Dear John

**This is the beginning of a series of letters Sam writes over the course of a few years to John! Endgame McBam**

Dear John,

I really hope that this letter finds you well and maybe even by now, you are reunited with your beautiful son, Liam. I, of course, have never met the little guy but all I had to do was look into your eyes, see the way you looked when you talked about him, to know that he must be amazing. He needs you and I know you need him too. All I wish for you is complete happiness because all you've ever done since the day we met again (I say again because I know we knew each other, somehow, someway, before!) is try to put a smile on my face and I hope someday you find someone who will do the same for you. Your friendship and loyalty have made all the difference in my life. Did I ever thank you? I know those two words can't ever adequately express the gratitude I feel in my heart but I will say THANK YOU anyway.

You asked me to keep in touch and that's just what I am doing. Danny and I arrived in Paris safely three days ago. It really is the most beautiful place on earth, I think. We landed right at dusk, just in time to see the lights come on in the Eiffel Tower. It was breathtaking. Danny and I sat at the airport for the longest time just watching the city lights. Then I hailed a taxi (it's called taxi here too, surprisingly) and I tried to give directions in English to a man who knew little of it. I communicated it somehow though because within twenty minutes, we were arriving at the little flat Maxie helped set up for me. The driver helped me bring the bags upstairs (there is no elevator!) and then Danny and I went inside. The place is much bigger than it looks from the outside. Maxie chose well and I will send her an email telling her so after finishing this letter (I can't possibly handwrite every note or my fingers will fall off for sure).

Danny, as you know, is crawling now. He crawled all over the loft investigating absolutely everything. I just watched him go, marveling that he will be one years old in just mere months! He looks so much like his father, more and more every day. Sometimes my heart hurts a little but I am happier than I've been in a long time. I know I owe that to you too. You were strong enough to face my anger and force me to stop living in denial. It was a gift in a way to be free of the restraints I had on myself, dwelling in limbo. The night you came and told me about Faison killing Jason doesn't haunt me anymore because I can feel your strong arms around me, holding me up, refusing to let me fall. You did the same all through the funeral and wake and I know you will always be my rock. When I told you I was moving away from Port Charles, I could tell you were kind of sad and guess what? So was I, but you gave me my freedom back, my life even. I will never forget it and I will try to repay all of my debts someday.

You should visit Paris sometime, John! I regret in my World Conning Tour that I never did before LOL (Can I use LOL in a handwritten letter or is that a faux pas?) It's going to take a while to learn the customs, not to mention the language, but I'm up to the challenge. I feel okay, good even. Danny's and my new beginning is off to a good start.

Well I have to go for now. Danny is awake and demanding his lunch. Please stay in touch.

Your friend always,