Hi guys! :) This is my first attempt at ASOUE booklet. Now I have only viewed the Netflix series. I absolutely loved it and have based this off of it because I always wondered what would have happened if they had some more people actually looking out for them. Like a big brother and sister. Anyways, here we go.

The tale of the Baudelaire children is not a happy one as you may know. It is a tragic and horrible story. It affected all the children equally but very differently mind you. The Baudelaires have no escape from the following events that I'm about to impart unto you and all who choose to read about the terrible things these children will endure. The Baudelaires were all intelligent, pleasant and polite children with pleasing facial features and the worst luck in the world.

There are four siblings in this unhappy and unfortunate tale. The eldest, Max, is 16 years of age. Max had brown short hair that swished up towards his right. He had brown eyes and almost six feet tall. His past is not convenient one but not one that held him back or made him resentful of any of his family. If anything it made him more loving towards people. One in particular but more on that later. Max is not a full Baudelaire sibling. His father may have been the father of his three siblings but his mother was not. Max was not smart in litterateur or mechanics. He was street smart. A skill his parents found unnecessary. They were disappointed in him. This made him try all that much harder to please them but he never seemed to live up to his siblings. They always stood up for him however. For that he loved them with all his heart. He also cared for another. Even if it was undefined at the time.

The next eldest is Violet Baudelaire at age 12. Violet had long dark brown hair and bangs. She had sparkling blue eyes and was four foot seven. Violet was a planner. She was very meticulous and steady. Violet preferred to study and prepare for any occasion. She was fascinated with gadgetry and had the uncanny ability to build almost anything. When she tied her hair back it meant that the cogs and levers were going at full speed in her head. She would spend hours working on a project such as a grandfather clock that could also make toast or an automatic timer that also fed the fish.

The next Baudelaire was Klaus Baudelaire. Klaus also had short darker brown hair but his was partially wavy and he had his went down from his left to his right. He had darker brown eyes though his needed glasses but they made him look intelligent for that is what he was. He was an inch shorter than his sister at four foot six. At age 11 was the bookworm and the researcher of the family. He could have skipped three grades but decided to go against it and stay closer to his sister. He would often offer insight to Max and Violet on any of their projects they had problems on. Klaus often talked with his siblings, sharing his recent findings, collaborating and applying to any situation.

The youngest member of the family was Sunny Baudelaire. Sunny had a small amount of blonde hair that was tied up in a ponytail and blue eyes. Sunny Baudelaire was an infant in which case she only spoke in gibberish and shrieks that usually aren't understandable to the human ear but to Max, Violet and Klaus they were as much words as the words you are reading right now. What she lacked in mobility she made up for in the size and sharpness of her four teeth. She could chew her way through just about anything.

Now the events that happen affect these four siblings but they also affected one more child in the process. Now this child was not only affiliated with the Baudelaires but was entwined with them since before she was born. The girl was found with nothing but a blanket, a hair clip that had a diamond sea turtle pendant in the center and a first name. Bree.

The past of Bree is not a happy one but it does have a happy ending for the time being. Bree was pleasant to the eye same as the Baudelaires. She had light brown hair and dark brown eyes as well. She is now 16, same as Max, but is only five foot three. She has the voice of what we believe is an angel and her heart was of the same, figuratively speaking but that didn't stop Bree from being orphaned at birth. The poor girl was bounced so many times she almost gave up on finding anyone at the age of five. Like the Baudelaires she was intelligent but not in books and machines. Young Bree was musical gifted. She was bounced around till her age of nine. At that time she taken in by the Baudelaire's. At that time they were falsely told that they were unable to have children so they wanted to make up for their disappointment. Bree took care of the house and the other children Violet, Sunny and Klaus and in turn was taken care of by Max who always made sure she had enough of everything but that didn't help the fact that she was almost too skinny for her size and age. Somehow though she never seemed to lose that kindness in her heart.

She and the all Baudelaire children lived together like a family. They cared for each other and looked after each other. Violet, Klaus and Sunny considered her as one would consider a very close sibling however Max considered her as one might consider someone they thought as someone you would have even deeper feelings for in which you would like to peruse those feelings further but do not know how to go about in doing so. Bree in turn had the same feelings as Max did. So instead of her last name being Baudelaire, Max decided to call her Bree Porter. A name which he found to have a certain ring to it if you will.

One day the Baudelaires and Ms. Porter were asked to go take the rickety old trolley to the sea shore. It was unlike their parents to send them away the way they had but they did as their parents had told them. While Violet and Max worked on their invention and Sunny chewed on rocks, Klaus was content on continuing to teach Bree how to read. While she spoke it quite well she couldn't understand it in its written form for in her first nine years of life she was not educated in reading, writing and comprehension. Klaus had taken it upon himself to teach her. He had her keep a diary to proceed in her studies.

