*Summery: Fayle Potter is Harry's daughter, however, she never knew him because he disappeared right after the battle with Voldemort, and is believed to be dead. She lives alone with her mother. (insert name here, u gotta read the story to find out!). Potter. One day she is accidentally sucked back in time to her father's fifth year at Hogwarts. This is the story that follows:

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Fayle stared miserably at the small rivulets of water streaming down her window. Most of the time she would be doing something worthwhile; like reading, or working on one of her numerous spells she liked to invent, but at the moment the water was quite fascinating. Again she watched as a fresh wave of water made its way down her window, leaving more stains in their wake.

It was raining, or else she would have been practicing on her Firebolt, trying to lose herself in her flying. Outside the wind picked up speed and the rain lashed harder against the window. The soft pitter-patter of the water droplets hitting the roof could be heard faintly overhead. Fayle didn't move from her position, at first glance, she looked like a statue. except that this statue was breathing. Continuing to stare out the window, or rather, at the window, she brooded.

Today had been the anniversary of her father's "supposed" death. No one knew if he really was dead, or not, because no body had been found with the aftermath of the battle. The Ultimate Battle that would be the downfall of Voldemort and the disappearance of her father, Harry Potter. Though that was eight years ago, and she was only three at the time, she still remembered it as clear as day. except most of what she remembered were voices and shapes, after all she was three, and very small.



"Harry! Oh my God! Harry! It's him!"

"Hermione! Take Fayle and go! Get the Ministry! I'll stall for time before they come!"

"Harry, no. I won't leave you. I won't have a repeat of last time!"

"Just take her and go! I'll be fine! I've managed to stay alive till now haven't I!?"

"But. "

"No buts!"

"Alright, but first promise me that you won't leave me! Promise Harry!"

There was a loud bang as the door burst open and Death-eaters swarmed through.

"I promise Hermione, I promise, now GO!"

There was the pounding of running feet as Hermione dashed away and down the corridor to the den, and the fireplace. There were shouts and screams echoing behind them. Fayle remembered burying her face in her mother's hair.

Suddenly there was running footsteps behind them, and Hermione stopped. Perhaps hopeful that Harry had come to his senses and followed them. No such luck. A tall figure cloaked in black stepped through the doorway and in front of Hermione, blocking their escape route through Floo. The Death- eater pulled out his wand.

"Going somewhere Mudblood?" he sneered. Fayle peeked out from her mother's hair to catch a glimpse of the glare contorting her face. She shivered and went back to hiding.

"Malfoy!" She spat back at him. "Get out of my way!"

"I don't think so." Came the taunting reply. Fayle felt her mother whip out her wand.

"Back off!" Fayle had never heard her mother so mad, it scared her.

"Mummy!" She cried, which was a bad idea because it instantly drew Malfoy's attention to her.

"Or maybe, I'll just take your daughter. Accio!" Fayle screamed as she felt her body jerk and begin to fly through the air, straight at the "bad man."



"How touching! I'll be going on my way now, if you don't mind." Malfoy started to head for the door when Fayle did the only thing that a self- respecting three-year old would do. She bit him, hard.

Malfoy yelped in surprise and dropped her, she screamed again, but was caught by her mother's Wingardium Leviosa spell.

Clutching her daughter once again Hermione cried out, "Expellrimus!" (sp?) Malfoy slammed hard against the wall and slumped down unconscious.

There were still shouts of fighting in the back round, and more pounding feet getting louder as they cam towards the den door. Hermione wasted no more time, she grabbed the Floo powder stepped into the green flames and shouted,


*Flashback end*

They'd arrived at the Ministry safe and unharmed. The Ministry officials had then rushed off to Godric's Hollow to help Harry, who was, as a matter of fact, the current Minister of Magic, but by the time that they arrived Voldemort was dead, and her father gone. They'd rounded up the remaining Death-eaters before coming to tell her mother the bad news.

Green eyes flashed at the memory, and small tears started to form at the corners, obscuring Fayle's vision. She tore her eyes away from the window. Slowly she got up and walked over to her bed. On her bed-stand she had a picture of her parents and Godfather; Ron during their fifth year. She didn't know why but out of all the pictures, she liked this one the best.

They were standing in the Weasley's backyard, it was Harry's fifteenth birthday party, and all three were waving madly. Fayle smiled and picked up the picture. The picture Harry looked at her concernedly and Ron gave her the thumbs up sign. Fayle smiled again and slowly slipped the picture out of the frame. Holding it tightly to her chest she flopped down on her bed and soon fell asleep.


Fayle awoke to the loud chirping of birds and the soft hoot of her owl; Sakura. Fayle smiled sleepily at her extremely agitated owl and got up reluctantly to untie the letter from her leg.

"Thanks for waiting Sakura." Fayle fed her an owl treat before setting the letter down on her desk, she would read it later. She flopped back down on her bed and rolled over. Startled, she spotted the slightly crumpled picture that was usually standing on her bed- side table.

Frowning Fayle carefully picked it up and smoothed it out before bringing it into the bathroom with her to take a shower.
Later, when Fayle had had breakfast she went back up-stairs to her room. Closing the door softly behind her she walked over to, yet, another door and opened it. Inside was what looked like a mad-scientists lab, except, with closer inspection you'd find things that could not possibly be found in a regular lab.

Fayle surveyed her lab carefully; to make sure nobody had been in there. It was the place where she invented all her spells, and the occasional potion. Though, they were all short-lived. She had yet to invent one that would last.

Fayle was exceptionally bright for one so young. Her mother, after all, was a teacher at Hogwarts and so taught her many spells she would have otherwise not known. Even so, most other kids her age had trouble with a simple Lumos spell. Her mother said she got it from herself; she had been one of the best students of Hogwarts in her days and had said she'd passed it on to Fayle. Apparently she'd also passed on the "bookworm" gene too.

Fayle went over to one of her bubbling cauldrons. This particular potion she'd been working on for a few days now and actually thought she might be getting somewhere. At the moment the potion was pale lavender, a strange colour for a potion.

She reached into her pocket for her wand, which, unlike other kids, she'd gotten quite earlier. Though instead of her wand her hand met with a slightly thick piece of paper. Pulling it out, she realized that it was the picture from before, her favorite. Carefully, Fayle set it down before rolling up her sleeves and getting to work.


A couple hours later found Fayle staring curiously at her potion. Just a second ago she'd sworn it was green, but now it was a pale creamy color, almost silver. Rubbing her eyes she looked again, still that same silvery colour. Shrugging, she leaned back against the black-tiled counter and once again picked up the picture. She stared at it quietly for a moment or two.


The door flew open and, startled, Fayle screamed and dropped the picture. right into the cauldron. With a last glance at the befuddled redhead standing in her doorway Fayle whipped around, only to stare helplessly as her picture was swallowed up by the silvery potion.

Without thinking Fayle gave a cry and reached out her hand to grab the photo. Her hand dove into the potion and searched around frantically. Her finger met with the corner of the picture, there was a burst of bright light (AN: There always has to be, I mean, what would a story be without a burst of bright light!? ^^) and Fayle watched as her hand suddenly went transparent, followed by the rest of her. It took a couple seconds for her brain to register what she'd just done before she disappeared completely.

Robert Weasley could only watch on in horror as his best friend faded from existence. Then, he screamed.


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