Eamon the juicy sausage the curtest man in existance was just a little boy when he got a frickin fork thorugh his yummy looking stomach. it was eamon the sausage eater who picked him up and pryed him off the fork with his fat juicy fingers, fat from all the sausages that he eated and inspected his fat little body.

"mmmmmm" yummy said the sausage eater. as he eated the sausage , or at least he was about to when the juicy sausage ran away.

He was from a factory made for eamon the sausage eater, to make sausages for him. it was tiime for liberation, he formed a movement calle the resistance

He attack fat little man with he big sausage fingers and sword made of gelatin. eamon eat it but that was the plan./

fat sausage man eamon had too much too eat that day an exploeded with food. all the other sausages come out of him.

now it was time to form a government of sausages. there was a problem with identity though, all saudsafe mamed after eamon the creator, and had a hard toime to associate themselfs from one another

they did nto do any thing about this instead trying to go and find freedom. Eamon the juicy sausage stayed behind where he was comfortable... the corner.

he found comfort there and didn't leave.

The end