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The sound of deafening silence filled the fields, air was heavily drenched with the smell of burning city's and of course dead body's that were slaughtered earlier in planets dusk of morning. The smell had begun to rise as the sun shines brightly down on the planet. The smell bothered the young warrior but he shrugged it off and continued with his mission that he and his comrades were assigned to. The planet as fairly easy as it was boring to clear, his general said it would be challenging 'that the warriors on this planet would give him the chance to show off" he could hear Nappa's voice, the prince could only scowl. Liar

The people didn't even fight for their pathetic lives, all the inhabitants could do was scream and beg. He got some thrill in making his enemy's fear him, but unfortunately he couldn't understand a Damn thing they were rambling about, took what little thrill he had and died.

He thought by now his employer and caretaker would recognize his Devastating power he could display but no they still seen him as Vegeta, the brat Prince.

Frustrated Vegeta kicked a random behead head into a bore of corps before setting the pile on fire. He was even sure his comrades found the mission easy even through they were all 3rd class.

Speaking of those third class he needed to check up on them so they could move on off the planet, he took off to the air to last place he seen his pod,

Waste of my Fucking time...

Vegeta brushed his bangs from this scouter before press the intercom, " Raditz do you copy."

There was a silence before the soft buzzing returned, "Yo Vegeta."

The Prince rolled his eyes," Raditz your supposed to say "I copy" not yo idiot."

"Ugh I copy." Raditz muttered begrudgingly," Did you successfully clear your side of the planet?" He asked knowing the answer was undoubtedly yes.

"Yeah they went down like Dominos, no real challenge if you ask me." He had to agree with the long haired saiyan," and as far as I know the others did their part successfully with little to no effort. Eheh this was a really boring mission."

Vegeta could only grunt in agreement, "Hn, this will be the last time I take Nappa's advice on a mission."

Vegeta glanced at be world below him with mild disinterest, the ground was littered with the aura of death, something he caused. Something he was still getting used to since he was given to Frieza. The constant death.

Before hand he didn't bat a eye at killing, something he grew up around like the norm, it wasn't until the abrupt deaths of his planet, people and father made him second guess death.

"Vegeta when exactly are we exiting off the planet?" Raditz repeated, breaking out of his thoughts Vegeta responded, "Now, there's no point in staying at this waste of a planet. I scouted the surrounding areas for any sufficient vegetation and I came up short, the resources have little to offer ,unless you've came up with something?"

He could hear Raditz click his tongue against the roof of his mouth, "I'm about the same as you Vegeta, the planet was a bit shitty in all, the vegetation is almost non-existent, military is about as bad." There was the sound of shuffling in the background.

"...but I did mange to collect samples of solid minerals around the empty water banks, it looks salvageable. Whatever is valuable must lay inside the planet not on the outside." Vegeta thought that was good to know that the planet wasn't completely useless, going empty back to Frieza empty handed would be bad for his team. " Turles should have a full diagnostic on the whole planet, he left a few hours ago, the diagnostic should be heading back to Frieza as we speak."

Vegeta began to descend from the sky as his tracker on his scouter told him that he met his location. Though the young prince narrowed his eyes the further he descended when he caught a faint glimpse figure hiding behind a rock.

Vegeta pursed his lips, " hmph good, report back to your pod, our mission is done here." He said ending the conversation before Raditz could respond.

His scouter singled out the power level that was as evenly close to his. He gritted his teeth in suspension, this set alarms in his head. The power level was a major outlier to the people he had encountered. What the hell, this doesn't make sense...

Vegeta landed next to the rock with a Ki blast in hand," Out before I destroy this wretched p-planet...?" The prince was left clueless as he went behind the rock to only see nothing.

There's nothing here.

The prince dropped the Ki blast with disappointment, as much as he should have been worried about the possible threat, a fight was something he was itching for. I should known better to think that this planet would have warriors. He thought bitterly.

The ten year old prince turned to trot over to his pod but was pulled back into a head lock.

