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There was mud everywhere. But it wasn't just ordinary mud. It was something much worst than what its appearance entails, and Noctis knew better.

The current surroundings was the proof of that; roads and concrete were set ablaze. As if magma had erupted at the very heart of the city. This wasn't his first time dealing with something like this though.

The sight caused him to reminisce the old days when he and his friend fought against a ficklish fiery horned giant.

"Brings back memories."


Noctis could feel the black mud trying to eat away his clothes below, trying to tear his skin through the very fabric that he wore. Attempting to corrupt him with any sorts of evil that it had for someone like him.

But it had no effect on him whatsoever.

"It seems it already started."


The cursed sticky matter can throw any evil intention it want at him and still, he won't be influenced by it, corrupted by it. The Chosen King had nigh resistance against the substance's malicious whispers and bickerings, for he was someone who was synonymous to the word 'salvation'.

In Eos, the Chosen King was a messianic figure similar to the Christians' Jesus and Buddhists' Shakyamuni. A King prophesized to deliver the World from darkness and restore its light. A King chosen to die, to sacrifice himself for the World.

In his lifetime, Noctis had reached the 'Truth of the World' when he fell to a 10 year slumber accumulating his power inside the Crystal. He was 'The Answer of Humanity' against the irreversible plague that threatens Eos, against the impending eternal night that plunged the World. Even when he was a child, he had already been marked as a 'Protector of the World'.

Back at the organization's headquarters, there was a name for such ability.

Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig.

A Personal Skill or expertise that unconditionally reduces damage dealt by physical attacks, conceptual attacks, and interdimensional attacks. It even negates the probability of mental interference by 100%. Thus, this aptitude allowed Noctis to receive the desires - evil - of man with perfect tranquility.

Remembering that one fact while looking at the seemingly aggravated black mud straddling around his lower limbs, Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV reminded himself that he was no longer human.

Rather he became an object of worship throughout Eos after his 'sacrifice'. He became a higher existence from humans. Though he resigned himself from setting foot again on his birth soil, he could still hear the natives' prayers in his mind, flowing through his Saint Graph.

"Cease this at once."

A swipe of a hand and a powerful bluish light exploded around him, sending the cursed matter several meters away from his feet. It was an action he deemed worthy to be done sensing the mud's aggresiveness.

That burst of magical energy though wasn't welcomed heartily by the catastrophic substance. The black haired lad took a glimpse of his surroundings, feeling the numbers of antagonistic presence quantify around him.

"A couple of Lahmus and Hellbeasts…"

"Yip, Yip!"

"Yeah, transcendents and magical beasts. Former humans and animals, all corrupted."

His blue orbs then settled at the towering onyx colored spiral from where the supposedly Dahan's parliament building stood. Noctis could tell that it was the place that the mud originated. He could also sense the thing that caused all of this, inside that weird lump of malicious goo.

He knew what that thing was.



Hearing the growling sounds of unfriendly creatures peering on him from the rooftops of blazing buildings and beneath the sinful black liquify matter, bluish crystalline lights spewed out both from Noctis' hands as he draw out 2 short blades that shared the same appearance with one another, conjoined on both hilts, giving an appearance of a single long blade.

Growls of discomfort and irritation surfaced among the demonic enemies which Noctis surmised as a violent reaction against the transcendental eerieness coming from his weapon.

He shot a glance at Carbuncle.

"Lead the unaffected ones out of the city."


The magical creature on his shoulder yipped before dispersing from the thin air in golden specks of light. Despite its cute and lovable physical appearance, Carbuncle was a reliable friend. A Messenger that guides people away from harm's way, and Noctis had a complete trust in his little friend.

The lad took a second look on the corrupted creatures as he disjointed the weapon in his hands into 2 separate short swords. Said swords were varnished and tarnished in pure metallic coat of platinum, wing motifs adorning on each crossguards signifying the power of light imbued to them.

His lips slightly twitched in a frown.

These souls eyeing him with there evil glares were already changed by the dark matter, to the point that their basic structure were already beyond reformation. It reminded him of the Daemons he fought back at Eos during night time.

Knowing the fact these creatures were once human, Noctis can only harden his resolve as he gripped tightly on his pair of blades.

As he let his arms release a slight tension, the first engagement was conceptualized. A claw swipe, one that was swift and full of precision, came forth from his left side. He parried the attack with his blade, his upper forelimb trembled as the force of the strike hit hard. A powerful surge flowed through his fingertips to his arms, tracing all his muscles and nerves down to his feet.

From the soles of his feet, the resulting impact was realized. The ground quaked, dusts and charred cement elevated, a cracked sound roared and tremors became apparent. In a second, a crater formed beneath releasing a shockwave that caused the mud around them to create waves of ripples and the infernal blaze from the buildings to waver slightly.

The sudden attack came from a feral feline beasts, its mouth releasing an eerie growl while glaring its fangs at him.

He caught the stinking breath with his nose, allowing him to portray a disgusted look.

"Too much stink." Noctis commented, warping instantly before sending the blade in his offhand piercing on the creatures snout. "Keep it shut, will you?"

