Ok I got it! Yes! I did the I/K ENDING! Yay and incased you haven't noticed, I've started the sequel too! This kind of makes me sad but I like it. -------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------- ---------------- It rained again. Small droplets of salty water falling on his face. He woke up slowly and sat up groggily. His body aching in protest. His head hurt like hell as he stood up unsteadily. His vision was blurry and his memory fuzzy, but he knew enough to know what he was doing. He staggered over to the body that lay strewn across the dirt.

"Ka--" he tried saying her name but his voice was too dry. It just hurt to talk. His knees gave out and he hit the ground. Coughing violently he spit up blood and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. Then he crawled to where she lay unmoved. It began to rain harder.

He nudged her softly. Calling her with his mind.

'Kagome.' Was all he could concentrate on. He stroked her hand. Then using what energy he had left he stood up again. He looked down to her. Her eyes closed and mouth slightly parted. She seemed as if she was simply sleeping, but he wasn't satisfied with that conclusion. He needed to get her to safety that was his top priority. Somehow he found the strength in his arms to lift her up. He staggered momentarily from the new weight but caught himself before he fell.

He ran now. His heart pumping and aching violently. Every body part hurt and was constantly reminding him of the pain it had endured. Many times he almost tripped but always righted himself and continued. He didn't know exactly where he was going. Though as long as it was somewhere safe then it was fine with him. The rain and fully drenched them by now and for the first time he realized that the water was glowing. With every drop he felt more energy surge through his body.

She coughed and struggled in his grip but her eyes still remained closed. He would of smiled if it didn't hurt. He wasn't too late. She would live if he could make it to this far off destination that his legs were carrying him to. He was running too fast now. The ground had become muddy and he slipped and fell forward. It was too fast for him to stop himself but he never crashed. Only inches from the muddy ground he soared. He flexed his shoulders and they painfully proved that the wings on his back were actually there. This time he forced a smile.

------------------------- ------------------------------------ ------------- --------------------------------------

He arrived at the outskirts of a small village. He didn't know how long it took him to get there. It was all a blur. The only thing he could remember was her voice. She kept calling out for him. Frowning and crying in her sleep.

"Inuyasha. Wait for me." she would say. He knew that the name did not belong to him but her voice brought him comfort. He stopped and his wings put him on his feet again. He was walking towards the village. It was just beyond a cluster of trees but then someone showed up.

Dressed in red with sliver hair flowing, the stranger looked at him then to the girl in his arms.

"Get away from her!" he yelled. He snatched the girl from his arms and he frowned. What had he done wrong?

As if reading his mind the stranger answered. "You bastard! You hurt her!" he yelled. The stranger kicked him and he rolled a few feet in the mud. He laid their face down with his head turned to the side. He let the rain fall on him. Then his own salty water fell from his eyes.

He had hurt her? The girl who had given him such comfort? He would never forgive himself for this. Not as long as he lived. He painfully sat up and looked up into the sky. His own tears glowed with the rain.

The stranger began walking away from him, with the girl in his arms.

"Stay away from her." He warned. And he left without another word.

He closed his eyes as he cried. Trying to remember how lovely the girl had smelled. Trying to bring back the feeling of when she was in his arms. He felt a tap on his sleeve and looked down.

There in the rain stood a child. His body was shaking from the feel of the cold rain against his skin. His tail stood on end. He held out a red flower.

"Thank you, Negoda." Was all the child said as he hugged him.

'Negoda.' He repeated in his head. Then he jumped in sudden shock. Remembering all. Tears rolling down his face as he remembered who he was and what he had done. He could never live with himself now. For bringing her such pain. He looked at the child who was staring back at him. Then he put a finger to his lips.

The child nodded and ran off following the stranger and the unconscious girl.

He took the flower and stared at it. He hugged it close to his heart and thought of her. No longer feeling the glowing rain on his skin. He used whatever strength he had left to disappear.

--------------------------- --------------------------------------- -------- ------- -----------------------------

Months later:

Kagome sat on top the hill. Staring at the sun that was peaking over the hill. She was lost in her own little world again. Smiling at nothing yet smiling at everything.