Vegeta went to maneuver his attacker off of him but was then slammed backwards into to the ground.

The gritty yet almost black dirt flew into his mouth when his head ever so softly kissed it abruptly.

He hands were fixed behind his back from letting him escaping, he growled furiously.

"Never let down your guard princy hehe." A soft child like voice giggled from above him. Vegeta squirmed in anger, "Kara! Get off, I am your prince you will respect me." He shouted, the girl only giggled treacherously.

"And I am your equal my prince, so respect me hehe" she flicked the base of her tail against the bridge of his nose to only egg him on, but quickly jerked the appendage away when Vegeta attempted to nip at it.

Vegeta twisted his head up at the girl who had him pen down.

The young saiyan held a grin that looked all so innocent,but the ones that knew her all know different. She shared a almost striking resemblance to her older brother Turles, yet completely different. If it weren't for the longer hair and softer eyes she could pass for her brother or Raditz for that matter, as they had yet to start their growth spurt. She wore a black and dark red armor set that was a exact replica of Raditz.

"Over my dead body! I am your prince, your just simply below me Kara." He said her name with disdain. The girl always tested his boundaries unlike his other comrades who knew and feared him, Raditz,Nappa and Turles were rowdy sometimes but they knew when to cut the shit when Vegeta was over it. Not her through.

The tike tilted her head slightly, "But our power levels are neck and neck...hell even Frieza notices that."

Vegeta rolled his eyes, "Oh wow what do you want a cookie?" He said sarcastically, Kara just stuck her tongue at the prince whom only returned the gesture.

"Your just mad because I'm stronger now and that you can't push me around." The girl with sass, placing her hands on her hips.

Vegeta smirked inwardly and took the opportunity to reverse the roles with Kara's back against the ground.

"Who's stronger than who now." Vegeta smirked smugly, the girl had light frown that matched her twin brother.

"I never said that I was stronger, only that were close in strength."

"So basically the same thing."

"Ugh no you ding dong."

"Is too." Vegeta fired back.

"Is not!", Kara replied.

"Is too"

"Is not"

"Is too!"



"Oh my fucking kami if you two don't just get mated already and shut the fuck up! I can hear you both all the way from the Fucking base!" They heard Raditz snapped through Kara's scouter, the girl had forgotten to cut her scouter off when she talked to her twin earlier, mainly to keep tabs on the prince to jump him when he wasn't looking.

Vegeta was going to say something but Kara beat him to it," Raditz I don't think your in any position to tell me to shut up, it was a and b argument so c your way put of it."

"Your the one who left the Damn scouter on!"

Kara rolled her eyes, "well its not my problem you don't know how to turn yours off." The pair of twins then began to bicker about whom was responsible about the continuous intercom call, leaving Vegeta frowning agitated.

"For fucks sake just switch it off K. You have me and Raditz in a three way conversation." Vegeta finally hissed in.

Kara had her signature grin planted on her lips," well I would but you know..." she then gestured to her wrist which were be appended by Vegeta's hands, ".

my hands are tied eheh" she whispered.

She was trying to bait the prince into releasing her from his grip that he was so never ever going to let go. Kara was giving him a challenging smirk that would forever cox him into battle. The prince was craving for a fight after being left high and dry from this mission, and he knew Kara was too, that's why she pursed him like the sly bitch. Vegeta considered letting her go but...where would the challenge be? A little stubborn voice in his head said.

"No." He growled.

Raditz began to rebuttal," aw'com on Vegeta, Nappa isn't going to be happy."

"Just leave without us Raditz." Vegeta dismissed him. He couldn't give a Damn what Nappa felt.

"Its not like we listen to Nappa nowadays, what's one more insubordination? Huh." Kara laughed. Exactly.

Nappa couldn't go toe to toe with the prince and couldn't exactly either with Kara since her power level had increased recently due to Frieza handing her personal missions on occasions.

"Uh I don't know a Damn report from Fri-" Vegeta didn't let Raditz finish his sentence as he blew up the scouter from Kara's ear.