Pushing himself up in the air with only his fingers against the blade's hilt, Noctis flicked his right wrist, making the blade flew swiftly spinning, its edges cutting the air. It landed on, rather, the platinum short blade lunged itself on the head of one of the Lahmus - an all mouthed-head creature with spider-like appendages - and Noctis reapppeared at the moment of the impact, his sudden weight bore greater damage on the creature.

[Warp-Strike] is a magic that was created from the [Warp] spell. It was a spell that uses [Warp] with offensive set in mind, subsequently dealing damage to enemies. It works by throwing any weapon to an enemy and warp to them at the same time.

Something that was easy as breathing to the black spiky haired lad.

Both creatures received the attack released black specks of dust as a result, indicating that the blades was a weakness to them.

Royal Arms were a set of weapons that held high amounts of light or holy affinity. Divine Constructs crafted for the Kings of Lucis' sole use, molded to defy any evil. There were 13 Royal Arms that answers to Noctis' call. The one he was using was the the Swords of the Wanderer.

Also known as the Twin Swords of the Lion King, it was a weapon of one of his ancestor, a king that was quick like the wind and went where no man had gone before. These were his blades. Apart they rain fury-together they delivered thundering blows.

Landing on his feet, the lad's figure glowed blue as he phased 4 black arms trying to stabbed him. He made a quick turn, delivered a powerful slash upward, severing the arms in the process.

Then he threw both blades forward.

The canine demonic beasts dashing towards Noctis was caught by his [Warp-Strike]; a slash from both swords. The feral beast's forehead etched with a diagonal cross-shaped mark as it growled in pain, both from the attack and the sword's affinity. Serving the initial attack, Noctis then combined the swords into a single blade as he delivered a strong, downward cleaver.

The canine beast was cleaved in half, its now carcass oozing malevolent miasma that Noctis seems familiar with. His gaze then fall on the large numbers of demonic creatures flocking on him.

"Focusing all your attentions at me, huh…" Noctis commented under his breath, procuring a magic spell beneath his feet as it echoed the tickling sound of clock, "Can you keep though?"

His left foot planted, the lad launched himself on the said pivoted limb as he throw his weapons. Though this time, his movements were too much faster as if travelling in a speed of light.

In a matter of a seconds, holograms appeared simultaneously in all the battlefield at the same time, accompanied by mutilated and decapitated forms of creatures that were bewildered on what just happened.

Noctis used a magic spell called [Haste].

At first glance, it seems a spell that accelerates movement but [Haste] isn't a magic spell that accelerates the caster's movements. What the spell does was to adjust the 'inner clock' within a person's body, moving it twice than its normal movement.

It is a Time Magic that allows the caster to separate his/her own 'internal clock' from the World and accelerating his 'internal time' outside the corresponding 'external time' associated without any sort of penalty from violating the fundamentals of 'time' that connects the 'World Clock' to the 'Human Clock'.

To be precise, it is a High ranked magic that tempers the Temporal part of the spacetime continuum.

This magic spell when used in tandem with [Warp-Strike], is a powerful compound magic and excellent combo. Perfect for creating a shock and awe factor and an instant kill revenue.

Before the clock could strike a second, all enemies were already down uniformly as if being struck by a single attack at the same instant.

The black mud in the area began to boil, black bubbles started appearing as if it was mad.

"Not letting you."

Sensing it, Noctis then sent a powerful burst of mana of light around him. The photon burst was so bright that it melted away the bubbling substance, dispersing it in the process.

"I really need to cut the source." He spoke as his bluish orbs gazed at the mud tower several meters away which was already gaining in size. "As quickly as possible."

Gripping the Swords of the Wanderer, the Chosen King threw both his blades at the distance as far as possible.

He was aiming for the spiral tower.

Yet at the last second, his [Warp-Strike] had been blocked by a figure that suddenly appeared in his path.

"A Shadow…?"

Bouncing from his failed strike, the lad threw the blade in his left hand to the ground, warping him on the pavement.

His eyes then hovered at the longsword wielding shadow figure that landed on the ground, black miasma coming from its body.


"That thing manage to get a guardian huh. This is turning for the wor-" The lad was cut off when a large silhouette overshadowed him from above.

A giant hand slammed against the place where he stood.

Luckily for Noctis, he was able to warp away sensing the dangerous intent at that instant. Having a glimpse of the silent attacker, the Chosen King's scowled.

"Much, much worst."

Standing with a staggering and towering height in front of him was a black titan with 10 to a 100 faces, four arms, a massive circular disc on the back, and a dozen red eyes. The appearance of the giant caused a massive uproar among the demonic creatures, their screeches almost deafening.

Noctis knew this monstrosity.


A titan that came from the extraterrestrial species that devours worlds with life, as far as the organization's database have as the lad remembered. An annihilator in all sense and seeing it being summoned to this World Line in its corrupted form….

…The World was in a dire situation.

