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Miya Yotsuba sat on the couch patiently, her ruby red eyes staring intently at the door that was tightly shut in front of her.

Three months.

It has been 3 months since her younger twin sister's abduction perpetrated mostly by the Dahanese government. It has been 3 months since her younger twin sister Maya was returned to them safely with the help of a Space-Time magician.

And it has also been 3 months already since Maya had undergone therapeutic treatment under the orders of the family.

Currently her sister had been undergoing therapy, supervised by the doctor that the Yotsuba's sponsor recommended to them.

The elder twin couldn't help herself but to bit her lip, and both hands balled in a fist, searing with frustration and anger.

"It will be okay, Miya-chan."

Beside Miya, the voice of her Aunt Yume made itself known with her reassuring gesture. Somehow it lessened the turmoil in Miya's heart.

Miya replied with a nod, looking directly at her aunt's eyes before once again setting a glance at the door ahead.

Androphobia and Haphephobia.

One was the fear of men while the other was the fear of being touched, both which her sister Maya had developed ever since her rescue from her captors. The symptoms of the phobias first appeared whenever Maya was in front of the male members of the Yotsuba Family, including their father Genzou.

Miya had already done her research regarding with the causes of these phobias, and though she hated to admit it, to swallow the truth, that her sister Maya had been molested and sexually assaulted by those disgusting creatures.

She wanted to rain her wrath upon them, so bad that she was simulating in her mind the various methods she can imposed against those heartless men that soiled her beloved sister's body using her Mental Interference magic.

While she was not on the same level with her father, Miya Yotsuba was no pushover. Her innate MI magic was so strong that she can reshape or redesign a target's mind at her behest, whether for the best or for the worst.

Sadly, she won't be able to execute that plan of hers however.

Maya's abduction was a wake up call for the entire Yotsuba Family. Miya had overheard the conversations between the upper echelons of the family regarding the implementation a system that will secure those people who had remarkable abilities.

Of course, this also includes her.

Another thing was that though most of the members of the family announced their full support on the retribution that her father Genzou wanted against Dahan, they cannot deploy their forces for another reason.

"Oba-sama, do we have any new information about Second Sun?"

"I'm afraid not, Maya-chan." Yume gently stroke her niece's hair as she began, "Your Uncle Juuzou had been working closely with your Uncle Motosuke on the case, and so far we can't get any information regarding the matter."

At the answer that was presented to her, the 12 year old female Yotsuba could only accept her aunt's statement.

That was to be expected.

Second Sun was the name of the 3 month long ongoing photon burst on Dahan's soil that appeared after Maya's rescue. During its first few days, many had believed that a nuclear weapon had been detonated though after a few studies, it was revealed that the Second Sun was magic in origin.

The phenomenon caught the public's eye all over the world. A ceasefire was issued between the warring countries, fearing that magicians from opposing states have such capability to recreate such feat. Several investigations were deployed to study the strange phenomenon but most of the collected data were inconclusive.

Most of the people from the magic communities, prominently Japanese magician families, were silently eyeing the Yotsuba. The news of Maya's kidnapping had spread among the magician families and because of this, most of them believed that it was the Yotsuba who instigated the Second Sun.

The Yotsuba Head however strongly denied the allegations.

Yet most members of the magician community still had their suspicions in their opened palms.

Yes, Miya had to agree, that they have the strongest intentions to inflict destruction against Dahan but to implement a country wide light flare the size of entire landmass of France was beyond the capabilities of every Yotsuba magicians.

The Yotsuba were practitioners of Mental Interference magic, and the magicians from the 10 Magic Institutions should know that.

Aside from the negative effects that the Second Sun had brought to the entire Yotsuba, it has some perks too. Rumors about the Yotsuba Family hiding a Strategic-class Magician among their ranks… The wavering morale of the GAA soldiers holding Tsushima and among many others.

But the most prominent factor that brought to every people in the magic community was fear.

The fear of incurring the wrath of the Yotsuba Family.

Speaking of the double-edged name that they had gained, Miya's mind then wandered to a single name.


