I've made quite a few things differently in terms of powers for the boys. I felt like Wyatt was overpowered and season 5 onwards centred more on him. There be no such thing as a twice blessed child in this fanfic.

Wyatt's powers:

Whitelighter abilities.

Spellcasting and potion making.


Force blasts.

Telekinetic orbing.


Chris's powers:

Elder abilities (including electrokinesis).

Spellcasting and potion making.



Augmentation other peoples powers.

Isacc's powers:

Spellcasting and potion making.


Projection (untrained).

Freezing time.

Powers to develop?

Chapter 1

In an alternative universe were Piper and Leo had three sons. Wyatt the eldest then Chris and Isacc. Leo and Piper couldn't love either of their children one more than the other two. Isacc is 16 making Chris 18 and Wyatt 20. Chris has just started college while Wyatt has been working as the manager at Piper's restaurant even if he can't cook. Then we have Isacc who is still in high school. Isacc has short brown hair and brown eyes and looks mostly like Piper. Right now it's the early hours of Monday morning in the manor Isacc is asleep in his room that once belonged to Patty his grandmother. Isacc has been restless throughout his sleep tossing and turning.

In his, sleep Isacc finds himself on a battlefield where countless bodies are on top of each other. The bodies belonging to all kinds of magical creatures like Fairies, Witches, White-lighters along with Demons. Isacc finds himself scared and shivering from the cold wind that brushes past him. Isacc in the dream is wearing pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt to match. Isacc hears a sound that reminded him of a swarm of bees or wasps but on a larger scale.

"Where am I"? Isacc asks himself.

"They're coming" A weak voice spoke earning Isacc's attention Isacc looks around his surroundings quickly and finds a wounded demon lying on the floor.

"Who's coming"? Isacc's asked but the demon in his dream dies and Isacc's finds himself being stabbed from behind with a sword and wakes up screaming loudly!

Isacc's screams wake up everyone in the manor Piper, Leo and his two older brothers Wyatt and Chris. When the four older Halliwells in the manor heard Isacc's screams they ran straight into his bedroom expecting a demon had shimmered in to try and kill Isacc instead they find Isacc sitting on his bed crying looking down at his chest. It took Piper a couple of minutes to calm Isacc down before they can attempt to ask him what's wrong.

"Shush, Isacc what's wrong"? Piper asks her youngest while she sits nexts to him on his bed stroking one of her hands through Isacc's hair.

"I-I had this strange dream maybe vision I was on some battlefield all alone and there were all these bodies countless," Isacc described trying to keep himself together.

"Who's bodies," Chris asked he and Wyatt were the first out of themselves and their parents to wake up to Isacc's screams because of the special bond the three brothers shared being a telepathic link they can sense where each other are. If they're hurt or not even unconscious.

"So many bodies," Isacc replied scared and too upset to reveal to his family how his dream ended!

"Ikie, I know you're scared but how can we help if you don't tell us everything that happened," Wyatt said in rather low and comforting tone using Isacc's nickname he gave him at two Wyatt nine times out of ten maybe the hit hard brother vanquish first ask questions later and made out himself to be invulnerable but when it comes to his brothers especially Isacc they're his one true weakness.

"The bodies belonged to all different kinds of magical creatures and among the bodies, a dying demon spoke to me," Isacc says.

"What did the demon say, buddy"? Leo questions.

"He said it's coming" Isacc spoke in fear still looking down at his chest and Chris notices.

"Zack, there more did the demon do something to you,"? Chris asks his baby brother although he had an inferiority complex with his older brother at times they both knew that Isacc saw neither of the two more of a good brother than the other he loves them both equally and the two always aimed to the best big brothers they can be for him.

"When I-I asked the demon who was coming I-I was stabbed with a sword through my chest," Isacc confessed as tears begin to form this confession shocks his brothers and parents!

"NO," Piper said.

"Does somebody want to kill me am I going to die,"? Isacc questioned with tears falling down on his face.

"Like hell, buddy no demon, warlock any piece of evil will lay a hand on you," Leo says determined not to let anything bad to happen to his youngest not like how Chris from the old timeline died at Gideon's hands or Wyatt becoming evil because of the trauma Gideon inflicted.

"But" Isacc replies.

"No butts now I want you to write down everything you can remember from your nightmare any details on the notepad on your bedside table while I'll make you some of my hot coco, and you're brothers will stay in here with you for the night and me your dad will be upstairs in the attic figuring out what demon is after you," Piper instructed and her eldest boys didn't dare to not follow her order!

End of chapter.