Kara hissed and cursed the prince for not warning her.

"You and your brothers are horrible at orders, must be in the third class blood. Your tree especially."

Kara scowled at the third class comment," or maybe ..."She began before swinging her foot in a opening between Vegeta's legs. "Your a dick."

Vegeta clutched his beloved jewels a simple high pitch whimper escaping his lips, he held his eyes closed the pain to unbearable to move.

Kara dusted herself off as Vegeta suffered, she scratched the back her head giggling, "I think I over did it."

The fame haired prince looked up with rage written all over his red face, " You..Fucking...bitch..." he mustered in a pained high pitch.

Kara bent down to his level petting his flamed hair," That's what friends are for princy."

Defiant and Mischief were taken back at the what Lust had just told them, " Wait...I thought Raditz and Turles were Goku's only siblings."

V knocked on the persona's head much to his annoyance," Where you not listening?" Defiant grabbed her tiny fist placing it back into her lap, "I was, its just its our first time hearing that Raditz was a twin let alone knowing I/Goku had a sister." Defiant starred at the female persona with new interest, the persona was unique, different from V than he first thought to believe. This persona was more of a memory.

The female persona buried her head into nape of lust's neck to avoid the eyes that were refocused on her, they way that the two personas looked at her was quiet the same as the other Goku's in lab, it's just now they knew. Slowly she drifted into sleepiness, while Lust continued to explain what her origins consisted of.

Mischief suddenly raised his hand, Lust handsomely smiled, "Yes Mischief?"

"Where is she now...The true one?"

The intimate persona smiled soberly for the first time, the question was a doosey. A small but growing silence filled the air as Lust stumbled wordlessly on what to say. Defiant glanced at the Female prince whom also shrugged at Lust behavior, she had only met the person and so had he in a sense, but it was clear the shirtless persona was having trouble trying to give mischief a answer.

Ask a different question idiot! V hissed through a mental link at the Palm haired persona. The persona jumped lightly being oblivious to the others discomfort," U-Um ...what did she look like?"

Goku's personas gave their fellow persona a death glare, dumb ass. Defiant sighed.

She's right there in his lap why the hell would you not know?

What? You said ask? Mischief rolled his eyes, Vegeta personas were just over reactive.

Surprisingly the widow peaked persona boudoir out of his anxiety stumble and perked right to himself.

"Well actually my darling's physical appearance is practically the same. Her and Kakarot share lot of similarities that would surprise you." Lust sat up straight with a relaxed look on his face, "the only difference would be the birth mark that the true one had on her wrists, if memory serves me right." The persona proceeded to caress the dark soft locks of the almost asleep persona in his lap. Lust broke off into another sad smiled but this time he continued to further on, "Their stubbornness is almost dead on as well, it gives true Vegeta a contradicted pull towards Kakarot, the similarities are what make...Vegeta's resentful to Kakarot to say the least."


Goku and Innocent walked cautiously throughout the spa, the smell of relaxing incents mixed with the soft rhythm of violins and cellos elevated a atmosphere meant for pampering. Innocent lead the way knowing exactly how the room was shaped as enigma's place of work was a replica of this spa.

For the most part the room was empty but the sound of faint laughter told them other wise. Goku raised an eyebrow, there was another person joined in the laughing.

"Did you hear that?" Goku whispered hushly.

The small persona nodded, "Yeah, he's probably in a middle of a session. The grind don't stop no matter what reality apparently." Goku gave innocence a secondary glance, "You think he'll mind us interrupting?"

The persona pursed his lips, folding his arms as he approached the door to the presumed persona, "Yep...but I'm sure he'll be intrigued about what's been happening." He said with a smile, Goku returned the smile glad to know a side of Vegeta that was positive for once.

"Now remember Kakarot, let me do the talking." Goku nodded, it would be best to let the persona help. Innocence knocked on the semi opened door, the laughter subsided into a small pause. There was audible sigh from the other side before he spoke,"...Innocence is that you?"