That was the name of the Space-Time magician that helped her sister to escape from the diabolical experiments of Kulunfang Institute.

The name that Maya always utter softly in her sleep.

The elder Yotsuba twin surmised that that male magician left a strong impact on her sister. Maya would always hug the lad's black coat whenever her sister sleeps beside her. Ever since Maya's return, Miya would always allow her sister to sleep next to her and because Maya had developed a habit of sleeping with the lad's overcoat blanketing her body, the elder twin would eventually smell the scent of the cloak which Miya deduced came from the boy.

'Remembering the first time sleeping with it makes me embarass.' Miya thought to herself. 'Though I wonder how he looks like. …This Tatsuo person that Maya spoke of.'

Her sister Maya would regal her tales about this Tatsuo person. How he looks like, the way he speaks, the aura that he exudes, almost everything from that short meeting Maya would always portray an expression that their mother would often say a sign of a girl seeing her first love.

Miya had to agree though, her sister would always blush everytime the name Tatsuo escaped her lips, how his name brought a comfortable gesture as if the fears of men and being touched didn't exist.

"Who are you Tatsuo…" Miya spoke softly, "…To make my sister feel that way?"


The elder twin had to blink as her ears register a cute yip. It took her a few seconds before she could locate the one making that cute growl.

Not far away, sitting at the window sill of the Yotsuba Main Household was a blue furred fennec fox with long ears, a fluffy tail, and red horn-like structure on its forehead.

Its eyes staring directly at her.


Miya had to rubbed her eyes, convincing herself that she wasn't dreaming or seeing an illusion.

After all, it was very odd to see a peculiar fur coated fox near the main house let alone within the main house's yard.

The Yotsuba village is located within a dense forest somewhere in Japan, protected by an invisible magic barrier that dissuades any intruder from entering and if a few managed to get through, they will wander inside the forest thus making them forever lost.

Aside from that, the barrier also prevent wild animals from entering the Yotsuba living space.

Yet, a blue furred fox manage to enter the village and have the leisure to sit on one of the Main House's window sill!

"Is something matter, Miya-chan?" Yume Kuroba said, noticing her niece unusual behavior.

"There's a fox on that window sill, Oba-sama."

Looking at her niece pointing her left forefinger across the hallway, Yume followed and traced with her eyes the said direction only to caught the opened windows only with nothing on it.

The adult could only blink her eyes in confusion.

"There's nothing there Miya-chan."

"Eh? But its right there, as in really!" The older Yotsuba twin insisted, jumping out the couch with both arms extended outwards. "As in, look, it even scratched its long ears with its hind legs."


"And it even yipped just now!"

"Miya-chan…" Yume pulled her frantic niece to herself, her arms enveloping Miya in a hug. "I know this are hard times for us, especially for you my dear. Immersing in fairy tales is your way to cope up with your mother's worsening sickness and Maya's current ordeal."

"But Yume-obasama-"

"But please don't mix what you read in stories with reality." Yume caressed ber niece hair, her voice waning in concern. "Maya's incident is enough already and last thing we need is you going mentally unsound. I can't take anymore than that."

The older twin couldn't believe what her aunt just said. Her mentally unsound? That's ridiculous. She wanted to retort, to reason that she was telling the truth but the teary-eyed expression of her Yume-obasama make her to shut her mouth.

Of course, Miya knew that her aunt truly cared for her and her sister. To her, her aunt was like a second mother to her and twin. During her childhood days, her Yume-obasama would visit them regularly in the Main House bringing forth beautiful dresses and toy dolls as gifts.

Her aunt treated both her and Maya like her own daughters.

It was known within the family that Yume couldn't give another child after giving birth to her and Juuzou's son, citing that another pregnancy might be risky for her.

Miya, despite her young age, already had a depth understanding on the situation. She understood the concerns of her aunt but…

'I'm not making up stories though…' The girl thought with a pout as she eyed the creature still on the window sill.

'Wait a minute. If Oba-sama can't see it then that means I'm the only one capable of seeing it?'

