"Will, Emma is practically insane!" Bella raged, tearing at her hair, "I don't mean any offense, but she hates me! I haven't done anything to upset her, and she still glares and says rude things to me!"

Will soothed in a calm yet firm voice, "I'm sure it's a huge misunderstanding, Bella… I'm sure Emma means no harm." He stood up from his location on the couch and walked up to his girlfriend, placing two comforting hands on both of her shoulders. "Come on, let me see that beautiful smile," he pouted teasingly.

Bella managed to muster a smile and leaned against her boyfriend, enjoying the warmth Will radiated. That was exactly why Bella was so in love with him. He could always dispense wise evidence whenever she needed it. As she embraced Will, she noticed a flicker of movement in the window of Will's boatshed. She gently extricated herself from Will's strong arms and whispered, "There's someone outside…"

"Ssh," Will hushed as he went to the window to investigate closer.

Feeling her heart clench in fear, Bella whimpered, "Will…" She wasn't normally so terrified of something so minor, but there was a feeling she couldn't shake off.

Suddenly, a knock from the door resounded throughout the entire boatshed. All of the shelves, furniture, and the contents on display rattled, even though a knock on the door isn't as powerful as an earthquake. Will looked back at Bella nervously before striding towards the door and unlocking it. At the steps leading onto the porch was a stone-faced Emma. Behind her was a tall, muscular man who looked quite terrified.

Emma narrowed her eyes at Bella, her stare piercing into that conniving girl's soul. She might have seemed bright and flowery to Emma at first, but she had stolen her friends. Rikki and Cleo no longer cared for her and it was all Bella. Emma ordinarily didn't believe in seeking revenge, but she was too deep into her insatiable crave for vengeance to stop. "Hello, Bella," Emma said coldly, "I believe we need to talk…"

Bella looked up at Will, wondering how on earth she got herself tangled in this mess.