This is the very first fanfic that I'm posting :) I love NCIS:LA and I've been reading Ncis: Los Angeles fanfics for a while now. I had some ideas in my head so I've decided to start writing.

I've written some other stories that I hope to post soon but this will be about the scenes that I imagine would have happened during or after the show.

This picks up after the first episode of season 9 Party Crashers (9x1).

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They entered their home after having drinks with Sam. They had talked about how he and the kids were doing, what Hetty could be up to and how Kensi proposed to Deeks. It was great to have him around again. The past few months have been tough not only on Sam but the entire team.

Kensi walked straight to the couch and plopped down. "I'm exhausted." She said leaning her head back.

"Me too. It was a long day." He said looking through the mail.

"Yeah, it was. Did you get hurt by the car?" She was referring to Sam driving into him in order to distract their suspect and take him in.

"I'm okay. I'll probably be sore tomorrow though." He put the mail aside and sat down next to her on the couch. "What did you think of Mosley?"

"Honestly?" She had tried to conceal her emotions today when Callen asked if she was alright but the truth was, she didn't like that Mosley sent Deeks back to LAPD at all. Callen is a great partner but he isn't her partner.

"Yeah." He looked at her.

"She just seems so…"

"Strict, adamant, definite, inflexible, uncompromising..."

"Yeah, she wouldn't even hear you out." She was really frustrated. She hated not having control of the situation. Even if she didn't always like it, Hetty would always have a plan to fix it.

"I know but it'll be okay." He was trying to convince himself as well.

"Do you think she knows about us? I mean she seems to do everything by the book. Is she going to allow our relationship?" Kensi was worried.

"It doesn't matter Kens. I can stay for now, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Nothing's gonna to tear us apart." She smiled. That seemed to be their running motto.

They fell into a comfortable silence and Kensi put her head on his shoulder. She played with a loose thread on his shirt. "What happened at your Mom's house that was so scarring?" She said jokingly as that thought popped into her head.

"I'd rather not talk about it." He looked ill but she could tell that it wasn't that bad.

"Come on tell me." Kensi laughed. "What happened?"

"I walked in on her and a guy." Kensi's eyes got big but she was still amused. "Whose name happened to be Guy which they say differently in French apparently, Gee or something." He rambled on.

"Like actually doi..."

"No! She was wearing a towel and he had boxers on." He looked like a small child who was sulking.

"Oh baby, that must have been terrifying." She sympathized.

"It was." He was still pouting and she could barely hold back her smile. "I tackled him and then she walked in yelling at me. After that she just had to emphasize the time she's been spending with Guy."

"I'm sorry." She was sincere. "But Deeks, she's an adult and so are you. You can't control who she spends her time with. Even if you don't like it, you're gonna have to accept it."

"Yeah and what if it was your mom? Huh?"

"Alright we're done talking about this." He was right, that thought horrified her. "What about the engagement? Did you tell her?"

"Yeah she already knew about it. Apparently your Mom did tell her and then she didn't call us right away so…"

"She knew already? I didn't tell my Mom not to say anything because I thought you were gonna tell her right away." She pushed his shoulder slightly.

"I know. I feel bad."

"I feel horrible. We must have hurt her feelings." She really wished they had told her sooner.

"She said she doesn't care but she does. I know she does."

"Of course she does, she's your Mom."

"She's blaming her relations with Guy on my lack of calls lately."

"Deeks, she's lonely."

"She definitely wasn't lonely today."


"I know. I should have called her. I should call her more often." He corrected himself. He hasn't put a lot of effort in lately. "She just always wants to get so involved with everything I tell her. It started after I… after I shot my Father. I think she felt like she couldn't protect me before so after that, anything I did, she would get overly involved in and she can get hectic sometimes."

"Is that why she was never your next of kin?" Kensi remembered the moment he told her about his Mom. She had thought it was weird that his Mom hadn't been his next of kin back then.

"Exactly, if she would have gotten called every time I was in the hospital, she wouldn't have let me out of her sight again."

"She cares about you so much."

"I know." He really felt guilty now.

"I think we should go see her." Kensi suggested making a move to get up.

He was caught off guard. "Like now?" He pulled her back down.


"Yeah no, I think I've seen too much of her for one day." He really didn't want a repeat of this morning.

"Deeks, I'm serious." She really wanted to apologize.

"She probably has Guy there." He tried to defend his reasoning.

"Well then it's the perfect opportunity to get to know him." She wasn't backing down at all.

"Really?" He whined.

"Yes really. Deeks if he makes her happy then that's all you could ask for." Deeks seemed reluctant but Kensi was already up and moving. She put the engagement ring back on her finger because she didn't wear it at work and soon they were out the door.

They rang the doorbell and waited not wanting to repeat his actions of this morning by barging in. Moments later Roberta opened the door.

"Kensi, it's so nice to see you." Roberta wrapped her arms around Kensi. "You on the other hand…" She said looking at Deeks.

"Alright." He said with his nasally voice. Roberta and Kensi walked further into the house leaving him to close the door. "No, G-u-y tonight?" He asked stressing every syllable.

"Oh stop being such a drama queen Martin." They all went to sit down in the living room.

"I'm just showing interest." He defended himself.

"No, he's not. You happy?"

"Ecstatic." He said repeating Kensi's words from earlier that morning.

"Yep that's exactly how Kensi's Mom felt when she found out about your engagement." Roberta said annoyed and Kensi glared at him.

"Mom I'm sorry."

"We're really sorry. We should have called you right away." Kensi added on.

"I know it's not your fault Kensi. Marty and I both just have a way of not telling each other what's going on in our lives." She had enough things she didn't tell her son about, Guy for example.


"Save it Martin, what's done is done." Kensi looked at Deeks not knowing how to respond. "Let's put it behind us and move on."

"Okay." He nodded but he was sure this wouldn't be the last he'd hear of it

"Now I want to hear the story. How did you propose Marty?"

"I actually proposed to him." Kensi went ahead and said.

"Well when you want to get something done, you know you can't trust Marty. You just have to take matters into your own hands."

He rolled his eyes. "I proposed to her three times."

Kensi was quick to explain. "The first time doesn't count cause you never asked me, the second time I wasn't conscious and the third time…"

"You declined my proposal." Deeks cut in right away.

"You didn't complete the question."

"You didn't let me because you were…" His voice faded remembering that moment. She had stopped him from continuing because she didn't want to be in a wheelchair for the proposal or the rest of their marriage. "We just weren't ready yet but I guess I waited a little too long to ask again." He smiled at Kensi and then to his mother.

"Yes, you did. I couldn't wait any longer." Kensi looked at Deeks with so much love.

"I'm very happy for you guys." Roberta said sincerely. "And I'm not getting as involved as you expected I would, am I?"

"And you're back." Deeks knew she couldn't keep her sarcastic remarks away for long.

"That's a beautiful ring you picked out Martin." She said holding Kensi's hand up to get a better look.

"Thank you Momma."

"Congratulations you guys." She said as she hugged Kensi.

"Thank you Mrs. Deeks."

"I've told you before you're welcome to call me Roberta or Bertie."

Then Deeks gave his Mom a hug. "You did good sweetheart and I'm not talking about the ring." She whispered in his ear.

He agreed.

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