Kagome promised herself she would not cry. She was always the fragile little girl. The one who was always kidnapped or hurt. Well no more! If she was going to cry than it would be her last time. "Inuyasha." She mumbled while her voice was still shaky. She knew he did this just to spite her. Because of their last "conversation".

---: ---: FLASHBACK-- --: ---: ---:

"Inuyasha can we talk?" Kagome asked him. He looked worried and was sniffing the air furiously. "Not now." He said. Kagome frowned. It took her a day and a half to muster up the courage to finally admit that she was in love with him and she'd be damned if she was just going to let it slip away. "It's important." She said and he sighed deeply. "What?" he snapped. "I uh, I know that we have been traveling for a while and uh that um--"

"Spit it out!" Inuyasha yelled with impatience.

"Okay! Look I just want you to know that I care for you. Oh hell with it I love you." She said and waited for his response. She assumed that he would hug her and admit that he loved her too but that didn't come. Instead she heard laughter. She gawked at him and he fell to the floor laughing. He looked up and had tears in his eyes. Kagome felt her heart break into a million pieces. "You're laughing at me? After all that time I took to tell you how I really feel you go and laugh at me?" she asked shocked. "Stupid girl. What were you expecting? That I'd sweep you off your feet and marry you?" he asked sarcastically. "Go cry or something. Kikyo's near. Now that's a real woman." He said and leapt off. Stupidly Kagome obeyed. She ran to the river and cried her heart out.

Later that night when everyone was eating dinner Inuyasha returned. "Look and listen cause I'm only saying this once." Inuyasha said and made sure all eyes were on him. "From now on Kikyo will be traveling with us. She's mended her ways and wants to help us gather the Shikon no Tama." He said and Kikyo stepped into the firelight. Inuyasha took a side-glance at Kagome's pain-stricken face and smiled. No one did anything to object but Sango shifted uncomfortably knowing what her best friend felt. Yet Kagome was silent the whole time. She said nothing at all and when it was time to sleep she just crawled into her sleeping bag and layed with her back faced to everyone. Letting no one know that she was crying. Shippo noticed and layed next her. She hugged him like a teddy bear and held on to him for comfort. Then when Miroku and Sango fell asleep and Inuyasha and Kikyo went away to be alone she got up grabbed her bow and arrows. She didn't care about her overstuffed backpack. "Where you going?" Shippo whispered sleepily. "On a trip. far away." Kagome said blankly. Shippo then hopped into her arms. "Wherever you go I go." Shippo said and fell back asleep. Kagome smiled. She then took some clothing out of her bag and stuffed into her sleeping bag making it look like it was occupied. Inuyasha wouldn't be able to tell until he was up close since her scent was all over it. She then looked around one last time and walked away.

---: ---: END FLASHBACK-- --: ---: ---:

So now here she was. Walking with the sleeping Shippo in her hands. She looked for a place to settle down for the night since she was getting exhausted. She then tripped over something. More of a someone. "What the hell?" he said. He woke up and realized what happened. "Sorry." Kagome said giving a tired smile. The man stood up and looked own at her. He was a couple of inches taller. He stretched and yawned. "You should watch where your going." He advised. Then began walking away. Kagome nodded and followed. "What do you think your doing?" he asked turning around. "Going with you Inuyasha. Lets make camp." She said sleepily. "Inu-who?" he asked back. "Inuyasha. I'm tired. Just let me sleep." She said and fell into his arms passing out from walking so much. The man picked her up and smiled. "Interesting behavior." He said and walked away with the girl and kitsune in his arms.

------*-------*--------*----------*-----------*-------*---------*----------- --*

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