"There I go, thinking of you again." She said to no one in particular. "Did you ever like sun rises? I never asked." She said and looked down sadly.

"I never really knew you that well. I suppose it's my fault for not trying to get to know you better." She said. She smiled as her tears fell. She looked up at the sunset.

"But what I have is enough," she said wiping her tears. "And I promise you, I won't cry anymore." she said. "But I miss you."

"Kagome?" Inuyasha said walking over. He sat down by her.

"Talking to him again?" he asked and Kagome nodded. Inuyasha didn't seem to mind that much. Ever since she had recovered she had walked up to this hill and talked. She told her friends that she could sense him there. That every time the wind blew, she felt his touch against her skin.



"If I died, would you talk to me by the sun rise?" she asked. Inuyasha looked away for a moment.

"Every day." He replied. She slowly reached out and held his hand. Inuyasha was surprised by this sudden gesture of affection. But it quickly subsided as she laid her head on his shoulder.

They sat there in silence for a while before Kagome began talking to him again.

" We'll see each other again someday. I feel it." She said. She put her other hand over her heart. "I feel it right here." She whispered. She stood up, bringing Inuyasha with her.

"And I will never forget you. I promise I won't. I'll think of you every day." She said. The sun fully rose into the sky.

"Goodbye Negoda." She whispered. She then turned to Inuyasha.

"Can we leave now?" she asked and he nodded, giving her hand a small squeeze.

"Kagome. I'm here for you. Whatever it is I'll never hurt you again. I swear on my life." Inuyasha vowed to her. Kagome smiled.

"I know." She said returning the squeeze. They began walking back towards where they're friends were waiting.

"What about her?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha knew whom she was referring to.

"We'll take Kikyo and the world one step at a time." He said. Kagome nodded.

The tree branches rustled and Inuyasha's ears perked up. He turned around and looked at the nearest tree, but saw nothing and only felt the warm breeze blow against his skin.

----------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----- -------------------------------------

Negoda watched them leave. He had almost been caught but escaped. Anagi appeared by his side.

"Ready to leave?" she asked quietly.

"I couldn't remember." He said still looking at the direction they had left. "I couldn't remember my name or who I was or who she was for that matter. It wasn't until the kitsune hugged me. Until he gave me his affection that it all came back. Her smile and her voice. I could have forgotten her and it scared the hell out of Me.," he said. He pulled out the red flower that still looked fresh. He was keeping it alive with his energy.

Anagi put a hand on his shoulder comfortingly.

"We never really forget. It just takes a while for our hearts to remember the painful past." She said and Negoda nodded. He held her hand.

"This will be the second time I've left a woman that I love." He said to her.

"Negoda you're mother wanted you to live. As did Kagome. They were willing to give their lives for you. As long as they remember them and they remember you then you will never leave them." She said. Again Negoda nodded.

"Let's go." He said. He held the rose close to his heart and thought of her again as they disappeared from this time and went somewhere where they could start over.

------------------------------------ --------------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------

"Kagome?" Shippo called later that day. They were in a field eating their lunch.

"Yes Shippo?" Kagome answered. She fixed her attention to him.

"He misses you, too." Was what he said before handing Kagome a red flower. She stared at the child and the gang became quiet.

"What did you say?" Kagome asked softly. Shippo placed the red flower in her lap.

"He misses you too, Kagome. He's always thinking about you." Shippo said. Kagome stared at the flower in her lap. It looked as if she was about to cry but she smiled instead. Picking up the flower she placed it carefully in her hair. She then looked at Sango, to Miroku, to Inuyasha, and then to Shippo.

"When the time comes." She said softly. Her smile growing bigger. " I want to see the sun set."

------------------------------------------ --------------------------------- -------------- ----------------------- I know it was short!! And I know it was focused on N/K BUT I couldn't see any ay for Kagome to be with Inuyasha so quickly! I must suck as an author! Well sorry to disappoint you but I could only keep thinking that if Kagome and Inuyasha were going to have a relationship that it would develop slowly! Please don't flame me! ^^V