door being opened. So when the face of her best friend and roommate, Dormé, appeared in front of her, Padmé let out a great scream of fear.

"Ahh!" Padmé cried till her friend put her soft hand on her lips.

"Shhh! Shut up!" Dormé said in a whisper. "You are going to wake him up!"

Padmé stood up next to the bed, relieved that she didn't awake him.

The smile she had at watching him was erased when again her friend spoke:

"Jesus Christ!" Dormé said in a very quiet voice that couldn't hide her pleasure at seeing Anakin. "What a night you must've had!"

Padmé's cheeks turned a violent crimson shade. "What are you doing here?" she scolded as low as she could, watching her and then her boyfriend with a pang of jealousy.

Dormé didn't answer immediately, her eyes giving all their focus to the naked man in the room. Anakin's chest, arms and legs were in full view, only his most private parts were covered in the white sheets and blankets. When Padmé noticed, she immediately ran to him and covered his whole body so that her friend couldn't see him anymore.

Padmé pushed her friend and forced her to go outside. When they were standing outside of the door, Padmé stopped speaking in whispers, yet her voice was still very low. "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked, unable of not showing her anger.

"Hey, we said we would give you all night. And look outside; the sun is out, babe."

"But couldn't you at least knock!?"

"Hey, this is my room too! I don't see why I can't enter it anytime I want."

"I thought you would stay at Gamma Gamma house for the night—and probably all morning."

It was Dormé's turn to turn crimson. "You know how those Frat boys are, Padmé. They beg you to stay at night and practically force you to leave when they're done…"

"Oh, honey," Padmé said pitying her. "I'm sorry."

"Oh, whatever!" Dormé cried. "Their loss not mine."

Padmé's face looked confused for a moment. "Their?"

The other girl laughed. "I ended up with three of them!" she giggled in Padmé's ear.

"What!" Padmé cried, shocked. "How is that even possible?"

"Oh, well, you see…"

"I'm not actually asking!"

Dormé laughed this time very loudly. "Oh don't get all self-righteous on me. I just walked in on you with a very naked man. So you're no virgin either, my dear!"

Padmé looked down, embarrassed. She could never get used to the carefree ways other girls spoke of their personal lives. She still liked to keep private things… well, private.

"You should try it," Dormé said, causing the red on Padmé's face to be more of anger.

"I never could!" she cried. "I love only one man and he is more than enough for me!"

Dormé giggled. "I'm sure."

"He's the only man for me," Padmé muttered, more softly, kinda speaking to herself. "He's the man I'll spend the rest of my life with."

Dormé looked bored. "Honey, that's sweet. But don't let him hear you say things like that. You would freak him out and scare him away."

It was Padmé's turn to giggle. "I doubt it," she said, raising her hand and showing the big ring on her finger.

"Holy shit," Dormé said, absolutely taken aback. "What the—he proposed?"

"He did!" Padmé's smile grew wider. "We're getting married!"

She waited for her friend to congratulate her, but Dormé's usually carefree face left her. She looked stern, worried, almost, afraid?

"Are you out of your mind?" she asked, and Padmé was hurt by her tone.

"Why? People do it all the time!"

"It's too soon for you guys," Dormé argued. "Shouldn't you wait till at least graduation? I mean, sorry Padmé, but by then you two might be different people. I think you should wait."

Her words echoed Padmé's initial thoughts but she chose to ignore it.

"I already said yes and I am glad I did. Dormé, I love him and he loves me! Isn't that all there is to it?"

"I don't think it's that simple, honey. But hey, it's your life. I just hope you really thought this through. I mean, shouldn't you wait till you really know each other well? You've been together for like…"

"Five years, more than enough."

"But you were teenagers at the beginning. You've changed since then and you will change through college."

Is she right? "Stop it, Dormé! You're just messing with my head! Besides, we might have started our relationship at sixteen, but we were neighbors and we knew each other since five."

"So you know and can live with everything about him?"

"Yes," Padmé said without thinking. "Yes, I can…" when she actually thought about it. She had to inwardly admit to herself, there were certain things she didn't like in him…

He had a temper. One that could oftentimes scare her… but he had always kept it in control and he always will! Pretty confident about that…

Both girls stopped talking when they heard noise from inside their room.

"Sleeping Beauty finally woke up," Dormé said, mockingly.

"I beg you," Padmé said. "Please just go. Give me an hour and I'll get him out. Please, pretty please!"

Dormé smiled. "Alright. I'll go find Cordé and see if she has any bit of dignity left from spending the night God knows where! But I must warn you, dear. We will discuss everything I've seen and heard this morning!"

"Of course you will. You have my blessing if you want to call me childish or say I'm not ready for marriage—now go!"

"I was thinking of discussing your hot boyfriend—I mean fiancé!"

"Ugh!" Padmé groaned. Dormé kissed her cheek, said a goodbye and left.

Padmé entered the room but remained leaning on the door, her old doubts about marriage returning to haunt her. Damn Dormé!

She looked at the bed and saw that it was empty, she didn't worry as she had already heard the shower.