Innocence gasped happily peeking his head through the crack," How did you know it was me?"

There was soft yet monotone chuckle, "Your the only persona that comes to see me every day besides Rage. ...whom I hope is practicing his woo saa right now, there are a lot of clowns around him."

Soon after he said that a loud cough made him correct him self," Sorry I meant...Kakarots...there are a lot of Kakarots around Rage."

"Last time I checked he was in the garden." Innocent added, the child's tail waved around excitedly.

"...Thanks Innocent, I'm sure you've came all this way just to tell me that."

The older persona sighed when innocence head shook," Of course not..." Enigma said dryly," What is it, you can see that I have company." The persona talked to innocence like he were a child and he was a parent.

Innocence fiddled with his bangs nervously, "It has something to do with the current situation outside, and the True ones." He said quietly.

"You have info?" A third voice joined in, it had Goku's voice.

Sounds like one of my personas

"More like questions...I did bring one of the True ones." Innocence slowly opened the door to reveal Goku.

Goku landed eyes on the two personas that were previously talking with each other, he was correct that the other persona was one of his look alike's, he was currently getting a pedicure as well as other persona next to him or 'Enigma' as innocent calls him.

Both persona looked as if they were currently enjoying their freedom both personas had green facile masks on and the both of them had on a pair of robes on, his persona had on a simple black robe while enigma had a white robe with pink cherry blossom trees on it.

Goku smiled, waving lightly, pink is a nice color on Vegeta.

Enigma smiled like a politician but with actual good intentions, "Ah, hello Goku, look Paradox just the man we've been talking about."

Oh so their the same type of personas, just one goes by Paradox and the other goes by their nickname.

The persona, newly know as Paradox had a huge grin, " Well I'll be damned, like this fellow persona just said my name is Paradox, is there something I can help you with, I assume you've came to me for information."

Fully stepping into the room he shook his head, " Um not exactly, yeah I did come for answers but I came for Enigma." He said pointing to the Vegeta persona.

The personas in their chairs shared a look before enigma gave Goku a questioning look, "Me?"

Goku gestured towards red caped persona. "Um yeah, Innocence here told me that you could help me with our problem."

Enigma narrowed his a bit at Innocence," Innocence did you not tell Kakarot that I only can give answers if there about Vegeta?" The small persona shuffled his feet as he avoid eye contact from enigma. "I did, his questions are about us and the True Vegeta's recent behavior. I explained to him that your an expert at the psyche of Vegeta."

"That I am," Enigma said proudly. The persona glanced back to the women whom had continuously taking care of the highly intelligent personas feet, simply unfazed by the fact that there was more than one look alike, they've been working at capsule crop for a while this was the less bizarre things they've seen. "Please give us a moment girls." The girls nodded and bowed at their employers husband before they left the Saiyans to talk.

"What exactly has happened Kakarot, what type of behavior are the Vegeta's bestowing that has you concerned?

"They are running around or for the majority are hiding in fear, including the True Vegeta. He was helping me get the personas in order but after we came across the 'recent' personas that has came out of the machine, he freaked out and disappeared."

Enigma narrowed his eyes," Where any of your personas effected or acting weirdly?"

Goku shook his head," No, they had a normal reaction to the new personas, just as confused as I was. From what I've seen none of my personas have heard of the recent ones, but I think Vegeta's have, a certain known fear."

Paradox then spoke up finding interest, Vegeta was everything but fearless, he thought anyway," Your saying he knew these personas in particular? "

Goku nodded to his persona.

Enigma drummed his gloveless hands against the forearm of the chair, he was thinking over the situation, "These personas seemed to be the root of the problem, what was their purpose?"

"Um that I'm not for sure, the personas ran off before I could ask them anything."

"They must know that their existence is problematic."

Paradox and Enigma pursed their lips," What about their looks, what features were distinct about them?"

"Um yeah there was definitely one that made them stick out like a sore thumb. They were girls, full fledge girls that appeared out of the clone machine."