"Max, at what angle would be best to skip the rock?" she asked as she tied her hair back.

"Judging by the waves, I would guess at about the height of say your waist," Max responded.

"Sunny do you have our skipping stone ready?" she asked her younger sister.

"Right here," she said in one of her bubbly laughs as she handed Violet the rock.

Violet aimed and threw the stone perfectly. Sending it as far away as possible. "Yes! It worked!" Violet cheered as she hugged on the beach blanket Bree looked up to watch the invention take it's proverbial flight. Klaus joined in after a minute. Even little Sunny stopped to watch the machine.

"Now let's test the invention," Max said as he reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a remote with a single button on top. He pushed it and out came a small little drone with three claw like arms and a propellor on the top of it. It zipped out over the water to where Violet had thrown the stone out onto the water. It sank down into the water and came back up with said stone and came back to them landing in the basket.

"It worked!" Max said as Violet jumped up in the air. Bree and Klaus clapped for their success.

The invention worked. It was terrific. This would be the time where you would assume that the Baudelaires and Miss Porter lived happily ever after. Please, if you wish to believe that then leave now and allow that to be what actually happened. For if you wish to continue then you will read nothing but sorrow and loss.

For those of you who chose to continue on here is what happened next.

As they celebrated Sunny spotted a man coming towards them although they couldn't see who it was due to the fog. "Hey, who's that?" she asked.

They turned to look at the man. As he walked closer to them he became clearer and Klaus recognized him. "It's Mr. Poe from the bank," he said.

"What is he doing here?" Bree asked. She never much cared for the bank or the people who worked there. She had never had a good experience with them. Max pulled her in closer towards him to ease her mind a bit. He knew what had happened the last time she was there but that was a story for another time. Violet, Klaus and Sunny didn't even know that story. Bree and Max pulled them closer to them.

Mr. Poe was an African American man who handled the Baudelaire's finances. He wore a grey suit and derby. With him, he carried a small briefcase. Mr. Poe unfortunately has a terrible cough that happened to come at the most unprecedented times

"Good day, Mr. Poe," Violet greeted.

"Indeed, good day Mr. Poe," Klaus concurred.

"How do you do Mr. Poe?" Max asked trying to be friendly. "Fine day is it not?"

"It is a fine day isn't it," he told them cheerily. "I have some bad news for you. Your parents have perished in a terrible fire."

The stone in Violet's hand dropped and fell to the ground with a loud thud that. Bree dropped down on one knee and pulled Klaus, whom she happened to already have, into a hug. Max followed closely taking in Violet and Sunny. Nobody could really say or do much of anything else.

"They perished in a terrible fire that destroyed your entire home. I'm very sorry to have to tell you this my dears," he said as he tried to comfort them but failing to do so. "Perished means killed."

"We know what perished means," Klaus said almost to the point of where he might have shed a tear. Bree rubbed his back gently letting him know she was there for him.

Mr. Poe took them to their burned down house. "I have never been through anything like this myself but I can imagine just how you feel. I thought you might want to see your place one more time before you have to leave for good. Although there may not be much left."

There was almost nothing left. Everything was pretty much ash. Klaus did however manage to find part of a spyglass. They all felt grief slowly trickle into their hearts.

"Now Baudelairs, I want you to know that you have absolutely nothing," he started.

"We have absolutely nothing," Violet cut him off.

"Absolutely nothing to worry about," he finished. "I am the executor of your parents estate. Which means I'll be handling everything your parents left behind."

"What did they leave behind?" Klaus asked.

"Financial security." Mr. Poe told them.

"Wait, what about Bree? " Violet asked.

"Pardon?" Mr. Poe asked.

"You said Baudelaires. What happens to Bree Porter?" Violet asked again.

"Ah yes, Ms. Porter, she is in here too. She is going to stay with you until she is 18," he said. "Now you have inherited an enormous fortune that will be unlocked when Violet comes of age."

"Wait, why Violet?" Bree asked. "Why not Max?"

"Max receives his fortune from his original mother at the age of twenty two," Mr. Poe told him.

"Twenty two?" Max asked almost furious. "How are we supposed to survive if I don't have any money to pay for thing?"

"That will be the purpose of your new guardian," Mr. Poe said. "Look, I promise you Baudelaires, nothing will happen to any of you."

The children looked at each other. They wanted to believe it but something felt wrong in the pits of their stomachs. "Where will we be staying tonight?" Bree asked.

"You will stay with me and my family for the night," Mr. Poe answered. "Come children we must get moving if we want to make it back in time for dinner."

The kids were loaded into his car again. Never again would they see their torched home. It was probably for the best however for the memories that were held close to their hearts would only make them cause them pain. For now they were safe and sound in Mr. Poe's care. But that doesn't mean that Danger didn't wait for them just over the horizon.

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