Disclaimer: (I guess I need this, huh?) GW and HP aren't mine. Anybody who actually knows what those two are should know that.

Author: Still me.

Series: Gundam Wing, Harry Potter

Warnings: Foul language abounds. Innuendo and inappropriate subject matter for anyone younger than the G-boys. Yaoi. Crossover. AU.

Pairings: Strong 21, HP/DM

Timeline: During the year after the Endless Waltz. The pilots all joined Preventers. Farfetched, I know, but let's pretend.

(ps… the name roughly translates to 'unexpected journey' in latin. I know it's lame and probably not right but hey… I'm unoriginal, remember? =P)

Chapter 1

They ran through the building, making no noise. Their footsteps did not echo; they barely scuffed the floors as they moved. They were the perfect infiltration team: silent, quick, and extremely intelligent. This was their last assignment before vacation – they wanted it done with quickly.

"Heero," came a voice over the earpiece. Said sixteen year old paused, scanning the surroundings.


"No, but there's something weird about this." The other boy's voice was nervous, which was not his usual character.

"Ignore it, Duo. We'll wrap this up quickly and get the hell out of here. Then we'll go on that cruise you've been badgering us about."

Another voice came over the line, sounding irritable as usual. "I never thought I'd ever have to say this, but shut the hell up Yuy."

"Ryoukai," Heero responded with a smirk. He passed Wufei in the hallway, pausing slightly to flip him off. Wufei merely rolled his eyes.

Quatre's voice came over the line this time, informing them that Trowa found stairs leading to a basement. Duo responded, saying there was nobody upstairs. It wasn't said, but mentally they all agreed that their suspect was likely in the basement. Heero went in search of another way in, Duo hopped out the first floor window for a way in from outside, and the other three eased their way towards the stairs.

Heero paused, frowning. He brushed aside the out-of-place WELCOME mat, and his frown deepened when he noticed a trap door. He crouched quickly, attracting the attention of Trowa, who spotted his position and nodded. The taller soldier moved towards his comrade, acting as backup.

Outside, Duo crawled amongst the bushes and garden. The garden was merely dirt and the bushes were all dead, making Duo's skin crawl for a reason he could not identify. He spotted a low window and crawled towards it slowly.

Quatre descended the steps slowly, cautiously. Wufei remained within arm's reach, but was still more than two steps away in case of an attack. They had reason to believe this building's inhabitant was dangerous, and didn't feel like taking chances.

Heero was easing the door open slowly, and once it was open he nearly gasped in surprise. Directly below him stood their target, stirring a mixture in what seemed to be a cauldron. Heero turned on his mic and tapped it twice, indicating that the target had been spotted. He leaned forward slowly, trying to see what the person was mixing. She started speaking lowly in latin, and though Heero wasn't fluent he picked out choice words like "travel" and "time".

Duo peered in the window, and his eyebrows flew to his hairline when he realized what he was seeing. The woman, who was now obviously such, was stirring a cauldron as her lips moved endlessly. 'Looks like she's doing a spell', Duo mused. He caught a glimpse of movement in two directions – one to the far right, where Quatre was poised to jump out, and one from above the target, where Heero was poised to jump down. Duo tensed himself, knowing that he was about to launch himself through a window.

A tap over the microphone from Quatre indicated that they should be ready. Another tap would indicate a charge, and the five former pilots tensed. Their target seemed to get move lively now, waving a wand over her concoction. Her chanting became louder, and it was almost as if a makeshift wind was sweeping around the room.

The tap sounded. All five pilots entered the room – Heero dropped just behind her, Trowa landing immediately next to him. Quatre and Wufei leaped down the stairs, raising their guns and aiming them carefully. And Duo – well, Duo reared back and launched himself forward through the window, rolling as he landed and aiming a gun at their target's face.

In this same moment, the moment of their victory, she stopped chanting. Winds pulled at the former pilots – torrent winds, that of the beginnings of a hurricane. She acted as though five boys, barely men, hadn't just invaded her basement and aimed guns at her head. She smiled wistfully, evilly, and closed her eyes. And she whispered one word, though none of the pilots could hear what it was. The winds were too loud, they could barely see.

Heero glanced toward where Duo was crouched and met his eyes. Duo looked scared. Heero began to frown, but found himself unable to move. Inside his mind he gasped, before everything around him disappeared and he was thrust into darkness.