The palm haired persona blinked," Girls?"

Enigma set his fist under his chin, breaking into thought, slowly he rose from his chair. Then the oddest thing started to happen when a white aura started to roll off of the persona as he walked.

Goku nudged innocence, "Um...is that normal?" He whispered to the innocent persona, who just nodded.

"He's using his purpose to help, majority of psyche type persona have that ...quirk."

The both of the jumped when Enigma stopped in mid pace, turning straight to Goku, the aura slowly subsiding. "Did one persona go by K?"

Goku nodded, " Um Yeah, a female version of me went by that."

"And the version of Vegeta? Did she go by a one letter name as well, 'V' perhaps? " Paradox piped in.

"Yes actually."

Enigma snapped his fingers musically as a unusual but charismatic smile appearing on his lips, " Hahah its the hidden persona I've been talking about with Paradox. He as well a persona hidden within your psyche Kakarot."

"More like a rogue, if this V your talking about, she hangs out with your malevolent side of your mind Goku. I tried to contacting her but the surrounding personas always block me out."

The orange dressed Saiyan raised a brow did he hear Paradox correctly," V , how would V be associated with my personas, isn't she Vegeta's?"

Paradox shook his head,"Nope, she is entirely your persona."

"H-How?!" Goku exclaimed, how would he have a female version of Vegeta instead of a female Goku. "Does Vegeta have K in his psyche too?"

"Fusion and yes," he answered as Enigma walked back over to seat. "The birth of V is a direct result of the porta fusion. " The persona motion towards a empty chair, " You might want to take a seat Kakarot."

Goku nodded absent-mindedly, his mind still processing what was revealed. Out of the situation that he was currently dealing with the personas entirely, the case of the two female's was odd. Goku was intrigued about this and had a feeling that there was more to the story which Enigma and Paradox seemed to know.

"How does fusion make these personas?" He asked as he seated.

"Well we are not quite sure that our theory is correct, but it is the most reasonable one. We theorized that when you and Vegeta fused everything about both yours features had to become as one in a perfect balance to create Vegtio, including the mental/persona accounts, we believe the V was created to even up the amount of personas that Vegeta had."

"...Vegeta has more personas than I do?" Goku asked, he felt slightly jealous, did having more persona meant Vegeta had more personality.

"He had more, just one extra, which is very odd in its self, because K is a much older persona than V is. That female persona has been around for years, and the fusion had to make up for that extra persona that matched, and when you two defused , you end up with V as your persona." Goku pursed his lips, it still didn't explain why they were females or what purpose or why Vegeta had a female version of him inside his head before they fused.

Enigma examined Goku's facile expressions, " I can see that your confused Kakarot, but no worries, as the therapist I- that we are, I will break down the origins of K. "


Gathering himself together from the walls of the gravity chamber, he had to be real with himself about the presence that had disturbed him, it was the same person from all those years ago and eventually he had to confront the persona for some closure but before he could get going his persona matters, he had to set some control over his home with the roaming personas.

Vegeta was walking slowly through the crowds of Goku personas, he stood from afar watching them conducting themselves in a surprisingly orderly manner.

From the looks of it there were five personas that were in control, the persona in the suit had his attention particularly, the flamed haired Prince decided that that persona had some answers.

"You in the suit." Vegeta yelled at the nicely dressed persona. The Goku persona tilted his head slightly before turning to face the prince to his surprise.

"Oh you must be Vegeta." The persona greeted Vegeta holding his hand out, "I'm Chivalry."

Vegeta stared at the hand, finding gesture odd, but begrudgingly shook his hand, " Your the one in charge?"

Chivalry waved his hand sideways," Um yes and no, I'm one of the five personas that was left in charge of the rest of the Goku personas and any Vegeta personas that are willing to cooperate. Why do you ask?"

"We'll I half way expected the compound to be ruins with my...absence. I'm quite surprised to see it intact is all, I assume Kakarot left you all in charge of all this?" Vegeta glanced over to the line of personas writing down their name on a clip board.