"Padmé?" Anakin cried from the bathroom.

"Y-yes, honey. It's me."

"Care to join me?"

She smiled faintly. "I already showered, Ani."


All her fears evaporated through the air.

She walked to the bathroom and when she saw him again, knew that she hadn't any reason to doubt. They would be fine. They would be happy. They would be married!

Next Friday Night.

Dormé and Cordé watched their other roommate with a frown on their young faces. It was a boring weekend, they all had agreed on it. And they blamed Padmé for it.

"There are many parties tonight," Padmé said, dully. "And I didn't ask you guys to stay here with me."

"Like we could've left you alone," Cordé said. "What if a murderer comes and you're all alone?"

The girls giggled.

"Or you could've acted like a normal human being and come with us to the party," Dormé said, annoyed.

"I miss Anakin," Padmé sighed.

He had left that weekend to go see his mother Shmi, driving alone to Nevada, leaving Padmé depressed and lonely.

"So this is how it's going to be now that you're engaged?" Dormé asked, viciously. "Your entire world will depend on your man?"

Padmé felt very offended. "Of course not! I'm not dependent of my boyfriend! I am a college student, a strong independent woman… but that doesn't mean I can't miss him."

The girls sighed.

"I think you should go out tonight," Dormé suggested. "Have a little fun with us girls."

Padmé shook her head.

This time Cordé suggested, "It's not such a bad idea. After all, when he's back you're probably not going to pay much attention to us. I think girls night out would be awesome! What do you say, Padmé?"

"I don't know…"

"Come on," Cordé said, lifting Padmé from the floor where she was seated. "I'm gonna get you ready!"

Padmé laughed freely as Cordé begin to do her makeup, while Dormé went through her closet looking for a dress.

When they were all ready, they stood in front of the wide mirror in the bathroom. Padmé looked at her friends, then at herself, and shaking her head, she said: "I can't go out like this! I look like a… like a—"

"Slut?" Cordé said, grinning. "God-damn you do! We all look so hot but you definitely take the cake, honey! Come, let's go!"

Padmé paced around her bedroom, alone, dizzy, feeling like someone was repeatedly hitting her aching head.

Her legs trembled at every step; her eyes were struggling to remain open; her stomach now felt like it was dropping. Altogether, she felt horrible and almost wished to be dead.

She turned off the lights, which she regretted immediately when she couldn't find her bed; then the sound of the ringing phone begin to cover her ears, making her feel that her brain would exploit.

"Oh, shut up…" she blurred out in her drunken state. But the phone never stopped ringing.

She fell on the floor and badly hit her head. "Oww…" she moaned in pain. Still the sound of the phone was driving her crazy.

When she couldn't stand it anymore, she groaned, angrily and dragged herself across the bedroom, following that loud noise that was destroying her ears.

She finally found it, she picked it up, and said, more incoherently than she could tell: "Hello?" the awful sound of the ringing had stopped, but there was no voice answering the phone. She tried again, "Hi… who's there?" the other person hung up.

With the deadly silence that followed, she dropped her head and fell asleep on the cold floor. But her slumber lasted less than two minutes, when again the phone starting ringing. The sudden loud noise made her scream and jump in fear. It almost sobered her, and she picked it up again. "Hello?" she asked annoyed and angry. "Who's there? Are you gonna speak or you're just calling to annoy me and make sure I don't sleep?" there was a long silence, but the other person hadn't yet hang up. She could hear a strange loud breathing at the other side of the line. "This is Padmé," she said when she couldn't stand the silence anymore. "Are you calling for one of my roommates? They aren't here. Do you want to call back?"

The other person hung up.

Padmé started scratching her head, a nauseating feeling attacked her. She got up and turned on a small lamp. It almost seemed like a mistake, since now there wasn't a full darkness, but the little light could make her see strange shadows that just weren't there.

A strange chill ran down her spine, she realized she was sweating a lot, she weakly walked to her bed but was instantly stopped when again the phone rang.

She picked it up crazily fast, her voice dripping anger and fear when she spoke: "What do you want!?" a silence. "Are you looking for me?" silence. "Who are you? Why won't you stop calling me?" an almost one minute silence. Just the caller's loud breathing and Padmé's own. At last, the other person spoke, and Padmé wished he hadn't done so. She wished she had hung up. She wished she hadn't heard that. She even wished to be dead.

"I killed them," the caller said. It was a low whisper, one she could tell came from a masculine voice. There was a long silence, and then, "They're all dead!"

Padmé felt her heart stop, break, and die.

Tears accumulated in her gorgeously sweet brown eyes. She tried to speak but her voice failed her. She slowly crumbled on the floor, without ever letting go of the phone and without not hearing the caller's strange breathing.

Amidst a quiet sob, she asked, hating herself and life: "Ani?"

"I killed them," he said and hang up, and this time was the last one.

She waited seated by the phone all night, dreading while hoping it would ring again, which never did happen, so in a strange state, she spent the whole night.

The same words rang as loudly as the phone had done, making her feel like in a strange nightmare: I killed them! They are all dead! I killed them!