Another day, another assignment. Ms. Ross, Domino High's Psychology teacher, was assigning her students a group project. "Now, we've all come a long way from the beginning of school. Your end of semester project will be to video tape your chosen partner, and provide an in-depth psychoanalysis of their lifestyle, personality, and behavior, both of which you will present to the class. Are there any questions?"

Yugi raised his hand, waiting until he was called on. "How long should these be?"

"The report should be a minimum of three minutes, and the tape no less than ten." She specified.

Tristan's hand was the next to go up. "How large should the groups be?"

Ms. Ross about that for the moment, trying to pinpoint a number that would result in the least chaos. "No more than three people may work in a group together. Anybody else?" When it became apparent that there were no more questions forthcoming, the teacher clapped her hands. "Alright, you may seperate into your groups. Once they have been formed, please send one person from each group to the blackboard in the front of the room, to write down your team."

She gestured towards the piece of paper that was taped to the board, then sat down at her desk, watching the pandemonium that ensued. Kids milled around the room, talking to each other, or seeking out group members. They cajoled, insulted, begged, flattered.... whatever they deemed necessary to get into the group that they wanted. Before too long, the noise level dropped a decibel or two, as the groups were finally forming. Each sent a delegate up to the board, who wrote down the names in the space alotted.

Joey Wheeler meandered through the room, trying to find a group that wasn't full yet. Man, take 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, and you miss all the good stuff.... His blonde bangs flipped up as he breathed out a sigh of frustration. Feeling a tap on the shoulder, Joey glanced off to the side, seeing nothing. He turned back to the front, but felt another tap.

Joey looked the other way this time, and turned fully around, faded green jacket rustling with his movement. "Whaddya want, Kaiba?" He asked, eyeing the lanky CEO that stood before him with distaste.

"You and me, mutt?" Seto proposed, face noticeably expressionless.

"What?!" Joey demanded, surprised that Seto would even consider working with him. "Kaiba, you gotta be outta your mind or something...."

"Not out of my mind." Seto corrected, deep blue eyes narrowing fractionally. "Just out of options. You and me." He reiterated, and waved a hand towards the sign-up sheet as though it should be obvious. "We're the only ones unmatched. Go look, if you don't believe me." He'd spent a fair while disbelieving it himself, going so far as to double-check the arrangements to look for an alternative. No such luck....

"Now, let's see here...." Joey sauntered over to the sheet, looking it over and murmuring under his breath occasionally. "Aw, _man_...." Was his conclusion, along with a groan and a shake of the head. Everybody else had gotten into a group already. Absolutely EVERYBODY... save for Kaiba and himself.

"Well, it's not like we got a choice, right?" Joey asked defeatedly.

"Precisely. So we're together, this once." Seto's voice was almost as carefully controlled as his face, but he didn't sound thrilled with the prospect. "Shake on it, mutt?" He suggested, proffering his hand.

"Grrr...." Joey held back his urge to go in swinging, and forced himself to accept the handshake. "Don't call me that, Kaiba."

Seto nodded, seeming to be mildly amused. "Terribly sorry, pup. It won't happen again." He picked up a pen, writing their names on the sheet with his usual, neat cursive handwriting.

"It _better_ n-- hey! Don't call me _that_, either!" The blonde protested.

The bell rang, signaling both the end of the period, and the end of the school day. Seto picked up his briefcase, and slung his bookbag over his shoulder, snapping his fingers as he turned to leave. "Heel, boy. We can talk about it later."

"Yeah, yeah...." Joey grumbled, and suddenly realized that he had been following Seto without even thinking about it. Heel, indeed! Irritated with himself for obeying, Joey turned to head off on his own, and drop off his uneeded books at his locker. This was obviously going to be a LONG week....