"Well yes ,Goku offered us to take a lead in responsibility while he go and search for two particular personas that had slipped out the lab." Vegeta narrowed his eyes.

"Really. What direction did he set off to?"

Chivalry looked off into the far west where some of the CC buildings were and pointed," I would say over there, at the Help and recourse is located, but if you plan on finding the personas from earlier I would recommend head towards the old living quarters."

Vegeta gave him a questioning look as the persona was giving him different directions," And why is that ?"

Chivalry glanced around to avoid any of his fellow personas from earshot," The true one went in the wrong direction, but he still is finding good information at his current location." He said hushly," and I spotted the two personas wandering from afar just long enough for Goku to head off into a different destination before they went on their own. I would have notified Goku but...I sense that it should be you whom finding/confront them."

The prince eyes trailed off as he thought back to the persona that gave him goosebumps, the persona was living memories of his past he thought he put behind him and much more. The prince felt the sick pit on his stomach rise but refrained from letting it effect him so, his darks settled on the section that was the house, I remember Bulma rambling about the old living quarters that was closed off after they began to build upward once her father's business began vigorously progressing.

"I know this is odd coming from a 'Kakarot' but it's the least I can do, I know there is more of an story between those personas which involves you , yes?" Chivalry asked Vegeta. The prince opened his mouth to respond but refrained from answering, he just nodded slightly. Chivalry watched the Prince quietly, he found the prince's quiet behavior off putting.

"My personas...where are they?" Vegeta asked the well dressed persona abruptly but he responded just as quick, "far as I know in the garden, from the last I heard a few were trying to gather food..."

He must be mentioning those personas of mine, I met.

Chivalry gave Vegeta a reassuring grip on the shoulder," Us personas got it from here, you unknowingly fall back on us already with every decision you make rather you knew that or not, don't worry. We got you guys covered." He then gestured to the personas that still writing down there names, he noted how annoyingly chatty the group was but no harm.

The Goku persona was right, he had to put his trust into the walking personas, they had more control over the situation than he and Kakarot original thought or had.

He nodded quietly before walking away leaving the persona alone in his thoughts.

"I hope your right about this Paradox." Chivalry muttered under his breath as turned back to his main task.


Vegeta mummer as he awoken from inside his pod, he had finally landed into the base, the annoying background sound of beeping made the prince check his scouter. His eyes narrowed as he starred at the message on his log, " Report to Lord Frieza." Vegeta read out loud, the prince slowly climbed out of the ship with a groan, using his hand to block the bright lighting of the station.

The prince began striding along throughout the compound to Frieza's throne room, many would be frighten to be called upon, but him, not yet anyway.

You see Frieza's throne room was many things a conference room, battle strategies and follow ups were made there, but it was mostly known as the torture room, were insubordination was punished and mistakes were sought throughout in person by Frieza himself.

The prince had been called into the throne room a couple of times for various reasons with non to pleasant times, it had became the norm for a while until recently, Frieza seemed lest interested in him, it had been a while since had last seen the lizard, so it did have the prince a bit curious. Frieza had pick up a odd interest in Kara's power lately, the little saiyan tike was clueless as to why Frieza praised her efforts while also shaming the other Saiyans from doing so, the cub had a boost in confidence and was much more bolder in recent months with the 'special' missions she would receive separately.

"Ah there he is." Frieza's sinister voice vibrated thorough the throne room as Vegeta entered, the emperor sat in his floating chair with a dangerous grin on his purple lips, the prince was quickly to kneel, "My Lord."

Frieza chuckled in acknowledgment it's been a while since I seen you Vegeta, the Frieza force has been treating you nicely?" The prince nodded , though he thought otherwise.

The prince looked around he throne room and noticed the presence of Zarbon and the big ugly mass known as Dadoria standing by the Frieza, and another person dressed in a lab coat standing by Frieza's side.

