Sam's POV

You know when you have this feeling that you're kinda like an outsider of Halloween Town cause well one, of course, you are not the oldest of the Skellington family but secondly, you really don't quite fit in with everyone in Halloween Town. I mean... heh... I don't even act or even temp to try to scare anyone. I just stand back and watch my brothers to do the scaring.

I'm a more of easy kind of guy who just you know lay back kinda guy. Everyone sees me as this not active kid who all he seems to do is stick around with his brothers or seen fighting with Jasper all the time.

Some of the town people know of my uh... rare powers but for most not so much. With me being the only one who has the power of ice and snow as well make icicles into spears well... I think you know where I'm going at, don't you?

Ever since I found out those guys weren't really my friends I been pretty much by myself. I'm only seen with my four siblings or with mom and dad. Other than that if you go to the same class with me you will see I'm in the back of the classroom either working or if I get sick of school or listening to the teacher cause I already know the damn lesson I just write something in my journal.

Yes, I keep journals and every day write what I feel or did doing that day or the day before. Mom insisted me to write a journal she believes it would help me out. Which it did and I loved it. I really thank Mom for giving me the journal notebook cause it does help to let out my uh... emotions as you will and let out what I keep in my mind.

So now when I tell my story too well only to mom cause she's the only one who listens and understands since she too was once an outsider of Halloween Town before she married dad. I kinda talk just like I would in my own journal. Which is pretty ironic if you ask me.

I know this will probably be boring but... eh... I'm just going to tell a little story. Something I will never forget.

One day as always I was in the back writing something in my journal about today when Jasper's class came in to give some kind of presentation about Halloween. I was listening but mostly finishing up writing in my journal. To be honest, Jasper and his class did a really good job to do their presentation to us about Halloween.

They were in four or five groups Jasper was of course in the group with his own friends that he had been friends with like Kindergarten. They were the first ones up so of course when it got to the third group I finished and pay attention to what they had. I didn't even notice one kid from Jasper's class I believe name Arnold a six-eye black spider walk over towards me. Let's just say I found out he is related to Danel the one who always tease me for well being different.

I didn't pay any attention to what Arnold was up to as I watch these girls finishing up their own presentation. I was pretty impressed with how they did theirs since three of them are witches so it was easy for the girls to use magic in their presentation.

Suddenly without warning, I glance down to see my journal notebook being taken from my desk and right into the hands of Arnold.

"Oh... what's this a journal?"

I yell in anger, "give that back!"

I try to grab it from him but he pushed me down and started to read what I had. He laughs and began to call names and calling me a wussy puss. Soon everyone in my class started to call me the Wussy Puss as so did half of Jasper's class. I was embarrassed and angry at the same time.

However, in my surprise, Jasper and his friends stood up for me since they are the oldest of the whole class and they were let's say the popular kids in the school. I think you may know why with Jasper being the oldest of the Skellington and all.

"Hey" yell Jasper looking sternly, "so what if Sam writes a journal? If it makes him feel good or he likes it very much that's fine. I bet all of you have something you enjoy and don't want anyone else to find out about do you?"

"Yeah" yell one of Jasper's friends, "besides would you guys like to be call names or be call a wussy puss too?!"

Everyone in the room was quite as so was Arnold. It was like everyone was either thinking about this thought or they were too scared to say anything more especially to the next leader of Halloween and in line to be the Pumpkin King.

Jasper glares at Arnold, "now Arnold would you be kind to give that journal back to my brother please?"

Arnold mumbles something to himself as he hands me back my journal.

"Thank you now back away and go back to the group please or I will have my father give you a really good lecture about being a bully."

Arnold sighs as he did as Jasper ordered him to do.

I was shocked that Jasper had actually stood up for me. I never would imagine Jasper would do such a thing for me. Guess he really does care about all his younger siblings even me.

"You're ok, Sam?"

I look up seeing Jasper handing his hand out for me to grab. I nod as he helps me back up. I look up at him as I ask in a soft tone that only he can hear.

"You actually stick up for me?"

Jasper nods as he kept his voice down knowing I didn't want anyone else in the room to hear, "of course, you're my little brother. Sure we have our fights and disagreements but... I always help my siblings out and keep you guys all safe. It's my responsibility as the oldest brother."

I smiled at him and said, "thanks."

Jasper nods, "if you want you can join me and my friend at lunch we won't mind."

I was shocked by his request. I mean, I didn't even know that he been watching me or paying attention to what I been doing. I guess he knew that I been sitting by myself at lunch a lot. I nod my head and again thanked him.

Jasper smiles and pats me on the back, "that's what big brothers are for if they give you any more trouble you leave them to me and my pals ok?"

I nod knowing now that I won't be alone and maybe I won't be that much of an outsider anymore. Just maybe... this brotherly love between me and Jasper might work after all. Perhaps be like the best of pals anyone will ever see.

AN: Well took me a while to come up with another story but... here we are! I feel this will be related to most every teenager who might be going through the same troubles as Sam is going through. So I wanted to write something like this to let every kid know that you're never alone. There is someone out there willing to help you go through troubles like this. Sometimes friends are not visible but they will help you out and cheer you up when needed. But if your lucky to have a sibling like Jasper to stick up for you then yeah, I'm sure that's pretty cool to have a cool sibling like Jasper.

So I wanted to let you all know that you're special in your own way. If someone is giving you a hard time to who you are or what you like then go tell someone. They were willing to help you out and if you need cheering up then go talk to someone who you know that will cheer you up. There is always someone out there to help stick up for you. Either visible or nonvisible there is someone out there to help you out.

I hope either this story or this message will encourage you all to do just that. I know you guys are going through a lot and I feel your pain because I been through it my two close friends been through it I know what you're going through. I understand that it's hard or scary to tell someone about your troubles but... you will be surprised at how good it feels to tell someone of this bullishness and it is a huge burden lifted off of your shoulders.