Realizing that certain fact, Miya, still surprised by that deduction, glanced intently at the blue fox creature sitting on the window sill, its eyes staring back at her red ones.

Long fluffy ears and tail, a small snout, a fox-like built…the older Yotsuba twin was very sure that those were the familiar characteristics or physical traits of foxes. What make her mind troubled was the single piece detail protruding on the little guy's forehead.

A horn-like structure that glistened like ruby gems. For some reason, Miya Yotsuba reminisce something familiar regarding with that detail.

'Where did I encounter that specific…?" She thought deeply, trying to flip every mental pages inside her head.

And within a few minutes, her ruby red eyes widened.

'A Carbuncle!?' She shouted internally, her face expressing both bewilderment and surprise.

The little creature yipped happily, as if acknowledging the correctness in Miya's thoughts.

Differing from garnet stones or boils, Carbuncles are mythological creatures that are found in the Bible and other literatures. But the most known book ever to surface in regards with these mythical creatures was Jorge Luis Borges' The Book of Imaginary Beings', a book that Miya had in her collections.

The mythical creature is described as a small, either a bird or a mammal, that has a gem in its forehead crystallized from the brain of a dead dragon, and during the 1990's various people from Latin America allegedly saw this creature. According to myth, a person catching a Carbuncle will surely have tons of luck going for them.

To think that a creature dismissed by everyone as a myth and folktale appeared right in front of her, the female Yotsuba was beyond speechless.

"Yip!" The cute mythical mammal yipped once more before jumping down from the window sill outside.

That action caused the still awed Miya to rise on her feet in haste like a speeding bullet train.


"Sorry Oba-sama," The girl voiced out as she started running, "I'm going to go outside."

"Wait, Miya-chan!" Yume extended her hand but the figure of her niece vanished as the girl turned around the corner.

As the older Yotsuba twin dashed through the hallway chasing the creature, Miya wasn't aware that her twin had also seen the said creature inside the chamber.



"Wait!" The ruby red eyed female spoke, her breath somewhat ragged from chasing the creature.

Miya had been chasing the mammal for some time now and while it led her to venture far away from the Yotsuba village, for some reason she couldn't sense any danger or felt any wariness in the situation.

Rather, she started to feel concerned and worried not for herself but for something else entirely as her heart started to beat erratically.


Following the creatures lead, the female turned around corner amidst the dense and thick foliage of the forest. It had been like this, the creature would let out a yip every minute and then as if urging her to quicken her pace.


With one last cute growl, the ruby horned creature jumped towards where sunlight rays shone on the other end of the pathway.

The moment Miya followed suit, she had to cover her eyes with her palm due to the sudden brightness that came to her.

A few seconds after adjusting from the brightness brought forth by nature, Miya saw a stream. At the side of the natural waterway, she visioned a silhouette lying.

"A person?" She spoke between steps, her feet moving towards the unconscious body before kneeling on the ground.

She took a moment to register the details of the unconscious person who happens to be a male.

Black spiky hair and a princely visage despite being marred with bruises and dried blood… Clothes being shred into rags revealing a battered build yet paled skin, athletic and firm…

Despite the not so good condition of the said person, Miya stared intently, her orbs memorizing every part of the lad.

Unknowingly, her cheeks flared up a bit.

Taking account of the features once more, a sudden memory of a conversation between her and sister Maya every night that earned her a suspicion in her head.

Before she could voice out her thought however, a sudden blur rush beside her holding a very familiar jazzberry jam eyes and uncanny resemblance of her face.

It was no other than Maya Yotsuba.

"Tatsuo-san!" Maya grasped the lad's body, her voice coated with worry and fear. "Tatsuo-san!"

With her sister's words, Miya's suspicion was dead right all along.

This lad lying unconscious, battered and bruised, alongside the stream was no other than the guy who saved her sister.



A Skill that represents the ring of the Lucian Kings given to the Chosen King. If the ring is worn, Noctis can use Ring Magic; Death, Holy and Alterna, and commune with his forebears that reside inside the ring.