By the scent that was coming off the alien he was either a doctor or a scientist, he was covered in the smell of chemicals and medicine. What is he doing here?

The door behind Vegeta opened again, this time it was Kara. They were both surprised to see each other , as she kneeled she gave the prince a concerned glance. She must had thought this was single private meeting.

In the back of his head he knew something was a foot.

"You may both stand monkeys, there is no need for formalities today, I'm simply here to congratulate you both...Kara especially for different reasons."

Both of the Saiyans shared the same dumbfounded look, congratulate us?

The pink emperor simply chuckled, " You two have became my strongest soldiers in my subdivisions, clearing your missions with ease when some of my advance and much more experience soldiers struggle with. " The two Saiyans listened to Frieza eerily as the scientist began circling them, observing the features physical features like they were livestock. Vegeta held a growl when the lanky man reached for his tail.

Frieza watched as the man skimmed over the two Saiyans, "As you can see Dr. Skitlë they are in great health, go ahead and see for yourself their physical structure."

The two young Saiyans twitch anxiously as the man now known as Dr.Skitlë nodded and began examining with his hands, his cold scaled hand grazed upon the princes forearm making him flick in response, the invasion of privacy continued for next five minutes. Kara and Vegeta stood their holding back the if urge to attack as they were under Frieza's command to act like 'good monkeys'.

While he was equally irradiated as he was uncomfortably worried about this meeting, he still had no clue as to why Frieza was allowing this, it wasn't punishment but it still had him on edge that the doctor was examining them like objects.

Finally the doctor took a step back rubbing his chin as he starred at the Saiyans indecisively.

"I assume Lord Frieza that boy was royalty, the 'special' heir of King Vegeta?" Vegeta's jaw clinched as he could here the tone in his voice as mocked his power. " The girl is a third class?"

"Yes indeed, but I wouldn't call the boy all special, he's just a monkey, they both are remember." Frieza reminded Dr.Skitlë, " but they are both in great use despite their class ranks." The young female gave her leader a worried glance, being praised by the evil emperor was unnerving, there was always a catch. Though Vegeta was the youngest of their group, Kara was still the runt in their eyes, so naive.

Dr.Skitlë dragged his sharp nail slowly across her neck, the young warrior reactions were limited and still, as far as she could see it was a test on her.

The doctor took a deep look into the Saiyans dark charcoal eyes, a veil grin formed Dr.Skitlë face showing off his small sharp yellow teeth, "Frieza I believe I'm stilling going with my first choice." He said turning back to Frieza whom only chuckle, "Aww and here I was hoping you would reconsider if your options, but no matter I trust that your preferences will have excellent results with one of my best. I'll have one of the guards go clear what's hers out of her quarters and into the new one." Vegeta stare at Kara with a strong sense of dread, something he hadn't felt since the destruction of his planet.

Frieza gestured for the small girl to come to his throne, which she did with hesitation, Dr.Skitlë walked along the child towering over as he came beside the emperor's side. Kara gave Vegeta a questioning glance as if he could help her, but helplessly all her friend could do was watch.

"I assure you that our project will come together to your liking," he patted the girls spiky mane much to her discomfort, "this one had passed her assignments with ease, yes?"

Lord Frieza spared the girl a glance, " She did... when will you and your scientists begin?"

"As soon as possible my Lord." Frieza nodded, he turned to Vegeta whom stood from afar watching the conversations between the doctor and Frieza," You may go Vegeta, I have no use for you at this moment."

The prince kneels, " Yes my lord." He say quietly before turning to leave, he fought the urge to turn around to pull Kara back with him once heard Frieza , she was apart of his pack, the only family and reminder of home.

Frieza was taking her, he had to be because he was clearing her quarters.

The prince felt the dread grow as he got closer and closer to the collective saiyan quarters, when he finally reached his quarters he could hear arguing and yelling going on from inside.

"Put that down basterd! That doesn't belong to you!" Vegeta could hear Raditz yelling.