Soul fragments - glimmering crystals that stems from the soul - began to danced around Noctis, shimmering light dusts escaping from his pores and his eyes began to heat up as a burning sensation invaded his eyesight, causing it to glow vivid red.

His eyes widened as he felt the sudden sensation flowing in him. The familiarity that it held bewildered him for a second before acknowledging the message that it wanted to convey to him.

She wants to help him.

"Luna…" The Chosen King spoke, his right hand grasping the very fabric of his chest. "I understand. Let's purge this evil together then."

From the skies, golden rays of light pierced through the black clouds covering the entire Guangzhou city. As the light rained down on earth filled with malicious corruptedness, the creatures that were formed from the black mud that were showered by the luminous shimmer exploded in a burst of oozing black dusts.



Their echoes and cries erupted the whole place as they were being showered by the radiance they percieved as poison to their very existence. Several of them, those people who were in the halfway of becoming corrupted creatures, reverted to their former selves as the golden rays purged the black taint invading their bodies.



The Lahmus and Hellbeasts continued their irritated and furious bellows while the black titan with a hundred faces and arms grunted in frustration as a heavenly and divine figure descended from above.

Garbed in a long, white, sleeveless dress and white covers bearing from the shoulders down to the wrists, a Goddess appeared in front of them. Her long blonde hair glowed in golden hue and adorned by golden halo with emphasizing pointed rays, and her eyes, azure as the bright sky shone with hope and compassion. Her pale complexion radiated a glow and brilliance like the dress she was clothed, and from her back six golden colored wings hovered, boasting and intimidating the ones below her feet.

From her hand was a trident that held the essence of divinity which she pointed at the black giant Magatsu.

The black giant retaliated with an ear-deafening roar, its numerous eyes brimming before releasing a beam of destructive energy at the goddess. The Seraph, in turn, raised her trident in defense forming a golden barrier in front of her, deflecting the numerous high-concentrated particle beams to bend and to be deflected in several angles and locations.

Explosions then erupted everywhere razing the entire metropolis while other streams of red luminosity launched towards the sky.

As the 2 giants began to battle, clashing sounds of steel reverberated.

Blurry figures of Noctis and the shadowed swordsman dashed throughout the city, exchanging swordplays that waltzed in the tune of death. Their footworks made every ground they stood on erupted high in the air in accordance to their blades clashing with one another, their sharpened steel igniting embers of sparks.

The shadow figure delivered a downward strike which the Chosen King averted by phasing through the attack.

His left hand already grasped a greatsword.


Noctis grunted upon swaying the greatsword upwards. The attack send the dirt and the pavement upwards, high up in the air.

The shadow blader, having evaded the attack, suddenly spun around as a bluish blur passed right through it amidst the curtain of dirt in the air. It parried the sudden strike coming from Noctis with a sword strike of its own.

As both sword wielders exchanged blows, complementing at the background were the 2 giants; the hundred-faced monster swinging its arms against the six-winged goddess swinging her trident.

The shadow swordsman instantaneously turned into a black dusts as Noctis landed a cleaver attack on it. It began to trapped the lad in a dome with the intention of swallowing the bearer of light.

In retaliation, Noctis responded kindly with a massive burst of light-imbued magical energy, giving it effect similar to a jet burst.

He used a Prana Burst.

A Personal Skill that allows someone to infuse one's weapon and body with Magical Energy and instantly expelling it. What Noctis did however wasn't an ordinary Prana Burst.

Prana Burst (Light) is a version of Prana Burst that infuses weapons with Magical Energy that imparts a light effect. In Noctis' case, sacred light becomes magical energy that dwell in the weapon used. A usually active Skill that every weapon that he grasps will receive this effect.

The black mist let out a painful screech as it was bathed with Noctis' Prana Burst. The mist then converges, forming a semi-corporeal form while lying on the ground.

The spiky haired teen had to jump to the side however when a giant fist fell on him with an intent to crush him.

"Tch, troublesome…" Noctis grumbled under his breath as dodge another clenched fist coming from the black titan.

The monster had to wince when its face was hit by the blunt side of the goddess' trident, the Seraph being furious for the giant's attempt on Noctis' life.

Though the blow wasn't enough to bring the monster down to its knees.

"This is the end."

Noctis then raised his hand in accordance with the Seraph who had her spear pointed towards the giant.

Its tip accumulating densely packed golden light.


Several kilometers away, a blinding light that can be mistaken as a second sun enveloped the entire city of Guangzhou and several regions of Guangdong Province.

A sight that can be seen across Dahan, the Great Asian Alliance, Taipei, and Okinawa.

A sight that will give birth to the incident that would later be known in the entire world as "Nightmare of 2062".


A Skill that renders protection to one who has reached the "Truth of the World" or the "Answer of Humanity" - A Protection Against Purging that marks the person as a "Protector of the World". Unconditionally reduces the damage dealt by physical, conceptual, and interdimensional attacks by a value equivalent to the person's total life force. Also shuts out the probability of mental interference by 100%. In the case of Noctis, attaining EX rank in this skill was a result of his 10 year long slumber inside the "Soul of the World".