Red marble was enjoying a rather pleasant roll by the beach. Sure you might initially think it was blocky and boring, but trust me, it was. But to red marble, it was all she ever knew. Just another day in marble world. Blocky and uninteresting.

She couldn't be at any other place at the moment anyways. You see, this might not be a common fact to readers like you, but in Marble world, you never really choose where you end up. Sometimes, the world table (the platform in which held marble world) would tilt, after this action, each marble would roll somewhere else.

All of a sudden, blue marble went strolling by. Blue marble was a guy. They didn't talk or hook up though because they weren't anthropomorphic marbles, that's just nasty. Who would write about that anyway?

Oh, it looks like it's time to move, thought red Marble. Then off she went. She could have strolled into a bar, but that didn't happen. Instead, she rolled into a home hardware store. The marble on the register was none other than the notorious yellow marble. She was only on the register because she was trapped in a cage in the store with no hope of escaping, also she was a bit shy.

Yellow marble didn't say much because she was an inanimate object with no brain. This made her sad and feel envy for things that weren't useless in society. But then she realized that in the grand scheme of things, nothing mattered. So yellow decided not to think about it more.

While yellow marble was having an existential crisis, red marble was just sitting there. She couldn't do anything anyway because she was just a marble. Eventually, the world table shifted and she continued on her merry way; wherever that may be.

Being in a video game about marbles was alright, I guess. I mean, at least these marbles didn't exist in real life. They would probably just hate themselves after being used just once. I mean, who plays with marbles nowadays? Instead, these fake marbles fake hated themselves after being used just once. And two negatives make a positive, right? No, I guess not. Never mind.

It looked like the player playing marble madness just quit after only a few seconds. It was a pretty boring game after all. Out of a final act of spite, the player maliciously killed red marble. Just, you know, just because. If red marble had a family, do you think they would appreciate their mother dying for no reason? Yeah, that's messed up.

And don't think you're out of the blame. Just for reading this far, you are validating this fanfictions existence, and because this fanfiction exists, red marble died. You killed her. You monster. I knew where you live, how else am I on the screen you are looking at in your home. And if you aren't in your home, then whatever.