"Move monkey! We are under the orders of Lord Frieza to clear this quarter!!" A gravely voice barked back.

Vegeta picked up his pace, barging through the door, inside there were soldiers marching in and out of Kara's room with her belongs in hand.

Turles was in a tug a war with a soldier who had Kara's red arm band," Fucking let go-Gahh!!" Another solider came from behind Turles, tossing him into a wall.

"We doing have time for this Monkey! If you have a problem you can ask Frieza yourself, until then get out our way!!" The soldiers brushed past Vegeta as they exited, he could only stand numbly.

Raditz helped his brother up from the wall, "come on we have get her shit before Kara comes back. I don-"

"She's not coming back." Vegeta said suddenly, The brothers stopped in their tracks looking back at their leader. He stood at the door of the empty quarters, only a single mattress remained.

"What do you mean she's not coming back?"


In other settings , the dino garden, the other collective amount of personas were having a meeting with themselves. All the variations of Vegeta murmuring and contemplating about the incident in the lab, surprisingly the personas were keeping a level head, for a Vegeta persona that is.

Three personas had risen up to define order, Honesty as well as Confidence and Pervasive. The three stood on top of an of a high rock bed that was made for dinos to rest on but for now was used for the benefit, safety of the personas, and the great acoustics.

"Alright everyone settled down, we have made great progress so far, and I'm sure you so would be eager to hear the details." Honest yelled out to his surrounding personas, they all nodded with equal amount urgent demands.

The three personas had made a list of priorities

The persona raised his hand to signal the group to quite down, the flamed haired prince nodded towards the fellow persona standing beside him, " Confidence, you have the floor."

The red scouter wearing persona grinned with as ease altitude, "To follow up on what Honesty was saying, we have made great progress with our missions. As of right now Bulma was located by a Kakarot persona 'Absurd' to be exact, given as his name he has unusual behavior but that has been discussed between us three as well as a few other personas , whom may stay unnamed for the time being, but, so far the persona has done a excellent job at buying us all some time, he extended the time period to a great extent that has benefited the scouts." Confidence looked at the crowd to spot any signs of displeasure from the news, keeping his composure as the ecstatic nature of his, the persona turned the audience to Persuasive.

"Speaking of the Scouters, some of our fellow Vegeta persona brethren have gathered a quillivant amount of food for us as a whole, if Bulma asks you how don't answer, our means would put a frown on the lovely wife's face."

Few of the personas bellow chuckled in thought.

Persuasive chuckled at himself before he broke out the some info about the lab incident, "In other news, we have to address the elephant in the room." Silence abruptly broke out in the garden as Persuasive face slowly turned into the intense cold glare that was etched exactly like his maker.

"Two unsuspecting personas exited the machine that brought us here, a female version of Vegeta which from what I hear supposedly belongs to Kakarot. And the other persona is an exact look alike of Kakarot as a female which surprisingly as well belongs to Vegeta." Confidence starred down at the crowd bellow him that stayed silent, they all shared that particular look.

They all had ran, everyone in the room had ran in fear," That persona is one of us! She's been hiding for years now, going undetected in fear of the chaos and rejection, that her existence would disrupt what Vegeta had forgotten and coped over, and that she has done. I would be bullshiting if I were to say she didn't favor her, if anything the persona is much more, her existence is beyond ours, she has someone else fate intertwined with hers." The green scouter wearing persona sighed as he thought about the mystery persona, it brought out all type of feels out of him and more importantly The true Vegeta.

"I've talked to Enigma about this and Confidence as well as Honesty, in the beginning of the Day when the personas of Kakarot and Vegeta started pouring out of the machine it was viewed as a potential problem, but now I recognize that it is an opportunity."

Questioning whispers broke out within the crowd.

Opportunity? How?

This was traumatizing.

"Its an opportunity because her presence resides in this persona, it's been there for years, somewhat trapped and protected in the psyche, but now she is physically in this dimension, this is an opportunity to let this persona to give life because she still lives."