The distinctive tinkle of spoon on glass didn't do much to pause the room's conversations. A year after the war's end, Radar O'Reilly stood at the front of the crowd, clearing his throat and clinking the glass again.

"What, no bugle?"

Radar rolled his eyes, and some joker in the back of the crowd called loudly, "Attention, all personnel!" There was a chorus of laughter, but the reunited MASH 4077 quieted down enough to listen to the former company clerk.

Boy, it was good to see them all again. Radar had been dreaming of this reunion since he beat everyone else home, but he hadn't been fully sure that it would work. That everyone would be able to come together like this again. That they would even want to.

But here they were, staring back at him like they were at reveille or like he'd brought in the mail. He felt a little like how he had when he saw the farm for the first time after the war. Being here with these people felt a little like being home.

"Welcome to the first annual MASH 4077 Reunion," he greeted them. "Well," he amended, with a glance at some family members in the crowd, "the first one most of us've been home for anyway. Anyhow, we've got three days together, and it's great to see everybody!"